Supreme #1: La historia del año (2020)

Supreme La historia del a o Recopilatorio en formato chico que re ne los n meros USA a y b anteriormente publicados por Dolmen en tomos
  • Title: Supreme #1: La historia del año
  • Author: Alan Moore Chris Sprouse Rick Veitch Alex Ross
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • Recopilatorio en formato chico que re ne los n meros USA 41 52 a y b , anteriormente publicados por Dolmen en 6 tomos.
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      309 Alan Moore Chris Sprouse Rick Veitch Alex Ross
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      Posted by:Alan Moore Chris Sprouse Rick Veitch Alex Ross
      Published :2020-06-15T02:36:00+00:00

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    1. Holy shit It s a bird It s a plane It s .DC taking a dump on another idea by Alan Moore that could have easily been used to help their characters transcend the hokey golden age appeal they lost ages ago.At least that s the way I see it If you look at a lot of Moore s early works, you ll see the parallels between DC s characters and those he uses in his own texts Nite Owl and Batman, hell the whole of Watchmen and the Justice League They aren t as thinly veiled as Supreme, and maybe it wasn t Moo [...]

    2. It s not fair to complain about this clever and lovingly detailed reconstruction of the Superman myth I knew what I was getting into just glancing at the first few pages life s not fair Alan Moore unleashes his nerdiest self here, demonstrating an intimate familiarity with dusty corners of the Superman universe Naturally, Darius Dax is Lex Luthor, Diana Dane is Lois Lane, and supremium is kryptonite but Moore s thinly veiled references are rolling hundreds deep, so numerous that DC Comics lawyer [...]

    3. I was pleasantly surprised by this graphic novel Alan Moore was shooting for the archetypical big guy superhero in a cape and he succeeded Supreme is the superhero s superhero Moore says this about what he was trying to do What I want to do, is to do a really Supreme being I see this as not being a retro book, not in the way 1963 was What I d like to do is to try to infuse this new 90 s model type superhero with all the imaginative power of the superheroes of the previous 50 years To give it tha [...]

    4. There are some people that will say that there was an era when super hero themed comic books didn t the characters and worlds created seriously enough essentially the golden and silver ages and a time when creators may have taken the material TOO seriously namely the Dark and Gritty era that dominated the 80 s.With Alan Moore s take on Supreme he found a way to blend the fantastic elements found in Superman comics of various eras most noteably the silver age era with the shrunken cities, future [...]

    5. Your enjoyment of this book hinges on two factors 1 Your interest in the comic book industry and the history of English language comics.2 Your tolerance for atrocious mid 1990 s artwork Supreme is an old fashioned Superman analog attempting to make sense of the gritty and extreme world of 1990 s superhero comics, while flashbacks tell the history of comics from the 1940 1990s The flashbacks are homages to different eras and styles of comics Moore and artist Rick Veitch pay tribute to Golden Age [...]

    6. Not surprisingly, Alan Moore has scripted several excellent metafictional texts Among his best and least know example, Supreme The Story of the Year re createsRob Liefeld s Superman ripoff In his initial story, Moore introduces the Supremacy, a place outside of reality that serves as the home for all previously retconned1 versions and variants of Supreme Intriguing characters such as Macrosupreme, Son of Supreme, Sister Supreme, Suprememarch, Supreme White, Supreme Gold, Sally Supreme, Scrappy S [...]

    7. I ve developed a theory about Alan Moore The seeds of his work are always other peoples ideas Swamp Thing, Batman, et al are all pre existing characters The Watchmen characters were all based on the old Charlton heroes, with the climax famously being cribbed from an episode of Outer Limits V For Vendetta is rooted in the Guy Fawkes story The League of Extraordinary Gentleman and Lost Girls use famous children s literature characters From Hell dramatizes one of the famous Jack the Ripper theorie [...]

    8. Don t be fooled This is by Alan Moore yes, the same Alan Moore that wrote Watchmen but you wouldn t know it from the work on display here From the pen of almost anyone else, this might have eked out 2 stars, but Moore set a standard for himself early on that it is tough to live up to.I could even forgive him if this was just some well done, light weight fun Not everything can be a serious literary meditation on the nature of blah, blah, blah Unfortunately, Supreme is neither well done nor fun.Fo [...]

