Dirty Old Town and Other Stories (2020)

Dirty Old Town and Other Stories A fantastic writer Donald Ray Pollock DIRTY OLD TOWN is the debut collection from the prize winning writer Nigel Bird His brilliantly observed slices of life allow us to visit places we may not normal
  • Title: Dirty Old Town and Other Stories
  • Author: Nigel Bird
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  • Page: 468
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A fantastic writer Donald Ray Pollock DIRTY OLD TOWN is the debut collection from the prize winning writer Nigel Bird His brilliantly observed slices of life allow us to visit places we may not normally choose to enter and to walk a few miles in the shoes of others Though his tales have darkness at their core, they are also full of a heart and spirit that one rarely f A fantastic writer Donald Ray Pollock DIRTY OLD TOWN is the debut collection from the prize winning writer Nigel Bird His brilliantly observed slices of life allow us to visit places we may not normally choose to enter and to walk a few miles in the shoes of others Though his tales have darkness at their core, they are also full of a heart and spirit that one rarely finds in the world or noir or crime writing There are 9 stories here Drinking Wine Spo Dee Oh Dee Dirty Old Town Sea Minor Sisterhood One Hundred And Ten Per Cent Merry Christmas I Don t Want To Fight Tonight Three Little Birds and Silver Street Each will remain with you for days after you ve read it Some will be around for weeks In this collection we meet a frustrated housewife who needs to let her hair down an elderly school janitor who can t see the wood for the trees a group of Muslims intent on revenge a young girl whose father has just left home a father and son breaking and entering partnership a young man working on a city farm and a pimp who s fallen in love All of them struggle to meet life s demands and some of them cope better than others Five of the stories here have been published by the highly respected editors of The Reader Magazine, A Twist Of Noir, Beat To A Pulp, Title Fights, Static Movement and Dark Valentine The collection also includes two pieces that are being given their first outing and another that was put together put for the Big Beat From Badsville s Ramones series The story Sisterhood was selected for publication in Mammoth s Best British Crime Stories 9 In 2010 Nigel Bird was the winner of the prestigious Watery Grave Invitational competition hosted by the Drowning Machine Since then he has gone on to win the Things I d Rather Be Doing fairytale crime story competition Praise for Nigel Bird and his work includes The stories have well written plots and all have unexpected endings which are not obvious when reading them I found the stories to be well conceived and ideal to read in ebook format I hope that Nigel is able to write a full size novel to further develop his writing skills Some of the short stories here could easily have been the base for a much longer book Paul Blackburn at Euro Crime This is crime writing at its best Read this collection, it is a crime not to do so Richard Godwin Apostle Rising Each story is short and sweet, most with a nice wicked twist at the end The blurb accompanying the collection says that the stories will stay with you for a while A couple of them have certainly been rattling round my head for a few days I did have one complaint, however I wanted of them A nice collection Rob Kitchin View From The Blue Room I was surprised by every story These are short, punchy, thoughtful, hard as a punch, but sometimes they dig in and squeeze It s dirty stuff, done beautifully.Nigel is also responsible for the too cool Dancing With Myself interview series at his blog, Sea Minor Anthony Neil Smith Yellow Medicine, Psychosomatic, Hogdoggin Taking A Line For A Walk , included here, was listed among the top 5 stories of 2010 by Bill Hayes and Naomi Johnson over at Death By Killing It won t take long to realise he is also one of the best writers out there on the noir scene Ian Ayris Abide With Me A rare talent Allan Guthrie Bye Bye Baby, Hard Man, Slammer So nice to read a story with this much heart in it.
    Dirty Old Town Dirty Old Town Sep , Directed by Jenner Furst, Daniel Levin With William Leroy, Nicholas De Cegli, Scott Dillin, Janell Shirtcliff The Bowery becomes a nexus of shattered dreams when a merchant has hours to pay his rent Facing extinction, his ramshackle tent of antiquities lures a troop of misfits, freaks and renegades who form a tableaux full of carnival pageantry, white lies and victimless crime in a Dirty Old Town The Pogues Last rowsJan , Dirty Old Town is a song written by Ewan The Pogues Dirty Old Town YouTube Feb , videos Play all Mix The Pogues Dirty Old Town YouTube Steve Earle Copperhead Road Official Video Duration Steve Earle ,, views Ewan MacColl Dirty Old Town Lyrics Genius Lyrics The song was written about Salford, Lancashire, England, the city where MacColl was born and brought up It was originally composed for an interlude to cover an awkward scene change in his
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    1. What a load of old tosh I honestly don t know what this book was about Great title, but what Old Town I still don t know Is it Glasgow, London, Manchester, a little fishing village in Scotland, I don t know.So many of the stories failed to reach an ending or make any sense whatsoever You ve got one guy who starts the story by getting a right spanking off a few blokes, but we never find out why or what led up to it He ends up beating a drug dealer up, tying his hands and feet together and then pl [...]

