The Pet Project: Cute and Cuddly Vicious Verses (2020)

The Pet Project Cute and Cuddly Vicious Verses Embark on a methodical meticulous and hilarious quest for the perfect pet in this wickedly witty cautionary collection of pet poems If you re the type that oohs and aahs at furry faces precious paw
  • Title: The Pet Project: Cute and Cuddly Vicious Verses
  • Author: Lisa Wheeler Zachariah OHora
  • ISBN: 9781442442344
  • Page: 326
  • Format: ebook
  • Embark on a methodical, meticulous, and hilarious quest for the perfect pet in this wickedly witty cautionary collection of pet poems.If you re the type that oohs and aahs at furry faces, precious paws, the words ahead may be alarming Animals aren t always charming.If you think you d like a cute and cuddly pet, you may need to do some research Formulate a query Devise aEmbark on a methodical, meticulous, and hilarious quest for the perfect pet in this wickedly witty cautionary collection of pet poems.If you re the type that oohs and aahs at furry faces, precious paws, the words ahead may be alarming Animals aren t always charming.If you think you d like a cute and cuddly pet, you may need to do some research Formulate a query Devise a scientific plan And be sure to write down every observation of the animals you encounter Join one budding young scientist as she catalogs the pros and pitfalls of potential pet ownership in this assortment of zany and relatable poems that will change the way you look at cuddly animals and give you the giggles.
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    1. It s out It s out It s out It is still so exciting when a new book is born I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it.

    2. A wonderful collection of fun, witty poems about a girl following her parents suggestion that she take the scientific approach, researching potential animals for pets with hilarious results Great illustrations by Zachariah OHora.

    3. Adorable poems about a girl s scientific approach to determining what kind of pet she wants Love the doggie in backpack illustration.

    4. I really enjoyed this book It is about a girls scientific investigation to find the perfect pet She has different observations with the different places she travels and at the end she discusses her findings She walks children through the scientific method in a way that is fun, relatable, and informative It was well written and humorous This would be a great book for kids to get their feet wet with introducing the scientific method.

    5. This humorous story is an award winning book that features a story in verse form A young girl is interested in obtaining a family pet Her parents however, are not so thrilled at the idea, and ask her to do research on which animal would make the best pet Each page represents a different animal that she researched and how it did or did not fit her needs as a pet The humor in the writing allows readers to laugh out loud, and would be enjoyable for many young readers Some of the animals that she pi [...]

    6. As soon as I picked up this new poetry book, I thought of the animal reports many of my students are doing and I knew I must get this book into the hands of those kids and their teachers We begin with this ominous verse Warning If you re the type who oohs and ahhsat furry faces, precious paws,the words ahead may be alarming Animals aren t always charming.Considering that I ve been giving stacks of informational animal books to teacher friends for student research projects, this poetry book comes [...]

    7. Reading Level 2 4Book Level 3.4Summary Do you want a pet You better do your research first WORD CHOICE SENTENCE FLUENCY This fun, out of the normal, picture book brings together word choice and sentence fluency Written with poetic devices the book, when read aloud, reads smooth and has rhythmic tone The word choices make you chuckle as you read For example, You grin like I m a wimp and yet a sheep that reeks won t be my pet If I should feel affectionate, I ll hug my rug and sweater set I would u [...]

    8. Category PoetryThis book is about a girl who wanted a et but her parents were very science minded and so they told her to do research She does field observations and there are poems that describe the different animals.This book is cool It teaches children to observe, analyze, and make conclusions This would be a great book to teach about scientific method and also poems I also feel that this book would be great to learn the different animals that she observes and analyzes to see whether or not s [...]

    9. This could lead into a fun research activity where students pick an animal, find out its traits, and explain why it wouldn t make a good pet.

    10. Poetry Clever poem verses about different types of pets Great book to pick up and read a few pages of during a poetry unit.

    11. A young girl with scientist parents wants a pet, but is told she should investigate scientifically her options before making any hasty and permanent decisions She sets off with her notebook to visit farm, zoo, woods, home, and pet store She soon discovers that animals can be messy and stinky and loud and dangerous She comes to the realization that perhaps she s not the best person to have pets and asks her parents for something else instead Hint it will further her scientific research All of the [...]

    12. A little girl wants a pet, and her parents tell her to go do some scientific research to find out which pet is best.The story takes place all in rhyme, clever and cute as the budding scientist earnestly makes field observations and takes notes of her misadventures with animals that don t make great pets after all Upon closer inspectionI smelled dairy airas the cow dropped a pie at my feet.She visits a farm, zoo, the woods, and a pet store in her quest, with poems and observations of each type of [...]

    13. The Pet Project by Lisa Wheeler is a narrative poem that tells a story about the process of a little girl getting a pet I enjoyed this story not only because it was entertaining, but it introduced the scientific method in a creative way The little girl at the beginning of the book of the book forms a simple hypothesis, I am ready for a pet Her parents encourage her to do research and have supporting evidence on why she was ready for a pet She decides to research farm animals over the next couple [...]

    14. In a series of 27 amusing poems, a young girl follows her parents suggestion that she investigate all the animals she might consider for a pet before they will agree to adding one to the family The whole family seems to have a predilection for science, which prompts her to conduct a series of field observations during which she studies the behavior of a cow, a chicken, a pony, among others, before moving on to the zoo and the forest Since none of those seem suitable, she brings her investigation [...]

