Stoner McTavish (2020)

Stoner McTavish Meet lesbian travel agent turned reluctant detective Stoner McTavish and her friends on their first adventure to Grand Teton National Park where she falls in love with her dream lover Gwen whom s
  • Title: Stoner McTavish
  • Author: Sarah Dreher
  • ISBN: 9780863582417
  • Page: 446
  • Format: None
  • Meet lesbian travel agent turned reluctant detective, Stoner McTavish and her friends, on their first adventure to Grand Teton National Park, where she falls in love with her dream lover, Gwen, whom she must rescue from almost certain death.
    Stoner McTavish The First Stoner McTavish Mystery Aug , Stoner McTavish is a reluctant sleuth who d prefer to be at home in her travel agency with her best friend MaryLou and her unconventional aunt However, in this, the first of the series, she Stoner McTavish Stoner McTavish Mysteries, by Sarah In STONER McTAVISH, the then single, but already travel agent, Stoner is sent on a mission by the ever well meaning Marylou and Aunt Hermione Eleanor Burton is convinced that her grand daughter Stoner McTavish Stoner McTavish Mysteries Kindle Jul , Stoner McTavish is a reluctant sleuth who d prefer to be at home in her travel agency with her best friend MaryLou and her unconventional aunt However, in this, the first of the series, she Stoner McTavish Sarah Dreher Stoner McTavish Sarah Dreher on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Adult Fiction, Gay Lesbian Fiction Gray Magic The Third Stoner McTavish Mystery Stoner Dec , In addition to writing the Stoner McTavish series of novels, Sarah Dreher is a clinical psychologist and prizewinning playwright She lives in Amherst, Massachusetts with her family of Customer reviews Stoner McTavish The First Stoner McTavish is a reluctant sleuth who d prefer to be at home in her travel agency with her best friend MaryLou and her unconventional aunt However, in this, the first of the series, she finds herself in the
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    1. I couldn t really get into this book The characters of Stoner and Gwen are lovable, and the dialogue between the two is really funny in places, but the plot is predictable and the supporting cast weak The prose kept switching randomly between first person and third person, which really got on my nerves after a while Good for a light read if you go in without too much expectations I am giving this a 3 instead of a 2 as the book was published in 1985, and lesfic has come a long way since then.

    2. One of those books you want don t want to check out from the library you want your own copy to keep, as you ll want to read it again and again Sadly, Sarah Dreher died this spring Author Andi Marquette has a very nice In memoriam piece online but, happily, she left us with some wonderful stories, peopled with loveable, warmly quirky characters Dreher s wit, humor, warmth, compassion and intelligence shine from every page In a genre teeming with brooding, driven, often cold, characters, Dreher s [...]

    3. When the protagonist of Stoner McTavish was only a week old, her aunt won her in a card game with her mother, who was a straight laced, anti feminist A compromise was reached and the mother got to keep the baby as long as the aunt could name it So she did Stoner, after Lucy B Stone In other words, before we get into the meat of the novel we are hit by a fatal flaw a tale so implausible ridiculous even that it becomes impossible to trust the author And generally, when I find a fatal flaw, I drop [...]

    4. ACH JA Cool in a Wow Lesben in 1 Buch way, aber es mangelt schon hart spoiler Basically besteht die Story aus der Ich muss die Frau meines Begehrens von ihrem M rder Ehemann retten , und kaum ist der Typ tot, hat man kurze Zeit sp ter Sex mit ihr, trotz Trauma und bindet sich ebenso schnell f rs Leben wie zuvor der so gruselige Ehemann die Heirat wollte Sch n waren die Naturbeschreibungen darf man das berhaupt in 1 Review schreiben Am Besten noch gefiel mir, dass die Protagonistin mit Anfang 30 [...]

    5. toner McTavish is just your average lesbian, neurotic travel agent But she is surrounded by characters who are far eccentric Stoner ends up going to Wyoming to find out if her grandmother s friend s granddaughter is that enough layers of connection for you is OK The person in question, Gwen, has gotten married to a man that Gwen s grandmother thinks is not a nice man And would Stoner be nice enough to go spy on them to make sure she s OK Of course, she does and while Stoner is a bit neurotic, a [...]

