A Classical Primer: Ancient Knowledge for Modern Minds (2020)

A Classical Primer Ancient Knowledge for Modern Minds None
  • Title: A Classical Primer: Ancient Knowledge for Modern Minds
  • Author: Dan Crompton
  • ISBN: 9781843178804
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
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    A Classical Primer Ancient Knowledge for Modern Minds Sep , A Classical Primer Ancient Knowledge for Modern Minds Crompton, Dan on FREE shipping on qualifying offers A Classical Primer Ancient Knowledge for Modern Minds Skip to main content A Classical Primer Ancient Knowledge for Modern Minds by May , A Classical Primer Ancient Knowledge for Modern Minds by Dan Crompton helps you keep track of books you want to read Start by marking A Classical Primer Ancient Knowledge for Modern Minds as Want to Read Want to Read. A Classical Primer eBook by Dan Crompton May , A Classical Primer is an accessible and enjoyable look back at classical civilization how they lived, and how many aspects of our own daily lives have been directly influenced by theirs, from roads and concrete, to central heating, the twelve month calendar, cranes and even the modern day favourite, pizza Here s a classical primer of political word origins The Sep , Here s a classical primer of political word origins Democrat Joe Biden left and Republican Mike Pence take a break from campaigning to commemorate the A classical primer ancient knowledge for modern minds Covering the study of ancient Greek and Latin literature, history, philosophy, science, maths, art and architecture and their influences on our heritage and culture A Classical Primer is the Read A Classical Primer RISSC A CLASSICAL PRIMER ON TAJWID Ar id m , meaning that the n sound is merged into the letter after it Assimilation is of two types nasalized and non nasalized Nasalized assimilation occurs with four of the six letters mentioned earlier the y , n n, m m and w w, whose combined mnemonic is yanm tr it grows.
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    1. Disregard the reviews that dismiss the value of this nifty little book The study of antiquity is notoriously vast in its proportions If like me you ve always wanted to delve into the classical world of Ancient Greece and Rome without enmeshing yourself in the imposing confines of an Oxbridge ivory tower, this brief yet informative primer which is precisely what it is is a great place to start.

    2. 46 A CLASSICAL PRIMER Ancient Knowledge and Modern Minds 2012 Dan CromptonThere s not much information about the author of this wannabee book given by the publisher other than he studied Classics and Linguistics at Cambridge University and lives in London In just a scant 182 pages, he attempts to provide the grammar basics for both the Latin and Greek languages, including the alphabets, the scripts and the pronunciation, then goes on to provide the declensions for the Latin nouns No use is made [...]

    3. A brief trip through the classical world as seen through Ancient Greece and Rome While not bad, I didn t find anything that would make me recommend this to someone in lieu of other books approaching the subject I ve included some assorted insights below Some commentary at points frustrated me as being contrary to well established knowledge, in that the tone lends legitimacy to something which is incorrect or pure conjecture In particular I m thinking of the comparison of the Hawaiian language to [...]

    4. Dan Crompton does not waste words and this overview of ancient cultures is anything but dry It s amazing to learn how thoroughly Ancient Greek and Roman culture permeates our modern world From art and sculpture to language and architecture, these two ancient civilizations left behind much than a few grand ruins This book is like an introduction to Humanities 101, for people who never took it in College Unlike a college class, this book is short, concise, illuminating and, as mentioned, funny It [...]

    5. An easy intro to the classics and the world around them I quite enjoyed the chatty tone as it allowed the subject matter to be very accessible However, it did get a little too informal as I neared the end it was distracting than anything else All in all an interesting read and a useful snapshot of a large subject area.

    6. It s a cute book, and a very quick read The informal tone is engaging I described this book to my husband as a book for dumb people who want to sound smart I would recommend this book as a starting place for a study of the Classics It is exactly what it claims to be an outline of Classical knowledge, lacking in much detail But it is a pleasant way to pass an afternoon.

    7. While not a bad introduction, this is definitely designed for those with no exposure to the Classics at all Don t bother reading this if you have some familiarity with the subject this won t tell you anything you don t already know.

    8. Nothing particularly amazing, but it certainly helped me remember some of the grammar from high school Latin Although it s not particularly in depth, the book could easily be used as a stepping stone into other works in the classics.

    9. Bright and breezy, but as a result a bit superficial Writing occasionally lapses clumsily into informal language, for example, describing one character as getting her tits out which is just a bit odd.

    10. A quick very quick overview Parts of it were easy to understand and digest others not so much Enjoyed the last half of the book dealing with literature, philosophy and technology better than the first half of languages.

    11. An easy to read introduction to the classical world It would be ideal for teenagers as the style is informal and compares the classical world with the modern world Be warned this is not a scholarly tome.

    12. Cute book, some interesting knowledge Loved the philosophy, literature and history bits Everything else was slightly off my interest Fun and easy day s read.

    13. You can tell he studied linguistics Could have been better balanced, better maps and diagrams but it was 2.His sense of humour carried this hence the four stars.

    14. Good intro designed for the completely ignorant, it s readability also means it glosses over some interesting bits.

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