The Planet of the Wind (2020)

The Planet of the Wind The wind itself provides all the energy the Eolians need for warming their planet which is ever in danger of being covered by ice But each day the winds they rely on grow weakerstolen by pirates and
  • Title: The Planet of the Wind
  • Author: Guillaume Dorison Delphine Dubos
  • ISBN: 9780761387510
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The wind itself provides all the energy the Eolians need for warming their planet, which is ever in danger of being covered by ice But each day the winds they rely on grow weakerstolen by pirates, and no one knows how Can the Little Prince and Fox discover the real root of the problem and save a whole planet from disappearing into darkness
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    • [E-Book] ¿ Free Read ☆ The Planet of the Wind : by Guillaume Dorison Delphine Dubos ↠
      238 Guillaume Dorison Delphine Dubos
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    1. The Little Prince is one of my favorite books but this is just bad I love the characters in the original story because they are simple and thought provoking In this adaptation which is apparently based on a TV show the characters have become sarcastic and cheesy The fox is cute and the art is pretty good but the dialogue was awful and the plot didn t really make sense I am not a big fan of graphic novels but I was excited to see this at the library I understand that this was made to appeal to ki [...]

    2. Kinda makes me think of the prince as the Doctor Hmmmm Well you re thrown right into the action and adventure with not much of a premise but for a note to Rose another Doctor similarity as to how the Prince and the fox are off to save planets from the evil influence of the Snake Pretty simplistic The art is cute, but the stories just seem to be lacking.

    3. It keeps with the tradition of the original Simple but beautiful concepts that make you think, gorgeous artwork and adventure I think it d be a great read for a younger child it couldn t create the same kind of magic, though I think that s a once in a life lighting strike.

    4. The Little Prince The Planet of WindGraphic novel based on animated series and an original story by Delphine DubosAdapted by Guillaume DorisonThis novel doesn t seem well suited for an abbreviated adaptation That or the adaptation was poorly executed The first 20 pages were a confusing wreck it seemed as if large chunks of information were missing and the textual phrasing did not flow I don t write this review having read the original works either, so my critique is on this book as a standalone [...]

    5. Got this one for a dollar at the local discount store Sent it over to my sister s house so her kids could look at it Reportedly they did love it, which says absolutely nothing at all about the quality of this text it looked than a little hokey to me in the store though they re into the Frozen movies, etc According to the cover, this edition also contains a bonus story byMoebius which is pretty neat.

    6. Although independently this book might have some funny humor, good story, and creative premise, using the Little Prince as an upbeat child detective with a grumpy fox sidekick to save the planet from global climate change is unforgivable A great betrayal by the Saint Exupery estate P

    7. I went into this skeptical but it was worse than I could have imagined The art was okay but the story barely held together The Little Prince character felt like an afterthought and bore little resemblance to his namesake in appearance or spirit And the whole snake thing was lame.

    8. Sigh This is the Little Prince I don t want to say anything bad about it let s just call this noncanon fanfiction It s enjoyable if you think of this in those terms A little jolted in some places, like a poorly executed stop motion film It was an ok read.

    9. This is a comic book series inspired by The Little Prince, which is sure to get a lot of people s danders up, seeing as how that book is almost universally loved If you loved the book and you ve read it recently, as an adult, and still love it , then you probably won t like what s been done here I can t tell whether the authors of this comic loved the ideas of the book as children and based a comic on their fuzzy memories of the book, or whether they intentionally departed from the book s themes [...]

    10. I have to admit that I m a bit offended that someone even tried to make a sequel to or spin off series of The Little Prince I think that they did better than I thought they would but I think it still doesn t fulfill the expectations set up by the original book and its translated twin The Prince doesn t look like I thought he would exactly, although I m not sure what I can say is wrong I did find his super powers to be a bit cheesy communicating with everything, sketching to bring forth things fr [...]

    11. I worship the original The Little Prince book, and checked out 4 of these from the library in a spurt of great enthusiasm, sure that even if I didn t love them their connection to the original story would be enough to keep me interested I was very wrong The art in this book is good, but that is literally the only positive thing I have to say about it I did not even finish it, and in a book of only 56 pages, many of which are just pictures, I think that really says something about the low quality [...]

    12. The Little Prince travels around the Universe with his companion the Little Fox, chasing after The Serpent who causes mischief and mayhem wherever he goes The first planet they visit is the Planet of Wind, where pirates are stealing the wind which keeps these indigenous life forms from the planet alive and in the air The people living on the planet also depend on the wind to keep their city in the sky The Prince and the Fox have to help these people figure out what the pirates want, get the wind [...]

    13. I am not a fan of graphic novels or comic books so I wasn t really expecting to like this Especially since I don t know that you can do justice to anything not from the original Le Petit Prince but I picked this up on a whim when I saw it in the young readers section of our local library It felt a little like they were trying too hard to moralize or philosophize with the story I also usually find that graphic stories depend too much on dialogue to carry a story and it just doesn t work Maybe the [...]

    14. The Little Prince is off on new adventures to save the universe from the snake who is gobbling up planets by bringing out the worst in their inhabitants The Little Prince starts his adventure on a planet who s main source of energy is the wind and it has truly magnificent devices for harnessing the wind for power , but someone is stealing the wind and the planet is slowly becoming encased in ice and snow.The illustrations for this graphic novel were fantastic After I was done reading it, I went [...]

    15. I requested this book from the library by mistake I had intended to pick up the original but somehow got this one instead.I m not really sure how to read a children s book, especially a children s book that s just a little than a glorified comic book It was kind of so so The main conflict between the king and his son, so hyped at the beginning, ended up being pretty much meaningless I wouldn t recommend this book Now I need to get my hands on the original.

    16. I only checked this out from my local library because of curiosity, after I ran across it while searching for something else Perhaps for a child, this graphic novel would be entertaining enough on its own to be satisfying But for any adult, like me, who was looking for a book comprised of profound allegorical and symbolic meaning like the source material, you ll only be disappointed.

    17. The translation on this was horrid Every line was stilted and overacted and basically sounded worse than a bad high school play And there were parts that skipped the reasoning went from we have a problem to I ll tell you everything and he got his way a little too easily I m not sure that would be fixed in the original language The art was gorgeous though.

    18. my almost 6 year old quite enjoyed it, even if he didn t follow the plot completely as we read it had a good message at the end of communication between people that was a good discussion point would have given it 4 stars, but I felt the action of the story was sometimes hard to decipher thru the illustrations still, we re looking forward to the next book.

    19. This graphic novel series imagines new adventures and journeys for the Little Prince It s not the original Little Prince story Beautifully illustrated, sweet story for young readers In the first pages there is a flying machine that runs on music cool

    20. It was basically included like a robber that was trying to steal wind and he was actually the captains son and there was a snake and it was an evil snake who destroys planets The Little Prince had a friend fox.

    21. It s a cute story and I loved the art Great characters and a good moral at the end I ll be definitely looking for the next book in the series.

    22. It s important to note that this is adapted from the animated series, making it only loosely related to the original classic.

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