    6. I enjoyed this book alot I think for me the biggest thing that I liked about the book was that not all the characters were gay There are straight ones in there too That is a problem that I have with alot of LGTB books ok mostly the lesbian ones and that is that all or most all of the women are gay I am so glad that this book had a well rounded cast I did have to keep remindind myself that the book was written in the 1980 s and not in the 1940 s Much of that was language, and the strange way the [...]

    7. 4 stars just because it took me a while to get into the book but once I was in, I couldn t set it down and I finished the last half in an evening Otherwise I d have given 5 stars So don t give up at the beginning of the book if you re tempted, because you ll regret it The story is really captivating and the setting is awesome It made me want to visit the Tetons again The crazy characters are funny and Stoner s innocence is touching.Even though I m not into psychic things, this one wasn t too muc [...]

    8. One of the things I love the most about Sarah Dreher s Stoner McTavish series is that she doesn t focus on the required lesbian love sex scene that so many lesbian authors seem to fall into Not that it doesn t occasionally pop upbut it always flows naturally, as part of the plot Not sex scene because it s required When I want that, I can read erotica I read this series for the mystery, the spiritual explorations Kudos to the author.

    9. Hallariously uproarously LOL It has Heart it has adventure it has first love Stoner is the kind of Lesbian we can all identify with whether we re gay or straight This author might not be well known, but she should be

    10. Okay, a 4 1 2 in my book of stars I really liked this story of Stoner McTavish and her unassuming, almost bumbling fashion who goes to the Grand Tetons from her safety of Boston and Beacon Hill Stoner is a Lesbian and tries to live a normal life but with an Aunt who is a mystic of sorts, parents from whom she has run away and a best friend who is outrageous, she can almost hide in the world Until Mrs Beacon comes to dinner and then her life is turned upside down This pseudo travel agent and soon [...]

    11. This is a terribly silly almost murder mystery with a shy lesbian travel agent on the case.I didn t finish it.

    12. Gosh, I m so predictable Let me quote from the back Lesbian mystery adventure novel I ve been seeing books by Dreher in every used bookstore I visit, and I finally bought one last weekend Luckily, it turned out to be the first.It was good Not the most fast paced thing ever, but with loads of great characters, poetic descriptions of the western US landscape, and lots of emotional processing coming out, homophobia etc family issues, abuse, the works but very well done It made me miss Colorado, but [...]

    13. In STONER McTAVISH, the then single, but already travel agent, Stoner is sent on a mission by the ever well meaning Marylou and Aunt Hermione Eleanor Burton is convinced that her grand daughter Gwen is in grave danger Stoner is to ensure her safety Is Bryan Oxnard truly in love with his newlywed wife, Gwen, or is he simply after her money Will he kill her in the rockies, or will Stoner come to the rescue Stoner is a complete anti hero, strong, but not really confident Gwen is confident, but good [...]

    14. I just noticed that Sarah Dreher s Stoner McTavish mystery series is available on Kindle Unlimited I read these books when they were originally published, and I loved them There is a touch of the supernatural, but mostly they have an outdoors western setting with a good splash of humor I will definitely be reading these again on my kindle It will save me the work of digging through my boxes of books.

    15. This book was both unintentionally and intentionally funny The banter between all the characters was sometimes like, Whaaaat But mostly enjoyable when I could figure out what the heck they were talking about I prefer my amateur sleuths to have a lot backbone and attitude than Stoner McTavish she literally quakes when her crush goes in for a hug she can t lie without going beet red she just cries when the villain sexually assaults her There was also a lot of needless inner monologing going on Th [...]

    16. Stoner is sort of like Nancy Drew for grownups Well, no, maybe Nancy Drew crossed with Red Skelton in a movie like The Fuller Brush Man I am told that once upon a time, the very publication of this light hearted adventure was a subversive act There is much of which I am innocent.

    17. This is the first in the Stoner McTavish series Stoner is a lesbian travel agent reluctant private detective She s asked to keep an eye on another woman who just got married but her family doesn t trust the new husband It s a funny detective love story with a few interesting twists.

    18. I d give this a 4.5 loved the humor, the fast paced dialog, both internal and external Great characters Looking forward to in the series.

    19. What an awesome book Just came across this Stoner McTavish Mystery criminal fiction series and feel like I want to keep reading through all of it.

    20. Humor, good dialog including interior monologue mixed with what is said out loud, to amusing effect and appealing characters On to of the series ASAP.

    21. I think I would have given it 4 stars if not for the formatting on my Nook it made it much harder to read, but I really enjoyed the story.

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