رویای عمو جان (2020)

  • Title: رویای عمو جان
  • Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky آ. قازاریان
  • ISBN: 9789642575398
  • Page: 411
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    • [PDF] ✓ رویای عمو جان | By ✓ Fyodor Dostoyevsky آ. قازاریان
      411 Fyodor Dostoyevsky آ. قازاریان
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    1. Dostoyevski serisinin en diyaloglu eserlerinden olacak san r m Bir salonun etraf nda konu an y zlerce insan varm gibi hissetti im anlar oldu fakat Dostoyevski ustal kl bir koro efi gibi yle ince ve estetik ayarl y netiyor ki siz sadece bir sonraki c mleyi kuracak insana kafan z eviriyorsunuz Her kitap sonras s yl yorum bu esersen sonra da yazm olay m, Dostoyevskiyi yazd s raya g re tamamlamaya al an bir fani olarak san r m yar lad m diyebilirim ve en genel yorumumu, d ncelerimi sonuncu eserle bi [...]

    2. When one thinks of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, one does not think of comedy yet this, one of the first works that the author wrote when he was allowed once again to publish after serving almost ten years in Siberia for belonging to a dissident group, the Petrashevsky Circle During that time, many of his beliefs were either strengthened or otherwise changed, but he was afraid of publishing something that would arouse the suspicion of the censors, who were still keeping on eye on him.The result was Uncle [...]

    3. Bol entrikal , yozla man n mizahi bir dille anlat ld Dostoyevski eseri Ben kitab be endim okumas zevkliydi ve karakterler olaylar ilgimi ekti Kitab n sonu biraz bekledi im gibiydi biraz da s rpriz oldu ve kitaba yak an bir son olmu kesinlikle Dostoyevski seven biriyseniz okudu unuza pi man olmayaca n z g zel bir yap t.Oda Yay nlar ndan kan evirisini okudum ben, ok k t de ildi ama ruhtan biraz yoksun bir eviriydi Baz c mleler sadece evrilmi ti, di er c mlelere ya da ahenge uydurulmaya al lmam t G [...]

    4. Uprkos osrednjem skoru na GoodReadsu, i nakon ponovnog itanja ovog malog, izuzetno potcenjenog bisera ne mogu a da se ne zapitam za to ljudi ne cene ovu novelu malo vi e.Da li je to zbog toga to smo svi mi manje vi e Dostojevskog stavili u kalup te ke, filozofske a opet zanosne knji evnosti pa mo da ova mala groteska nije ispunila o ekivanja Ujkin san je duhovita, i armantna satira malogra an tine i prljavih ljudskih pobuda, li ena te ine nekih njegovih kapitalnijih dela a opet i ovde, sa svakom [...]

    5. Dostoevskij dipinge l animo umano con fine squisitezza I personaggi si muovono vivi e palpitanti in ogni contesto, anche negli ultimi momenti di vita Ma ahim , il mio entusiasmo finisce qui Storiella leggera, gi conosciuta, senza nulla di particolare I protagonisti sono a tratti assai noiosi e ripetitivi Inizialmente l ho trovato assai piacevole, poi gli eventi sono diventati un poco assurdi e l entusiasmo andato scemando.

    6. Il sogno dello zio un racconto lungo in cui Dostoevskij appare in un modo completamente diverso e insolito E il Dosto che non ti aspetti Questo racconto lungo potrebbe essere descritto in questo modo Dostoevskij racconta o meglio descrive la societ russa dell 800 Quello che emerge dalle descrizioni fatte da Dostoevskij una societ caratterizzata da meri interessi economici e null altro In questo racconto lungo, Dostoevksij, con una ironia tagliente e intelligenza mette in gioco gli interessi, la [...]

    7. And then what s a hundred and fifty souls, especially if you have new ideas e tyranny is a habit that becomes a need.

    8. One of the early books of Fyodor Dosteyskey, this book had been curiously categorised under comedy I could not see it that way As a sober parody of the societal class, the book treads without heaviness, the happenings in a small provincial town visited by a senile Prince.Maria Alexandrovna, compared to Napolean in the beginning, has the strong will of a mother who will stop at nothing to set up a good life for her daughter Zina When the old prince is brought to her place by his distant nephew Pa [...]

    9. It was fascinating to see the great heavyweight of the philosophical novel doing farce in what is a very humorous and lighthearted essay of small town life as Czarist RussIa and the old aristocracy slipped into decline amid winds of change blowing in from western Europe The book s poetics are like those of a play than any of Dostoyevsky s widely venerated novels Virtually everything is externalized, as it must be in theater and the characters repeated, usually phobic, references to Shakespeare [...]

    10. Yo creo que si Dostoievski hubiera escrito obras de teatro como Ch jov, hubieran sido estas de una originalidad brillante Este libro, junto con La Aldea de Stepanchikovo demuestran por momentos que tranquilamente podr an transformar sus di logos en escenas de una notable comedia A pesar de que el ltimo cap tulo tiene un marcado tono triste, el conjunto de la novela es por momentos, hilarante, lo cual demuestra la versatilidad de Dostoievski como novelista.

    11. To shift things about in my quest to read all of Dostoyevsky s fiction, I decided to deviate a bit into his world of short stories Aside from White Nights, the Master of Petersburg doesn t get much acclaim for his short stories, and with guys like Gogol, Tolstoy and Chekhov in the ring it s not an easy competition But I found that both the novella Uncle s Dream and the other short stories were either quite good A Weak Heart or additional masterpieces in their own right The Meek Girl This, plus W [...]

    12. There s something very Jane Austen about this novella Or an accelerated, less monotonous version of Tolstoy s Anna Karenina Somewhere around that dimension of drama and Russian aristocracy.

    13. Um Clube da M L ngua , como ficou o t tulo original O sonho do Tio na tradu o de Manuel De Macedo, tem como tema principal a influ ncia nociva do meio sobre o car ter do indiv duo Mostra a vida das elites provincianas, vazia, amoral, hip crita uma com dia que ridiculariza a rotina, os boatos, as intrigas, as posturas baixas e sublimes das personagens Parece uma transcri o da rotina de muitas cidades do interior brasileiro, dos h bitos dos que buscam a exclusividade dos vip s nas reas urbanas e o [...]

    14. 2.5 Complotul, manipularea, ipocrizia mizeria societ ii, n a zice, a ru ilor, ci a ntregii omeniri, stau la baza micu ei opere Un roman care poate fi metamorfozat ntr o pies de teatru n care este prezentat o parte a societ ii ruse ti de la acea vreme Totul se nt mpl n Mordasov, acolo unde Maria Alexandrovna, nconjurat de b rfitoarele sale prietene ea ns i fiind o artist a manipul rii ncerca s i c s toreasc fata care avea 23 de ani i era nc nem ritat , fapt ce la acea vreme nu era privit cu ochi [...]

    15. For Uncle s Dream This novella, written soon after Dostoevsky s time in Siberia, takes a surprisingly comic approach to its subject matter, surprising given the grand drama of Dostoevsky s most famous works That said, the comedy works pretty well here, as Dostoevsky brings together a cast of characters that bring big and conflicting personalities while set in a small provincial town.The story surrounds the daughter Zena of the biggest town gossip Marya Alexandrovna and Zena s potential marriage [...]

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