Heart's Blood (2020)

Heart s Blood Jakkin risks everything freedom dragon Heart s Blood even his life to rescue beloved Akki who vanished months ago in rebel cell on former prison planet Austar IV He must become rebel spy Three for m
  • Title: Heart's Blood
  • Author: Jane Yolen
  • ISBN: 9780440933854
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Jakkin risks everything freedom, dragon Heart s Blood, even his life to rescue beloved Akki who vanished months ago in rebel cell on former prison planet Austar IV He must become rebel spy Three for mysterious Senator Golden and carry an explosive satchel to the dragon pits In this game he will lose no matter how well he plays.
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      328 Jane Yolen
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    1. Bah I m not sure what I m going to rate this I liked it, I didn t get it, great prose, the ending was shit, the author dropped a bomb that makes me want to pick up the next one It s all over the place Confusing RTC

    2. Okay, I remember this plot even less than the first one That s why I go back and reread childhood favorites, I guess It s still quite good The main character, Jakkin, grows up some, and much of the advice he gets on how to operate in the adult world resonates with me, so I feel I must have absorbed and adopted it myself.One of Yolen s strengths is that she illustrates the scenes with enough detail of the right kind that you feel like you really are there experiencing it Her characters are very b [...]

    3. Like its prequel, this book had a very original setting I though this story explored the settings potential , but the story was very anti climactic.

    4. It was pretty boring and slow before the goal of the book completely changed and it just got confusing Things went from dragon fights to saving Akki from rebels to running from the government.

    5. I would have given this 2 1 2 stars Heart s Blood continues the story of Dragon s Blood Here the story becomes involved in the politics of the planet, and Jakkin s relationship with his dragon and Akki develops Although still imaginative, I found the story a bit clumsy and the dialogue often choppy, or out of character I found myself thinking, would he really have said all that or that way Also, I did not like many of the plot choices I did not like the ending which was too abrupt and rather unb [...]

    6. Jakkin s dragon, Heart s Blood, is now a champion of several small fights in the pits, but is taking time off for breeding Unexpectedly, Jakkin gets word that his friend Akki is in trouble and needs his help Jakkin longs to set off immediately for the city, where Akki has gotten involved in rebel activity but there are the hatchlings to considerThis continues the story started in Dragon s Blood, and expands into the politics of Jakkin s home planet It s a pretty quick read, but of course, it is [...]

    7. Sequel to Dragon s Blood, which I recently had to scan for offensive material at the request of a parent Some situations are not appropriate for elementary the Baggeries, their name of houses of ill repute are seen as an acceptable place of occupation for young girls This is actually an incidental part in son otherwise entertaining fantasy world involving Jakkin, a young dragon trainer who seeks his lost love in the city of Rokk, where she is working underground with the rebel forces.

    8. This second book was better than the first, but good grief, the ending was weird Interesting and sort of artsy, but weird Heart s Blood addressed some of the bad stuff inherent to the fictional world the class system, indentured servitude, etc but also didn t address the casual acceptance of plenty of other bad stuff Eugenics, etc And dear effing god, the sexism burned all the way through It was absolutely ridiculous.

    9. It s always weird re reading books that were important to you when you were much younger, because it seldom has the same resonance again years later, even if you still enjoy it This is still a good book, and I m glad it s still in print, but it s certainly not a powerful one for the person I am now, rather than the person I was when I read it thirty ish years ago.

    10. Read this series then only 3 books when I was a kid back in middle school I absolutely loved every page I plan on going back through this series eventually, especially since there s a new book as of 2009 we ll see if I enjoy it as much as an adult.

    11. These books went from being interesting but poorly written books about dragons to being uninteresting poorly books written about politics So I quit and d the rest of the series No thanks.

    12. Even better than the first I enjoyed reading this novel than the first novel I am excited to see how the two main young people continue their lives on this dragon planet.

    13. Jakkin is now a master dragon trainer, a position with which he is not quite comfortable And Erikkan, his bondsman, makes it ever uncomfortable by enjoying his role of subservience Heart s Blood is about to hatch her first set of eggs All of this seems unimportant, however, when a stranger, Durrah Golden, comes to the nursery and announces that Akki is missing Jakkin and Sarkkhan go in search of her and become entangled in political intrigue and violent rebellion It is uncertain who they can tr [...]

    14. Ask questions but keep your own counsel Twice he had been so cautioned He would try it p 163 Some lessons teen hero learns, others not yet He dislikes old Likkarn from the start, doesn t really change view spoiler Likkarn slows pursuers for Jakkin and Akki to escape, by timing drug rage hide spoiler Motivations, why people act as they do, confuse me here Political arguments about Federation are boring, I have to skip, get confused Deaths Three warns Be careful , Dead right p 225 They know the c [...]

    15. Heart s Blood by Jane Yolen Heart s blood is the second book of a trilogy, The Pit Dragon Trilogy The first book of this trilogy was Dragon s blood and the third book is A sending of Dragons which I have yet to finish reading.While Jakkin was helping Master Sarkkhan train his dragon for the fight in this major pit, Heart s blood, Jakkin s mighty dragon, had 5 great hatchlings Will Jakkin be able to train such a dragon, as advanced in his training as Master Sarkkhan s, and help him win Jakkin s d [...]

    16. Nothing life changing, but this is a decent installment in a fun series I enjoyed getting to see a bit of the Austarian culture outside of the farms The political tug of war between the anarchist rebels and the controlling Feds, while only seen in glimpses, felt realistic and I like that Yolen doesn t come down on one side or the other, but shows both points of view as potentially sympathetic as well as dangerous This ambiguity is embodied in the person of Golden, the foppish double triple agen [...]

