A Fistful of Collars (2020)

A Fistful of Collars Everyone s favorite detective team returns in a new adventure as canine narrator Chet and his human partner P I Bernie Little find that Hollywood has gone to the dogs Hoping to bring some Tinseltown m
  • Title: A Fistful of Collars
  • Author: Spencer Quinn
  • ISBN: 9781451665161
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Everyone s favorite detective team returns in a new adventure as canine narrator Chet and his human partner P.I Bernie Little find that Hollywood has gone to the dogs Hoping to bring some Tinseltown money to the Valley, the mayor lures a movie studio to town to shoot their next production, a big budget Western in the classic tradition The star is none other than ruggedlEveryone s favorite detective team returns in a new adventure as canine narrator Chet and his human partner P.I Bernie Little find that Hollywood has gone to the dogs Hoping to bring some Tinseltown money to the Valley, the mayor lures a movie studio to town to shoot their next production, a big budget Western in the classic tradition The star is none other than ruggedly handsome and notoriously badly behaved Thad Perry When the mayor decides that someone needs to keep an eye on Thad so that he doesn t get into too much trouble, Bernie and Chet are handpicked for the job The money is good but something smells fishy, and what should have been a simple matter of babysitting soon gets complicated especially when they discover that Thad has a mysterious connection to the Valley that nobody wants to talk about What kind of secret could Thad have left behind when he went to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune The only people who might know the answer have a bad habit of turning up dead before they can talk.As Bernie s relationship with his longtime girlfriend Suzie goes long distance, and Chet s late night assignations appear to have resulted in an unexpected dividend, it s all our two sleuths can do to keep Thad and his motley entourage of yes men, handlers, and hangers on in their sights Worst of all, Thad is a self proclaimed cat person, and his feline friend Brando has taken an instant dislike to Chet.Like the winning books before it, this fifth book in the series combines a top notch mystery with genuine humor and a perceptive take on the relationship between human and dog that will stay with you long after the case is solved.
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    1. The fifth in the Chet and Bernie series, the adventures of the Little Detective agency as told by Chet, the partner who happens to be a dog, is the best yet, but I think that about every new entry in this series I listened to this book read by Jim Frangione, who does a great job while walking my own dog, and likely got a reputation around town as a nut because I so often found myself laughing out loud I think any dog owner will recognize the traits of dogdom in Chet s voice Although the dog tell [...]

    2. Chet the dog and Bernie Little the guy , are partners in the Little Detective Agency, for those unfamiliar with the series No need to worry about reading them in order, although there are some allusions to past events Improbably, Chet and Bernie are hired by the mayor s office to keep a big name celebrity with modest acting credentials, Thad Perry, safe from his own excesses while he is in town to shoot a new movie The mayor is interested in establishing the town as a filming mecca, but Bernie h [...]

    3. In the fifth book in the Chet and Bernie Mystery series, our favorite four legged private investigator, Chet the Dog, and Bernie Little, his partner in the Little Detective Agency, are back on the job albeit not the usual missing persons case, or even the less desired divorce work He has been hired, on very generous financial terms, at the recommendation of the mayor s office to make sure the young star in a new movie being filmed in their town stays out of trouble during the film shoot The Vall [...]

    4. Chet the dog and his private investigator companion, Bernie Little, set out on case number 5 in this New York Times Bestseller series, Chet and Bernie Mysteries The mayor of the valley decides to bring some extra revenue to town by luring a Hollywood studio to shoot a big budget movie there starring movie idol, Thad Perry Chet and Bernie are approached to keep an eye on the movie star who is known to have been a bit wild and unreliable in the past and is now under contract with the studio to del [...]

    5. Another quick, fun read I really didn t like many of the secondary characters involved in this mystery they were a pretty unsavory, unlikable bunch.

    6. The idea of Spencer Quinn s Chet and Bernie Mysteries has appealed to me for years, but because I don t like mystery novels, I ve never read one When Simon and Schuster made A Fistful of Collars to be released in a few days available for review via GalleyCat, I decided to give the series a try I m so glad I did not only did I find the book a very refreshing read, I ve discovered a series I can wholeheartedly recommend to a Very Picky Reader, my husband.My interest in the series was its canine na [...]

    7. Books featuring animals, particularly dogs and cats, are very popular with many readers Especially in the mystery field, they appear as major characters, talking among themselves and sometimes to their favorite humans and frequently they sleuth with vim and vigor Do readers find this entertaining A lot of us do but there are also many who wouldn t read one of these books under any circumstances Usually, it s because they don t like the aspect of the animals acting like humans.And then there s Ch [...]

    8. A fun and clever mystery where the PI s dog is the narrator It s clear the author has spent a great deal of time imagining his own canines thought processes Chet s world is full of smells and adoration of Bernie and not so deep thoughts and the satisfaction of catching perps The charms of an unusual narrator It s all right, Bernie said, lowering his hand We re here to help Went without mentioning that was what we did Although who were we helping, exactly I hoped to find out soon, but if not I wa [...]

    9. This book was somewhat different than any other I have ever read It said on the cover A Chet and Bernie Mystery Turns out that Bernie is a PI and Chet, his partner, is a large dog The book is entirely told from the view point of the dog I did not really care for the author s style of writing So I only gave it 3 stars.

    10. Bernie and Chet are a team Bernie is a private investigator Lately, Bernie has been feeling the pinch in his financial situation If it was not for this, he probably would have argued with the Mayor about his latest job The mayor wants to hire Bernie to baby sit a movie star The town is the setting for a movie and Thad Perry is the star Bernie is no one s baby sitter but the money is good It seems that Bernie will have to earn his money when someone tries to go after Thad A Fistful of Collars is [...]

