Puppet Graveyard (2020)

Puppet Graveyard Five months after her sister Gloria disappeared Kitty Seevers receives a lock of Gloria s hair in the mail No return address Just a cryptic message that brings Kitty to the Bamboo Lounge and into the
  • Title: Puppet Graveyard
  • Author: Tim Curran
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Five months after her sister Gloria disappeared, Kitty Seevers receives a lock of Gloria s hair in the mail No return address Just a cryptic message that brings Kitty to the Bamboo Lounge and into the twisted realm of ventriloquist Ronny McBane and his dummy, Piggy Kitty descends into a haunted place where reality is frayed, where the puppetmaster and puppet seem to havFive months after her sister Gloria disappeared, Kitty Seevers receives a lock of Gloria s hair in the mail No return address Just a cryptic message that brings Kitty to the Bamboo Lounge and into the twisted realm of ventriloquist Ronny McBane and his dummy, Piggy Kitty descends into a haunted place where reality is frayed, where the puppetmaster and puppet seem to have reversed roles a nightmare place where a dummy moves and speaks when his master is nowhere near him Kitty suspects not only is there something wrong with McBane and his dummy, but a greater evil is at work as those named by the dummy are dying horrible deaths And now she has been named by the same soul eater that destroyed her sister.
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    1. This novella ROCKED I ve always had a slight fear of dolls, puppets and the always scary ventriloquist dummies Ever since I saw the movie Magic as a child these dummies creep me out This novella featured the creepiest dummy EVER The story starts with a young woman named Kitty who is thinking about her sister who disappeared shortly after joining on with a ventriloquism act Kitty wants to find out what happened because her sister would never just take off like that without at least a phone call S [...]

    2. I am wavering between 4 and 5 stars with this one Tim Curran is fast becoming one of my all time favorite authors The dude can flat out write with some of the best descriptive prose in the business Ventriloquist dummies are freaky to begin with and Tim bumps up the creepy factor with Puppet Graveyard A young women goes missing and her sister desperately tries to find out what has happened As she searches for answers she uncovers some dark secrets that that will test her beliefs and her sanity Du [...]

    3. Another disapppointing effort from Curran, who has very good concepts but just can t seem to execute them successfully This story of a disturbed ventriloquist and his possessed dummy Piggy sort of plods along for a while, creating just enough interest to want you to reach the conclusion, which is rather muddled, illogical and anticlimactic, considering the set up Curran creates for just how powerful and evil Piggy is supposed to be Curran again overdoes his descriptions of imagery as he did in D [...]

    4. I read this one because it was included in the novella collection with The Underdwelling.It was okay, but didn t really do a whole lot for me But a good slant on the ventriloquist dummy taking over thing.

    5. Kitty s sister disappeared 6 months ago and they wait till now to callously send a lock of her hair, what do they want, Kitty is determined to find out and she won t let her sister go Gloria was last seen working for a ventriloquist called Ronny McBane and this is where her investigation starts As she watches the ventriloquist and Piggy his dummy, she realises something just isn t right, they are almost too good, the dummy almost too lifelike and things just get creepier from there Her first int [...]

    6. A solid 4 star read that I really enjoyed Tim has a real gift with words metaphors in particular This read flowed so well, it was over before I knew it Kitty, the main character, who wants to find out what happened to her sister who disappeared while working with Ronny and his dummy Piggy was what knocked this read down for me The author constantly told me, the reader, why Kitty was doing this and why she was doing that, taking away the suspense, or the surprise me factor StillA recommended read [...]

    7. Ever since seeing that episode of the original Twilight Zone with Telly Savalas and that creepy doll, Talky Tina My name is Talky Tina and I m going to kill you , I have been weirded out by ventriloquist dummies In Puppet Graveyard, my uneasiness is further accentuated, like drilling on a tooth with an exposed nerve With 1,417 Kindle locations, Curran details the world of Pippy the vent dummy and his master When Pippy moves without his master, I felt some hair rise on the back of my neck From th [...]

    8. There s something inherently creepy about puppets and Piggy is no exception to this He is a nasty, foul mouthed puppet who is the property of ventriloquist, Roddy McBane although you could seriously question who is controlling who Kitty is looking for her sister who has been missing for the last few months and her investigations take her to The Bamboo Lounge, where Roddy and Piggy stage their act.As Kitty digs deeper she finds some disturbing information regarding Roddy, his family and their hom [...]

    9. A lot of the reviews of this novella seem to focus on what it does well creepy puppet imagery, hints at even worse things behind closed doors and overlook what it does poorly build a story without exposition dumps, realize that it s attempts at building up suspense are largely non existent, resist the urge to go for easy shocks, maintain a consistent world view For the former half, the does well , I enjoyed it immensely I liked the creepy puppet I liked the uncomfortable dialogue I was mostly ok [...]

    10. Puppets are unquestionably hands down creepy But don t just take my word for it, take a whole bunch of words, a whole novella s worth by the ever terrifying Tim Curran, who definitely knows a thing or two about it This was freaky, eerie, unsettling, creepy and very scary, all the things a good horror story ought to be Thanks so much for this one, Kimberly With his novellas Curran seems to find a subject that s already somewhat unsettling and take it to a whole new level And this one is pretty mu [...]

