The Stones of Ravenglass (2020)

The Stones of Ravenglass The second book in NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Jenny Nimmo s new series chronicling the origin and the adventures of Charlie Bone s magical ancestor the Red King Timoken a magici
  • Title: The Stones of Ravenglass
  • Author: Jenny Nimmo
  • ISBN: 9780439846745
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The second book in NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Jenny Nimmo s new series chronicling the origin and the adventures of Charlie Bone s magical ancestor, the Red King Timoken, a magician king, has found a new home in a castle in Britain But when an evil steward takes control of the castle, he imprisons Timoken and wreaks havoc on surrounding villages WitThe second book in NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Jenny Nimmo s new series chronicling the origin and the adventures of Charlie Bone s magical ancestor, the Red King Timoken, a magician king, has found a new home in a castle in Britain But when an evil steward takes control of the castle, he imprisons Timoken and wreaks havoc on surrounding villages With the help of Gabar, the talking camel, Timoken escapes and embarks on a quest to find and rescue his friends, and build himself a kingdom to call home for good In this brand new series, bestselling author Jenny Nimmo takes readers on an extraordinary quest with one of her most powerful and mysterious characters, the one who started it all for Charlie Bone.
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    1. Review by Shelly review of the trilogyWow Jenny Nimmo knows how to tell a cracking story The Secret Kingdom books are my first taste of her novels and I have to say won t be the last The trilogy follows Timoken, a young boy who is enchanted by a magical moon spider web cloak when he is born and leaves him with one foot in this world and one in the realm of enchantments When he is just eleven tragedy strikes and his parents are killed by evil viridees who are after the cloak and to survive Timoke [...]

    2. This is an awesome series I couldn t put the book down once I started I enjoyed reading about Timokyo spelling and his adventures to find the right place to make his home Now, since reading this book, what will happen next w new friends old Anticipating the next book to be even better

    3. I generally feel like Nimmo is underrated int he MG fantasy world The snow spider alone is excellent Charlie Bone is super charming and enjoyable, and I m loving this backstory Her writing is always solid and her characters engaging.

    4. This is a continuation of the story of the Red King and how he gets his castle He finds his sister and makes some new friends with a wizard and some children His flying camel is still with him.

    5. Loved this one and it gave me or the story for a character during the Charlie Bone story, Give both series a read

    6. The second sequel prequel to the main Charlie Bone series this one follows the ending of the first novel closely picking up soon after the events and focuses on the Red King establishing his own kingdom It wasn t bad, but honestly this trilogy is made for fans of the main series and doesn t really stand much on its own I liked reading it because I loved Charlie Bone, but I don t know if I d have read it without that connection.

    7. The magic used in this book is amazing The characters are greatly done and you learn to love every one of them I suggest reading these books after Charlie Bone because you get the idea of endowments that the kids hold Truly a amazing book.

    8. These books just get better and better in this series Timoken and Gabar make new friends in this one Two young aged jaguars They always show up whenever Timoken calls The book starts with Timoken in Britain Where Timoken, Gabar, and a strange wizard are all captured The only reason that both Timoken and Gabar are in prison are because a soldier thought that Timoken killed their most skilled and elite soldier They manage to escape and flee the city with the strange wizard My favorite part is whe [...]

    9. Jenny Nimmo s stories are raw, spontaneous imagination The storytelling is not seamless, but that is not a flaw Rather, the imperfections of story and character allow the reader room to wonder and space to enter a rich and often dangerous world a world, upon further reflection, not unlike our own This is the second in the Chronicles of the Red King I had to start with it because, for some reason, I missed the first one when I suggested our library purchase Ravenglass But I think the story stood [...]

    10. This quick read takes us a bit farther into how the Red King becomes the Red King Most of the book dragged a bit for me and I m still having trouble remembering whose name is whose particularly when nicknames are involved , but I m not ready to give up on the series quite yet I m hoping once Nimmo gets established and finds her footing in this series that it will live up to the Charlie Bone books where there was nary a misstep This one was really of a 1 1 2 star than a 2 star for me.

    11. this is a pretty decent second book in the chronicles of the red king series by jenny nimmo she wrote the charlie bone series which was quite goodbut i don t think this series is quite up to the level of the charlie bone series that being said it is interesting to see how the adventure of the red king come to be if you are a fan of the charlie bone series then this is a good series to continue with this one finds the red king and friends looking for a new place to live and finding adventure at e [...]

    12. I want to love this book because I thought the Charlie Bone series was the cat s pajamas with a bit of the dog s knickers mixed in Unfortunately, this prequel series, while I am enjoying it, just doesn t tickle my fancy to quite the same level as the Charlie Bone books did It does tickle my toes quite well, but my fancy wants to be tickled Having said that, I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to Nimmo fans.

    13. The prequel series to Charlie Bone does bring back some fairly fond memories of that series However, this second book felt a bit too rushed and frankly incomplete It simply doesn t stand on its own without having read the first book And with such a distance between each book s publishing, it s hard to keep track of how this part of the Red King s story fits into the whole.

    14. I didn t like the way the book opened, throwing you into the action as aggressively as it did, and a couple of the characters we were introduced to didn t really interest me That said, it was really nice to see the development of Timmoken s powers and the hints of things we d see in the Children of the Red King series

    15. This series is so much better than the Charlie Bone series, in my opinion What I like about it is the story starts out with a problem unique to this specific book and it ends with the solution to that problem, unlike Charlie s problems that never seemed to find a solution This is a great magical adventure book for middle grade readers It was a fast and entertaining read.

    16. setelah masa yang sulit akhirnya calon Sang Raja menemukan tanah yang dicarinya Meskipun musuh masih memburunya, dan berakibat dengan sensor masalah masih menghantuinya kemanapun dia pergi yang dia lakukan sekarang hanya bisa bertahan

    17. At the beginning, I didn t think I would like this one, well, not a whole lot, but it really did pick up speed as it went It brought back some great memories of the Children of the Red King series, and I really ended up liking it a lot.I m 15, and I recommend this book to fans of Charlie Bone.

    18. I defently didn t expect what will happen in this book I read a 2 page preview and was amazed at how easily sucked in I was from the first sentence I felt terror and confusion from only those 2 pages and i can t wait to see what the other have in store for the reader

    19. Felt a little rushed and incomplete I had a difficult time remembering everything that was introduced in the first book and Nimmo does little to help the reader with this Not nearly as good as the Charlie Bone series.

    20. I recently read this trilogy after reading the Midnight for Charlie Bone books when I was much younger Not only were these brilliant books that at 23 were entertaining it was so lovely to see snippets of the Charlie Bone series coming through into the plot I would definitely recommend a read

    21. It s always the sign of a good book if you find yourself aching to be in the book and to experience the magic that is occurring That is just how I feel about this second book in the series A magical castle located on a cliff in the wilds of medieval Britain What could a girl want

    22. This book is one of my favorite books I ve read, I think it s even better than the first book of the series, because of all the action in it and I know Nimmo won t dissapoint me with the next book in the series

    23. The second book in the Secret Kingdom series and just as good as the first.The characters are good especialy Gabar the camel.

    24. There is nothing to say about this series except get it for your kids grandkids Strong male female characters Sad that there is only one book in this series

    25. It was an interesting read The red king escapes from his captures in Britain meets some new friends It had a decent story, but I didn t think a lot really happened to advance the big story.

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