Victoria Rebels (2020)

Victoria Rebels Queen Victoria s personal journals inform this captivating first person account of one of history s most prominent female leaders Queen Victoria most certainly left a legacy under her rule as the long
  • Title: Victoria Rebels
  • Author: Carolyn Meyer
  • ISBN: 9781416987291
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Queen Victoria s personal journals inform this captivating first person account of one of history s most prominent female leaders.Queen Victoria most certainly left a legacy under her rule as the longest reigning female monarch in history, the British Empire was greatly expanded and significant industrial, cultural, political, scientific, and military changes occurred withQueen Victoria s personal journals inform this captivating first person account of one of history s most prominent female leaders.Queen Victoria most certainly left a legacy under her rule as the longest reigning female monarch in history, the British Empire was greatly expanded and significant industrial, cultural, political, scientific, and military changes occurred within the United Kingdom To be a young woman in a time when few other females held positions of power was to lead in a remarkable age and because Queen Victoria kept personal journals, this historical novel from award winning author Carolyn Meyer shares authentic emotional insight along with accurate information, weaving a true story of intrigue and romance.
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    1. I really wanted to love this book, but I couldn t It was a pain to even finish and it felt like it had no plot whatsoever Others might have liked it but it just really didn t agree with me as a reader Let me talk about the reasons why I disliked this book1 The writing was EXCESSIVELY annoying and repetitive I couldn t BELIEVE how much caps and underlining there was It was not at ALL amusing This is pretty much how the whole book was written Even though in Queen Victorias real diary she did a lot [...]

    2. I absolutely loved this book But I tend to always like Carolyn Meyer s historical fiction And I have great interest in Queen Victoria If you enjoyed watching Young Victoria, there s a good chance you ll enjoy reading this book Half of the novel focuses on Victoria s childhood and her strict upbringing, the second half focuses on the first six or seven years of her reign Only the last few chapters focus on Victoria as wifed mother Relationships matter in this book We see this at the very beginnin [...]

    3. DNF at 41%I was bored by this book and found the main character childish, blank, and hard to sympathize with It annoyed me that, though I do care about accuracy, the author INSISTED on using CAPITALS a LOT and it was very ANNOYING isn t it because that was how she wrote in her diary, and she used very about five times per chapter There was little significant change between her behavior at age ten and at sixteen and she kept repeating the same things over and over again First it is Everyone, it s [...]

    4. Cover Blurb Yes or No Surprisingly, yes, though if it weren t a historical fiction novel I probably wouldn t like it But it s a clear indication of what the book will be about, and the character impersonator is in a profile, which I don t usually mind.Characters At first, the Reader is presented with a picture of young Victoria which we can easily sympathize with Here s a girl who grew up with seemingly everything, being a princess, and yet she virtually led the life of a prisoner, as Sir Conroy [...]

    5. I think I may be approaching Victoria saturation with itv s very pretty series and Daisy Goodwin s novel to go along with it Even the file The Young Victoria covered these same years But they are the best years cause Albert, duh and this book brought them to life very well.

    6. I found this by accident on the shelf I really haven t read that many of Meyer s books, but I knew of her and what she wrote about When I saw this one was about Queen Victoria, especially when she was young, I knew I had to read it As a big fan of The Young Victoria movie, I figured this was a must read.Having what background I did from The Young Victoria was great No, it s not entirely accurate, but it s still pretty close And it gave me faces to go with characters, like John Conroy and Lehzen [...]

    7. The young Victoria lives with her overbearing mother and her governess Daisy Her father died when she was an infant, and her mother listened to her advisor, Sir John Conroy than Victoria would like We first meet her at a young age, when her step sister, Feodore, is preparing to get married and leave England Throughout Victoria s childhood, her uncle, Kind George IV, is not in the best of health, so everyone knows that Victoria will soon be queen Her mother uses this as an excuse to keep Victori [...]

    8. This author does a very credible job of writing YA books which tell a historical event In this book, Carolyn Meyer tells the story of young Victoria Destined to be queen by a happenstance of Uncles who either die early, or who have children, none of which are legitimate Shortly after her birth, Victoria s father dies, leaving her mother and a caretaker, Exceedingly dominating and controlling mother, Victoria leads a very sheltered life and Kensington palace Victoria is also controlled by Sir Joh [...]

