John Dollar (2020)

John Dollar Charlotte Lewes a young Briton newly widowed by the Great War departs for colonial Burma in to escape the ruins of her life As a schoolteacher in Rangoon she is rejuvenated by the sensuous Orie
  • Title: John Dollar
  • Author: Marianne Wiggins
  • ISBN: 9780671039554
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • Charlotte Lewes, a young Briton newly widowed by the Great War, departs for colonial Burma in 1917 to escape the ruins of her life As a schoolteacher in Rangoon she is rejuvenated by the sensuous Oriental climate, and she meets John Dollar, a sailor who becomes her passionate love and whose ill fated destiny inextricably binds her to him On a festive seafaring expeditionCharlotte Lewes, a young Briton newly widowed by the Great War, departs for colonial Burma in 1917 to escape the ruins of her life As a schoolteacher in Rangoon she is rejuvenated by the sensuous Oriental climate, and she meets John Dollar, a sailor who becomes her passionate love and whose ill fated destiny inextricably binds her to him On a festive seafaring expedition, the tightly knit British community confronts disaster in the shape of an earthquake and ensuing tidal wave Swept overboard, Charlotte, John Dollar, and eight young girls who are Charlotte s pupils awake on a remote island beach As they struggle to stay alive, their dependence on John overwhelms him, and an atmosphere of menace and doom builds, culminating in shocking and riveting scenes of both death and survival.
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      309 Marianne Wiggins
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    1. Sweet toasted Jesus, this book is violent It was recommended to me as Lord of the Flies, but with a bunch of Victorian schoolgirls in Rangoon Apparently, Wiggins read Golding s book on a plane and thought, It would never happen that way with girls I think her next thought must have been, It would be WAY worse, and with cannibalism and torture and rape John Dollar is probably the most macabre work of literature I ve ever set my hands on It takes Golding s basic plot and turns it inside out, then [...]

    2. Lord of the Flies just got its period Wow This book will shake you up It manages to be both the biography of a wayward feminist traveller, a study in adolescent dynamics, a scathing commenatary on collonialism, and a nauseating thriller all rolled into one HOW DOES SHE DO IT, you re wondering Well, read this book Then, reread it.

    3. This book was just not for me John Dollar was written plainly to shock the reader and demand our understanding of the primitive human nature The writing was complex, confusing, and elusive Who is this widow named Charlotte that we read about at the beginning What is so special about her that we need to spend 2 3 of the book following her treck across the ocean to tudor eight little girls From the beginning I knew I was in for a tough read when I can make no connection to Charlotte whatsoever And [...]

    4. Boring Contrived Un original Un realistic Un readable unless you re stuck on a plane and this was your only book, d oh Genuinely amazed there are any positive reviews on this site, although now that I ve discovered the author is married to Salmon Rushdie I have to assume her fans were largely spillovers At anytime on any page I could have closed this book and never again reflected upon it nor was my life made any richer for having completed it.It s billed as a female Lord of the Flys but frankly [...]

    5. Amidst the news about an upcoming exciting, not at all derivative or formulaic remake of Lord of the Flies movie but WITH GIRLS, astute librarians tasked with finding LotF books but WITH GIRLS for the literary set provided this title as well as Libba Bray s Beauty Queens, which is queued somewhere in my endless line of to be listened to titles since I ve decided that I don t have nearly enough physical books to read Is this truly the Lord of the Flies but WITH GIRLS book of your dreams The answe [...]

    6. Wiggins reportedly asked herself, upon reading Lord of the Flies, what would a group of girls had done This book is her answer Girls aren t any sweet than boys when left without adults, it seems.

    7. 1 I only read this because Marianne Wiggins was Salman Rushdie s wife I don t know or care if she still is.2 This book is completely derivative and has not one original thought 3 They eat John Dollar.

    8. Crazy book Amazing language Horrifying story I read it years and years ago and I still think about it sometimes Like everyone says, it s sort of a female version of Lord of the Flies, but you can really get lost in thinking about what it means in a post feminist movement world.

    9. I was just reminded that this is apparently Lord of the Flies with girls, and totally gross and disturbing That sounds fun

    10. To say this was a disappointing book doesn t even come close to articulating the real heartbreak I felt finishing it Painted as a female answer to Golding s Lord of the Flies, John Dollar describes the days after eight girls, one woman, and one man are washed ashore on a deserted island off Burma.Writing this review was challenging than I expected, and I decided to do some quick searching for other thoughts on this novel to see if I was missing some subtle but crucial element What I discovered [...]

    11. This book is intense The setting is Burma, just after WWI A young British widow, Charlotte has gone to Burma to teach the children of wealthy British colonials On a weekend jaunt to a nearby island with parents, children, and her lover, John Dollar, a nightmare unfolds, an earthquake followed by a tsunami that leaves only the children , young girls all, alive At first anyway.The happenings on the island are foreshadowed in the beginning of the book, as Charlotte s dead body travels by mule, esco [...]

    12. People shipwrecked on an island that then eat each other I only made it about 50 pages in and gave up I liked the idea, but way to slow and not that great.

    13. Another book I m not going to finish I know a lot of maybe interesting things are going to happen, but John Dollar, I m not that into you.

    14. This book was so disturbing at the end that I don t really know how to assign stars to it I think Wiggins is a remarkable writer,however.

    15. John Dollar is Lord of the Flies with a cast of girls and is far disturbing Despite the imagery that will probably haunt me the rest of my life, I did really enjoy reading her style of writing Reader Beware, I did have nightmares It also really made me think of how I would have reacted to the situation as a child when the line between pretend and real life is blurred and consequences seem to carry less weight and are of an afterthought than a guiding force in decisions Really scary thoughts

    16. The first half of the book was a little bit boring for me , but after that the book got real good, really heartbreaking and violent , shocking and very sad All in all a ver good read because of the second half of the book

    17. Well written, but oh my godis book takes the whole Robinsonade stranded on an island motif and turns it on its head It s gritty, violet, and brutal I definitely was not expecting the turn this book took during my first reading of it, even with the heavy foreshadowing.

