Fated (2020)

Fated Chasing the secrets of her past Josephine Anderson is a year old psychic empath Isolated and alone she d given up on finding love because of her gift She s haunted by her vivid dreams about a myst
  • Title: Fated
  • Author: Alexandra Anthony
  • ISBN: 9781476152141
  • Page: 441
  • Format: ebook
  • Chasing the secrets of her past Josephine Anderson is a 28 year old psychic empath Isolated and alone, she d given up on finding love because of her gift She s haunted by her vivid dreams about a mysterious man that is her destiny Her world is turned upside down When she meets Stefan Lifsten, she s surprised to discover that he s the man from her dreams He sChasing the secrets of her pastJosephine Anderson is a 28 year old psychic empath Isolated and alone, she d given up on finding love because of her gift She s haunted by her vivid dreams about a mysterious man that is her destinyHer world is turned upside downWhen she meets Stefan Lifsten, she s surprised to discover that he s the man from her dreams He s tall, blond and drop dead gorgeous, but he has his own secrets to hide He s a millennia old vampire that s been on a quest to find her after his own vision 200 years agoTheir fates finally collideWill their fated love and desire be enough to keep them together as she becomes entrenched in the world of vampires and her past unravels This is a hot, romantic book It contains sexy vampires, graphic language, adult content and situations that aren t for the faint of heart Consider yourself warned.
    Fated Definition of Fated at Dictionary Fated definition, subject to, guided by, or predetermined by fate destined See . Fated Definition of Fated by Merriam Webster Fated definition is decreed, controlled, or marked by fate How to use fated in a sentence. Fated definition of fated by The Free Dictionary Define fated fated synonyms, fated pronunciation, fated translation, English dictionary definition of fated adj Governed by fate predetermined or destined Our paths were fated to cross . Fated definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary If you say that a person is fated to do something, or that something is fated, you mean that it seems to have been decided by fate before it happens, and nothing can be done to avoid or change it He was fated not to scoreories of desperation, fated love, treachery and murder. Fated Synonyms, Fated Antonyms Thesaurus Synonyms for fated at Thesaurus with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions Find descriptive alternatives for fated. Fated Alex Verus, by Benedict Jacka Feb , Fated kicks off an urban fantasy series starring Alex Verus, a mage running a magic shop in London Verus is a diviner, which gives him the ability to see into various possible futures He s spent years minding his own business, keeping away from the attention of the various powerful mages, both Light and Dark, that make up the Council.
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      441 Alexandra Anthony
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    1. PLAGIARISM ALERT So I just found out today that the EXCERPT of this series posted on Alexandra Anthony s wordpress plagiarized the hell out of ficlit78 s True Blood fanfiction Pretty Kitty For the author to put a piece that is clearly a work of plagiarism like this as an excerpt on her own website, I am truly speechless and I shudder to think about the rest of the content inside these books.See for yourself ficlit s Pretty Kitty ficlit78.wordpress pretty The night wore on and Eric and I grew an [...]

    2. ACTUAL RATING 0 starsWhy Because this book plagiarized from a True Blood Fan Fiction Seriously, people need to stop doing this Just because it s fan fiction you think we re not gonna find out SHAME ON YOU For info go to ficlit78.wordpress 2014 07

    3. Plagiarism Plagiarism Plagiarism this story has been plagiarized on a fanfiction TRUE BLOOD the link of this story is here ficlit78.wordpress pretty This author is a THIEF

    4. This author plagiarized this book from a True Blood fanfic writer I don t have enough negative things to say about someone who steals another s writing and presents it as their own, making money off of it It s despicable.

    5. I find what you re doing disgusting, dishonest and absolutely sad Why do what you did Take an honest work from another person You re already a known author, so tell me why would you STEAL someone s story Please tell me, because quite honestly, I m baffled ficlit78.wordpress 2014 07 Looks like you re busted, sweetheart I don t know how you thought you d get away with it, considering that our fandoms have a very wide range in the literature world, considering that we re tight and we re loyal to ou [...]

