Lions and Shadows: An Education in the Twenties (2020)

Lions and Shadows An Education in the Twenties In the legendary Hogarth Press published the first of Christopher Isherwood s autobiographical writings Lions and Shadows The book evokes the atmosphere of Cambridge as Isherwood knew it and des
  • Title: Lions and Shadows: An Education in the Twenties
  • Author: Christopher Isherwood
  • ISBN: 9780816636044
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1938 the legendary Hogarth Press published the first of Christopher Isherwood s autobiographical writings, Lions and Shadows The book evokes the atmosphere of Cambridge as Isherwood knew it and describes his life as a tutor, a medical student, and a struggling writer Above all, Lions and Shadows is a captivating account of a young novelist s development in the literarIn 1938 the legendary Hogarth Press published the first of Christopher Isherwood s autobiographical writings, Lions and Shadows The book evokes the atmosphere of Cambridge as Isherwood knew it and describes his life as a tutor, a medical student, and a struggling writer Above all, Lions and Shadows is a captivating account of a young novelist s development in the literary culture of 1920s Cambridge and London and of his experiences as he forged lifelong friendships with his peers W H Auden, Stephen Spender, and Edward Upward.
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      443 Christopher Isherwood
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    1. This is the book I wish I could hand to all of those people writing articles about people in their twenties As a person in her twenties, I hate those articles, and my most easily articulated reason is that people in their twenties today aren t all that different from people in their twenties throughout history Lions And Shadows is perfect proof of this.It s great to read about Isherwood, pre Berlin, trying to find himself as a writer in places of little or no inspiration Living off of his bemuse [...]

    2. Pfie, I ve yet again finished my library book in less than 24 hours Now that I m back home I depend on my brother and mum for my library books because I don t have library card to the British Council library and it seemed pointless to get a costly 6 months subscription when I m only home for two months, but having to wait for them to finish their books and only being able to get one at a time is starting to drive me mad Especially since Isherwood is so, so charming and I can t wait to get my han [...]

    3. On a bit of an Isherwood trail at the moment, this is my second read by him while I m already immersed in a third Goodbye to Berlin , there is just something immediately likeable about his voice He doesn t take himself too seriously although you can t deny his commitment to his writing This is his autobiographical account of his journey to writer hood which involved writing a few bad novels, accepting blunt and honest criticism from the family writer friend, acting the artist, getting himself ex [...]

    4. As I examine this copy borrowed from the Texas Tech University main library, I see that it is accessioned in 1964 By examining the date due slip, I can see I m the third person to check out this book since 1972 making me a rare cat indeed In remarks at the beginning, Isherwood says that his book is not, in the ordinary journalistic sense of the word, an autobiography it contains no revelations it is never indiscreet it is not even entirely true 7 He goes on to state that the book is a record of [...]

    5. A charming, fascinating semi autobiography of Christopher Isherwood s late teens and early twenties It s fascinating in part for its partially fictionalised portraits of people like W H Auden and Stephen Spender, and of course for Isherwood s carefully constructed self portrait It s also interesting in what is conspicuously absent any direct exploration either of his relationship with his family, and his sexuality.

    6. Though slow to start, Isherwood s memoir of his college mistakes and early mid 20s adventures is as relevant a guide as ever for the aspiring writer looking to break free from the expectations of a normal life whatever that means.

    7. There are certainly interesting and entertaining elements to this book However, I didn t enjoy it as much as might have for two reasons Firstly, there is too much going that he doesn t talk about How can a memoir of the years between 18 and 25 have so little mention of sex Anyone who knows the bare facts of Isherwood s life can answer this question, but it nevertheless makes this a frustratingly truncated book On the one hand it s interesting to read about what he did with his sublimated sexual [...]

    8. This is the first of Isherwood s many autobiographical writings in that hazy area between memoir and roman a clef, published in 1938 It is, as all his books are, very self deprecating and like most of his work, shines at evoking a deeper appreciation of a time, place, and social system that now seems so long gone and distant.This covers, roughly, his experiences at school, at university, living in a Bohemian neighborhood in London, working as a secretary and tutor, and taking a try at medical sc [...]

    9. Lions and Shadows is one of Christopher Isherwood s biographies this one details the end of his time at prep school, his short Cambridge career, and on through to the publication of his first novel Lions and Shadows prompted me to want to read an Isherwood novel Though, I think it may have been enjoyable if I already had Ironically without Lions and Shadows I imagine it would not have occurred to me to do so.The writing is very dense, with little, to no, dialogue I would rarely read than three [...]

