Wonkenstein (2020)

Wonkenstein Twelve year old underachiever Rob has better things to do than read His parents give him lots of books but most of them just end up in the messy pile of junk he keeps locked in his closet that once d
  • Title: Wonkenstein
  • Author: Obert Skye
  • ISBN: 9781250010223
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twelve year old underachiever Rob has better things to do than read His parents give him lots of books, but most of them just end up in the messy pile of junk he keeps locked in his closet that once doubled as a makeshift science laboratory One day, Rob hears weird sounds coming from behind his closet door and discovers a funny little creature that seems to be a crossTwelve year old underachiever Rob has better things to do than read His parents give him lots of books, but most of them just end up in the messy pile of junk he keeps locked in his closet that once doubled as a makeshift science laboratory One day, Rob hears weird sounds coming from behind his closet door and discovers a funny little creature that seems to be a cross between two characters from books he s tried to ignore He names him Wonkenstein.Keeping track of Wonk is hard work But with help from friends and a little off the wall magic, Rob and Wonkenstein s crazy adventures set the stage for great laughs and Rob might even read some good books along the way.
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    2. This was a average book The main part of the book was about a creature from Rob s closet that he named Wonkenstein because the creature was have Willy Wonka and half Frankenstein At the end of the story, the problem isn t really solved Wonkenstein just goes back in to the closet Although, it did not solve the problem very well, it was a funny book It made me laugh a few times I suggest this book for 4th 6th graders Pass the 6th grade, I think this would too easy of a book to read I hope you get [...]

    3. Robert Columbo Burnside is a twelve year old boy He hates reading and cleaning, and is just beginning to like girls His closet is full of failed science experiments, books his mother gave him, and whatever else he can fit inside One day, a creature pops out It seems to be a cross between Willy Wonka and Frankenstein s monster, so Rob decides to call it Wonkenstein, Wonk for short Hilarity ensues As Rob tries to deal with being in seventh grade, impress Janae, and hide Wonk, a series of misunders [...]

    4. Ready for a great read that will make you laugh out loud I loved this book, it kept me laughing and it kept me reading there s a sequel to this one that I ll be purchasing soon Robert has this great, big closet that he soon discovers is a fabulous place for storing things, stashing things, especially when it comes time to clean.However, one day a little man comes out of his closet He half grunts, half talks about Charlie If only Robert had read some of his books he d understand that this little [...]

    5. I read this in one evening and a quick follow up Short, quick, but laugh out loud funny Especially the illustrations

    6. Not a bad book that would be a great choice for middle grade boys who are reluctant readers Lots of humorous drawings to fit in with the story of a boy with a crazy closet door and all the mishaps that happen when a 1 2 Willy Wonka and 1 2 Frankenstein creature appears Twelve year old underachiever Rob has better things to do than read His parents give him lots of books but most of them just end up in the messy pile of junk he keeps locked in his closet that once doubled as a makeshift science l [...]

    7. Someone who came to life from two books touching each other in a closet came from a different world shows an average boy how wonky things can help you be better than the best just from getting to school with him Incredible

    8. These books are fun to read aloud and entertaining I love the story and what seems to be the lesson of the book read good books and do what s right The idea of mish mashed characters is fun It gives Rob the opportunity to mixed up in a lot of shenanigans.I read these aloud to my son who is not quite ready to read chapter books He loves the doodles on each page and is fascinated by the story.

    9. I think that this book had good detail and is a good book for all people I like how the book had wonkenstein help Robert and made him a better person It also has how Robert helped wonkenstein stay safe and out of trouble it was very caring of him.

    10. Love ReadingWhat a cute story about learning to enjoy reading My sons appreciated the funny pictures They love to read and so didn t need the message of the book, but they loved it anyway I think it would be great for reluctant readers between 8 and 11 years old.

    11. It was pretty good but i think it could of been a little bit better.I could kind of relate with the character Robert because we are the same age.

    12. Perfect for my 11 yr old son who says he hates to read I have caught him in bed with a flashlight reading these books It s awesome

    13. Super creative and fun way to introduce my 3rd grader to some great characters from literature We are really looking forward to the rest of this series.

    14. The story Robert Burnside s closet is like an earth bound black hole matter goes into it, and comes out changed into something completely different plus, it s alive So Rob does what any normal kid would do he burgles, burps, and bungles his way through one disaster after another until the only thing left to do is completely humiliate himself by reciting poetry onstage Is Wonkenstein the monster of doom, or could there be an upside June Cleaver s ratings Language PG Nudity G Sexual Content G Viol [...]

