Hollywood Hypocrites (2020)

Hollywood Hypocrites From the New York Times bestselling author of Obama Zombies comes a sharp and humorous critique of the Hollywood leftE BOOK YOU RE ABOUT TO READ WILL PISS YOU OFF Are you sick of self important celebr
  • Title: Hollywood Hypocrites
  • Author: Jason Mattera
  • ISBN: 9781451625615
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the New York Times bestselling author of Obama Zombies comes a sharp and humorous critique of the Hollywood leftE BOOK YOU RE ABOUT TO READ WILL PISS YOU OFF Are you sick of self important celebrities preaching against global warming, yet flying private planes to their countless homes Fed up with lectures about charity and philanthropy from miserly rockers whoFrom the New York Times bestselling author of Obama Zombies comes a sharp and humorous critique of the Hollywood leftE BOOK YOU RE ABOUT TO READ WILL PISS YOU OFF Are you sick of self important celebrities preaching against global warming, yet flying private planes to their countless homes Fed up with lectures about charity and philanthropy from miserly rockers who will do anything for a tax break Disgusted by leftist stars decrying the evils of the Second Amendment as their personal bodyguards pack heat than a Chuck Norris kick to the face The same Hollywood loons who got Barack Hussein Obama elected in 2008 will do so again in 2012 That is, unless we muzzle them Four years ago, Republicans sat back like wimps and let Obama s celebrity fueled cool machine steamroll them into electoral smithereens This time, we must do the steamrolling New York Times bestselling author of Obama Zombies and gonzo journalist Jason Mattera takes the first stand with Hollywood Hypocrites, as he slays the Left s sacred celebrity cows and teaches Obama s Tinseltown foot soldiers their most important lesson yet No longer can they attempt to deny Americans the very liberties they use to catapult themselves to prosperity and stardom In his trademark eye opening, no holds barred, and hilarious style, Mattera puts scores of A list celebrities, including Sting, Madonna, Bono, Al Gore, Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon, Cameron Diaz, Bruce Springsteen, and many, many under the microscope to analyze whether they live by the same environmental, health, anti violence, civil rights, and other policy prescriptions they seek to inflict on Americans What he uncovers will shock you Hollywood s megaphone is powerful, and the mainstream media s love affair with the president will roar back with a vengeance when their guy is against the wall Anyone who thinks Barack Obama s abysmal first term will be enough to demoralize the Liberal Left Coast from flexing its mediated political muscle is a fool It s time to recognize the marketing and fund raising power the Hollywood Progressives wield It s time to dig into the data and set the record straight It s time to turn the media spotlight back on the image makers and prevent the Hollywood elite from hoodwinking American voters once again.
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    1. I d give this book 100 stars if I could Quick, fun read exposing the Hollywood nitwits for what they are If listening I annoying celebrities tell you how to live your life only to do the exact opposite gets on you nerves this book is for you It amazes me how the Hollywood elite preaches about the dangers of global warming while riding on their private jets or cutting down trees to build tennis courts in their backyard How about the way they talk about the rich not paying enough in taxes yet they [...]

    2. Mattera told his readers that reading this book would piss you off It did, but it also made me laugh I ve always seen most celebrities as hypocritical, but examples such as Leonardo DiCaprio lecturing the ignorant commoners about our carbon footprints, then driving away in a fleet of suv s to the airport taking a private jet to one of his several homes is only the tip of the iceberg Mattera manages to cushion the blow a bit with his humor wit So I was educated and entertained He completes his bo [...]

    3. Typical of the so called royalty here in the USA, most actors have no clue of the real world, and are the biggest hypocrites in the world, this book bares all, and the best has got to be the pages on Barbara Streisand.

    4. Don t read this if you wish to have your favorite hollywood actors celebrities put under the same microscope normally used for colorectal screenings I like Bono, but after reading this I think he s a bit of an ass hat While Mattera s bold writing style seems to suggest he s blowing the lid off of whatever he s choosing to write about, most of this information is pretty well known and not a huge shock to me News alert Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin are liberals Clutch my pearls

    5. This book is brutal and scathing Mattera pulls no punches taking on the left wing s celebrity mouthpieces and doing so in a way that is also hilariously funny Mattera s writing style may not be for all tastes but I enjoy it because it is the style of an author who is genuinely pissed off and it comes through in every word of this book.Get this book and give it a spin, you may end up thinking differently Oh by the way F K DAVID GEFFIN

    6. I thought this book was interesting Some language Amazing the lifestyles people live and then act differently Like owning acres of acres of land and not having to pay many taxes because you have someone keeping bees on it so you are a farmer that was a badly worded sentence Those are the people that really like President Obama and have the money to back him up.