    2. From the opening story Drinkin Wine Nigel Bird s collection of stories grabs the bull by the horns.His use of dialogue and pacing is exemplary and his characters live and breathe smut and crime.Nigel Bird bird writes with an assured narrative voice that never bores or relents from its insistence on making the characters live and that is the sign of a great storyteller.He maintains this throughout and the concluding story Silver Street is both concise and brilliant.Here is a sample from the openi [...]

    3. Nigel Bird s new collection of short stories is gritty, nasty, and smooth.I bought the collection based on the excellent work of his I ve read in the past and I m even impressed after reading it One of my favorites is the title story, one of the best revenge tales I ve read in a long time A youth gymnastics coach discovers his athletes are on performance enhancing drugs when one of them overdoses The coach hatches a plan to get back at the drug dealer It s a complex story that asks how far the [...]

    4. Dirty Old Town by Nigel Bird is a dark and gritty collection of nine brilliant tales of darkness Each individual story is full of spirit and darkness with a crime noir feel and introduces us to a slice of life not seen by many, whether it be because very few choose to walk down the the dark alley at night or due to them living their lives with blinders onignoring the shady characters they pass on a daily basis.Drinking Wine Spo Dee Oh Dee is the tale of an embittered housewife needing a little f [...]

    5. This is a very well written book of short stories I am enjoying shorts and since I bought my kindle I would never previously have bought them or taken them out of the library These stories are not only different in genre but in voice Sea Minor is a haunting little tale told very convincingly in a child s voice and is possibly my favourite One or two are told in a vernacular style and some are third person narrations All are successful examples of their genre and many give considerable food for [...]

    6. Most modern noir I ve read is purely centered on crime, revenge the dirty deeds Nigel Bird s Dirty Old Town takes this a step further, digging underneath the dirty deeds to the mere oil slick black soul of it There is depth, humanity, an ironic sense of humor mimicking real life His stories reach in and ask questions, where most noir forces the answer without taking the time to build the question I find this incredibly refreshing and it shows Nigel s talent I would love to read a longer work by [...]

    7. My adventures in Kindleworld continue, as I find and goddness that you won t find in your regular bookstores.Such as Nigel Bird s Dirty Old Town This is an extraordinary find The quality of the writing, the stories, everything just got to me Get in on this for cheap and watch the magic happen I d pay than.99 for this Like, lots of dollars Well, that s what Anthony Neil Smith thought and he s Doc Noir.

    8. British crime short stories have always been a favourite of minebut there is something a little different here Sure there is violence, death, drugs, all the usual suspects but Nigel s ability to crack open the doorway to the motivations of the violence and crime is what made me really like this collection Not every story was a favourite, but there was much great than just good.

    9. It s probably cos this is the first and last collection of short stories I ve read, but all of them were suited to small columns in magazines, may be Dirty Old Town itself was actually captivating, until it abruptly ended I guess short stories aren t for me.

    10. What an interesting collection of stories I can t say I loved them, nor was I inspired by them The heavy irony was almost too much to bear at times However, what a shuddering glimpse of life behind THAT curtain Glad to have had the chance to read this book Frankly, almost too real to remain impartial, but well done That s what kept my interest until the final chapter.

    11. Featuring nine stories by Edinburgh resident Nigel Bird, this short collection features tales told by adults and juveniles dealing with dark days and even darker thoughts The characters often are not happy go lucky folks These are people trying to survive in a world stacked against them As such, sometimes the language is a bit coarse but life is not all tea and crumpets for these folks.This short book opens with Drinking Wine She has kids at home and needs a break If the babysitter hadn t arrive [...]