    9. I discovered this book totally by accident, but I m glad I did I have loved Meyer s other books of the early lives of princesses and queens, and I did enjoy this one.The book, written from Victoria s point of view, chronicles her life from a young age up to the first several years of her reign as queen At first, the writing style of using ALL CAPS and underlining things for emphasis was distracting and made the writing seem stilted, but in the author notes at the back it explains that this is ho [...]

    10. This is one of those cases of the book not fitting the reader or vice versa I found it tedious, far too mild to be as fascinating as it should be, considering the historical subject, but I think readers who like historical fiction especially personal narratives from the point of view of young female rulers will enjoy it, as long as they don t expect a rip roaring story But I found it NOT AT ALL AMUSING This is an inside joke for those who have already ready the book and I may elaborate later on [...]

    11. The childish voice of the story made me feel as though I was reading from a 5 year old s point of view, not a young royal lady, in her teens I couldn t muddle through the overwhelming immature writing and personality of Victoria to finish.

    12. I ve only done light research on Victoria, so I m not that knowledgeable on her life and any comments made about her the real one are given with what I do know.First, not every story is worth telling There s tons of historical figures but not every one of them had an interesting life and Victoria appears to be one of them Dull, very dull That s my impression of her story and this book did not help Given that an author must be historically accurate as possible when writing in this genre, I do app [...]

    13. I really wanted to love this book, but it was justgood I understand it s a diary of a headstrong teenager who just wants her way, but it got exhausting at times Seemed very rushed once she was crowned I also empathize with her on how overbearing mothers can be a pain, no matter how much they care Idk it was interesting seeing this different side of one of the longest reigning monarchs and was still a good read.

    14. Honestly about 3 1 2 stars I don t love this in the way that I loved Doomed Queen Anne and Beware Princess Elizabeth, but I was also the target audience when those were written and I first read them.A good fictionalization about Victoria s life, I grabbed this one after watching The Young Victoria one too many times.

    15. I thought this book was great Once I got started it was hard to put down I love reading books about Queen Victoria and I thought Carolyn Meyer did a great job telling her story I loved how it was in journal form, but it did not seem like that I thought everything flowed nicely Now I want to read by Carolyn Meyer and about Queen Victoria.

    16. I enjoyed the story, but the writing was a bit difficult The words dear or dearest were used excessively, and the capitalization and underlining was distracting.

    17. Any story concerning any Royal has my immediate vote Victoria definitely has my vote I have always been intrigued by stories following the Queen Victoria and this one mainly revolves around a younger Victoria and her time before she was actually Queen Victoria s older sister, Feodore is about to be married and move away to Germany with her new groom, leaving Victoria with her mother and the awful Sir John, who advises her mother on every subject pertaining to her young daughters The only pleasan [...]

    18. Title Victoria Rebels.Author Carolyn Meyer.Genre Historical Fiction, History, British History, Retelling, Humorous.Plot Using diary entries and letters as the inspiration and bases for her story, Carolyn Meyer weaves a wonderful fictional picture of England s strong willed and short tempered Queen Victoria The story begins when Victoria is eight years old and learns that her beloved older sister is being married off and shipped away to Germany in a few months time The two sisters are naturally b [...]

    19. First Thoughts What interests me the most about this book is how it gives me a little insight into the life of Queen Victoria as she was growing up It s written in a way that feels truly personal and casual, and that s very easy to make sense of Originally posted on Alexa Loves Books It s really been a while since I ve been able to indulge in anything remotely even close to historical fiction This makes me sad, since I ve always been fascinated with history in general, especially when it comes [...]

    20. Victoria, the future queen of England, is the subject of Victoria Rebels, a new historical fiction novel from Carolyn Meyer We see the British Empire through Victoria s eyes as she grows from a very young princess into a young married queen The novel begins in 1827, when Victoria is age eight and under the care of her mother, German born Princess Victoria of Saxe Coburg Saalfeld Victoria s mother is being advised by her longtime friend, Sir John Conroy, who aspires to rule England through Victor [...]