    11. My favorite narrator, Chet the Jet, the better half of the Little Detective Agency is back to solve a cold case crime The case starts normally enough with Bernie Little being hired to make sure that a movie being shot in the valley proceeds with no slip ups That won t be easy since Thad Perry, the star, has major addiction problems The reader knows the case will be solved with what Chet brings to the table But Chet is under suspicion once Iggy s owner lets the proverbial cat out of the bag when [...]

    12. The fifth and latest entry in the wonderful Chet Bernie series, featuring the PI team of Bernie Little and his canine partner Chet, who narrates the stories.In this mystery, Chet Bernie are hired to babysit a well known film star, known to go astray, while he is in town shooting a new movie Nothing is ever as straight forward as it seems, though, and the boys are soon digging up secrets from the past For plot details, see Shelleyrae s full review at Book d Out.I love this series You might think [...]

    13. Chet and Bernie What a team Life is good when you get to ride along in the shotgun seat with the wind in your face What could be better These are the thoughts of Chet, the detective dog, who assists his human Bernie is solving cases The story is told through Chet s voice and the author seems to have a great knowledge of how a dog would think Occasionally, Chet will begin to have a deep thought, but then he ll give himself a good shake and stop that right away And yet, Chet s outlook on like is f [...]

    14. I really love these books Having the story told to you from Chet s perspective never gets old And the danger mystery suspense seems to get exciting with each book The only thing I could say I did not like with this book was the rmeoval of Susie I just finished saying how much I loved Susie being involved in the last book and how well she works with Chet and Bernie and then she gets a new job in D.C I really miss the dynamic between her and Bernie and how great she is at helping out I m hoping [...]

    15. Chet and Bernie are back, although Suzie has taken a job in Washington, DC, so they are now long distance Bernie Little is hired, along with his side kick and partner, Chet, are hired to keep an eye on famous actor Thad Perry for a great deal of money Did they ever get paid Hard to say, Chet didn t mention it But things were not all neat and tidy, and soon Bernie and Chet are on the trail of mystery, mayhem and murder One thing leads to another, with some nasty scenes with a cat in there and th [...]

    16. Another fun Chet and Bernie mystery As I ve said before, I just love how author Spencer Quinn is so good at telling the story from Chet s persective And I was super happy that nothing terrible happened to Chet in this book In the past, I ve gotten a little angry with Bernie for putting Chet in harm s way This time around, Chet was heroic without the whole is he gonna survive worries.Certainly not for everyone I have heard that there are people out there who don t like books that are told from an [...]

    17. Here s a cool idea write a mystery from the point of view of a dog who is partnered with a private eye Mark your territory well as the dog becomes confused with human idioms, gets distracted from the main point of the story in search of treats, and puzzles over human romantic relationships.This is the first of the Chet and Bernie series I have read, but it won t be the last I was delighted with a strong mystery, some really cool canine mindset, coupled with old fashioned detective work Okay, I f [...]

    18. I originally learned about A Fistful of Collars during a publisher s giveaway Since I d enjoyed another human animal mystery series, I thought this one might be fun to give a try even though I d never heard of the author It turns out that Spencer Quinn is a pseudonym for the U.S crime novelist, Peter Abrahams Although A Fistful of Collars is Book 5 in the bestselling Chet and Bernie mystery series, it works just fine as a stand alone read Read the rest of my review at popcornreads p 4540.

    19. Bernie Little and his partner Chet are best friends But oh, if Bernie could hear Chet s narration and dry humor, he d love him even This case gets them involved with a movie company where everything is not what it seems As with many series, references to earlier cases are interesting asides if you ve read all the books That said Chet s viewpoint is one we need from time to time.Writers take note Mr Quinn s skill using a canine as a reliable narrator with no other point of view is remarkable an [...]

    20. The fifth book in the Chet Bernie series, Quinn doesn t disappoint At several points throughout the story I thought I knew what was going on, only to be thrown for a loop I love a book with an unpredictable ending, and this was one I really enjoy Chet s narration, since Quinn does a good job of retaining his doggyness while following the story I think that s part of why this series doesn t just come off a cheesy.This is a must read for dog lovers that enjoy a good myster

    21. It s hard to pick a favorite because I am pretty much binge listening to the series This books lets us get to know Leda and Charlie a little better I enjoy reading all of the Spencer Quinn books, but I am addicted to the audio books read by Paul Frangione They are simple laugh out loud delightful

    22. I ve said it before and I ll say it again Chet the dog is one of the greatest creations in literature, up there with Hamlety Chet s soliliquies are funnier Seriously, though, the Chet and Bernie mysteries are damned entertaining, and the latest entry is no exception Here s to hoping that Chet and Bernie have many, many adventures for us to enjoy.

    23. It s no mean feat to write convincingly when your narrative voice belongs to a German Shepherd, but Spencer Quinn is very good at that This mystery kept me entertained.

    24. I d set this book aside for a while hoping to come across a copy of book 4 in the series, but decided to pick it up when in the mood for a lighter read and trying to fufill one of the prompts of my 2017 reading challenge a book told from a non human perspective Narrator Chet the dog tells of the latest exploits of the Little Detective Agency, a partnership between him and his human, Bernie In this case, Bernie is short on cash and accepts a request from the mayor s office to keep tabs on movie s [...]

    25. I gave this a really low rating because I can not stand at times Bernie, supposedly the smartest person in the room I really like these stories narrated by Chet the dog He is funny and sweet but I do not particularly like Bernie Bernie might be a great detective but he can not hold a dollar bill without losing it and I do mean physically dropping it or falling out of his pocket or spending it on some crappy investment If he is so darn smart how can he not even support himself or his own child If [...]

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