Spider-Man: Reign (2020)

Spider Man Reign A searing vision of Spider Man s future brought to you by superstar Kaare Andrews Incredible Hulk They finally did it Kicked them to the curb The capes and tights crowd there s no place for them in t
  • Title: Spider-Man: Reign
  • Author: Kaare Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780785126652
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • A searing vision of Spider Man s future, brought to you by superstar Kaare Andrews Incredible Hulk They finally did it Kicked them to the curb The capes and tights crowd there s no place for them in the Big Apple any Peter Parker He can t even remember what it was like to don the red and blue, and swing through the night sky Doesn t want to, anyway After aA searing vision of Spider Man s future, brought to you by superstar Kaare Andrews Incredible Hulk They finally did it Kicked them to the curb The capes and tights crowd there s no place for them in the Big Apple any Peter Parker He can t even remember what it was like to don the red and blue, and swing through the night sky Doesn t want to, anyway After all, there s nothing left to fight for, is there That is, until an old friend appears on Peter s doorstep, bearing a package and a message and everything changes If it s not Peter s responsibility, then whose is it Collects Spider Man Reign 1 4.
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    1. Starts out interesting Spidey as a codger, shuffling around, getting pushed around, and staying off the radar Hallucinating about his dead wife, trying to make her happy.Then it just gets silly, hard to believe The old man with a broken arm jumps some armoured cops and beats them senseless Then later his arm is healed for no reason And we get kids, raised from birth in a police state, all of a sudden talking like Ayn Rand and rising up for the first time against the oppressors Nice fantasy kids, [...]

    2. There are so many things I love about this book The references to nursery rhymes that fit the story perfectly, the totally different take on Spider Man and Peter Parker The first pages are great Those first ten pages paint a very gloomy Manhattan and a very old and beaten Spider Man I also love Jameson in this as some kind of crazy street prophet.That first splash page where we see Spider Man slowly but surely returning, is pure magic How great is it to see Spider Man as an old man in his boxers [...]

    3. This attempt to do a Dark Knight Returns for Spidey has some germs of good ideas but nothing gels very well Interesting and somewhat touching at first, but becomes muddled and boring.

    4. sta no es una historia tan conocida de Spiderman pero merecer a mayor reconocimiento por su calidad, y eso que yo no soy ni mucho menos fan del personaje.Kaare Andrews nos presenta una suerte de distop a con un Peter Parker ya anciano, atormentado por los remordimientos y la muerta de su esposa, abandonado a una vida sin ilusi n, s lo esperando el momento de reunirse con MJ.El alcalde ha impuesto un gobierno dictatorial apoyado en una red de energ a con la cual nadie puede entrar ni salir de la [...]

    5. Andrews tries to make a Spider Man version of the Dark Knight Returns, and it works better than expected It s a brutal, hallucinogenic story set in a militaristic urban landscape a big ball of War On Terrorism nerves, complete with cutaways to propagandistic news reporters The art s even ugly, in that beautiful Frank Miller way.It s rough around the edges A big revelation in the third issue is silly and handled poorly Spider cum , and a late game twist involving a new audience surrogate characte [...]

    6. I surprised myself and kinda liked this book Despite the inherent seediness of the whole thing like when old man peter parker talks compares his sperm to cancerous spider s eggs comics for kids Despite the overplayed homages to Dark Knight Returns there s a character named Miller Janson for pete s sake in all those straight from the Dark Knight Returns telejournalist scenes so yeah, the art s kinda shaky, awkward, weak digital linesEXCEPT, when spider man reappears in his costume, and does his t [...]

    7. Has an elderly, depressed and tormented Peter Parker of the future, who gave up fighting crime after Mary Jane died As the artist said, he liked his covers better after they included an element of physical or emotional pain Intriguing and well done drew me in much than a lot of flashier Spider Man collections this one stood out, though it s very somber I don t know if it s intentional, but the book shares some similarities, such as its tone and illustration style, with Frank Miller s Dark Knigh [...]