    18. John Dollar by Marianne WigginsThis is a review also for Book beginnings on Fridays hosted by Rose City Reader.They appeared with the sun at their backs on the rest of the hill after daybreak, black figures, threading their way towards the sea through the grey rocks and heather into the town of St Ives.The old Indian descended first, leading the donkey on a tether Charlotte rode across the donkey s back Charlotte s hair had gone from gold to white when she was rescued from the island years ago, [...]

    19. I read this book, essentially, because I so much enjoyed Salman Rushdie s memoirs and I wanted, as it were, the other side of the story So I picked up a book by Marianne Wiggins.I suppose this is one of those books that as meant as an allegory of sorts It reminds me a bit of To the Lighthouse which I ve never actually read but in this case it s colonialism, and not war, that shapes the events of the novel I m drawn by Wiggins s sharp description in the first part of conformity and petty social o [...]

    20. This book was recommended to me by one of the girls who survived the atrocity described in the book, so it took on a very personal dimension to me The description of the breakdown of minds and manners through such subtle but lucid degrees was truly terrifying Though the above is a lie mostly, what isn t is my enjoyment of this book I share some of the author s observations of a very specific segment of British society, of which I came to know in its current strain for a part of my life living in [...]

    21. I think Wiggins is a skillful writer Her prose is expressive, intelligent and possesses an ethereal magic realism quality and all that is good, but it doesn t jive with the separation of the story and the lack of unification of its various parts The narrative is inconsistent and reads like an experiment in unconventional literature than a poetic, dreamy novel that explores the deepest, darkest heart of humanity s savage primality The beginning leads you to believe you are embarking on a novel a [...]

    22. I went into this novel thinking it was going to be incredibly violent, shocking, and disgusting Granted, the last 20 pages were these things, although not to the extent I thought they would be I was imagining Dolphin People craziness I liked the writing style, and I enjoyed the way the story unfolded, but I think my main issue with the novel was that since there are so many characters, it was really difficult to sympathize with any one of them.I want to like Monkey I want to like Jane I want to [...]

    23. Um I finished this last night, and I m still not sure what to think To say that Wiggins is an amazing writer, in terms of her language, prose, style, etc is an understatement She s fabulous But I m not really sure I get it, if you know what I mean The plot, where it all ends up, what she means to highlight by writing this book I read a great book review in the NYT, and at the end was this mysterious quote by Wiggins I wanted it to be about the British form of empire I m driven by wanting to writ [...]

    24. While I was reading this I kept thinking, why has this book never been turned into a movie has strong visuals what with Rangoon and then the island, a nonconformist woman, British society in a colonial situation, dolphins, handsome sailor dude, sex, spooky pronoun shifting twins, a crazed religious adolescent, sweet innocent Oopi and loyal alienated Monkey, restless nativesI could go on and on as the novel is just thick with big messy ideas And then I got to THE YICKa, nope, don t want to see th [...]

    25. Lord of the Flies, but anti instead of pro colonialist, and with girls instead of boys But that is a gross simplification The first few pages are tiresome I was particularly annoyed at one overwrought passage that described a dead woman s eyes as vitelline as yolks Obviously I had to look up vitelline, and it turns out it means like egg yolks WTF Fortunately it tightens after that and turns into a riveting adventure story Once the cannibalism starts and boy, is there cannibalism the book provide [...]

    26. I don t know how many stars to give this book I knew going into it what some of the plot twists, and decided to read anyway What I wasn t prepared for was the extensive lead up to the marooned on an island part, the backstory of Charlotte That part seemed disjointed from the 70 some pages focused on the young girls and their island survival with a paralyzed John Dollar There were difficult passages with unclear dialogue that required rereading I had to back track a bunch to get through the book [...]

    27. Comparisons have probably been made to Lord of the Flies A group of prepubescent girls shipwrecked with no adult supervision, save a sailor, paralyzed from the waist down Virtuoso prose, ranging into stream of consciousness The world view of hitherto sheltered little girls descending into madness One thing s for sure this one will never have a movie made about it Too much depravity, but handled discretely, until the shocking conclusion We don t hear about the fate of a few of the characters, but [...]

    28. Something of a riff on The Lord of the Flies, and an effective one Horrifying, but not really a horror novel The prose style complements the themes and setting very well lassitude and chills, stacatto bursts of ugliness and suffering and despair the horror of it is a malarial fever dream The power of the climax comes about by the very opener of the novel providing the flashbacked puzzle pieces which slot neatly into place with the ending lines.It s not what you d call life affirming, not a fun r [...]

    29. I read this in highschool My guidance counsellor and writing coach gave it to me It blew me away The writing is so detailed and graphic that I actually got sick to my stomach at the peak of one of the violent scenes It is a Lord of the Flies style novel But I think it is different in the style of authorial voice being natural or matter of fact, instead of Goldings I m trying to teach you something here about the world style So my rating would be vomitus if that was a rating, and that s a good r [...]

    30. Wiggins wrote one of my favorite books Evidence of Things Unseen She is was married to Rushdie Anyway, my favorite review of the people on this site who have read this book My 6th grade English teacher recommended this book to me when she caught me sneaking glances at Lord of the Flies during World Religions it s basically the same book, but with little girls instead of little boys It really reinforced my early belief that boys are just assholes whereas girls are vicious and cruel.

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