The Traitor Queen (2020)

The Traitor Queen Events are building to a climax in Sachaka as Lorkin returns from his exile with the Traitor rebels The Traitor Queen has given Lorkin the huge task of brokering an alliance between his people and the
  • Title: The Traitor Queen
  • Author: Trudi Canavan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Events are building to a climax in Sachaka as Lorkin returns from his exile with the Traitor rebels.The Traitor Queen has given Lorkin the huge task of brokering an alliance between his people and the Traitors Lorkin has also had to become a feared black magician in order to harness the power of an entirely new kind of gemstone magic This knowledge could transform the GuEvents are building to a climax in Sachaka as Lorkin returns from his exile with the Traitor rebels.The Traitor Queen has given Lorkin the huge task of brokering an alliance between his people and the Traitors Lorkin has also had to become a feared black magician in order to harness the power of an entirely new kind of gemstone magic This knowledge could transform the Guild of Magicians or make Lorkin an outcast foreverE TRAITOR QUEEN is the triumphant conclusion to the Traitor Spy trilogy, which began with THE AMBASSADOR S MISSION and continued with THE ROGUE.
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      458 Trudi Canavan
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    1. Spoilers may follow HmmmHard to rate this book, I REALLY wanted to like it as I loved the magicians guild trilogy, but I have to say this book was pretty unremarkable, the plot struggled along at a snail s pace, nothing happens in the first half and then ALL the action is crammed into the second making it rushed and awkward, no middle ground or easing into it.Most of the POV characters are very difficult to get to know, I tried hard to like Lorkin but I find his character cardboard and bland and [...]

    2. SpoilersI wasn t impressed with this It was slow paced, the majority of the characters were bland and I wasn t interested in the central plot The conflict war between Sachaka and the Traitors made for tedious reading Sonea, Cery, Anyi, Tayend and Regin were the only decent characters The others were all boring, especially Lorkin, Tyvara, Dannyl and Lillia The arc I most enjoyed was Sonea s, probably because she was the only character I really cared about Her interactions with Regin were interest [...]

    3. Good read this one but it this book can not compare to the High Lord as an end book of a trilogy I almost feel a bit disappointed but that has to do with my maybe unrealistically high expectations It keeps the same level as the previous 2 books but it feels a bit flat like the other two The feeling of questing and Learning from the black magician trilogy never occurs We get to see gemstones in action but in my opinion it felt kinda boring We do not get to explore or learn about them really I di [...]

    4. Spoilers and opinions follow.Not good I can stomach an anti drug campaign in a book, but only if it isn t pointlessly thrown in like it is here The drug Roet had a distinct subplot, but it never amounted to anything or affected the main plot, I was expecting some kind of twist, or meaning Nor did the addition of Lilia, and her relationship to Anyi and Cery The whole book could have happened without them, and should have, considering they were completely undeveloped characters Even Cery, who I lo [...]

    5. I m really glad I persevered through to the end of this trilogy The first two books set up the world as it has been for centuries, which was a bit tedious because we d already had that history lesson in a much compelling way But finally in this book, things change I m not sure it needed a whole trilogy to tell this story, but I am satisfied with how it ended both plot wise and character wise The conflicts in Sachaka come to a head, and the Guild is forced to adapt beyond their narrow mindedness [...]

    6. So here we are After years of patience the Traitor Spy trilogy has come to a close Was it everything that I hoped it would be Well, mostly Like other books in the series, the strong dialogue and character development continues, as does a reduction in the level of action scenes that one would normally expect from a fantasy novel In other words, it is a trademark Trudi Canavan novel, and one that I did enjoy There is one problem, though, and it is a problem that I suspect has resulted in the avera [...]

    7. Yes, it s true, it doesn t live up to the Black Magician trilogy or The Age of Five, and, let s be honest, the big, Akkarin shaped hole was never going to be filled, but there s no point going on about it one just has to take this trilogy for what it is.It did feel a bit unplanned far too many ideas started or hinted at, but then not explored , a bit unstructured and a bit directionless The duller characters, like Lorkin and Lilia, hogged most of the attention, while to me intriguing characters [...]