    6. If you paid for this book before it was taken down, then you should know that you paid for something that was written originally for free A great fanfiction author by the name of ficlit78 wrote a true blood fanfiction of which this book plagiarized This is such a dishonest move made by an independent author especially since so many try so hard to get their own work recognized And it makes the customers and the readers dirty in turn, since people genuinely believed in her work and gave her their [...]

    7. Didn t bode well when a friend DNF d this one And then the other shoe dropped If I d been suckered into buying this, I d demand my money back.See ficlit78.wordpress 2014 07

    8. This review is from Fated The Vampire Destiny Series Book 1 Kindle Edition Call the Fire Dept this story with Stefan and Josie was smoking HOT AND SENSUAL FATED IS VERY VERY EROTIC Stefan has found his Fated Mate Josie after waiting for her for 200 yrs Josie is an empath and can read the minds of humans and Stefan is a Hot, Tall and Sexy as hell 975 yr old very rich vampire Need I say The story is filled romance Stefan is every girls dream He takes Josie out for dinner and dancing, he baths her [...]

    9. This book was greatI wish that there was little plot to this book in the beginning but towards the end it started to really pick up.The cliffhanger was one of the best I have ever seen I can t wait to read the rest of the series.

    10. Book not for sale any and author is retired it says on her GR author page her website is also down ficlit78.wordpress 2014 0I am a 67% and I think I am pretty done with it There is no actual story just sex and some really, REALLY bad Swedish that is driving me nuts The writing in itself is pretty nice and if there were of a story here I be on board with that But and there is a big no here.When an author decides to go the route with a foreign language, they need to remember at one point in time [...]

    11. I started reading this story because I absolutely love reading stories with vamps in them The summary made me curious and when I started I couldn t stop The past week was rough and this was my escape I absolutely have fallen in love with both Stefan as Josephine I love the way he always says her full name It has something to it Can t explain it any better Just like it I also see Alexamder Skarsgard as Stefan and Alexandra has told me that he is the one she is seeing when she is writing him He is [...]

    12. This book has a lot of smut in it by far I no people compared it to 50 shades, but its not the only thing close to it was how much sex was in it.There is this girl Josephine who can read people s minds and emotions She has no family and is a loner and likes to be alone She has 2 girlfriends who she goes out to clubs with and they always bring home a different guy They always try to get Josie a one night stand but she is not interested.At a club she meets Stefan A handsome man she has been dreami [...]

    13. This book was a fun, light read It is a love story between a human and a vampire Although it stated that it had been professionally edited, the book still contains MANY errors Which makes me wonder WHO the editor was The story line was very similar to Twilight, just substitute adults for the protagonists and add explicit sex scenes I did find Josephine s habit of calling Stefan Romeo quite annoying It was however a quick, fun read for people who enjoy this genre This book, like so many others bo [...]

    14. I loved this book.It s a 150 page book It s not a 300 page novel.That being said and after reading the reviews on here where people blather on no plot s the plot these two were Fated to be together It s Destiny Of course their attraction is immediate and strong Not to mention the blaring disclaimer on the blurb that this is an EROTIC story with adult situations.Anyway, the plot is slow to unfurl, but by the end of the book we re left to see exactly where this story is going And each one keeps ge [...]

    15. Smokin Hot sex scenes I am a bit of a prude and like to have a little left to the imagination There is nothing left to the imagination here I liked the story though and couldn t wait till the next one The love story is what kept me interested and I will finish the series When I read, I have to connect emotionally with the characters It was a little difficult getting past the sex to the core of the story, but the second and third books gave me what I needed.

    16. I really loved this book It has a beautiful story with heaps of hot sex which is always a bonus.I didnt want to put it down it had me hooked from the start.I wont go into it as I dont like to give anything away but for me I really enjoyed this book think is it really wroth 5 StarsI cant wait to start the next book.

    17. 0 stars for plagiarism This book was plagiarized from fanfic The original work was written byficlit78, a True Blood Southern Vampire Mysteries writer Please do not support this author who blatantly stole and profited from someone else s work.

