The Hour of the Time (2020)

The Hour of the Time The Hour of the Time is a FREE short story by Vincent Hobbes This story was first published in The Endlands in January Charlie is a man who follows the rules He is a man who is never late He is
  • Title: The Hour of the Time
  • Author: Vincent Hobbes
  • ISBN: 2940011335280
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Nook
  • The Hour of the Time is a FREE short story by Vincent Hobbes This story was first published in The Endlands, in January 2011 Charlie is a man who follows the rules He is a man who is never late He is a man who always obeys.This is the most important day of Charlie s life, and he is running late The short story is FREE for download on Barnes and Noble NOOK
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      422 Vincent Hobbes
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    1. This short story is part of The Endlands, Vol 1 anthology and it is a very odd little story Charlie is the sort that has to always be early if he s on time, he considers himself to be late Today is a very important day he s finally been called, and he wants to be certain that he arrives on time Arriving three minutes early, he checks in and hurries down to the room where there are many other people some are talking and laughing some are singing some are crying He doesn t understand those this is [...]

    2. Charley is an obsessive compulsive kinda guy He hates being late and yet for the first time in his life he s late to a very important day I d say important in a horrific way I never saw the end coming This story reminded me of a modern version of The Lottery The author s frantic pace set a great tone and his character, Charley, had me convinced and rooting for him Wonderful story and free download on my kindle made it even better.

    3. Being on time is very essential Charlie can t be late I hate being late myself, so I feel his pain.But for this occasion I probably would of taken the day off.This is my second short by Vincent He writes like the shorts I remember seeing on Tales From the Darkside Maybe even Twilight Zone, but I have only seen a few of those Get a copy because you want to be on time, RIGHT

    4. Great short story It is one in his anthology, The Endlands This book is downloadable for free on most ebook formats I didn t expect the ending.

    5. Greatest lead in for a short story The future is as harsh as nature Harsher even Cruel and emotionless The future is a cryptic place, where a synthetic voice is on the other end when you dial customer service, and it never understands your words DOES NOT COMPUTE and PLEASE REPEAT YOUR REQUEST are common words in the future The future is filled with blinking lights and chirping beeps Complex highways and colossal buildings One hundred foot billboards line the roads, and everything around you is a [...]

    6. The first thing I want to say is that unlike other reviewers, I did NOT expect the ending.Charlie is late, and as the short story says, it s the most important day of his life He is a small and frail man, and an awkward character The other people in the story don t seem to care about him personally, and everyone else is quite nonchalant when interacting with him Considering the ending, this puts off a bit, but I still enjoyed this story.

    7. This story is really quite good Sort of a Kafka esque horror short I particularly liked the intro and the way that it set the tone for the story Bleak and spare, but with a good sense for the obsessive compulsive nature of the main character who was very well drawn I found the other characters to be quite believable as well and the tone and execution was spot on Well done If you liked this author, I would try To Read or Not to Read which is also available for free on Kindle.

    8. Great short story with a big thought Reminded me of Kafka a bit this being said in the most positive way.I am not going to spoil it by going into details on the story itself What I want to say however, is that the work and the ending surprised me, which I always do appreciate about any piece of art.

    9. I found that once I got about halfway through it that I knew something terrible was going to happen in the end I wasn t sure what it was at that moment I didn t really like it because I m a sucker for happy endings.

    10. Charlie drives me crazy This dystopian story is quite unique I wish Mr Hobbes had extended it, but I suppose that s why it s a short story Five stars Another one of my favorites of his work.

    11. This is another free classic by Vincent I loved it It was a little bit predictable but that didn t mean that I put the book down and stopped reading The main character s name is Charlie He is in his mid thirties and has pretty much missed out on the fun stuff in life He goes to work, does his job and goes home only to begin the same routine again the next day Charlie has been summoned for a very important meeting It is the most important meeting of his life He can t be late It s very important H [...]

    12. This really feels like a story written in a single session with minimal revising And it is entirely too easy to see where it is going because I ve seen this story before in different iterations Hobbes manages to find a tone after the first couple of pages, but it is so brief that there isn t much to do with that tone.I think he would have been better off developing the setting and trying to see if he could have found a way to convey to the reader that the character of Charlie Hoag is one anyone [...]

    13. Check out my other book reviews at my blog The Title PageThis book intreagued me for no other reason that all of the reviews raved How could such a short novella get such great reviews I asked myself, and set out to find the answer.You automatically don t like the main character, he s annoying, and weird He s the type of person who you cross the street to avoid And he s blissfully ignorant.This book will captivate You won t want to put it down because you are so intrigued to find out what they a [...]

    14. This is a short story about Charlie, a man who is never late So never late he obsesses about it And today, the most important day of his life, he is running late.To say any would require a spoiler alert, but suffice to say you want to know There are a few free short stories by Hobbes on , and as a marketing tool they will work on me I have a few to go and then it is inevitable that I will buy one of his books.I like the twisted darkness of this one Let s hope the others are similar

    15. The main theme of this short story is set around the fact that the main character, Charlie, is running late for an important meeting Apparently, running late for Charlie is a fluke because it is reiterated many times throughout the narrative that he is NEVER late Not that it would have mattered in this instance anyway It isn t revealed until the very end why he is summoned on this special day, and the final few paragraphs left me surprised and a bit unnerved Overall, a great short story.

    16. Summary The Hour of the Time is a FREE short story by Vincent Hobbes This story was first published in The Endlands, in January 2011.Charlie is a man who follows the rules He is a man who is never late He is a man who always obeys.This is the most important day of Charlie s life, and he is running late.

    17. I love this kind of story This is my second Hobbes story, and I really like this dude Charlie is annoying, but I did find myself caring about what was going to happen to him.

    18. I would love to learn about THIS dystopian society Too bad there wasn t much about it in the story, except the reason Charlie wanted to be on time.

    19. Wow This short story took me for a fun, exciting and refreshing ride I loved the ending It was to die for

    20. Skillfully written short that is paced quickly which highlights the main character s paranoid obsession with not only being on time, but being early Hustle, hustle, hustle sit and wait fret over being skipped over Completely unforeseen conclusion This will be added to my list of favorite shorts view spoiler.A story line Kurt Vonnegut would approve of hide spoiler

    21. I reviewed this and another of Hobbes books short stories in Booklikes yesterday but the reviews didn t crossover to here Just my ratings did I guess cause on Booklikes book reviews are basically blog posts even though the book is attached to it Anyway here s the review of this when I read it yesterday Oh and blog post was also titled why I like flash fiction ebooks This is the 2nd of three short story books by him I read this year since getting the kindle app The first being They, which was a g [...]

    22. I, myself tend to be worried about being late, so this story was a bit disturbing I couldn t tell if our subject knew what he was in such a hurry to be on time for I wont ruin it by discussing it here, it is the main point of the story after all.I think the pacing was rather well done, and the writing was a bit creepy for me as the inner monologue of the main character while he was driving was so close to my own For a short story this was interesting Not really scary or horrific, but a disturbin [...]

    23. I got this short story for free on.This was a very quick and annoying read Wait, let me explain The writing itself was good The story line great The character, Charlie, is absolutely annoying He is one of those socially awkward people who don t know when to shut up and keep talking about the same thing over and over and over and over you get the point Even though Charlie is annoying its only a 15 page read so you don t have to commit to him that long.Like I said this was a quick read and its ent [...]

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