Story's End (2020)

Story s End Enter the magical land of Story in this sequel to Storybound perfect for fans of Inkheart The School for Good and Evil and classic fantasy tales like Ella Enchanted and The Neverending Story Kids w
  • Title: Story's End
  • Author: Marissa Burt
  • ISBN: 9780062020543
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Enter the magical land of Story in this sequel to Storybound, perfect for fans of Inkheart, The School for Good and Evil, and classic fantasy tales like Ella Enchanted and The Neverending Story Kids who love fairy tales, dragons, magic, and will be enchanted by Una Fairchild s unforgettable adventure in Story s End.Story is a land of dashing Heroes, dastardly VillainEnter the magical land of Story in this sequel to Storybound, perfect for fans of Inkheart, The School for Good and Evil, and classic fantasy tales like Ella Enchanted and The Neverending Story Kids who love fairy tales, dragons, magic, and will be enchanted by Una Fairchild s unforgettable adventure in Story s End.Story is a land of dashing Heroes, dastardly Villains, and epic quests and once upon a time, a noble King But the King vanished so long ago that even the memory of him is lost Now a cruel Enemy plots to rewrite Story s future, and an ordinary girl named Una Fairchild may be the only one who can stop him As Una and her friends Peter and Indy race to defeat the Enemy, their quest will take them deep into the secrets of Story s past and Una s own mysterious ties to this fairy tale kingdom and its long forgotten King.Discover the richly imagined world, spirited cast of storybook characters, and timeless appeal of Story s End, which closes the book on Una s adventure with an all out bang ALA Booklist.
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    1. Storybound was one of the Barnes Noble Free Friday s books, and I enjoyed the book so much I paid for the second volume in the series, Story s End The books seem to be closely bound together plot wise, which makes me wonder if Marissa Burt originally wrote it as one book, and Harper Collins divided it into two books because of the length I ve heard of such things happening before Also, the Nook version tends to not give adequate notice when switching scenes I m assuming the print version does be [...]

    2. A big thank you to Marissa Burt for letting me read an ARC copy of Story s End I d just finished Storybound and I couldn t wait to read the finale It was what I hoped for it answered the questions set out in Storybound and evolved the characters and their relationships And there were definitely surprises along the way I so want to say but I can t if I want to avoid spoilers, so I ll just say, if you liked the first one, read this one as soon as you can I should add that reading both of these bo [...]

    3. This sequel to Storybound surpasses the original Fast paced action and interesting characters drive this fantasy novel that doubles as a religious allegory Story, a world beset by evil looks to the return of the King who will defeat the Enemy, right all wrongs and deliver his people, only to find he s been there all along The compelling theme is explicitly stated in response to Una s questioning why the King doesn t prevent evil, Better to strengthen the good than to rid the world of evil keepin [...]

    4. There could be no better fate than to be written into the fantastic world of Story Marissa Burt s storytelling comes from an evident love of books, characters, and reading She brilliantly educates young readers about the many genres of writing and their respective character types and plots She invites young readers through the examples of triumph and transformation of Una s and Snow s lives to be the heroes of their own stories and to not be afraid to take risks for a world in which they believe [...]

    5. The Story s End is a wonderful story It is about parents child relationship and about having friends Una Fairchilds discovered her real parents in Storybound What worse was that she did the most horrible thing in the Storybound She released the Enemy, who happened to be her real father Now her father is searching for the elements to rewrite Story The Enemy was going to destroyed the characters who would opposed him with the help of the Red Enchantress, who is her real mother.To Una s sad discove [...]

    6. This book brought the whole world of Story that we learned about in STORYBOUND completely to life So many twists and turns I just don t even know where to start Of course, STORYBOUND is one of my FAVORITE books, so I was bound to love this one, right Heh Bound STORY bound See what I did there BUT this book SURPRISED me I m trying to keep this spoiler free, but I LOVE a book that can make me gasp and have to set the book to the side for a few minutes to process things, and this book reached my ex [...]

    7. Marissa Burt s first novel, Storybound, was a delightful read Unfortunately, the sequel, Story s End does not have the same magic as the first one, only because it doesn t work as a stand alone book If you do not read the first in the series, you will be confused And even after reading the first one, you may still be confused as you try to keep straight Muses, Tale Keepers, Written Ins, Villains, the Enemy, the King, etc While it works as an action packed adventure, overall it needed a bit cohe [...]

    8. The King has disappeared and his story is all but forgotten A most evil one is ready to rewrite Story and even will be lost if he succeeds Una Fairchild, 12, with the help of her friends Peter and Indy, is the key to stopping him Adventure, deceit, secrets and lies make this Story hard to put down Why I picked it up I am drawn to fairy tale retellings and related right now.Why I finished it It has the right level of adventure for this age group with characters these readers will enjoy And a con [...]

    9. 12 year old Una Fairchild is a foster child in the land of Readers and discovers a book in her school library that is a portal to the land of Storya land in total chaos because the king who is the writer of all stories that were, is, and will be The villains in Story unfortunately are also the missing parents of Una Her bloodties to these two characters link her to the magic that is needed to work with the resistance movement to bring back the long lost kingwhich in essence sets alls the stories [...]

    10. Note I received a free ARC of the novel.First thing, I love the cover art It s very eye catching and definitely draws interest in.I really enjoyed Story s End The plot was very engaging and didn t drag in any place I liked discovering about other places in Story like The Ranch and the Enchanted Swamp Getting to see of Snow and her relationship with her mother was a great thing, plus learning about Professor Thornhill It may not have ended happily ever after but with a definite good resolution [...]