    8. Story Kaare Andrews 8 10Art Kaare Andrews with Jose Villarrubia 5 10PARENTS GUIDEAge Level 13 Violence 7 10Many people are punched and hit in this volume with quite a bit of blood in result.Hey man is shot and is seen lying in a pool of blood from far away Very briefA kid is impaled with a sword and bleeds on the ground dead.Spiderman has two big fight scenes that results in quite a bit of blood from the action.A man cuts someone s throat and blood spurts out A man is bit in the mouth by a corps [...]

    9. This looks just like Batman Dark Knight Returns but with a Spider Man version So if you liked the Batman book you ll probably like this one also.We see an old and fragile Peter, in a city controlloed by a corrupt mayor.The story is all about suffering, and we see the comeback of the spider dude that had disappeared years ago to fight the mayor and some old enemies.I enjoyed a lot the book Even the fill up story about Rhino is good Who would ever think that Rhino could think Enjoy

    10. Man, was this all over the placed to think people sleep soundly at night having panned Spider man 3 for the same reasons while praising this mess The story could barely keep up with all the different things going on, what with all the characters who proved mostly unimportant and subplots which made little to no sense Granted, this is a what if storyline that doesn t factor in with the established continuity of the Marvel comics, I think a lot of it doesn t fly in the Spider Man universe I don t [...]

    11. Andrews and Villarubia do for Spider Man in this four chapter graphic novel what Frank Miller like wise did for Batman in The Dark Knight Returns That is, Andrews and Villarubia spin a web of a tale of a not too far future in which a New York is under the thumb of the Reign, a Big Brother like authority Imagine a Mooresian world right out of V for Vendetta in which an elderly Peter Parker dreams of his long lost love Mary Jane Watson, but awakens from his near constant reveries by the curmudgeon [...]

    12. Basically, this story is Marvel s mainly the author s version of Frank Miller s The Dark Knight Returns for the 21st century audience Like Batman in the 1980s classic, Spider Man is depicted here as an aged superhero at the twilight of his career living in a dystopian city The city in question is New York City, an anti superhuman totalitarian city state that has an atmosphere that reminds me of George Orwell s 1984 The mayor rules the city like a king and uses his military police force, the Reig [...]

    13. I m debating how much I actually liked Spider Man Reign because it reminded me of a lot of what I like I mean, this is Marvel s Dark Knight Returns with Spider Man Peter Parker, and their version of the Suicide Squad with the Sinister Six It s like I m getting some SpidyBat action going on I don t mind a dark Spider Man story and I love seeing what happens when hero s AGE and in this case, don t pass on the mantel which has some negative ramifications The people of Manhattan are living in a poli [...]

    14. It s clear that Spider Man Reign echoes a post 9 11 world, if not a blatant observation of the Bush Administration following the terrorist attacks and the war against terrorism Much like the promises of a madman from Texas to make our country safe, Mayor Waters promises New York protection from super terrorists The only cost for this freedom is the citizens freedom and civil rights the guy even goes as far as canceling the electoral process until his job is done which, I wouldn t have put it pas [...]

    15. my blog mycomicopinion.wordpress Comprato ieri sera e letto alla velocit della luce C poco da dire forse Spiderman l eroe Marvel per eccellenza, il pi romantico e quello che fa pi presa anche sulle giovani leve Non sono uno che segue serie regolari della Marvel ,per anni ho colleizonato X Men deluxe Ma le continuity e serie regolari non fanno pr me Sono invece un appasisonato di queste serie stand alone come le chiamo io Spesso ne leggo in particolare legate a Wolverine e Hulk Mi danno pi soddis [...]

    16. I love this Spider man story I loved this comic so much that after buying the single issues I bought the trade for it I feel it s a comic master piece If you love Spider man you need to read this comic Now if you ve never read Spider man, this comic won t make as much sense, but who cares about that Kaare Andrews art is beautiful I could look at the way Spider man is drawn all day The style is one of the main things that drew me into the comic The story is good too It s Spider man in the near fu [...]

