Daniel's Gift (2020)

Daniel s Gift Reckless Youth In her impetuous summer of love Jenny St Claire found Luke Sheridan her dashing knight in intern s scrubs But a fast track future and rigid ambitious parents drove passion out of Luke
  • Title: Daniel's Gift
  • Author: Barbara Freethy
  • ISBN: 2940012146052
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Nook
  • Reckless Youth In her impetuous summer of love, Jenny St Claire found Luke Sheridan her dashing knight in intern s scrubs But a fast track future and rigid, ambitious parents drove passion out of Luke s life And the summer ended, leaving Jenny with a broken heart and a beautiful son, Danny, to help mend it.Love Reclaimed Years later it is tragedy that reReckless Youth In her impetuous summer of love, Jenny St Claire found Luke Sheridan her dashing knight in intern s scrubs But a fast track future and rigid, ambitious parents drove passion out of Luke s life And the summer ended, leaving Jenny with a broken heart and a beautiful son, Danny, to help mend it.Love Reclaimed Years later it is tragedy that reunites them the father whom a son longs to know, and the mother who has tried desperately to forget And as Luke and Jenny struggle to ignore the pain and desire reborn in a look and a touch, only the remarkable courage of a young boy and the help of a rather unorthodox guardian angel can offer them the most precious gift of all a second chance at the love of a lifetime.
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    1. Did not finishAwful plot and unsympathetic characters I was so disgusted by all the melodrama and pathetic characters in this book It got to the point where I couldn t bring myself to finish the last few chapters of this story.The hero is selfish, egotistical, and a poor excuse of a man He gets the heroine pregnant right before heading off to college, tells her his goals are important, and gives her 500 for an abortion Wow What a keeper Not Fast forward 13 years and he s become a rich, powerful [...]

    2. 17 libro del RetoRita Se me ha hecho muy cuesta arriba esta historia de segundas oportunidades que no puede ser m s o a Por momentos, me parec a estar en un episodio de Carretera al cielo, esa cursi serie de Michael Landon Y qu decir de la traducci n Llena de erratas e incorrecciones ling sticas, que han acabado por ponerme de peor humor que la trama en si Totalmente olvidable.

    3. RetoRita2,5Se me ha hecho cuesta arriba, la verdad La traducci n me ha resultado horrenda, ha hecho que ni me atrapase la historia, ni me conmoviera y es una pena Es una historia sencilla y previsible, en la que un hecho tr gico hace que varias personas tengan una segunda oportunidad Tiene una parte de fantas a que se me ha hecho demasiadorga.No la he disfrutado nada y todo por la traducci n igual son man as m as, pero me ha parecido una traducci n tremendamente mala

    4. retoritaNo s si ha sido por la traducci n pero la lectura, demasiado previsible y de serie B, me ha aburrido soberanamente, no hab a trama, nada de intensidad, personajes planos, demasiado perfectos a veces, y todo rodeado de cierto tono de sue o americano Narrativa demasiado sencilla y anodina, historia bonita en su conjunto pero carente de base e inter s en su desarrollo.No la recomiendo en absoluto aunque puedo entender que este tipo de historias le gusten a alguien Le he puesto una estrella [...]

    5. 12 lectura del RetoRita Otro premio RITA Mejor Romance Contempor neo 1997 que no entiendo, y confieso que he acabado haciendo una lectura en diagonal de la novela Despu s de leer una tercera parte ya he visto que no se acerca en absoluto a mis preferencias Demasiada paja, demasiado drama, demasiado moralizante y muy poco amor de pareja, amor rom ntico Pero lo que menos me atrae en cualquier novela es que se utilice a los ni os como elemento lacrim geno, y aqu la autora se regodea en eso Aunque i [...]

    6. Reto Rita Menuda decepci n No tengo ni idea de como comentar ste libro, de verdad.Se me ha hecho cuesta arriba, he pasado cap tulos enteros, y ha llegado un momento que he pensado en dejarlo.Le doy 1 estrella, porque ha habido situaciones que me han parecido bonitas, sin m s.

