The Hippopotamus Pool (2020)

The Hippopotamus Pool Amelia her husband Emerson their year old son Ramses and their beautiful ward Nefret return to Egypt for an exciting excavation The dig is at an undisturbed Royal Tomb a true find and an irresi
  • Title: The Hippopotamus Pool
  • Author: Elizabeth Peters
  • ISBN: 9780446603980
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Amelia, her husband Emerson, their 13 year old son Ramses, and their beautiful ward Nefret return to Egypt for an exciting excavation The dig is at an undisturbed Royal Tomb, a true find and an irresistible temptation for art thieves, jealous colleagues, looters, the press, and the countless evil doers As Ramses and Nefret rub elbows with thieves and thugs, Amelia findsAmelia, her husband Emerson, their 13 year old son Ramses, and their beautiful ward Nefret return to Egypt for an exciting excavation The dig is at an undisturbed Royal Tomb, a true find and an irresistible temptation for art thieves, jealous colleagues, looters, the press, and the countless evil doers As Ramses and Nefret rub elbows with thieves and thugs, Amelia finds herself faced with a surprising new villain who is every bit as clever and resourceful as the intrepid Amelia herself.
    The Hippopotamus Pool The Hippopotamus Pool Amelia Peabody Peters Jul , The Hippopotamus Pool Amelia Peabody Book and millions of other books are available for instant access. The Hippopotamus Pool Amelia Peabody, by Elizabeth Peters Apr , The Hippopotamus Pool is the eigth book in the Amelia Peabody series and the mystery and adventures are as fresh as in the first book The plot was well constructed and I was surprised and delighted by the new kind of criminals she introduced in her book I don t want to give much away. The Hippopotamus Pool Amelia Peabody Series by Apr , The Hardcover of the The Hippopotamus Pool Amelia Peabody Series by Elizabeth Peters at Barnes Noble FREE Shipping on or The Hippopotamus Pool Amelia Peabody Book Kindle And the Hippopotamus Pool It s an ancient Egyptian story of war and wits that Amelia is translating and that alerts her to a hippo of a different stripe a nefarious, overweight art dealer who may become her next archenemy. The Hippopotamus Pool Audiobook by Elizabeth Peters In Hippopotomus Pool, the reporter, Kevin from London, shows up in Egypt mainly because the Emersons end up with a really good dig site near Luxor Their friend Cyrus, from previous books, lives in Luxor in the castle.
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    1. I have already said how much I like this series I like the things that stay the same pretty predictable plot, mystery and romance between the unrivaled Amelia and her soul mate, the ever manly Emerson I also like the things that change Ramses and Nefret growing up, the addition of new characters David As I have also said, I prefer to listen to these as narrated by Barbara Rosenblatt I know the words were not written by her and credit should be given where credit is due, but Rosenblatt brings Ame [...]

    2. It gets harder with each book in this series to find different ways to say how wonderful the story is I never tire of the very humourous, extremely intelligent and quirkily wonderful Emerson family and their many adventures, and this book is no different Nefret is now an established member of the family, showing the same tendancy as Ramses for both archeological fervour and an intelligence and maturity well beyond her years, so she fits right in with the unusual Emerson family.In this chapter, t [...]

    3. Another good entry in the Amelia Peabody series The last few books were unusual in their setting, so it felt good to get back to the norm of the family on a dig in Egypt Of course there were bad guys to be thwarted, and of course they were dispatched with by the end.

    4. I m in the process of re reading the entire Amelia Peabody series again, from start to finish in one go They are still some of my favorite books They must be read with tongue firmly inserted in cheek It also helps to have an interest in and some knowledge of Colonial era exploration narratives, fiction like that of H Rider Haggard, Orientalist studies, the competitive acquisitive zeal of western museums at the turn of the century, and the gentlemen archaeologists of the 19th century who brought [...]

