Istoria iubirii (2020)

Istoria iubirii Cand m am nascut mama mi a dat numele dupa o fata dintr o carte pe care i o daruise tatal meu o carte care se chema Istoria iubirii Alma Singer are paisprezece ani traieste in New York si incearca
  • Title: Istoria iubirii
  • Author: Nicole Krauss Antoaneta Ralian
  • ISBN: 9789736891960
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cand m am nascut, mama mi a dat numele dupa o fata dintr o carte pe care i o daruise tatal meu, o carte care se chema Istoria iubirii.Alma Singer are paisprezece ani, traieste in New York si incearca sa gaseasca un antidot pentru singuratate Crezand ca l va afla intr un roman pe care mama ei il traduce cu frenezie, adolescenta porneste in cautatea autorului misterios InCand m am nascut, mama mi a dat numele dupa o fata dintr o carte pe care i o daruise tatal meu, o carte care se chema Istoria iubirii.Alma Singer are paisprezece ani, traieste in New York si incearca sa gaseasca un antidot pentru singuratate Crezand ca l va afla intr un roman pe care mama ei il traduce cu frenezie, adolescenta porneste in cautatea autorului misterios In acelasi New York isi duce zilele Leo Gursky, un batran singur si atat de invizibil in anonimatul sau, incat incepe sa se indoiasca de propria i existenta Barbatul traieste chinuit de amintirea iubirii pierdute care, cu saizeci de ani in urma, in Polonia, i a inspirat cartea vietii lui, Istoria iubirii Si, desi Leo nu stie inca, romanul pe care l credea distrus a supravietuit miraculos, si a dobandit notorietatea sub numele altuia, a traversat oceanul, a strabatut timpul a schimbat destine si a ajuns in cele din urma in mainile Almei, fata numita astfel dupa eroina din carte.
    Istoria iubirii humanitas Barbatul traieste chinuit de amintirea iubirii pierdute care, cu saizeci de ani in urma, in Polonia, i a inspirat cartea vietii lui, Istoria iubirii Si, desi Leo nu stie inca, romanul pe care l credea distrus a supravietuit miraculos, si a dobandit notorietatea sub numele altuia, a traversat oceanul, a strabatut timpul a schimbat destine si a Istoria iubirii by Nicole Krauss May , Istoria iubirii book Read , reviews from the world s largest community for readers Cand m am nascut, mama mi a dat numele dupa o fata dintr o cart Istoria iubirii bookblog Apr , Istoria iubirii este un roman de dragoste cum altfel , cautare, copilarie, prietenie, credinta i resemnare Si totusi Sperantele celor doi protagonisti alcatuiesc motorul intregii naratiuni Lumea Istoriei functioneaza datorita unei carti Pe de o parte, il avem pe batranul refugiat Leo pe de alta parte, adolescenta voluntara si visatoare Alma. Istoria iubirii de Nicole Krauss Ana are carti Al doilea sfat legat de Istoria iubirii de Nicole Krauss nu te a tepta la o poveste de dragoste clasic a a cum te ar putea p c li titlul sau prezentarea editurii alte recenzii Pentru c dincolo de iubirea b trnului Leo pentru Alma, aceasta este o carte foarte trist Istoria iubirii Editura Nemira Istoria iubirii Zoom Istoria iubirii de Simon May Transport gratuit la co de minimum lei Plata n RATE numai cu carduri de credit Banca Transilvania n stoc Hardcover Pagini Disponibil din ianuarie , lei Cantitate Adaug n co Istoria iubirii Istoria iubirii The History of Love A Novel este cel de al doilea roman al scriitoarei americane Nicole Krauss Cartea a fost publicat n SUA n anul , iar traducerea romn , publicat de Editura Humanitas , a fost publicat n anul . Istoria iubirii Tomata cu Scufita Istoria iubirii e ultima dintre ele i afl m mai trziu c asta se i vrea a fi, o istorie despre cum a ap rut i cum s a dezvoltat iubirea pe p mnt R zboiul i nen elegerile iscate, i pun fa n fa a, n America, dup ce Alma a fost trimis acolo de tat l ei, iar Leo a urmat o dup vreo ani i ceva, dup ce s a ascuns prin p duri. Istoria iubirii Humanitas Un roman minunat, plin de tandre e i originalitate J.M Coetzee, Premiul Nobel pentru Literatur Prin Istoria iubirii, Nicole Krauss a intrat cu drepturi depline n lumea literelor americane Susan Sontag O carte trist i frumoas , n care destinele omene ti se ntrep trund labirintic, iar pove tile intr una ntr alta asemenea p pu ilor ruse ti. Istoria Iubirii Nicole Krauss PDF Descarca Nicole Krauss Istoria Iubirii PDF cartipdf carti pdf online, descarca Istoria Iubirii PDF descarca Istoria Iubirii Nicole Krauss PDF free books pdf Istoria iubirii, de Nicole Krauss Recenzii filme si carti Pentru ceea ce s a dorit ns , Istoria iubirii este o carte extrem de complicat personajele se ntrep trund, nu i spun numele, au o ac iune i un cmp de desf urare deseori deconcentrant , astfel nct cititorii care au c utat o altfel de carte presupus roman ioas i simpl descoper c este foarte greu de descoperit printre detaliile istorisite de fiecare personaj.
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    1. Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering Nicole Krauss, The History of Love I found this quote from a listicle please don t judge me of 50 of the most beautiful sentences in literature This one particular sentence left me with a heaping serving of the feels and so without a second thought, I chucked the book I was reading at that time and started reading The History of Love A few chapters later, I realized that [...]