    10. So having finished his diaries, I ve dipped into of Isherwood s work This is another of his fictionalised autobiographies a bit like his Berlin Novels this time covering the period from school, through University and up to the point he leaves for Germany Isherwood and his friends including Auden and Spender albeit under pseudonyms can come across as pretentious mind you who doesn t cringe looking back at their youth and you can t help feeling he was a bit of an idiot when he deliberately flunke [...]

    11. I was disappointed that this book seemed so self indulgent and did not have much reflection from a distance on the young man who in the 1920s was unconcerned about money, lacked empathy with the troubles of others, especially those of another class, was politically naive It s surprising that he should expect readers to be interested in the details of the fantasy world that fascinated him into his twenties, or in the dire plots of early failed novels I was interested in information about the time [...]

    12. I am inching into the book, actually not inching but dragging myself along Maybe because I am missing even a glimpse of myself, or because Isherwood comes across as a little too self obsessed 20s has varied shades, and I am missing many of them, the huge time gap may be undoing the charm, nevertheless I am sworn by myself to finish this in the shortest span possible One might find me rewriting a review, but if not please consider my forgetfulness as the possible reason The one section I have lov [...]

    13. I read this immediately following Berlin Stories, and I liked it much better The Isherwood who narrates this book seems to have a lot distance from the Isherwood who appears as a main character, which also means that the Isherwood character gets to be a character instead of just the impartial observer he is in Berlin stories.I am pretty sure that this book is going to fall into the collection of books I am compelled to make silly allusions to all the time I can t believe that I haven t been abl [...]

    14. If there is one thing boring than a writer writing about writing projects that never came to be, it is writers writing about a painter who is painting a painting that does not exist Perhaps if one is familiar with the details of Isherwood s early writing career, Lions and Shadows would be interesting The writing projects that never were I found to be boring I was also distracted wondering who is Auden Who is Spender Other times, the writing is so clear that one is pulled along by the force of [...]

    15. What I loved about this book were the crazy, detailed fictional worlds in the stories that Christopher and his friend would make up to entertain themselves They never wrote them down, because to do so would mean committing to a certain beginning, middle, and end of the story, and that was something they just couldn t do It amazes me that Isherwood was able to discipline himself enough to become a prolific writer of stories, plays, and novels Lions and Shadows is a wonderful depiction of the inte [...]

    16. This is Isherwood s first autobiographical novel detailing his life from ages 17 25 published when he was 34 Having read his three novels that preceded this one, I would say that the captivating writing style for which he is known for and that I m a fan of really starts here His attention to detail and the portraits of the people in his life are truly wonderful I thought he could have cut some stuff out like the long summaries of unpublished novels and the imaginary Mortmere world , but for the [...]

    17. Charming, thoroughly engaging and written with a wry sense of self deprecation, peopled with an array of vividly drawn, affectionately portrayed characters, this memoir of Isherwood s early Cambridge years is vivid and entertaining, as well as providing a fascinating glimpse into a writer s developing consciousness and sense of craft Incredible to think this was written so long ago, in a totally different world And yet Isherwood s voice is so immediate and compelling Wonderful.

    18. This was an enjoyable fun read, Mr Isherwood is amusing and he was quite the unique neurotic individual He veils Auden Spender in Mr Weston Mr Savage but their personas shine thru this work, if you have not read Isherwood s classic Berlin Stories, start with this one as it ends with his leaving England for Berlin and his time there with Auden Spender This book is a great travel companion on a long bus, train, boat or airplane trip.

    19. Interesting and fairly humorous memoir of Isherwood s early life, but probably should have read some of the early work he writes All the Conspirators and The Memorial over the course of this book prior to taking up this one.

    20. Read for dissertation.I really rather enjoyed reading something of Isherwood s that was written at an entirely different period of his life The way his writing develops into THE BERLIN NOVELS is evident, as is his development of his Isherwood persona portrayed in his books I m definitely going to read CHRISTOPHER AND HIS KIND to get an even further detailed view of his writing and life.

    21. There is something truly magical about this book Isherwood s manner of describing his friends and companions throughout his early life kept pulling me deeper and deeper into the story, into his life But most importantly, I think Isherwood s books have such an effect on me simply because I feel I can relate to him so much His thoughts, opinions, fears and dreams I have often felt them, too.

    22. Christopher Isherwood wrote The Berlin Stories, a collection of short stories introducing the character from Cabaret Sally Bowles Most of his work is autobiographical If you like stories set in the Twenties, you ll probably enjoy this book.

    23. Mildly entertaining About as interesting as my life was when I was twenty five No wonder he ran away to Berlin.

    24. It was interesting to read about the gradual metamorphosis Isherwood goes through in becoming a writer He has a nice lyrical, free flowing style.

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