    5. I loved reading The Hippopotamus Pool, 8th in the Amelia Peabody series.There are so many twists in this one Some of these books can feel a little repetitive in terms of what happens an annual Egyptian archaeological dig, a dead body shows up somewhere, etc but this one shakes things up While working on site at a royal tomb, a body is found, not a mummy and one that died in anguish The mysteries around this tomb start swirling and the intrigue builds from there Emerson s brother Walter and his w [...]

    6. Amelia and Emerson finally find a royal tomb which brings at least two gangs of antiquities thieves out to steal their treasure Loved the familiar characters, particularly the growing, Nefret and Ramses and the loyal American friend Cyrus Vandergelt Glad Emerson s brother Walter and his wife Evelyn finally get back to Egypt New character David is welcome as a friend for Ramses This plot I found a little confusing and hard to follow But the point of these books are to be with familiar friends wit [...]

    7. This was kind of a reunion book of sorts It has a lot of the characters that I ve grown to like over the years including Cyrus Vandergelt, Kevin O Connell and Evelyn and Walter who play a major role in solving a mystery for the first time since the initial novel I have to admit that I don t really like Nefret She tends to throw the dynamics off I admit that I liked the way that Amelia, Emerson and Ramses interacted together much when it was just the three of them.

    8. Some series get out of breath so to speak really fast This is not the case here The Hippopotamus Pool is the eigth book in the Amelia Peabody series and the mystery and adventures are as fresh as in the first book The plot was well constructed and I was surprised and delighted by the new kind of criminals she introduced in her book I don t want to give much away It s a real delight to see that family evolve in time and to feel the archaelogical fever through their eyes.

    9. Yessssss Je l ai fini Dommage qu il ait fallu autant de temps pour que l histoire s emballe et donc mon int r t Sinon, je suis retomb e amoureuse d Emerson, Peabody est mon h ro ne, Ramses il change et J ai ENORMEMENT de mal avec Nefret J ai beaucoup aim voir Walter et Evelyn aussi

    10. I alternately read and listened to this novel of the Emerson s next year of excavations in Egypt and it s a complicated plot with multiple villains to choose from as they uncover a tomb that others want very badly The family addresses all dangers with wit and aplomb and Amelia s assertions about men and how they should be handled are, as always, quite amusing.

    11. Emerson and Peabody are back in Egypt searching for Queen Tesheri s tomb This time Walter and Evelyn are with them Not surprisingly, a gang of thieves are also interested in the tomb Things become dangerous when Ramses and Nefret get kidnapped This was one enjoyable read.

    12. This is my second time through the series and I love them as much the second time around Read these

    13. Another exciting adventure from the lives of Amelia and Radcliffe Emerson I can t say this one is my favorite, but there were some definite high points After the sad beginning, I m so glad that Walter and Evelyn were tricked into joining them in Egypt they deserved and needed some adventure in their lives, to remind them of how they fell in love, and how much they still love each other David is an intriging boy, and it will be interesting to see how his character develops, and how he might chang [...]

    14. In this episode, Ramses is 12, Nefret is 15, and Emerson is about to make the discovery of his life the almost undisturbed royal tomb of Queen Tetisheri Of course there are many people who will stop at nothing to get in first, including kidnapping any or all of the children who soon number three, with the addition of the Egyptian boy David, discovered working for a local forger, but proving to be Abdullah s grandson and a talented artist.This is such a fun series, and it s nice to go back to som [...]

    15. I think it s time to take a break from this series I m curious to see what happens with Ramses and Nefret, but I found myself skipping paragraph upon paragraph in this book Rambling, rambling, rambling I get tired of Elizabeth Peters talking about how handsome Emerson is and how well his muscular form is shown and how all the women fall at his feet I get it He s hot ENOUGH ALREADY I m also tired of being referred to as the ignorant reader or less intelligent reader I m not an archeologist, but I [...]

    16. A standard episode in this series, developing the younger characters Ramses, Nefret, and introducing another Good fun as usual.As the blurb has it A masked stranger offers to reveal an Egyptian queen s last tomb and Amelia Peabody Emerson and her irascible archaeologist husband are intrigued, to say the least When the guide mysteriously disappears before he tells his secret, the Emersons sail to Thebes to follow his trail, helped and hampered by their teenaged son, Ramses, and beautiful ward, Ne [...]