    11. Puppet Graveyard is a classic, action packed romp through occultism, witchcraft, and reanimation that brought back fond memories of watching horror movies in the mid to late 80sd being scared to turn off the light in my bedroom for fear that some monster or doll or puppet, in this case was waiting for me beneath the sheets.A tight story rife with family tragedy, a strong and fearless protagonist on the trail of her missing sister, and one seriously creepy ventriloquist doll named Piggy.

    12. Loved this creepy novella Very disturbing rape scenen t get it out of my head yes, it was good Thanks Brenda for lending it to me I was chasing the deadline today with 2 books, but I managedis is a lesson well learned, in the future I will not be so greedy and download all books straight away but use the period of 7 days delay

    13. Tim Curran takes the tried and true horror of the haunted ventriloquist doll and adds his own chapter, merging in elements slightly reminiscent of Robert Bloch s Psycho and maybe even a little bit Stephen King s It The result is a fast paced and creepy novella.4 STARS

    14. Ventriloquist s dummies freak me the hell out I know I m not alone on this But once upon a time, I didn t feel that way Here s a little backstoryI was a strange and unusual child Ah,who the hell am I kidding I m a strange and unusual adult, too But as a child, imagination runs free Especially for me I have always been introverted so most of my time was spent alone, playing alone, making things come alive So I thought it was the coolest thing when I saw a ventriloquist for the first time How did [...]

    15. My first novel by Tim Curran was Dead Sea and while it definitely had its moments, it was flawed in many departments and nearly all of these flaws can be found in Puppet Graveyard as well.First of all, just like Dead Sea , this novella feels as if it has never seen a decent editor Besides the obvious mistakes the main protagonist s last name constantly changing in its spelling while in one chapter her fist name all over sudden turns from Kitty to Lisa which already smells of sloppy or rushed wor [...]

    16. This was a very good story Kind of sick and disturbing in some aspects, but come on, that s what kept me reading Piggy is so demented Would have loved this to have been longer Dummies have always creeped me out and this sure puts the icing on the cake

    17. Tim Curran has been a favorite of mine ever since I read his novel The Corpse King, and that book was sweet, so, when I was given Puppet Graveyard to review I knew I was in for a treat Now don t start thinking Goosebumps dummy horror with its wacky zany shenanigans.Nope, this one is strictly for the adults and is different from similar themed stories.It s about a puppet named Piggy who than lives up to his name The dummy is crude, mean spirited and downright evil His controller, a weak and meek [...]

    18. Tim Curran channels some intense visuals in the final act It was a new level of intense It becomes about something than just creepy puppets It hints at not just puppeteers outside of space and time, but possibly progenitors.A brief excerpt to show the feverish beauty that comes through as the story finds its voice It goes without saying, but SPOILER WARNING below And then he was telling her things, as she wildly debated whether to shoot the dummy or its master or the dragging carcass He was tel [...]

    19. This is the story of Kitty One day she receives a letter that contains a lock of hair she knows it s her sisters and sets out to find out what has happened to her She knows she worked for a ventriloquist so she starts her search there Soon she learns secrets she wishes she hadn t and things take a very sinister turnThis was brilliant It was scary and atmospheric and creepy and did I mention scary So much so that I had to step away from it for a bit as it was freaking me out a little I love a boo [...]

    20. Tim Curran continues to write delightfully grotesque works of horror that cement him as one of the brightest stars in modern horror Puppet Graveyard is an addictive journey into the blackest of evils and corrupted souls There is no doubt about Curran s love for macabre and disturbing fiction Nearly every page oozes with his almost giddy Lovecraftian descriptions For new readers, this is a great book to get a taste of the author s sensibilities Due to the shorter length than his other books, less [...]

    21. I enjoyed the book It was creepy and horrific as I wanted it to be But, the writing wasn t the best Maybe it was just the version I read I read the first edition, on ibooks but there were errors such as the name of the main character, Kitty Sometimes the author would use the name Kitty but other times the author switched her name was Lisa The first time this happened I was confused and was saying who is Lisa But then there were three other times where Kitty s name was switched so I figured that [...]

    22. You can always count on the good people over at Darkfuse to put out good, solid horror fiction and folks, they ve got another winner on their hands because this is one helluva spooky book This gritty horror noir instantly pulls you in and begins to creepily unfold before you before you can even say boo.A word of advice though, do not read this book if thought of demon possessed, biting, raping, murderous ventriloquist dummy living in an old rambling, dark house with an even darker attic might ea [...]

    23. Okay, so yes ventriloquists and their dummies have always been creepy, but Curran rachets it up to amazingly grotesque and horrific levels with Piggy Ronny McBane and his dummy, Piggy are one twisted act But it s not just an act and Kitty chasing after the mystery of her sisters disappearance soon finds out first hand what horrors are held by the puppetmaster and puppet Gross, edgy, and scary I didn t want to put this story down once I started reading it if only because I didn t want to fall asl [...]

    24. I give this a 4.5 5 on the review on my site, but doesn t allow half stars, so I bumped it to five here I only put that disclaimer should someone notice the difference That said, this is creepy as hell and I highly recommend it You can read my full review at HorrorTalk.

    25. This was my first experience with a Tim Curran book Wow What a ride Curran s Piggie cracks one liners while seriously creeping you out Not an easy task to do A lot of fun Give it a shot.

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