Supreme #2: El retorno (2020)

Supreme El retorno Recopilatorio en formato chico que re ne los n meros USA y Supreme The Return anteriormente publicados por Recerca en tomos
  • Title: Supreme #2: El retorno
  • Author: Alan Moore Chris Sprouse Rick Veitch Alex Ross
  • ISBN: 9788499087597
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Recopilatorio en formato chico que re ne los n meros USA 53 56 y Supreme The Return 1 6, anteriormente publicados por Recerca en 5 tomos.
    • [EPUB] ☆ Supreme #2: El retorno | by ↠ Alan Moore Chris Sprouse Rick Veitch Alex Ross
      457 Alan Moore Chris Sprouse Rick Veitch Alex Ross
    • thumbnail Title: [EPUB] ☆ Supreme #2: El retorno | by ↠ Alan Moore Chris Sprouse Rick Veitch Alex Ross
      Posted by:Alan Moore Chris Sprouse Rick Veitch Alex Ross
      Published :2020-06-02T11:41:22+00:00

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    1. I read the first Supreme book years ago, and was delighted to find that there was a sequel This is a fun series of riffs on golden and silver age superhero comics, with particular parody of Superman Superboy Legion of Super Heroes It s also a lampoon of how long standing comics characters get revised, re revised, and re imagined over the decades, from reboots and what ifs and various other authorial fiat actions Like often happens with the second story in a trilogy, the book apparently is a set [...]

    2. I loved these comics when they were originally published, but God almighty, what a bad reprint collection All the comics look muddy, like they were transposed to this paperback through some kind of vague smeary filter.

    3. This collection lacks an interesting overarching story line like the previous one had, and sometimes Alan Moore s writing isn t very Alan Moore ey and like an amazing anonymous writer who s just winging it, but Rick Veitch s artwork when it appears is still amazing and as far as sequels go this is pretty top grade stuff.Among the weird and wacky issues are these storylines 19th Dinmensional Breakdown Supreme meets Omniman, who s really Sprite Supreme, a Mr Mxzyptlk type wreaking merry mischief [...]

    4. Reprints Supreme 2 53 56 and Supreme The Return 1 6 October 1997 June 2000 Supreme s life continues to change as his past and future enemies continue to haunt him With return of villains like Szazs and adventures with the League of Infinity, Supreme finds his day full including his new love in Diana Dane With Darius Dax finding his own revisions world, he s out to get revenge on Supreme.Written by Alan Moore, Supreme The Return continues where Supreme The Story of the Year ends Supreme was publi [...]

    5. There are some good bits in this book, but it s not as clever as it thinks it is The time loops don t make sense, and I think that s lazy writing rather than my closed mind The meta fiction never really goes anywhere, and it has the same problems as Superfolks view spoiler When Diana is talking to her counterparts inside the Supremacy, they talk about what the people want , implying that they are aware of their status as fictional characters, but surely that should have a much bigger impact on n [...]

    6. Oh, the woes of comic book publishing Rob Liefeld s Awesome Comics went belly up with only 2 issues of this story left to be published As is, this collection tells an incomplete story Moore had written the pen ultimate issue 63 , which was eventually published in 2012 with art by Erik Larsen, however the script for the final issue was never written Larsen went on to complete Supreme his way, over 10 or so issues I was not a fan.

    7. The first Alan Moore Supreme was close to a tour de force It was like an extended Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow with self aware humor and internally consistent humor and some additional excitement.This book kind of meanders a little There s a point where a focused author would be clear in explaining a paradox to the reader But there s a resigned sense of You get this twist You ve already seen it that s noticeable This is re Meteor Master However, where the book hits its satire hard, i [...]

    8. The intended conclusion to this story was never made but even with that against it this is a very enjoyable graphic novel There is a lot going on as far a metafictional revision of a not very good 90 s Superhero, especially with regards to continuity I think this is the least political of Moore s book I have read but still very enjoyable I think I actually might like this then Top Ten or Tom Strong.

    9. Penamat yang baik dari Moore, hanya kerana pelukis utamanya kekal Penulisan digarap dengan twist yang menarik, parodi komik komik Amerika di mana mana, berjaya membuat saya tersenyum Perubahan stroke berkurangan dan flashback isu isu lama juga berkurangan hasil kritikan pembaca, no thanks to you menjadikan pembacaan agak tenang berbanding volume 1 Sayang sekali sukar mendapat koleksi segini dalam bentuk fizikal.

    10. I really like Alan Moore s work,and this is a fun piece where he s enjoying taking apart the Superman mythos and playing around with it Each episode of Supreme tackles a different element of the weirdness of Superman s background and really highlights it For people who know their comic book history, this is a delightful, reference filled romp.

    11. Originally published 1997 2000 More of Moore s metafictive and playful fun with Rob Leifeld s Superman knockoff It s fun and clever stuff, offering some nice riffs on the changing landscape of comics over the decades, and the fact that it s so light hearted is probably a bonus, given that Moore s increasingly serious incursions into metafictive self reflexivity have become progressively boring.

    12. Pretty much just of what we got in the first volume It s still fun, but at times it still feels like all the references and in jokes don t really have much purpose other than making you feel smart for catching them all But it s also a lot of fun, and there s a joyousness you don t get in a lot of Moore s work The art aside from the Veitch drawn flashbacks is pretty dire though.

    13. Dated post modern Superman parody A couple of stories are mildly amusing, but dreadful on the whole It s all too dated and you can tell it s written by a Brit that doesn t understand America or American comic books all that well Moore s written some great comic books, but this just isn t his best He comes off as being insincere and disrespectful to the subject, Superman, of the parody.

    14. La primera vez que lo le Me pareci excelente Ahora que consegu los 5 tomos de la edici n de Recerca voy a ver si lo releo relativamente pronto y veo si subo la versi n partida en cinco, que parece que tiene un par de extras que no incluyeron en este tomo.

    15. Not nearly as good as Supreme The Story of the Year I wouldn t recommend this book Stop with the first volume.

    16. Alan Moore takes all the silver age comic stories that we loved as a kid and updated them for the 90 s A great collection of stories

    17. Meh, if I wanted to read metafiction, I d go with John Barth Not a bad effort though, but pretty uniformly terrible art.

    18. A good time Superman s generally pretty boring it s nice to see someone get someone mileage out of all that mythology.

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