    17. While still slightly hindered by s own comic reading app, this managed to shine through given its solid story and idea I was unsure about a tale set in the twilight days of Spiderman in that I was not sure it would hold together What worked for the Dark Knight might not have worked for a character with old school superhuman powers Fortunately it did for than I expected it to This was a pleasant surprise.It helped that it was set in a well realised dark and suppressed society It also helped tha [...]

    18. A Dark Knight Returns V for Vendetta approach to a Spider man story Its 30 years in the future, and Peter is old Everything is old now He s long given up being Spider man, due to laws being passed that make it illegal to wear masks New York has become a city of heavy law enforcement Crime is down, but at the price of freedom.An old friend encourages Peter to take up the Spider man role once again, so that New York can go back to what it once was It touches on some dark themes, but as you d excep [...]

    19. Un homenaje poco disimulado al Dark Knight Returns del otrora genial Frank Miller que cambia el mito de Batman por el de Spiderman Los gui os se ven no s lo en los nombres de algunos personajes siendo los periodistas Miller Janson y Varr sino en el dibujo mismo la forma de dibujar a los personajes viejos, la violencia embellecida, las miradas furiosas , sino en la ambientaci n deprimente, el futuro opresivo, la corrupci n institucional, los mon logos internos del protagonista y un largo etc tera [...]

    20. Look up The heavens are full of snakes And they have awakened The Spider New York city is no longer the bright place it used to be Gone are the myriad of superheroes who one guarded Manhattan Now it is ruled by the Reign, a Nazi esque government and the name itself shares the first three letters with the Reich All supers heroes and villains alike have been rooted out and put out of business Amidst this, Peter Parker lives a secluded, painful elderly life Beaten, broken and weakened, the legacy o [...]

    21. So much of the style, tone, and storytelling are taken from Batman The Dark Knight Returns that it s hard to take this bleak story of Spider Man s future seriously The first two issues feel like a bad homage there s little explanation for Spider Man s downfall or the ridiculously simplistic political machinations in New York City Fortunately, the book picks up some steam towards the end with an ominous villain and some heart wrenching reveals about Peter s relationship with Mary Jane The pain be [...]

    22. As many have stated Kaare Andrews has written the Spiderman equivalent of Miller s The Dark Knight Returns Set in a dark future where an aged Peter Parker no longer fights, under a city tightly controlled by martial law, an old friend comes to reawaken Parker to make him realize that the city needs him again Thematically the book doesn t feel like Spiderman, but when the tale begins to resurrect some of his former villains and with that his snappy banter, there are moments But it still feels kin [...]

    23. Basically The Web Knight Returns the premise, the tone, and even the artistic style are cribbed directly from Frank Miller s classicBatman The Dark Knight Returns Years in the future, an aged Peter Parker has retired the mantle of Spider Man and lives a life of isolation, haunted by the deaths of his loved ones When a hidden menace resurrects many of Spider Man s enemies in an attempt to conquer New York for good, Spider Man embarks on one last mission of redemption Political commentary flies ir [...]

    24. I think equal numbers of people were either put off or turned on by artist writer Kaare Andrews blatant rip off homage of The Dark Knight Returns in the pages of Spider Man Reign Put me in the latter category I don t much mind Andrews style or structure of the book.The bits I liked best about Reign were the small details the final fate of Dr Octopus, the responsibility angle between Spider Man and the book s main antagonist Otherwise, I thought the story was a bit mopey and morose for me, but it [...]

    25. I really liked this what if scenario for Spider Man Normally stuff like this doesn t interest me, but this was like Spider Man s equivalent to Batman s Dark Knight Returns It puts Peter Parker in the darkest place possible, having lost Mary Jane, and being an old man who is just too tired to help people any if you thought he was depressing guy in the past, you ain t seen nothin yet I could ve done without the Sinner Six showing up towards the end, as I hate it when a hodge podge of villains are [...]

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