    7. ohh dear another disappointed book,i was dying to read this one also but again i was so so disappointed by itthe story is actually good a kid Danny wants to know his father and goes to meet him and gets hit by a car and that brings his mother father face to face after 13 years and from there starts the journey of past n present,realising their mistakes the decisions that cost them so much and finally making a way to get their HEA I did nt liked the hero Luke at all,he is too much of a coward,his [...]

    8. I had a good cry over this book and I like it I ve been tensed in the past couple of days before I finished this book, and crying was a good reliever.The story is a testament to faith as tragic as events and circumstances could turn, everything happens for a reason It also presents the two kinds of persona in the subject of love and sacrifice one who is willing to fight for what who he loves and make sacrifices for it and another who can t think beyond one s self The latter leads one to doubt wh [...]

    9. A cross between It s a Wonderful Life and Angels in the Outfield Everything was a one dimensional cliche Trite, poorly done I never felt like the author understood or could relate to the characters she created It read as if the author were gossiping at a party, rather than relating to the meaning confusion of the characters tale.

    10. This is the worst romance I ve ever read Bad plotting, bad writing, cliched, cardboard stereotypical characters, and a ridiculous ghost Be warned Freethy preaches against the evils of abortion with an extremely heavy hand This is an anti abortion screed thinly disguised as a romance novel.

    11. What a horrible book I couldn t understand why the book was so based on god and angels and crap like that It was bullshit The characters were selfish What a waste of good paper.

    12. Minor spoilers ahead This book left me with mixed feelings As I m writing this, I m currently a little over halfway through, and I m getting progressively irritated with the message the author seems to be attempting to send regarding Jenny Without going into too much detail and if you have read the back of the book, I m not spoiling anything , when Danny goes into the coma, his guardian angel tells him from the beginning that Danny, his mother Jenny, and his father, Luke, all have things to lea [...]

    13. Oh boy, what can I say If this is a romance than it fails miserably because I couldn t see where any of the characters loved anyone but themselves Luke Sheridan and Jenny St Claire share a passionate summer that ends disastrously when Jenny tells Luke she is pregnant Luke was only looking for a casual fling before he headed off to medical school and a successful future that his parents had carefully carved out for him So he gives Jenny 500 for an abortion and tells her to get lost He follows his [...]

    14. This was my first e book and even though I had a good idea what it was going to be like, I decided to spring 3.99 for it I m glad I didn t pay for a hard copy as it s one that I wouldn t re read, but it was a fast, easy, predictable read I found the characters especially Jennie to be inconsistent For days she won t leave her son s side and then once Luke starts to court her, they re off touring the countryside and playing on the beach.I love a good romance and am a sucker for happy endings, but [...]

    15. The book will hook you from beginning to end You could feel and picture the characters actions and feelings It told a great story of a mothers bond to her child And it was filled with romance as well It also send a message Enjoy life each and everyday and no matter how old you always find your true love, I highly recommend this book

    16. I had a hard time connecting with this one I wish the boy would have been involved in his parents getting back together, instead of his spirit or whatever influencing their motions.The ending was touching, though.

    17. Jenny and Luke had a two month love affair 13 years ago that resulted in Daniel Both from different sides of the tracks Luke s family held him to very high expectations and he did not know what to do or how to deal with the pregnancy, so he gave Jenny money and told her to have an abortion, and left town to attend medical school just as he had always intended to do She did not do what he wanted and never told him about the child, Danny.Years alter Luke come back to town and Danny decides he want [...]

    18. I don t write reviews about books I read very often, probably because I usually devour a book in 1 2 days I do have to write a review on this one I have to say that this is one of the best books I ve ever read and I ve read thousands of books There isn t an emotion that didn t get wrung out of me during this book The story is excellent, the characters each and every one is exceptionally fleshed out I laughed, I cried, and I sighed This is one of those books that you won t ever forget and will wa [...]

