The Map and the Territory (2020)

The Map and the Territory Artist Jed Martin emerges from a ten year hiatus with good news It has nothing to do with his broken boiler the approach of another lamentably awkward Christmas dinner with his father or the memory o
  • Title: The Map and the Territory
  • Author: Michel Houellebecq Gavin Bowd
  • ISBN: 9780099554578
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • Artist Jed Martin emerges from a ten year hiatus with good news It has nothing to do with his broken boiler, the approach of another lamentably awkward Christmas dinner with his father or the memory of his doomed love affair with the beautiful Olga It is that, for his new exhibition, he has secured the involvement of none other than celebrated novelist Michel HouellebecqArtist Jed Martin emerges from a ten year hiatus with good news It has nothing to do with his broken boiler, the approach of another lamentably awkward Christmas dinner with his father or the memory of his doomed love affair with the beautiful Olga It is that, for his new exhibition, he has secured the involvement of none other than celebrated novelist Michel Houellebecq.The exhibition brings Jed new levels of global fame But, his boiler is still broken, his ailing father flirts with oblivion and, worst of all, he is contacted by an inspector requiring his help in solving an unspeakable, atrocious and gruesome crime, involving none other than celebrated novelist Michel HouellebecqShortlisted for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2013.
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      194 Michel Houellebecq Gavin Bowd
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    1. I ve known several guys in my life who wanted to become artists, and were supported by their parents not one of them managed to break through It s curious, you might think that the need to express yourself, to leave a trace in the world, is a powerful force, yet in general that s not enough What works best, what pushes people most violently to surpass themselves, is still the pure and simple need for money Jeff Koons has made himself an objet d art.Whenever Jed Martin calls his agent and says I [...]

    2. WARNING THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE DAVID CRONENBERG MOVIE MAPS TO THE STARSThis is an acidly cynical black comedy, and it s pretty funny, but that really doesn t tell you much about what it s like I can see that many of the other reviewers are stuck too Some of them have tried to explain by telling you about the plot, but since there are several rather excellent twists it doesn t seem right to reveal any of them Luckily, we saw Maps to the Stars last night at the Gr tli s Cronen [...]

    3. Just finished the last thirty wonderfully flowing and surprising pages that end with the total domination of vegetation and then went back to the first lines namedropping Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst and said aloud Ha, what a great book I love how clearly he writes, with such unexpected analysis insight, exaggerated generalizations asserted as truth although toned down in this one not as much potentially politically incorrect stuff in general, and certainly not as much sex as the last two I purpo [...]

    4. Finally a map of Houellebecq territory.When I read Plateforme some years ago, I dismissed Houellebecq as being overrated, and a complete misogynist, but I ve changed my mind after reading La Carte et le Territoire There are some very original plot details, interesting takes on photography and contemporary art, a bit of a meander on architecture, and plenty of information on cartography for those of us who loves maps But the most amazing thing is that in spite of a main character who is very unch [...]

    5. OK, if I have to be completely blunt, Michel Houellebecq must be the most overrated contemporary author since Amelie Nothomb The Map and the Territory has received so much publicity in the last year or two, and I ve come across the title in news and write ups so many times, not to mention enthusiastic comments I ve overheard during social occasions, that it seemed like I am missing out on something big out there Not only did the book seem to be in the cultural news every other day or something f [...]

    6. His best novel The themes are basically the same, but Michel Houellebecq tells the tale again with great energy and in a large tongue in cheek manner On one level it is about the rise of an artist who doesn t really want to participate in the art market He has nothing against it, but his character is not one where he follows the market place Yet he s extremely successful in what he does The other textual parts are Houellebecq s fascination with what people do on their free time the need to be a [...]

    7. It was public knowledge that Houellebecq was a loner with strong misanthropic tendencies it was rare for him even to say a word to his dog.Martin Amis did it before, in Money, when he introduced himself, Martin Amis , as a character in the book Houellebecq replays the conceit here, with a similar pretension and expanded role for himself In the spirit of literary self flagellation, in addition to the epitaph offered above, Houellebecq does horrible things to himself I would be plot spoiling to sa [...]

    8. Frankly I read this because my 16 year old did, and considering the negative buzz surrounding Houellebecq I was wondering if she was polluting her beautiful young mind with misogynist pornography I didn t expect to like it So it is with surprise that I bestow 5 stars upon it A wonderful book rich, true and wickedly funny Now that I ve looked into Houellebecq a bit I see this was maybe an odd place to start his other, misanthropic, sexually charged books are what got him all the attention But I [...]

    9. I read The Map and the Territory because Jeffrey Eugenides admitted he was reading in in a NYT interview.No surprise why masterful American novelists would want to read this The author, Michel Houellebecq, is unabashedly and unashamedly literary and intellectual No doubt there s a certain penis envy in admiring a Gallic author who can be so brazen as to simply drop trou and masturbate with his mind for us all to watch Those of us on this side of the pond who fret about novels and commercialism a [...]

    10. Deb a llevar m s de un lustro quej ndome que Michel Houellebecq se repet a m s que el ajo, que siempre hac a la misma novela y que parec a que escribiera con el piloto autom tico, casi como si estuviera parodiando la imagen p blica de si mismo, repitiendo hasta la extenuaci n una f rmula que parec a funcionarle sin aportar nada nuevo As que os podr is imaginar cu l fue mi excitaci n cuando empezaron a salir cr ticas de El mapa y el territorio que lo pon an por las nubes, diciendo que Houellebecq [...]