    9. Once again, Alan Moore does a great job of reinventing the superhero comic This time around, he has fun with the idea of continuity within comic series by inventing a thinly veiled and purposely so stand in for Superman As the title suggest, the hero s name is Supreme, and one of his main concerns throughout the graphic novel is trying to figure out where all of his memories went and why so many of them contradict each other Complementing Moore s writing, the artwork draws on styles from many er [...]

    10. En estos tiempos puede parecer repetitiva y forzada, pero hey, si lo parece es porque es la piedra angular de todo el genero revisionista de los superh roes Mas que perfecci n, Moore busca establecer, como en una tesis, los elementos esenciales m nimos del comic americano y su relaci n con su propia historia Una calificaci n casi perfecta, si no fuera porque en su base no tiene argumento el devenir es insignificante en contraste con la revisi n de t picos y por el dibujo de Liefeld en algunas se [...]

    11. So, one of the best silver age superman stories you are ever going to read happened because Rob Linfield somehow convinced Alan Moore to help him try to salvage his Image creations Tired of all the grim and gritty that happened as everyone tried to copy him and Frank Miller, Alan Moore decided to do the complete opposite and go completely fun and light hearted in the hopes of tricking all the wannabes to do the same and make comics fun to read again.It didn t work, but we did great a great story [...]

    12. This is hands down my favorite comic story, although I have no idea how something so amazing came to be given the creators associated with it Alan Moore had been absent from superhero comics for almost a decade before returning to write some of his worst stories ever published Alan Moore s Complete WildC.A.T.s, Violator, Violator vs Badrock Rob Liefeld, a flashy comic artist turned publisher notorious for blowing deadlines left and right, had created an army of brainless comics for teenage boys [...]

    13. Reprints Supreme 1 41 42, Supreme The New Adventures 43 48, and Supreme 2 49 52 August 1996 September 1997 Supreme is returning to Earth only to find that Earth isn t how he remembers it Supreme learns that he s the latest in a long line of Supremes and that he s going to be the Supreme as he faces the latest revision Now, Supreme is headed back to Earth and uncovering his past again for the first time His origin, his sister Suprema, and his faithful dog Radar are all returning with Supreme alon [...]

    14. This isn t Watchmen, but it s certainly fun Whereas Watchmen was a playful and meandering narrative with some subtext concerning the essence of superheroism, Supreme is much of a shallow, loose narrative, a superficial but enjoyable tale concerning a shitty Rob Liefeld character whom Moore ingeniously uses to parody Superman.Like Moore and Veitch did to Marvel in Image s 1963 comic series, Supreme is basically an excuse for the two to parody pay homage to DC s Golden and Silver Age comics, by m [...]

    15. I ve got mixed feelings about this book It is just about the only material I skipped from Alan Moore since I discovered his work during his run on Swamp Thing I guess it was the horrible 90 s Image style artwork by Joe Bennett, and the fact that Supreme was created by Rob Liefeld, that turned me off But when I finally gave this collection a look, I was surprised to see the excellent flashback sequences drawn in classic styles by great artists like Rick Veitch and Chris Sprouse That s what compel [...]

    16. That Moore, I think he has a real future in the comics biz This book is a classic Superman waking up in the then modern era and contrasting it with his past, with secrets from his past causing the flashbacks to form part of a coherent whole This is kind of a common story, especially to Moore There are real echoes of Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow and the first two volumes of Tom Strong Also, Superfolks, for instance But this is very well done with its comments on the superhero industry [...]

    17. Alan Moore s pastiche of Silver Age Superman stories is a pretty interesting experiment The riffs on specific stories are pretty spot on for instance, if you ve ever read Superboy s first encounter with the 30th century Legion of Super Heroes, you ll be amazed at how incredibly well executed the homage story is Structurally, what most fascinates is how Moore contrasts the Silver Age stories with the state of then current superheroes circa 1990 short flashback tales in each issue are illustrated [...]

