Stormed Fortress (2020)

Stormed Fortress Half brothers Arithon and Lysaer were laid under a curse of lifelong enmity when they defeated the Mistwraith and freed the world of Athera Now the citadel at Alestron is under siege by Lysaer and his
  • Title: Stormed Fortress
  • Author: Janny Wurts
  • ISBN: 9780007217809
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback
  • Half brothers Arithon and Lysaer were laid under a curse of lifelong enmity when they defeated the Mistwraith and freed the world of Athera Now the citadel at Alestron is under siege by Lysaer and his troops, and Arithon must stand alone at the hour of reckoning as the true purpose of the Koriani enchantresses becomes fully unveiled.
    Storm Fortress Assassin s Creed Wiki Fandom The Storm Fortress was one of seven legendary ships encountered by the Assassin turned Templar Shay Cormac in the North Atlantic, during the Seven Years War She was described as the most powerful ship in the Assassin fleet at the time of that conflict. Stormed Fortress by Janny Wurts Stormed Fortress is the eighth novel in the WARS OF LIGHT AND SHADOW series by Janny Wurts, and the fifth and final novel in the Alliance of Light sub arc Ive reviewed every novel in the series so far, and all of those reviews have been extremely positive, so by now its probably no secret that Im a huge fan of these books and their author. Stormed Fortress Alliance of Light, Vol Bk Nov , Stormed Fortress is the final volume of Alliance of Light Mysteries unfold from earlier in the series and there are hints of things to come. Stormed Fortress Stormed Fortress Fifth Book of The Alliance of Light The Stormed Fortress is the final volume of Alliance of Light Mysteries unfold from earlier in the series and there are hints of things to come. Wars of Light and Shadow Harper Voyager Stormed The Stormed Fortress in question is, as was foretold in the preceding volume of Traitor s Knot, Duke Brandion s Pavarian warded citadel of Alestron Given previous opportunity to flee the Duke is secure in his knowledge that the fortress has never fallen, and even the vast might of Lyessar s Alliance of Light armies are not enough to scare him. Assassin s Creed Rogue Gamer Guides The Storm Fortress is a beast it has massive amount of armour, way guns than you do that dish out significant damage that will rip through your armour like it was paper and an extremely dangerous flammable mortar attack that will not only deal serious damage on impact, but will also leave burning oil on the water for a while afterwards which we ll need to avoid or it too will cause damage over time.
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    1. Stormed Fortress is the eighth novel in the WARS OF LIGHT AND SHADOW series by Janny Wurts, and the fifth and final novel in the Alliance of Light sub arc I ve reviewed every novel in the series so far, and all of those reviews have been extremely positive, so by now it s probably no secret that I m a huge fan of these books and their author That being said, Stormed Fortress is an outstanding novel even by the incredibly high standards of this series.The conflict between the half brothers Lysaer [...]

    2. Of all the superlatives I ve used in reviewing these books, I have to say this one tops them all The story comes to a thrilling pause on its way to the next Arc, which Janny says will be out in the Fall Initiate s Trial I can hardly wait Even though there is no cliff hanger here, the story must continue I felt such sadness to come to the end temporary, to be sure of my time spent in the world of Athera Sigh You ve got to read these books In order, please.I m adding to this review after reading t [...]

    3. What an Arc finale, a sweeping wrapping up and great balance of murderdom and beauty Full circle indeed.In this exceptional, flawless last book of the Alliance of Light Arc the story converges with intense and natural ease, and many plot threads are harmonically tied up against the backdrop of the siege of Alestron The fortified citadel itself, with its charming atmosphere and dire straits, is a full fledged protagonist as well as the stage of moral and armed conflicts, heroic deeds, petty reven [...]

    4. This book has it all intrigue, suspense, epic battles, romance, tragedy, bravery, evil, and incredible strength The trouble is that I can hardly talk about the contents without creating spoilers.This is the last book in The Alliance of Light, which is the third story arc in The Wars of Light and Shadow, and as a result a lot of sub plots are wound up, and in a way that makes the faithful reader of this series almost explode with each turn of the page This is easily the strongest book of The Alli [...]

    5. The Alliance of Light arc in the War of Light and Shadow comes to a close in Stormed Fortress The author clearly knows and loves her characters, with their strengths their flaws all the qualities that make each of them uniquely themselves There is not a cardboard character in the bunch The secondary characters develop with as much depth as the main characters, and each plays a critical role.Many questions are answered and the story takes many unexpected twists and turns on its way to those answe [...]

    6. Stormed Fortress offers Janny Wurts at her absolute best In the center of chaos love, devotion, loyalty and as always long suffering still triumph, but always at a tragic cost For those of us who like our fantasy reading to be progressive, emotionally charged, and sensitive to the major causes of our own time anti oppression, eco sensitive, pro healing, non aggressive, etc Janny Wurts stands nearly alone Stormed Fortress brings these themes to a new height, and unsparingly depicts the tragic cos [...]

    7. Lovely ending to the arc wraps up so many secondary story lines many in surprising ways , yet leaves me hungry for the finale And beautiful writing

    8. Having read all of Janny s books, it s easy to come into a new one with very high expectations The amazing thing about those expectations is that they are met every single time.Stormed Fortress actually exceeds all expectations and it s clear that Janny is getting deeper into this epic tale and hitting her stride as a superior writer.There are several critical revelations in this book as well as one scene that reveals a hope long sought after in the previous books.The Wars of Light and Shadow is [...]

    9. Read 12 7 12 31 07Stormed Fortress is the 8th book in The Wars of Light and Shadow series As the fantatics of the Light beseige the great citadel of Alestron, Arithon struggles to balance the needs of the free clansmen, the townfolk of Alestron and the mysteries of the lost Paravians This is grand epic fantasy,with vast, deep themes and a tangled rich set of plots And in Arithon, a hero of gorgeous complexity Masterbard, reluctant Prince, former pirate he s ever fascinating This is reputedly the [...]