    19. Very emotional The interaction between Danny and Jacob reminded me of It s a Wonderful Life And meanwhile down on earth, a dysfunctional family faces reality and really start to live again I can feel the author s emotions throughout this story on love, forgiveness, and being honest with yourself and the people you love.

    20. It was pleasant enough but I didn t really like anyone but Luke All the other characters had major issues that were skimmed over The book could have been a lot shorter and less preachy.

    21. I received a copy of Daniel s Gift by Barbara Freethy in exchange for an honest review.Note this review contains spoilers You don t have to believe in the theology to see this as a beautiful love story The love between parents and children and men and women Jenny and Luke spent one glorious summer together 12 years ago and the Luke left for college and Jenny was left with a baby Luke had given her 500 to handle the situation, but in a fit of righteous indignation, Jenny threw the money into the [...]

    22. Daniel s Gift is by Barbara Freethy It deals with a belief that there is a Heaven and a God and Guardian Angels Whether or not you believe is not the question but whether or not Danny does It is an excellent book Danny St Claire is upset with his mother, Jenny He wants to know about his father and she does not want to tell him In fact, she wishes she had told him he was dead However, Danny keeps on talking about his father One day, Danny runs away He heads to his father s home Jenny had cut an a [...]

    23. This was a good book At times it was a bit boring so i had to swipe through but for the most part it was an excellent read and i had trouble putting it down I have put together a list of pros and cons.Cons This book was really long, the longest of the books from Freethy i didn t mind it so much except there were parts of the book that i feel didn t need to be there SPOILER ALERT i know there was a lesson to be learned but i don t understand how that lesson was to be learned by Daniel Jacob the a [...]

    24. I follow NookBN on Twitter and the other day it mentioned that Daniel s Gift by Barbara Freethy was only 2.99 Of course I jumped at the chance for cheap chick lit Of course, cheap in a Nook Book often means typos which did get a bit annoying as I read.This book is the story of a tragedy that reunites former lovers It is akin to a Nicholas Sparks novel though not as sophisticated or well written I cried my way through the entire book and could not help but put myself in the heroine s shoes My fav [...]

    25. This was an excellent book I would definitely recommend it to anybody who would ask me It was a heartfelt book that was than just a romance It also had a mystery in it as well The primary characters in were very well rounded and intense and their story brought tears to my eyes.The secondary characters in it were very well done and the relationships there were well done and the story arcs there to kept you from getting bored at all in this book The supernatural element of angels and God was nice [...]

    26. It was okay is about the best I can offer this romance I felt as if I were reading a rendition of It s a Wonderful Life without the charm or likability of the original.Characters were mundane Not well enough developed that you cared about their outcome The ghost was ridiculous and while an intelligent reader could figure out who the ghost was supposed to be, it still would have been nice at some point for it to be confirmed and his antics lame The parents were one dimensional, the supporting cas [...]

    27. El punto de partida es el atropello del peque o Daniel, un ni o que no es consciente de que sus actos traen consecuencias, y no solo para l, y que sus actos son muchas veces ego stas, pero que tendr que aprender esa lecci n mientras su cuerpo lucha para sobrevivir en un hospital Un suceso que hace que las vidas de todos los que lo rodean se vean afectadas y cambien dr sticamente.Preciosa historia que narra en paralelo las historias de varios personajes a partir del mismo acontecimiento, mezcland [...]

    28. I finally read and finished this book I have to say Jenny annoyed me, time to time she gave up thinking her son will die I find that hard to believe because a mother never gives up, like Marliee, she kept going saying nothing is wrong Mother s faith is truly unwaivable when it comes to their own kids I had a hard time feeling about Jenny because the author didn t develop Jenny s character as others saw her like a big hearted person I think Isabella and Jacob were hard to make believeable and tim [...]

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