    17. I love this series a lot It s full of hilarious characters and archaeological adventure and incredibly clever cats The whole thing is totally ridiculous, yes Amelia is an inadvertently hilarious character who often doesn t realise just how over the top she s being but it s SO MUCH FUN This one was rather tamer than others, with no murders involved and instead a hunt for dodgy antique dealers and forgers in Luxor But it s still a lot of fun, features the return of some characters that have been s [...]

    18. There are certain things though can count on in an Amelia Peabody mystery A goodly bit of flowery prose, several fight scenes, domesticity in odd places, and an intricate mystery flavored well with Egyptian archeological scholarship Reading the stories in order allows the reader to delight in the aging and growing complexity of the characters I enjoy the stories set in Egypt the best The excitement of the dig in an exotic locale made homey by the application of plenty of tea and English customs [...]

    19. I enjoyed this but did not find it outstanding It seemed to me to fall between a couple of stools, not funny enough to be a comedy pastiche but not thrilling enough to be taken seriously I think possibly i would have got from it if I had read earlier Amelia Peabody novels But on the whole ok for an impulse charity shop buy

    20. Time Dec 31, 1899 April 1900Introduces David Todros, Abdullah s grandson High minded individuals are much dangerous than criminals, Emerson growled They can always find hypocritical excuses for committing acts of violence p 239

    21. This series is always a fun read Nothing ground breaking, formula mystery writing at it s best The characters never disappoint, no matter how ridiculous the situation they might find themselves in.

    22. Ok, this one was a bit of a long slog through somewhat complex language thanks to Amelia and her family speaking overly formally As well as really really wordy people But the story was good.

    23. Amelia Peabody is once again on the trail of bad guys and of course, she comes across as knowing all While I have others who have protested that she is created this way on purpose and a bit of comic relief, in this book, people seem to defer to her and praise her ulta deductive reasoning Frankly, I find it a weakness So while I enjoy her stories they can be fun, light reading , I wish just once she would fall on her petard Needless to say, there are plenty of things going on in this venture Amel [...]

    24. Like his female counterpart Bastet, Anubis is a brindled Egyptian cat, larger and wilder than European varieties of felines He was Emerson s or, to be accurate, since cats cannot be said to belong to anyone, he had condescended to concentrate his attentions on my husband.This book was loads of fun, with Ramses, Nefret, Walter, Evelyn, Bastet and Anubis all joining in the adventure I just love these quirky characters I believe he will pull through, Emerson I have dealt successfully with despera [...]

    25. There just aren t many mysteries that are as fun as these Sure, they become rather predictable, but it just means I m glad to enjoy again the typical adventures and misadventures that the Emerson clan get into This one seems to try to be informative about Egyptology and that s fine, but I m interested in joining in with Amelia as she tries to figure out what is going on around them while they try to dig up tombs in the Luxor area I m also always interested to see who is going to rescue whom.As [...]

    26. I enjoyed dipping back into this series after some time spent away from it These characters never get old to me Peabody, Emerson, Ramses, Walter, Evelyn, and now Nefret and David they are all memorable and they take this series to a whole new level The mystery in this book also felt original, even if it dragged in a couple of places The main elements are an undiscovered royal tomb, a mysterious man buried alive, and than one group of tomb robbers interested in the tomb findings view spoiler Now [...]

    27. It has been a long time since I read a Peabody mystery, and after watching all the darling videos of Fiona, the baby hippo, I felt I needed to read a mystery with a hippo in it I love Peabody and Emerson, and Ramses, their son, has the gift of golden gab.Enjoyable and a great break from non fiction.Oh There is a story about a hippo, too.

    28. Been working my way through this series for years, and missed this gem Book 8 in this series and one of my favorites Fast moving, clever story about the Emerson Family of egyptologists These stories give such a great setting for a mystery With tombs, curses, and the unknowns of the sand and hills.

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