    18. I am a new paranormal romance reader I have to say, this is the BEST I have read so far The story just flowed I could not put it down Definitely recommend this to all the paranormal romance readers out there I cannot wait to read from this author Love it

    19. Plagiarism You should be ashamed of yourself it is NOT Alexandra Anthony s work It is ficlet78 s work that can be find on her wodpress.

    20. Once in a while I come across a book that I absolutely cannot finish It doesn t happen very often, and it s usually a book I downloaded for free Sadly, though this book is only 1, I paid for it and absolutely positively cannot stomach reading one page of this complete nonsense I really don t like giving bad reviews because I know someone put their time and thought and creativity into this book, but seriously It s not worth 1, an I would even recommend it to anyone finding it for free Don t wast [...]

    21. Fated, what a beautiful, romantic word Alexandra Anthony has been accused in many reviews of Fated The Vampire Destiny Series Book 1 of having too much sex in this book and having no plot I strongly disagree This book shows what it is like to be loved completely and adored by Stefan Can you imagine what it would be like to have a 975 year old vampire searching for his beloved for 200 years then to finally find Josephine, don t you think the pull to the bedroom would be mighty strong Besides the [...]

    22. Story FAIRLY GOODIntimacy Level VERY VERY SPICYEnjoyment FAIRLY GOODLength 3829 kindle 224 pagesThis story was interesting for me as the author is setting the foundation for the rest of the series This first book, Fated, mainly focuses on Josephine and Stefan s chemistry and coming together I was really in a trance when both characters met As you re reading the story, the author delivers on the erotica and spiciness of the book, however, my attention with the storyline was off and on Though I fe [...]

    23. I hate when an author waste our time with a prologue that could have been chapter 1 Forgive if I m wrong but prologues are suppose to take place in the past so we can have a better understanding of what happening in the present Hers was like an recap She had some good ideas plot she just didn t fellow through A 975 year old vampire who has been having visions of a woman and looking for her for 200 years The woman, who has special gifts, has been dreaming of a man for many years They finally met [...]

    24. This book is steamy, I love vampire books and I really like the premise of this book I have fallen in love with Stefan, he is true hero material and quite the dominant man and I think Josie is a strong willed woman that made this story fun and interesting, she was a challenge for him I loved how she found out that Stefan was a vampire, laying on his chest, so happy, thenHer friend Georgia left alot to be desired, she acted like her mother then her friend I really liked Anna and Lukas, they were [...]

    25. SEX IS A HUGE PART OF THIS BOOK I agree with a few of the comments i skimmed over that this book does take awhile to hit a plot, BUT me being the way I am I cant resist the erotics.The plot doesn t really pick up till close to the end, but believe me that cliff hanger at the end is enough to make me want to start the next book The moral here is you like a book filled with sex and can stick it out to the end go for it you wont regret the read even if it just for pure erotic enjoyment Since I did [...]

    26. Here is my view on Fated.A It s a much shorter book than most on the market It s not Twilight, filled with non sensical musings about the color of Stefan s hair and how he dazzles her at every glimpse.B This is a series book The plot slowly unfurls in each book Fated is a plot within itself You have a vampire that has been waiting 200 years for her And he s a vampire Imagine finding that out.Fated love and Destiny Hello.C This book is labeled as Paranormal Romance Erotica If you can t take the h [...]

    27. Smmookkiinngg HOT Couldn t put this book down This is a paranormal fantasy book filled with a HOT SEXY EROTIC Vampire male and fun female characters having smoking hot relationsheeheeALL throughout this book A definite reread of like a 1000x Oh ya, I very much liked the story as well and it s good to note that this is also an ongoing series Can t wait until the next installment from Alexandra Anthony coming out in September 2012 Well doneloved it.Put 50 shades of shit down and pick this one up i [...]

    28. Sexy, steamy and not for those that want fade to black sex scenes.Stefan is beyond gorgeous I know if I saw someone as gorgeous as Stefan standing in front of me, my resolve would melt just like Josie.I m guessing a few people on here are not getting the concept of the book That s OK, but the vitriol is staggering It s sexy book Don t read if blunt words describing the human body offend you.

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