    10. This book represents all the things I love about reading a series as opposed to individual works Change, based on learning, experience and exposure to events, the world deepening and revealing before unknown depths, the characters having to survive mistakes and the vagaries of plans gone awry because of things not understood or known, or simply because neither people nor plans are perfect.Wonderful ending to this arc Looking forward to finding out where in the universe the rest of the series goe [...]

    11. Janny Wurts does it again Anyone who has been writing a fantasy series for 15 years or , spanning sprawling narratives of six or seven hundred pages should not be able to keep it so coherent.And for me, who has always scan read her novels, from a very young age, it s always shocked me how Ms Wurts beautifully poetic and highly descriptive sentences always snare me, refusing to be skimmed.Definitely liked this novel better than the two previous in this arch, however, and looking forward quite a l [...]

    12. I am participating in a group read of this entire series via the Beyond Reality group Click here to join in the discussions, lead by the author, Janny Wurts Review later after group discussion winds down.

    13. Abysmal,turgid prose Plodding The series as a whole started out strong but has become progressively lumbering with each new volume It s like a thesaurus monster vomited onto the page After a few chapters I felt zero motivation to complete it.Everyone weeps EVERYONE Stub a toe Weep Latte too cold WEEEEEP TEARS OF MISERY

    14. Janny Wurts seried Wars of Light Shadow is the best fantasy series I have ever read I have no words to cover how much I like this series, it is one that I can read over and over again If you haven t read it, READ IT The way it is written is beautiful The story is amazing RECOMMENDED

    15. As always, a beautifully woven tapestry of politics and deceit, of loyalty and love I ve been a huge fan from the first book Curse of the Mistwraith These books always take me longer to read because there is so much depth to them, so many threads that tangle and intersect Love, love, love it

    16. Phew, the end of the Alliance of Light arc of The Wars of Light and Shadow It s been a long ride.Stormed Fortress was definitely the best of the 5 books in this arc All of the emotional telling and angsting finally comes to a head and Lysaer finally gets his excuse to siege the s Brydion citadel Because of this, the emotional telling and angsting was not as prevalent, which was a good thing.I still don t like how some of the characters act like caricatures of people The s Brydion in particular d [...]

    17. Although not the last book in the series, Stormed Fortress is the final book of the middle arc The Alliance of Light of the Wars of Light and Shadow series and definitely feels like the conclusion of major threads, if not the story as a whole For the most part the book serves as a solid finale of the middle part of the story, tying off a lot of loose ends, but with plot remaining for the concluding two arcs three volumes For the first time in awhile, the direction of future books is not at all c [...]

    18. view spoiler Mamma mia che bello e che ansia, soprattutto verso la fine mi sento un po in colpa anch io per quello che hanno fatto ad Arithon Mi successo poche volte di soffrire cos tanto per i personaggi di un libro e in particolare per uno L unica cosa che non ho molto digerito stata la fine di Fionn Areth immaginavo che sarebbe morto perch la profezia fatta alla sua nascita non lasciava molto scampo, ma sarebbe stato bello vedere una soluzione diversa Il problema principale che ha passato tut [...]

    19. The last chapter of Alliance of light was a satisfying read Plot jeynsa s fleeing into besieged fortress of Alestron will force Arithon s hand.Morriel prime is plotting her long time plan to ensnare arithon Althain tower sethvir is slowly slipping into a commay one who can make a difference is Davien.Trying time for both fellowship and arithon takes a while to get into alestron From then onwards its a dark journey replete in Betrayals,Deaths,sorcery and action.but trust me ,all of it ends in an [...]

    20. As with all the others in this series, Stormed Fortress continued Arithon and Lysaer s trials with heart rending action and moral encompassing strategy The myriad of characters played off each other brilliantly and somehow make you respect the deep compexities that make each person unique I can t wait to read the next one and hope there will be many to come

    21. I m unlikely to be the first to wonder about this, but I m starting to suspect that a not unsubstantial part of the enjoyment readers derive from long series of doorstopper Fantasy novels might lie in the mere fact of having made it through the massive of printed paper maybe indeed not unlike mountain climbing a pastime I do not indulge in, so just speculating here a feat of endurance with its main reward the consciousness of having surmounted a huge obstacle return return So, after having read [...]

    22. I started reading this series back in high school back when it was also brand new , and at the time it had quite the impact on my imagination Because of that and similar to Jordan s Wheel of Time series , I am determined to finish it out Unfortunately nostalgia isn t enough to help me see past all the flaws and frustrations now that I ve matured as a reader.Reading this series is like slogging through an ocean of mud It s hard, tiring work, and every time you think you ve made some progress, you [...]

    23. Lysaer rouses his warhost against the fixed target of Alestron Prescient knowledge of the cost of the siege causes Arithon to withdrawn his support and the Fellowship to entreat the s Brydion to abandon their ancestral home Bransian s Brydion refuses, and instead, seeks to entangle Arithon in the war against his will.I love the intricacy of the characters and the story threads of the series, and oddly, I enjoy these books in retrospect, after finishing a book and pondering it, than while readin [...]

    24. Entertaining but entirely unsatisfying If you re going to call this the conclusion to the Alliance of Light portion of the series I need than he waved his magic wand and everyone went on their merry way.Also, I am really sick waiting 10 years or for fantasy authors to finish their stories.

    25. I had to force myself to finish this Way too wordy, and every emotion is described as am extreme event It gets very tiring to continually hear the best ever this, most exquisite that, supremely talented whatever.

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