    21. Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars A copy was provided by Simon Schuster for review purposes Every once and a while I get a craving for some historical fiction, and I always turn to Carolyn Meyer when this happens I was reading and loving her books even before I started blogging I ve always been secretly interested in historical fiction based on famous queens, such as Mary, Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth I, Marie Antoinette, and now Queen Victoria This book, like most of Meyer s, depicted perfectly a si [...]

    22. A few years ago I saw the PBS movie Victoria and Albert and I have to confess to love this type of stuff I m forever watching Jane Eyre, all the movies based in Austen s books, and so on and so forth Of course with a house full of boys, I watch all of these by myself Anyway, when I say Victoria Rebels I was very curious about it and I ended up reading it on the same day I got it.I will not recap here the story of Queen Victoria because you can look that up in Google The book stars when Victoria [...]

    23. Yup, I still don t like Victoria Carolyn Meyer does a good job though Full review to come Originally posted on Small ReviewI don t like Queen Victoria I try, I really do, but I can t stand her At least, fictional portrayals of her I only read this book because Carolyn Meyer wrote it.Victoria certainly had a rough childhood and I totally sympathize for her with that monster of a mother Given all that, I do understand why she developed the way she did and why she did the things she did Carolyn Mey [...]

    24. Interesting Sent me on a few mini research quests to learn It s interesting how much I am fascinated by the British monarchy history from 1800 1900 and the vast connections to other countries One would think I d know about my own country s history and leaders Oh well So, I enjoyed the book for helping me learn a few things about that era, especially about a monarch who I ve come to admire for various reasons I also liked that it portrayed her realistically and less ideally I know some of tha [...]

    25. Another excellent historical fiction read from Carolyn Meyers I learned a lot about the young Victoria, her meddling mother and side kick, Sir John Conroy Meyers clearly demonstrates by using some of the real diaries of Victoria just how determined and rebellious she was with a mind of her own No one was going to tell her what to do Even if she did have to sleep in her mother s bedroom suite until she was almost eighteen I noticed several of the reviews had complaints about the excessive underli [...]

    26. This would be a 1 star book except for the fact that it does cover some historical facts Otherwise, the writing is incredibly boring dry There is virtually no imagery or any sense of real excitement I am an avid reader, and I just could not immerse myself in the book The author has an extremely irritating tendency to capitalize and underline words for no apparent reason, and the words themselves are quite repetitive Every other line in the book is, I am VERY MUCH AMUSED Or, I liked it VERY much [...]

    27. This is an enjoyable read about Victoria, a princess who must learn to hold her ground while those around her attempt to take control since she is in line to become queen As long as the reader doesn t look at the family tree prior to the start of the novel, the story will unfold as it happens which is delightful instead of knowing the end before it has begun.Due to the fact that at this time in history English royalty no longer really ruled but rather the prime minister and Parliament did, I wou [...]

    28. I loved this book I m a pushover for books about royalty, especially British royalty, and Queen Victoria is my favorite Many of the books I ve read are about the grown up queen This historical fiction book is about Victoria as a girl The story of her early life, up through her marriage to her beloved Albert and the birth of their first three children, was gleaned from her personal diaries It shows her as a very real person and not the stern elderly Queen dressed in black that is shown most often [...]

    29. I liked this book Ive always been interested in Queen Victoria so when this book was announced I was very excited Unfortunatly this book was only 250 pages and led up to her third child with many gaps in between I wished that this book had gone on for a couple hundered pages and dealt with her as queen than her as princess Another thing I found wrong with this book was its over simplification of everything I mean I know that this book was meant for YA readers but cmon there are many things tha [...]

    30. Cute story about Queen Victoria s teen years as told through her voice I couldn t tell if the author, Meyer, deliberately made Victoria s voice tone somewhat simplistic b c she s a teenager during most of the book or if that s just Meyer s writing style The writing is definitely in the tell instead of show camp, which I m not a big fan of, but that s just one of my personal biases All the underlining of words got to be incredibly annoying, but, thankfully, Meyer explained at the end of the book [...]

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