    2. I need to cut the crap with my preconceptions Although I almost unfailingly launch into a new novel with great enthusiasm like a kid on Christmas morning, anxious to discover what hidden treasure awaits, for some reason I held out little hope for Mrs Foer s book about a book about love Maybe it s because books about books about love aren t usually my thing Maybe it s because I read her husband s bestseller last year and was less than impressed Maybe it s because I had heard somewhere that they w [...]

    3. He was a great writer He fell in love It was his life The Simplest Questions Are the Hardest to Answer1 What is love 2 Who am I 3 Is there a word for everything 4 What sort of book is this 5 What is a palaeontologist 5 What is a Palaeontologist If he took a complete, illustrated guide to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, shred it into a hundred pieces, cast them into the wind from the museum s steps, let a few weeks pass, went back and scoured Fifth Avenue and Central Park for as many surviving sc [...]

    4. Original Comments Pre Review I would like to review this novel formally in the near future, but to do so I ll have to flick through it and refresh my memory.My reaction at the time was that it was one of the best novels I had ever read.Nicole Krauss understands people and love and feelings and she writes about them in a word perfect way.As a reader, I am prepared to go wherever she wants to take me I will trust her judgement.I have recently watched a few of her videos and interviews on Youtube [...]

    5. The great tragedy of life is this then, our friends are not allowed to finish their stories My second reading of this book bore out my feeling the first time I read it The first two hundred pages are a stunningly beautiful and moving account of love and loss and the stories hidden within stories and then, of a sudden, it s as if Krauss handed the novel over to her distinctly less talented husband to finish off the book She ruins it with the fourth of her narrators, the entirely preposterous whim [...]

    6. One of the last books I read in 2017 was Virginia Woolf s A Room of One Own In this series of essays, Woolf maintains that if a woman has a room of her own in which to write, then she is than capable of producing the same if not greater works than men While pondering my 2018 classics bingo and what book to use as a free square, my thoughts turned to Nicole Krauss I finally discovered Krauss last year, having read both Great House and Forest Dark The prose in both novels was superb, leading lite [...]

    7. Nicole Krauss is married to Jonathan Safran Foer They both live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and they both write clever, critically acclaimed novels featuring preciously innocent narrators, magical realism, and some safe postmodern experiments blank pages, pictures, excessive repetition, etc that you d notice just by flipping through I loved Foer s Everything is Illuminated, liked his Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close okay, and liked Krauss s History of Love a little less I m wondering now if my a [...]