    15. Warning Animals aren t always charming A little girl wanting a pet is told by her parents to research, formulate a query and observe before making a decision about what kind of pet she should get The rest of the poems are part of her research journal She does field observations, a zoological expedition, Woodland naturalistic observations, and home studies She finds out many disappointing things, including a golden retriever who never brought gold and a starfish that doesn t twinkle Her final con [...]

    16. An excellent book of DOGgerel no pen intended This is truly a book after my own heart, and a wonderful out loud read.Some of the verse is a bit strained, but overall it is fantastic The basic concept is an exposition of why no pet is perfect.For instance, the skunk With lovely face and fluffy tail,the she skunk seeks to meet a male,No matter what the he skunk thinks,I think the she skunk truly stinks And the cat Pitter patter pampered paws,ripping razor cutting claws,pretty, pinky, pouty mouth,S [...]

    17. This is darling A young girl wants a pet She embarks on a scientific journey of hypothesis, observation, testing and information data collection to determine which pet will be right.The story is told in a series of poems about pets she considers pets on the farm, to pets in a zoo, pets in the woods and pets in a pet store Some of the poems are laugh out loud funny and others are a bit serious I love the cow poem Under closer inspection I smelled dairy air as the cow dropped a pie at my feet Tha [...]

    18. This rhyme pattern showcase is tied together perfectly by the darling premise of a young girl who wants a pet Her parents require research before consenting and the girl sets out to explore her options Lisa Wheeler s mastery of rhyme makes this a perfect mentor text for picture book writers It seems a likely candidate to accompany every classroom, as well Kids will love the humor and relate to the main character s plight The rhymes set great examples and even middle grade rhymers can clearly ca [...]

    19. A random book I brought home from the library the other day is titled The Pet Project Cute and Cuddly Vicious Verses written by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Zachariah O Hora and published through Atheneum Books for Young Readers, copyright 2013 I absolutely loved it It s excellent This rhythmical story is a must read A young girl longs for a pet but her scientific type parents ask her to do research and write down her observations first Hilarious And the illustrator was a perfect pick for thi [...]

    20. A wonderfully thorough search of the best possible animal to bring home and call a pet The versus are rich in language and funny all at once The animals study will take the reader everywhere from the farm to the petstore to the underground boroughs of various creatures This book can be used to breakdown the intricacies of pet purchasing when the little people in your life want a pet The manner in which the book is written can also be used to demonstrate how research is conducted, what to observe [...]

    21. Full review at thebookshelfgargoyle.wordpressThis is a really enjoyable picture book The poems follow on from each other, creating a narrative, and are jam packed with funny observations from the intrepid little investigator searching out the perfect candidate for pet hood The length of the text and the format would probably be suited to young independent readers, or alternately, make it a great option for a classroom read aloud on the subject of taking a scientific approach to decision making. [...]

    22. A young girl sets off with her journal looking for the perfect pet, making field observations in verse all along the way Because her parents are scientists, they insist she do some research before she makes a decision The journey is filled with her amusing experiences captured as she wanders to a farm, a zoo, and the woods behind her house Readers will be surprised at her conclusion The book will be a fun read to introduce how to share one s adventures by writing in rhyme One example Never take [...]

    23. The concept of the girl doing research to find the perfect pet is appealing, and something my father made me do as a child, in order to prove to him that I was ready to buy a horse The poetry is uneven in quality some is quite good and funny, some just doesn t quite click.I m a little disappointed in so many references to the animals peeing and pooing, although that is definitely a major downside to pet ownership Some of the poems were a bit negative But that said, it s a fun concept and some ki [...]

    24. A little girl is choosing a pet, but her sciency parents demand that she do her research first So the little girl visits a farm, then the zoo, next the woods, and finally the pet store finding serious flaws in numerous potential pets and eventually deciding on a most unconventional choice.The flaws the girl finds in the various animals are quite humorous The rhymes are well done, and the illustrations are OHora s unique but eye catching style Sure to be a winner with kids who like animals These [...]

    25. Clever idea for a book of animal poems, especially ones that are quite truthful I never had to do the research, my parents did it for me Thus, I did not grow up with pets mostly But I got to experience them later in life enough to know I m still not a pet person The first 1 2 of the last poem Conclusions fits me perfectly Very enjoyable Too long to share in a storytime, but fun to recommend.

    26. When a little girl asks her parents for a pet they challenge her to do her research and find the best pet for herself What follows are a series of poems about farm, zoo, woodland animals and that in one way or another aren t the right kind of pet to get.Funny poems about a huge range of animals set against acrylic illustrations I have too many favorites to list, but Pony, Hippopotamus and Polar Bear are fun.

    27. what a dilemma what pet to pick I enjoyed the small dog page, thinking first of the dog and not herself like with some other of the pet choices Love the research and field notes, most of the verses flow well, the illustrations are comical although the bunnies are referred to as Vikings wish their pictures showed them with the hats with horns Should be a great read aloud, especially for older children The Disappointments page would be good for a multiple meaning or idioms lesson.

    28. I LOVED this story book of poems A little girl who wants a pet is told by her parents to do some research first She observes farm animals, zoo animals, woodland creatures, pet store pets, and before finally making her decision a wonderful, twist ending that I won t share because I don t want to be a SPOILER Funny, must read out loud able poems with clever illustrations this is on my recommend list

    29. Lisa Wheeler s pizzazz is undeniable, and the quirky twist in this poetry collection is the underlying story When a girls asks her science minded parents for a pet, they make it an inquiry based mission for her to study and make notes on various possibilities The search takes her to farm, zoo, woods, home, pet store, and ends with a wise conclusion Excellent comic model of science investigations notes and much high level vocabulary is included in the mostly tight and well metered poems.

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