    11. I received an uncorrected proof for review Marissa Burt has writen another spell bound book that draws you in and will not let you out until the end This book is a fitting sequal to the first book, STORYBOUND Just as we thought Una s travels could not get any interesting or eventful, we find ourselves in te middle of Una s life and her strugles to overcome her longing to find her parents and what she must do when she does This book is actioned packed and ready for all ages to enjoy.

    12. This was a fantastic sequel to Storybound The story gets so much intense and the moral questions that are presented can give kids and adults alike an insight into the world I felt connected to all of the characters Una, Peter, Indy, and Sam Even Snow comes around and by the end she s helping Horace make the right choice Basically and most simply, I loved it.

    13. First Reads Winner Just finished this and it was awesome The level of scary and honor was exactly right for the age The concept refreshing and the writing well done I really enjoyed this and I believe any age reader would as well Hopefully we get to re visit Story I KNOW there is another tale just waiting to be written

    14. Finished reading Story s End I thought it was an amazing read, it answered all the previous questions set by Storybound I m hoping for a third book that this will become a series, but that s really up to Ms Burt Such a huge fan I hope to see great things from Ms Burt

    15. Story s End is a great sequel Marissa Burt is an amazing Muse herself I can t wait to see what new and exciting stories she has in store for us next This a must read series

    16. I d highly recommend the Storybound books this is the second of two , it s very easy to get pulled into the world Burt has written and there s a lot of room for her to continue with these characters if she chose to though the story has wrapped up completely in this sequel In reviews a lot of people seemed to enjoy this book significantly less than the first I think this may be partly because many of them specifically said that they hadn t read the first one recently, so it was hard to remember e [...]

    17. If you are a writer you should read these books Observe how the characters differ by the way they get along with each other This is the second book of a two book series at least, I m assuming this is the last book although it would be a pleasant surprise if there would be another book coming one day The first book was fairy tale ish than this one turned out to be but it was still a great book This one would have turned into a horror western don t worry, not really gory , were it not for Kai and [...]

    18. Things aren t looking so good for Story The Enemy, Fidelus the Muse who went a little power crazy is back The other Muses are all captured and under the Red Enchantress s power Fidelus is gathering the Elements, the legendary tools necessary to write or unwrite Story s story or even write Story s End He s also raising up Taleless and promising them fresh bodieswhich is not good news for the living characters of Story The Resistance, those who believe that the King will return to Story, has insid [...]

    19. With the enemy returning at the hands of an unknowing Una Fairchild, the fate of Story is in peril Whispers of the true king of Story waft from character to character Yet, can it be believed As the Red Enchantress blankets most of the Story with lies, can a proper ending be written With Una s new knowledge of who she is exposed, can Story forgive her for what she has done What will become of Story What ending is it destined to have Burt is truly a gifted middle grade writer I absolutely adored S [...]

    20. I finished off this book in only a couple of days Honestly it is just so easy to get into and so filled with action Una continues to be absolutely awesome I love that this is a young reader s book that has a female protagonist who is fully capable of doing things for herself Yes, she has friends who help her greatly but she never has Peter or Indy do something for her because she is a girl She learns to be a hero all by herself Along that same line seeing of Snow was one of my favorite parts Sn [...]

    21. Story s End takes place after the events of Storybound Una, Peter and Indy have survived the return of the Enemy Fidelus and are out to stop his evil plots Snow and her mother have been captured by the Duessa and must find a way to escape Duessa and Fidelus are out to rewrite Story so that only their supporters survive and everyone worships them as the King and Queen of Story The characters must unite to fight against them and pray for the return of the true king.This is such a fun series I love [...]

    22. This was a good, imaginative end to the story, and I did like it It made me realize something, though, one of the reasons why I have a harder time connecting to fantasy than other genres It is this kind of fantastical, deux ex machina ending Outlook is bleak No way to survive Hope and plans are in ruins No problem It turns out that this character object power that the reader had no idea existed trumps everything else, and will save the day It all turned out to be so simple Yay for them I m exagg [...]

    23. This book picked up right where the first left off and hit the ground running The story swept me along the whole way, and then dropped me on the ground at the end Watching the different characters move toward the climax was great Snow, Peter, Indy, and Una all had their own missions and agendas Each could have managed to have been the sole focal point sharing the burden made me want them to come together all the .When I came to the last page, I was surprised that it was the last page I felt like [...]

    24. It was a good sequel and ending I would have liked a little of the story, but I still liked it I like all of the characters I liked the addition of Kai, he was interesting and mysterious I would have liked to have known about him I liked how it ended I thought Kai s moral to the story was a very good one You can t wish all the bad away There will always be bad with good, that s what makes the good good It wasn t your typical story and it was nice to have something a little different Also, ther [...]

    25. Just as good as the first one These characters have sup rising depth It s too bad it wasn t just published as one book instead of 2 They are not that long and would have made an excellent stand alone novel The way it was forced into a series I am guessing publisher encouragement makes it lose one star Otherwise I was very pleasantly surprised by the books all around.The land of Story is rich in detail The characters are interesting and avoid stereotypes The plot has just a few twists and turns, [...]

    26. WOW What an amazing finish to the fabulous story Marissa Burt started in Storybound While the action keeps your heart pounding, it never overshadows the beauty of the story, itself The eloquent message and empowerment it offers to the reader leaves a lasting mark Beautifully written and wonderfully conceived, both Storybound books are a must read for everyone loves to be brought into a great story.

    27. Note I read the Advanced Reader s Copy This is a wonderful continuation of Storybound, Marissa Burt s lovely and charming 1st novel The characters are interesting, engaging and I have to admit I was delighted not to wait for the final edition to arrive in stores There s danger and treachery afoot, but who are the true villains and how do our young protagonists stop the destruction of their world Well, you ll have to read it and see.

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