    8. All I want is not to die on a day when I went unseen Leopold Gursky, Holocaust survivor, is a lonely old man who dreams of his long lost love Alma Mereminski and survives each day with the desire to just be noticed by someone He has one single soul he can call a friend in this world, Bruno, his old faithful Alma Singer is a fourteen year old girl who lost her father and whose heart aches for the mother that can barely get out of bed and make it to the next day My mother is lonely even when we re [...]

    9. I tend to be an emotional reader and my ratings reflect that I finish books filled with excitement or sadness or intense dislike and write equally passionate reviews rants, often including snazzy gifs to make my point This is why some classics get 1 star and J.K Rowling gets 5 stars and even Twilight gets 2 stars I feel it s almost impossible to objectively judge quality of writing and literary value, so I usually rate based on the emotional effect the book had on me That being said, I occasiona [...]

    10. Have you ever felt so moved that it s as if you re possessed Reading The History of Love was like having my chest cracked open, the words flooding into me.Some passages I loved The floorboards creaked under my weight There were books everywhere There were pens, and a blue glass vase, an ashtray from the Dolder Grand in Zurich, the rusted arrow of a weather vane, a little brass hourglass, sand dollars on the windowsill, a pair of binoculars, an empty wine bottle that served as a candle holder, wa [...]

    11. Leo is the obvious charmer of this novel, an elderly man who escapes the Nazis as a boy and eventually follows the love of his life to America where he discovers she has married someone else Leo holds the torch for Alma throughout his long life He has also written a novel, The History of Love, the manuscript of which he entrusted to a friend and believes forever lost His novel is the holy spirit of this novel Every character is profoundly affected by it Leo didn t quite charm me as much as Kraus [...]

    12. Another book about everlasting love How many times has the issue been discussed to death Thousands And yet This book is about a rare kind of love a unique one that is fathomless and can only be expressed by the delicate hands of a virtuoso that reveals in the silences between words left unsaid, between the commas and the semicolons Because an emotion as deep as the love depicted in The History of Love cannot be pinned down by conventional language Gestures, the aid of several senses working toge [...]

    13. If you don t know what it feels like to have someone you love put a hand below your bottom rib for the first time, what chance is there for love What a reading experience I went into this book knowing absolutely nothing about its premise All I knew was that it is highly regarded by many of my friends What you should know is that right after I finished reading it, I spent the rest of the day rereading and underlining passages and clues I might have overlooked Did you find yourself doing the same [...]

    14. 1 What I like about Krauss s novel.Leo Gursky s melancholy, lonely presence The sections of the novel told from his perspective are hauntingly beautiful.Alma s precocious teenager voice Her voice is less compelling for me than that of Leo Gursky, but still good.The slow development of the connections between Leo, Alma, Zvi Litvinoff, Isaac, and the book The History of Love, in terms not only of plot but of theme.2 What is mildly irritating about the book.Leo s habit of saying And yet Alma s list [...]

    15. Words This book is all about words words written, words unwritten, words spoken, words unspoken, words imagined, words deleted, words carried, words discarded, words believed, words treasured And why wouldn t it be At the heart of this book, is the book The History of Love and its author, and his many intended and unintended recipients Does that make the book complex Oh no, no it makes it magical Magic, as I see, is a beautiful truth suddenly broken to us And in Krauss tale, she does it many tim [...]

    16. This book was promising at the beginning, but proceeded to get sloppy and puzzling, and then ended in an unsatisfying and unclear way It s a convoluted plot involving a Polish Jew who falls completely for a childhood girlfriend, writes a book about her, and then is separated from both by the Holocaust Not knowing the book was eventually published by the friend to whom he gave it for safekeeping, he now lives his old age in New York, lonely and waiting to die His story is interwoven with that of [...]

    17. Great original story While it is sad its rescued from bleakness by Krauss s subtle humour and her inclusion of a mystery A pursuit to unravel the origin of an obscure novel also called The History Of Love the book within this book that also happens to contain some great passages the chapter The Birth of Feeling my personal fav Krauss excels in writing rich believable characters Switching POV mainly between Leo Gursky, a Holocaust survivor Alma Singer, a 14 year old grieving the loss of her fathe [...]