    8. I loved the Black Magician Trilogy but as much as I try to, I can t bring myself to like Traitor Spy I can t emphasise how annoyed I was with Lorkin He seems very much like a male version of Bella who falls for a girl at first sight and all of a sudden, it s I will do anything for her Okay, that s a little over exaggerating because Lorkin is slightly sensible but I was seriously annoyed with how stupid he was.Also, I don t get how we were supposed to root for the Traitors and hate the Sachakans [...]

    9. This review was originally published on Blogs of a Bookaholic.FEELS SO MANY FEELS AHHHHHHH Finished this at 2am last night and couldn t stop smiling.As with all of Canavan s novels, her writing really impressed me It is so detailed and specific that it feels as if Kyralia could be a real place, that it may exist just over the next horizon I love her word choices and sentence structures although some may call her style a little meandering, to which I would agree She s not a fast paced writer but [...]

    10. me falt el final , me debes TRUDI el romance Regin y Sonea me ha encantado mucho mas que su amor AKKARIN no me ha parecido forzado para nada aunque aun esty resentida porque le hacia bullying hace 20 a os bueno 20 a os y varias guerras puede hacer a la gente cambiar.

    11. Reviewed on my blog Books by Proxy 3.5 StarsIf you re a reader of my Top Ten Tuesday posts, then you might have noticed that Trudi Canavan s The Traitor Queen has been appearing on rather a regular basis This is one of those books that I intended to read as soon as I bought it but managed to neglect until oh you know, several years later The Traitor Queen is the closing chapter in the Traitor Spy Trilogy, and while it doesn t reach the exciting, dizzying heights of The Black Magician Trilogy, it [...]

    12. Trudi Canavan is one of my favourite authors She creates worlds that are so well thought out, but logical in their own way They have a set of rules about how things work, and never breaks your belief in that world However this novel and as a result, the trilogy felt flat There were so many threads that looked to lead somewhere and Canavan does a masterful job of making sure all these threads are tied up However, there seems to be a bit of a tiny ending, instead of the epic ones penned in the ori [...]

    13. Trudi Canavan is one of my favourite authors and for good reason The worlds she makes are compelling and different from the vast majority of fantasy out there.This book is the third and final book in the Traitor Spy series which picks up about 20 years or so after the events of the Black Magician Trilogy When I first found out that there was a continuation of that series I was worried it would be a bit of a money grabber, but this series and the prequel are each well written and really add to th [...]

    14. German review on GosuReviewsMediocre finish to the Traitor Spy Trilogy and finally an end to the Black Magician universe I just felt the series dragged on for too long The storyline was flat and nothing really new in the worldbulding The new characters introduced in the series didn t work for me They felt very one dimensional and I had a hard time cheering for them.Fans of the series should read it, even if it s just to get closure Hopefully this was the last time we heard of Sonea.I know Trudi [...]

    15. It was a great to read about Trudi s magic world again I recommend for those who loved the previous series Albeit, not being up to par, it still answers a lot of questions left behind on the anterior series and closes some chapters while leaving others open to new ones I was quite happy to see how some characters evolved from one series to the other, especially Regin, obviously Read it

    16. Sonea, die Schwarze Magierin von Kyralia, ist bergl cklich, als ihr Sohn Lorkin von den Sachakanischen Rebellen freigelassen wird Endlich wird er nach Hause zur ckkehren Aber zuvor verlangt der K nig von Sachaka, dass der junge Mann alle Informationen preisgibt, die er ber die Verr terinnen hat Doch Lorkin hat sich in eine der Rebellinnen verliebt und ist nicht bereit, sie auszuliefern Der Sachakanische K nig droht, Lorkin sein Wissen mit Gewalt zu entrei en Da verl sst Sonea Kyralia Sie wird ih [...]

    17. Esta mujer me tiene totalmente enganchada a sus sagas No estoy segura de si tiene continuaci n, pero, por ahora voy a descansar, pero volver al ataque pronto ya que esta autora y sus historias me fascinan Muy recomendable para amantes de fantas a.

    18. I really enjoyed this series The author had certain expressions and words she used with annoying regularity, but other than that, I found myself drawn to the story.