    15. Rob is a typical twelve year old kid with an annoying older sister and a tag along little brother He doesn t do well in school, has a messy room, and a huge crush on his neighbor Janae.Rob s dad brings home a closet door from Goodwill for Rob s closet It even has a weird handle that has a strange man s face on it Rob throws everything into his closet including his chemistry set, playdough, and books he never reads, and shuts the door.One day a weird creature emerges from the closet He is a mix o [...]

    16. This book is quirky I didn t actually mean to read Wonkenstein The Creature from my Closet My son read it and then brought it to me with a smile and said it was fun but he wasn t sure he should count it on his summer reading list because of all the pictures Hearing this I opened it up and saw one of the illustrations It made me smile, so I flipped to the back cover to see what the book was about Then I was like Willy Wonka and Frankenstein That s not normal So I opened to the first page and pret [...]

    17. A book intended for Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans, with an honorable agenda It wholly supports with silly methodolody the power of the right book in a child s hands Robert is a child who doesn t like to read The appearance of Wonkenstein and Robert s realization that the doll like toy come to life has the physical features of both Willy Wonka and Frankenstein s monster inspires Robert to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Frankenstein And he enjoys them very much When the time comes for Wonk [...]

    18. Rob Burnside is a regular middle school kid living in a regular neighborhood His sister is a pain, his mom wants him to read books, and his neighborhood friends run from fun guys to slightly nerdy Rob hates cleaning his room and solves this problem by shoving everything in his closet When a strange, small man that seems to be half Willie Wonka and half Frankenstein appears from the depths of the closet mess, Rob becomes responsible for a mischievous and confused kind of leprechaun guy This book [...]

    19. What the book s about Whenever twelve year old Rob s parents give him yet another boring book, he tosses it into the makeshift science lab he calls a closet He s got better things to do than read But then the pile of junk in his closet starts to wobble, and out tumbles Wonkenstein, a creature made up of characters from some of those books Rob s been so carefully avoiding Keeping Wonkenstein out of trouble requires a little bit of magic and a lot of help from his friends It might even require rea [...]

    20. Young Reader Reaction I liked this book because of how Wonkenstein helped Rob through his problems They had lots of adventures and had so much fun doing them It was so sad when Wonkenstein had to leave when he finished his mission The story is very suspenseful and has a great mystery Fantasy lovers will like it too because there are lots of made up characters This is a quick read that you can finish in just a few days You will absolutely love the excitement this was a great little book.Pros Lots [...]

    21. Robert Burnside is a twelve year old with a problem No, besides the funny name, or his goofy younger brother, or his older sister, or his parents That s just the normal stuff He also has a funny little creature that came out of his closet True, it almost popped out of the overstuffed closet where Robert throws everything The problem is Robert doesn t know what it is or what to do with it It looks like something Dr Frankenstein might have made in Willy Wonka s Chocolate Factory Worst of all, it w [...]

    22. This book starts out saying how most books start out with Once upon a time or Jimmy Pennyworth was a fine young man with a bright future blah, blah, blah and then goes on to say how this book doesn t start this so it isn t your typical book The thing is, this is like the third book in a row I read that started nearly the same way All the kids books for boys lately seem to be Wimpy Kid knock offs Don t get me wrong, there were some funny parts and the illustrations were also funny here and there [...]

    23. A very funny beginning for Obert Skye s new series about the thing that came out of the closet Maybe it s because of all the stuff Rob has crammed into his closet a make shift lab with unused stuff from around the house, unread books, etc Or maybe it s because of the very heavy door with the ornate engraving that Rob s father found at a garage sale Whatever the reason, a thing, half Willy Wonka half Frankenstein s monster, emerges from the closet Rob is a likable character and the reader does ca [...]

    24. This book is named Wonkenstein written by Obert Skye This is a book based on a monster that comes from Robert s closet and gets Robert in trouble and not the monster Robert is not an average kid because he is always getting in trouble because of the monster that he has in the closet The monster is half human and half monster the sides are Willy Wonka and Frankstein I think what makes this book very unique is that no book that have read turned out so because there is a monster that pops out of th [...]

    25. Full of silliness, had me giggling throughout Counting fried chickens instead of sheep to fall asleep Brilliant Great fun for boy readers, but not exclusively so Illustrations throughout add so much to the writing check out the judges at the end of the book for the BEST example of this And nice tie in s encouraging kids to wander off to Frankenstein and or Willy Wonka Either reading the works themselves or having them read to them by someone else Remeber that there is no best way to get a good s [...]

    26. I don t know where I was introduced to this series, via Sarah s blog or the Unshelved guys or somewhere else completely, but there was a very interesting review of the sequel, Potterwookiee The review said this series would be a great thing to hand a child looking for a Diary of a Wimpy Kid read alike and I definitely agree There are definite literary influences like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Frankenstein, and, in my opinion, there was a hint of To Kill a Mockingbird in the character of [...]

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