    18. I dedicate this review to the wonderful woman who graced the pages of under the pen name of Fatty Bolger It was her evocative and emotional review that drove me to pick up this magnum opus Quoting from the book, I think it is pertinent for me to say about Krauss, what she says about Isaac Mortiz, To call him her a Jewish writer or, worse, an experimental writer, is to miss entirely the point of his her humanity, which resisted all categorization The History of Love is not a book written conventi [...]

    19. For My Grandparents, who taught me the opposite of disappearing and For Jonathan, my life I don t think I have started a review with the dedication before now, but in this case I believe it is appropriate Words are the way we fight against entropy, against forgetfullness, the way we demonstrate to the world and to ourselves that we are alive, that we have a past and a future History is the act of connecting the past with the future, and Nicole Krauss argues that the way we love is a better measu [...]

    20. If the opportunity to read this book in one sitting would have been available to me, I probably would have taken it Unfortunately my job tends to cramp my reading style often than not admittedly not the worst problem in the world to have , but sometimes I can t help but think about how much reading I could get done if I didn t have to spend the best hours of my day doing work Oh well I suppose that is what retirement will be for I really loved this book The characters spoke to me and they becam [...]

    21. It is not hard to like this book The writing is stylish Four POVs with two different settings and starts way back from the Second World War to the present This is basically a love story between two young lovers in Poland They get separated because the father of the girl sends her to America not knowing that she is pregnant with a child The young boy follows the girl to America only to find out that she is already married and the child does not know that he is the father So, the poor man, Leo Gur [...]

    22. Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering This might be one of the most beautiful sentences in the arsenal of the english language Actually, I came upon this sentence in one of those click baitonline articles entitled 50 Of The Most Beautiful Sentences In Literature Not a dignified source, I admit Nevertheless the list was composed of greats such as Solzhenitsyn, Plath, Maugham, Eliot, Garcia Marquez, Bronte, to [...]

    23. Being MovedIf you like your schmaltz delivered hot, thick and with plenty of gravy, Krauss is your writer I mean no disparagement by saying that nobody does Holocaust survivor tragedy better than she The old man in the empty Manhattan apartment whose pregnant Polish sweetheart had left him years ago for America, and whose closest contact with his son is at the son s wake is tragedy with punch As is the teenager who desperately wants to reconstruct memories of her dead father through a relationsh [...]

    24. 5 The many and varied threads of this story are woven around a book called A History of Love and lead eventually to a complicated, satisfying conclusion Not a happily ever after ending, but one that answered the important questions for me.Leo Gursky is an old Jewish immigrant living alone in New York He reminisces about his childhood in Poland where he wrote countless stories, and he now has a manuscript in a box in his oven He remembers the last time he saw his mother, when she d sent him into [...]

    25. Thoroughly enjoyed the book One of my favorite reads in 2017.I ve often found it hard to emotionally involved in a post modernism book And yet How could I resist the charm of Leopold Gursky and the One and only forever love And yet Leopold had little resemblance to a knight in shining armor First let s cross out handsome and replace it with silly Not spoiling any here Besides Leopold, Nicole Krauss treated us with a number of other vivid characters a precocious 15 year old girl Alma , while dis [...]

    26. My review of this wonderful book is HERE.What follows below is not a review This page is a collection of lists about the story, characters, and themes, showing the many and complex connections between them, but without any emotional response or analysis.It is almost entirely made up of spoilers, so don t read it if you have not read the book and maybe not even then view spoiler Seriously, this is FULL of spoilers Please think before you click.Chapters and Narrators in Nicole Krauss History of Lo [...]

    27. Krauss calls this book the history of love but it struck me as being a history of loss It is the story of a displaced person, an elderly man drowning in urban isolation, cut off from his only son and deprived even of authorship of his own words He is a man who fears that he is invisible and whose only friend is in fact imaginary Krauss has created an unforgettable character in Leo Gursky I could have done without some of the smoke and mirrors she felt she needed to create around Leo s story but [...]

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