    12. Dirty Old Town is a collection of nine short stories written by Nigel Bird The collection that he s put together is pure entertainment from the very first sentence in the opening story to the last line that ends the collection It s brilliant, really Here s my little take on a few of the stories I found in the collection.DRINKING WINE Spo dee oh dee This is a great little story about a house wife that likes to listen to the old record albums that used to belong to her father Not only did this sto [...]

    13. There s nine stories here, and each one offers a unique little slice of filthy life From the downbeat last day of a tormented old janitor in Taking a Line for a Walk to the dark and clever humor of the Ramones inspired Merry Christmas I Don t Want to Fight , Bird displays a remarkable insight into what makes the lowlifes and losers of the world tick.He s at his best with the stories written in first person, and fortunately that s the majority of them It s the voice, man it s authentic and sincer [...]

    14. A short story collection full of raw emotion and every day noir While not as dark and twisted as other noir kindle collections, Nigel Bird s Dirty Old Town succeeds in its subtleness and emotionally charged characters Existing within the boundaries of suburbia, this collection comprises tales of domesticated anti bliss Drinking Wine , revenge fulled Muslims seeking retribution for the mistreatment of their women by Nazi like Caucasians Sisterhood , and ancillary school staff struggles Taking a L [...]

    15. I ve said before that the short story genre is underrated and underappreciated, and this collection reinforces that view I enjoyed every one of these dark, slightly macabre little tales I m particularly impressed by the author s ability to write in so many vastly different voices In fact, he uses this technique so well that twice I actually checked to be sure I was reading stories by one author, and not an anthology.It s not in any way a criticism, but I must mention that these short stories are [...]

    16. What I like about the stories is twofold First, how they are told they re conversational like verbal storytelling captured on the page As a result, they re very engaging Second, the humanity in the penning of characters Bird doesn t judge his characters they are who they are real people living ordinary lives, dealing with the crises that disrupt their hopes and ambitions Each story is short and sweet, most with a nice wicked twist at the end The blurb accompanying the collection says that the st [...]

    17. It s been a long time since I ve read a collection of short stories, and that requires a certain psychological shift I wasn t fully ready to make that shift, and so this book didn t hit me in the way it maybe could have if I was amenable.These are kind of snapshots still images of Scotland But there is never enough time to get really immersed in any one story As soon as you do, they re over There are interesting opportunities for insights a disgruntled janitor, a high school coach whose kids ar [...]

    18. I came to Nigel Bird s work after reading the very enjoyable collections that he helped oversee, Pulp Ink 1 and 2 I wanted to see of his own work and I m glad I did These are nicely polished stories with no waste that evoke a variety of responses By turns they are sad, funny, violent, and at times tender in a unique and curious way What s also good is that I really can t think of an author to whom I d compare Bird because his voice is distinctive The only vaguely similar writer who comes to min [...]

    19. Dirty Old Town is the first thing I have read by Nigel Bird and it won t be the last A very varied range of short stories Nigel writes with an innate sense of believability, his characters came alive for me Humour is ever present but this did nothing to spoil the sometimes dark nature of his tales a rare skill There s a little something for everybody in this collection A cracking read start to finish.

    20. Available as a Kindle download, this collection of short stories is wonderfully original and bang up to date with wonderfully thought out stories Dirty Old Town features dark tales about drug abuse, suicide and white supremacists among others Bird s stories are Kafkaesque in their execution, with an uneasy sense of what s going to happen next.There are plenty of twists and turns but these stories are really enjoyable as they re so easy to read.

    21. What a fantastic collection of short stories Nigel Bird is both touching and touched in turn I really couldn t put this book down The images in Sea Minor, to mention one story, will stay with me for some time to come He imbues petty thieves and innocent children with the same depth of humanity Well done Mr Bird, well done.

    22. These stories will alternately tug at your heart and, sometimes, your guts Mr Bird has a fine eye for the darker shadows present on even the brightest day Fierce or gentle, every tale in this book stays with you for a long time Brothers and sisters, you can t ask for than that.

    23. Paid 99 cents for this story collection on my kindle at that price I still was cheated The stories have the feel of a novice trying his hand at a writing workshopd failing miserably.

    24. This is a great collection of short stories A hard book to put down Each story has a life of its own I received this book for free in a giveaway.

    25. Nigel paints some vivid pictures with words As a music fan and a book freak I dig the music references throughout Dark, powerful pulp fiction Great Stuff

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