    19. SPOILER ALERT I did enjoy reading this book, though possibly not as much as it s predecessor, The Rogue It was typical Canavan fast paced, full of action and a nice splash of romance thrown in, plus a good dollop of tragedy that made me cry, as per usual Once again, the Black Magician Trilogy will always be my true love out of all of Canavan s work, but I have enjoyed the Traitor Spy Trilogy and liked catching up with the characters And seeing how like his father Lorkin is But I can tell you exa [...]

    20. This book was good, however I was left feeling a little dissatisfied with the ending, not because of anything particularly wrong with it, but because there s so so much I want to know about this world and Canavan currently has no stories for it I really want Kyralia to encounter Igra, I was a little disappointed after they were introduced in The Ambassador s Mission that nothing was really made of it, beyond giving a starting point for some changes to some laws that we won t actually get to [...]

    21. I d probably give this book 4.5 stars if I could, but as I have to choose I ll give it 5, because its faults aren t really its fault The good Well, it is a fitting and exciting conclusion to the Traitor Spy trilogy which wraps everything up while leaving room for subsequent books The writing, as always, is exceptionally crisp I think one of my favourite things about Canavan s books is that she only writes what s necessary for the story either plot or character world building If you d read the la [...]

    22. As many have already said, the Black Magician trilogy is one of the greatest series of fantasy books ever written.The Traitor Spy trilogy is not It is good, but to me personally, the fact that all my favourite characters Sonea, Rothen, and Regin have such a small part in the story has left me feeling a bit empty.The constant references to homosexuality is cringey, nothing like the relationship between Danyl and Tayend of old That was great, and truly believable In this series, anybody that is ga [...]

    23. So it ends I do have to say that I ve had a lot trouble reading through than I did in book 2 Maybe that was partly, because I really didn t want this series to end, as it has been with me for the last few years I always dread to end things I really like But once I was about half way through, I wanted to find out and there was no point in trying to put the book away, when I wanted to know so badly what was happening next view spoiler BUT I also gotta admit that I have expected so much from the [...]

    24. The final instalment of the Traitor Spy trilogy was vaguely mediocre It was a fantasy story that held no surprises, though it carried the weight of the generic fantasy novel very well I enjoy reading generic fantasy in between chunkier reads, or when I don t wish to read something that is defying genres and making the fantasy genre look a bit wobbly It was much as the first two were unmemorable except in parts I had purchased the second book on my Kindle, not remembering that I had read it previ [...]

    25. This was the last book from a sequel of Black Magician Trilogy.Well, after finishing it, the only thing I must say is, that this sequel shouldn t exist For example, at least me one of the things we loved was the use of magic, how did they project their energy in order to do something it is not in this book.Most of it, consists on tedious politics explanations for what to do with Lorkin Sachaka Traitors and so on I m sorry to say that the only part I really enjoyed was the one in which Traitors t [...]

    26. Even this book left an opening for , arghhhh I just want to close a book and think the end.But no, everything is fine, but there might be something coming, maybe not now, but maybe in 20 years, maybe never, but it might.Sonea does not do much And she has Regin with her, but that i liked.Lorkin does not do much, but he might finally get the woman he loves.Lilia does do something, and gets bullied too Repeat much Dannyl worries.The whole war went way too fast, way too easy, sheesh peeps, why did y [...]

    27. An amazing end to a trilogy It sees the rise of The Traitors and their Queen and the fight for the freedom of Sachaka and it s awful use of slaves Meanwhile, Dannyl, Tayend and Merria find themselves in the midst of a revolution in the Sachakan capital city, Arvice Lorkin now reunited with his mother, Sonea are with the Traitors slowly advancing on the capital Whilst in Imardin Lillia, Anyi and Cery have the fight of their lives against the thief king Skellin I m really quite sad now that I have [...]

    28. Tohle byla hodn dlouh cesta a sv m zp sobem jsem r d, e ji autorka jednou pro v dy uzav ela Do kali jsme se o ek van v lky, n kolika zvrat a nakonec konce, kter si ka d z postav zaslou ila Jasn , cht l bych se dozv d t, jak bude situace ve Spojen ch zem ch pokra ovat, ale na druhou stranu je est knih opravdu hodn rozhodnut m, e nebude pokra ov n , autorka jenom ukazuje, jak inteligentn vlastn je Jsem velice r d, e jsem pro il aspo malou st ivota s knihami od australsk autorky a t m se, a se dost [...]

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