    7. My favorite point in this book is that if you let a celebrity know they are a liability to their preachy cause, they will shut up and disappear.I remember a long time ago several celebrities were bad mouthing teachers until somebody pointed out they were all high school dropouts That shut them up

    8. Great facts and lots of humor It is interestng that these people find tax loop holes and then turn around and tellt the rest of us that we need to assist and pay These people also preach to me about saving the environment and then get in their jets Luckily Mattera adds humor, otherwise it would have been so frustrating to read.

    9. Very well documented and with an easy to read style I really did appreciate all the sources in the back of the book so if I thought something was out of context I could go and find the quote to check it out.

    10. Thought Provoking Enjoyed the style used to point out how the Hollywood Hypocrites push for the majority to donate until you ve nothing left to give while the HH s look for ways to hide and protect what is theirs Unbelievable, disgusting and outrageous

    11. Salient Points Drown in Sea of Sarcasm Jason Mattera has proven himself to be a talented leader among young conservative pundits regardless of whether one agrees with his point of view While his first book Obama Zombies came across as both fresh, witty and well sourced, his follow up book, HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES, is somewhat of a letdown.HOLLYWOOD HYPOCRITES does effectively hammer home the do as I say, not as I do message that so many celebrities use to sucker their legions of adoring fans into f [...]

    12. I am only few the first few chapters of the book, and already need to write something as a review My review could range from anywhere between 1 3 stars The content is pretty good, but the style is so over the top, it almost makes the book unreadable He seems to be going for Ann Coulter style, but on steroids It s like a bad impersonation of what liberals think right wing talk radio sounds like I ve found the style to be very jarring, especially right after reading Primetime Propaganda which is a [...]

    13. This is the second book of Jason Mattera s I ve read and both are interesting the other being Obama Zombies Keep in mind that he s not just criticizing Hollywood, but rather the hypocrisy of specific individuals in the entertainment industry From singers espousing the working class and big government who skip out of paying taxes to anti gun, anti violent rappers and actors who want to literally beat sense into conservatives, to racists who masquerade as high minded, equality conscious progressiv [...]

    14. Don t get me wrong Hollywood being so hyperbolic about everything opinionated is all so thoroughly entertaining to me It is, however, seemingly just not too sensible or practical And it can certainly be viewed as overtly preachy or slightly condescending.But I can t have it both ways either.I live in the greatest country in the world because my country has Hollywood, and, to a lesser extent, because the headquarters of the UN and off Broadway are also located within the US of A.

    15. No real surprises and it is a bit of a rant This listing of who s who in the Hollywood do as I say not as I do world He does make a good point about tax policy If you are a wealthy person who honestly thinks that wealthy people need to pay in taxes than byvall means do so Attn Dept G Bureau of the Public Debt P O Box 2188 Parkersburg, WV 26106 2188Any person whobwants to send extra money to the US Government can just use the above address.

    16. What you get is exactly what you d expect with a title like this It was interesting, and I think he actually makes some good points i.e asking why celebrities who clamor for higher taxes on the rich still look for shelters and claim deductions on their own rather lofty incomes I think I might be too old for this one, though the writing style is such that my inner audiobook was in Jeff Spicoli s voice, and that got little tiresome.

    17. The hypocrisy of the Hollywood elite is astounding How do they live with themselves This book points out many of the worst offenders and will definitely make you rethink about how you spend your entertainment dollars I don t want to waste another cent on these jerks.

    18. The author lambasts Hollywood and media types for what he perceives to be hypocritical actions He says that they feel certain rights should be denied the average citizen while they keep them for themselves and take public money.

    19. Interesting look at the hypocrisy of those trying to tell others how they should live their life as they do the exact thing they tell you not to do Eye opening at times, but could have been written objectively with just the facts laid out.

    20. If he hadn t called names so much, I would have given this 5 stars I get that it s part of his schtick, but the facts speak for themselves he didn t need to be quite so inflammatory If you can get over that part of things, this is an interesting and quick read.

    21. This book did get me angry reading about all the usual suspects and their liberal hypocrisy I thought the author went over the top, however, in trying to be snarky and clever A little of that goes a long way and you start looking like you re trying too hard.

    22. It was fascinating to hear how some famous people live, but I didn t like the authors tone when writing about it He called names and was condescending, but the facts that he cited were disturbing.

    23. The author is a little toooo right wing for my liking, but I always love to read about the absurdity of celebrities.

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