    17. It takes big metaphorical balls for a writer to abruptly change the world of a series Usually this doesn t pay off just look at the Green Rider series, for instance but it does work here in Jane Yolen s Pit Dragon Chronicles Yolen could have just done of the same as in her acclaimed first book in the series but this twists about suddenly as if a plague of locusts descending on a farm.Things get really evil really quickly on Pit Dragon World Jakkin and his dragon Heart s Blood now have to deal w [...]

    18. This is the second book to Jane Yolen s series of dragon taming This book captivates the reader at the start reminding the readers that Jakkin has accomplished his goal to become a dragon master As a dragon master, people start to treat him like a real master Later on, he would meet Akkin who travels with him to learn and survive from all the mythical and treacherous dangers approaching them Jakkin with his dragon, Heart Blood, travels over boulders to ultimately strengthen his dragons attacks a [...]

    19. I read the Pit Dragon trilogy as a girl, and it stuck with me When I saw the middle book for sale in the dollar bin at the Half Price Books, I didn t think I just rescued that bit of me that was still madly in love with the book And, despite the twenty or so intervening years I don t regret it.YA sci fi fantasy, but long before romance in dystopia became the predominant feature of the genre, Heart s Blood is the tale of a dragon, her boy, and his girl, mixed up with a revolution and an evolution [...]

    20. It s been so long since I read this book but I wanted to jot down a potent reaction that has stayed with me from reading it This story falls into that category of sequel in which the author trades on the well being of several established characters to up the ante on drama It reminds me of the second of two made for TV Ewok adventures which as I remember was a real downer Sequels often head in this melancholy direction In so doing they remind us that to the extent part one ended with a Happily Ev [...]

    21. The second book in the Pit Dragon trilogy, this volume finds Jakkin getting ready for his dragon s,Heart s Blood, first hatching Eventually there are five hatchlings and Jakkin vows none will be sold or sent to the stews While this is happening Jakkin receives an urgent message from Akki, his best friend and love interest She needs help So of course all he can think about is figuring out where she is.In all of this mess Jakkin meets Golden, a Federation member apparently trying to infiltrate the [...]

    22. Yay for Heart s Blood I had a lot of fun reading this I can t remember if Dragon s Blood had a sci fi theme or not, because this book is definitely heavy on it in comparison Like, there s the existence of starships, guns, different planets with life on it and so on I guess I ll have to read Dragon s Blood again to find out, cause I don t exactly remember Whoops One thing that I really love about Heart s Blood is that it includes bad guys in the plot Yay villains I m 100% certain that the first b [...]

    23. I actually read this series when I was a kid, and decided to reread it before suggesting it to the girl I nanny for I quickly found myself engrossed once again with Jakkin and his adventure to steal an dragon egg and train his own dragon Jakkin is a wonderful character, set apart from the others but always willing to help anyone he considers a friend Really this series as a whole, including the recently written 4th book, are great for kids who love the fantasy genera These books are not as much [...]

    24. I have had a bit of a difficult time finishing this bookI started it in June and it is now the beginning of November I didn t find the beginning particularly engaging, though it did get better after several chapters, I still don t know how I feel about the ending This book wasn t bad, and until I finished it today I would have told you that if I would have read this book when I was in Jr High or High school and reading Anne McCaffrey s novels I would have loved it Now I am not so sure The story [...]

    25. Book 2 expands upon the world of Austar 5 The characters spend time traveling to new locations not explored in book 2 Jakkin, the story s hero, spends most of the time fighting with himself in his new role as dragon master feeling unworthy to the task The book introduces a couple of new characters, with most of them making only 1 or 2 appearances The exception being Golden, the senator.Book 2, like Book 1, is a quick read, however, it is not as good as the first 1 It was easier to put this one [...]

    26. I didn t like how this second book got a bit too political When I first read this series, I found it in the Teen book section at my library, and I do still consider it a teen series especially the first book This second book, as I said, gets into the politics of Austar IV with rebels and Federations and blah, blah, yawn My mind shuts off even at the first mention of politics, and it is because of the political unrest of this planet that big plot changes happen to our main characters Anyway, bec [...]

    27. Second book in the series Jakkin is now a master and is raising Heart s Blood He gets drawn into a plot to save Akki and ends up helping the rebels blow up a part of the Rokk though he didn t know that His old master is killed and he runs away Heart s Blood his dragon ends up dying to save him and Akki when they are on the run The only way they can survive is by getting inside Heart s Blood to stay warm When they emerge from her they are a new type of person They can communicate with each other [...]

    28. A sweet followup that digs deeper into the politics of this world There s a sort of Star Wars vibe throughout with all the rebels, espionage, Empire, etc But in this story, there are mother fucking dragons The end of this basically blew my mind The two main characters are reborn by having to seek refuge from the deadly cold night by cutting open their dragon who had sacrificed herself for their lives by taking a bunch of bullets for them and sleeping in her birth chamber They come out and they c [...]

    29. New worlds unfold in book 2 as we follow Jakkin to the capital city of Austar and then into the stews, from a wealthy politician s house to a back alley bar The politics of Austar are a bit confusing are we supposed to root for the rebels the federation the Austarians I think Yolen purposefully makes it unclear so we understand Jakkin s confusion as well she may also be showing that no one party has completely pure motives The ending surprised me There s also an unexpected way to survive Dark Af [...]

    30. The second of Jane Yolen s pit dragon chronicles dabbles in political intrigue, cloak and dagger, and the bigger picture Things don t unfold quite as smoothly as the first of the series, but it s no less imaginative or compelling Jakkin must serve an undercover rebel sympathizer as a means to discovering the fate of Akki, the girl he cares greatly for The plot and final outcome of this story is harrowing and emotional guaranteed to move you.If you enjoy a sci fi adventure involving the care and [...]

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