    18. With a book like this, you need to know what you re getting Basically, there s a framing sequence and lots of flashback stories, written and drawn to resemble comics of previous decades It s not a straight copy of Superman, but there s a strong resemblance there, and to other DC characters.I think that the tributes are skillfully done, but you probably won t appreciate them unless you recognise the source material So, if you ve only read comics from the 1990s onwards, this isn t the book for you [...]

    19. Sesiapa yang tidak pernah membaca Miracleman Marvelman dan Superman sebelum membaca Supreme, pasti tak akan faham perihal Supreme Sementara komik komik vintage yang terpilih dipetik untuk dimuatkan di dalam Miracleman adalah komik asli yang diulangcetak karya Mick Anglo, komik komik vintage yang dipaparkan di dalam Supreme adalah rekaan atau parodi semata mata Ini adalah teknik tribute yang saya kira teliti dan menghiburkan, kerana stroke lukisan dan gaya penulisan juga terikut sama era zaman la [...]

    20. The book is essentially Alan Moore s take on the entire of the DC universe except with creative control, and he knows it For most of it, I was surprised at myself for having concluded that so little of it surprised me Ultimately, it s a smart book that allowed Moore to overcome some residual bitterness over how DC forced him to create new characters for Watchmen instead of using the original DC properties as Moore intended Even the nod to MAD Magazine attests to the book s status as a step sist [...]

    21. I consider myself just on this side of nerdy, but since everyone is reading all sorts of things, and I want to be able to converse with them all, I ideally want to read at least something from every genre, so I was determined to give at least one comic book a try.And I m pretty sure this genre is just not for me This Supermany style comic was earnest and funny and classic, but I just didn t get the appeal of comic book mythology I couldn t embrace the cheese, but I m still glad I read it It was [...]

    22. This is such a great romp into comics Alan Moore taking a Superman analog and delving deep into not just Superman s um, Supreme s own history, but the history of superhero comics themselves The rotating main pencillers can get a little jarring, but Rick Veitch s flashback sequences always please Chris Sprouse has a great run of about five or six issues, plus there are great little guest spots from Melinda Gebbie, Gil Kane, and Jim Mooney This is a great read for a genuine comics enthusiast.

    23. That being dropped out of nowhere He s made out of pure Supremium and he seems intent on entering your house Nor shall you prevent me Destiny urges me on We ll see about that Even your logic defying abilities must have a limit Not at all Very soon, I shall be the most powerful being in the whole of infinity I shall truly be Supremewhile you will be a tawdry scrap of trash culture, as you have always been

    24. It was kind of like looking at one of da vinci s lesser works I enjoyed it, it was supremely well crafted, amazing, but couldn t see the masterpiece in it It was a comprehensive romp through superman s past but I don t think it made any big statements about the character or the genre, and it wasn t as caustic good fun as 1963, which I thoroughly enjoyed Worth checking out, but not ground breaking.

    25. Lo rele y lo tengo en la edici n de 6 tomos de Dolmen Si no me equivoco, esta edici n usa la misma traducci n, as que me tomo la libertad de votarla como si fuera la misma Eso s , espero que los errores de aquella hayan sido subsanados en esta Y aunque no, no creo que lleguen a ameritar que le baje una estrellita a esta obra maestra.

    26. Starts of strong but gets a bit weak in the middle Has lots of typical Alan Moore crazy and profound ideas about comics history, but some of the best ideas aren t developed fully People not interested and well versed in comics history, particularly Superman history, will likely not understand or appreciate this story as it is essentially a postmodern retelling of Superman s mythology.

    27. So I spent a lot of time trying to read too much into this book I felt like I was supposed to be getting some deep literary meaning out of the meta at the beginning and was making myself a little bit nuts about it However, once I sat back and just enjoyed the silly older stories and watching Supreme relearn about his life, friends and foes I liked the book It was a good laugh.

    28. Supreme The Story of the Year is Alan Moore s love letter to silver and bronze age Super Hero comics and Superman in particular Moore really captures the fun and spirit of those goofy old comics while still displaying his wit and talent as a master of the medium.

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