    11. Michel Houellebecq is the subversive satirist supreme The diffident misanthrope who takes humanity to task for our natures, our systems, our ridiculous aspirations and our delusions But he does so with light touch He doesn t have to beat us around the head with our own foolish failings.Jed Martin is an artist of some repute The one layer he misses on his palette is an ability with words, so he seeks after commissioning one Michel Houellebecq to write the programme notes for his upcoming exhibiti [...]

    12. the bitter frenchman solidifies himself as one of my favourite authors countless vicious soundbites that i had a lot of fun with on twitter They really don t amount to much, anyway, human relationships flowers are only sexual organs, brightly coloured vaginas decorating the surface of the world, open to the lubricity of insects What can you reply, in general, to human questions it was conceivably true, he thought, that France was a marvelous country at least from the tourist s point if view the [...]

    13. A chaque nouveau roman, Houellebecq me surprend Il n crit jamais ce que je pense qu il va nous offrir, tout en faisant chaque fois la preuve de plusieurs constantes une lucidit visionnaire sur notre poque, un humour aussi discret que d capant, un pertinence et une coh rence sur le fond, derri re l histoire a proprement parler Cette fois il est question la fois d art, de relation p re fils, de la mort et de la transmission, avec un belle m taphore celle de la cartographie, du territoire et plus e [...]

    14. Ich wei nicht einmal, was genau dieses Buch ist eine lange, langsame Meditation ber Kunst und Sinn des Lebens vielleicht Und ein verletzliches Buch, im Gegenteil zu Houllebecqs vielen anderen nicht weniger guten verletzenden B chern Aber wenn ich an seine andere Werke zur ckdenke, vor allem Platform und den atemberaubenden Rester vivant Lebendig bleiben Essay, dann ist diese besondere Art von Verletztlichkeit nicht berraschendes.Ein langsames und langsam zu lesendes Buch, das viel Stoff zum Nach [...]

    15. Houellebecq in okudu um ilk roman Fransa n n geleneksel toplum mimari sanat ve ekonomik yap s n n f zyonla arak modern bir ya ant ya d n n n roman Felsefeyle, geleneksel retim sistemlerinin ele tirisiyle, sosyo ekonomik ve politik sorunlarla kafay bozmu , bunal ml Fransa n n yerini, kimli iyle bar k, minimal ve teknolojiye entegre retim sistemini kullanan, sanayicilerin yerini butik i letmelerin ve giri imcilerin ald , sanat n a r kapal sak n ml ve felsefeye dayal uzak, eri ilmez bi kule izlenim [...]

    16. Too cold for my taste but terribly clever I found his worldview coloring my own, which is a mark of how absorbing a writer Houellebecq is I m sure I would have enjoyed him in my younger years, but I ve become generous in my late fifties, tend to cut characters slack.

    17. houellebecq is a supreme market analyst, not shying away from drawing a trendline even if it s based on cynicism than data They had several happy weeks It was not, it couldn t be, the exacerbated, feverish happiness of young people, and it was no longer a question for them in the course of a weekend to get plastered or totally shit faced it was already but they were still young enough to laugh about it the preparation for that epicurean, peaceful, refined but unsnobbish happiness that Western s [...]

    18. Esta a vida de Jed Martin que, como por acaso, fez fama e fortuna no mundo da arte Jed n o era ambicioso, nem sabia muito bem o que queria da vida, mas era obcecado e perfecionista primeiro, decidiu fazer um invent rio fotogr fico de todas as ferramentas e utens lios do homem, chaves de parafusos, garfos e colheres, mesas e cadeiras, depois, subitamente, apaixonou se pelos mapas de estradas da Michelin o mapa mais interessante que o territ rio , e passou dez anos a fotograf los em perspetiva, il [...]

    19. I temi trattati sono un po i soliti presenti nei libri di MH, un po ammorbiditi rispetto al passato.Qui si parla molto di pittura e fotografia, certo, ma si parla soprattutto al solito della quasi impossibilit di creare rapporti reali tra le persone.Meno sesso Meno disturbante Comunque provocatorio.Stessa scrittura impeccabile, diretta, sincera Densa ed evocativa.All interno ci sono idee o trovate che sembrerebbero facilmente attaccabili In realt Houellebecq non uno che inciampa facilmente e il [...]

    20. Frankly, misogyny would be a step up Misogyny I could tolerate if there were even the merest HINT of literary merit But in fact, Michel Houellebecq would publish his grocery list if he thought you would buy it, read it, and give it a literary prize And h s got your number, because apparently you will This book comes close he s thrown in some ingredeients that he thinks you and the Goncourt jury will swallow the author is a character , it s writing about art , he tells us every time he buys groce [...]

    21. The third section initially gave me pause It could ve been mishandled I had previously read a review in the UK press and was aware of this turn The novel as with most of Houellebecq s other work is a chilling portrait of our reality, our naked humanity isn t what we d hope for, it is slithering that way regardless.

    22. Modernity was perhaps an error, thought Jed for the first time in his life A purely rhetorical question, that modernity had ended in Western Europe some time ago.I once tried to get into Houellebecq 1 , about 10 years ago, and back then his work seems to have been all about here s a bunch of sex with various people, oh no this is not fulfilling, we need monogamy, the end Not that interesting The Map and the Territory does not fit into that pattern at all, luckily, it s a character study of two [...]

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