Animal Attraction (2020)

Animal Attraction hours minutesIn Animal Attraction the second entry in USA Today bestselling author Jill Shalvis s fun sexy series veterinarian Dell Connelly suspects his receptionist Jade Bennett has a re
  • Title: Animal Attraction
  • Author: Jill Shalvis KarenWhite
  • ISBN: 9781452675268
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Audiobook
  • 10 hours, 52 minutesIn Animal Attraction, the second entry in USA Today bestselling author Jill Shalvis s fun, sexy series, veterinarian Dell Connelly suspects his receptionist, Jade Bennett, has a reason for taking refuge in the quiet ranching town of Sunshine, Idaho Contains mature themes.
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      257 Jill Shalvis KarenWhite
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    1. How is that even possible she asked How come that s still sog, every single time He was still inside her, and getting hard again Animal attraction Jill Shalvis is my go to author when I want to read something funny, sweet, heart warming and steamy Animal Attraction is yet another reason why I love this author It is the second book in Shalvis Animal Magnetism series and it is another winner.Hot playboy who has commitment issues.Sexy office manager who is as guarded as she is beautiful.Jade Bennet [...]

    2. Every time I pick up a Jill Shalvis contemporary, I don t think she can do any better, after all how high can I keep my expectations but I am proved wrong and man am I so glad for it.Animal Attraction is the second book based in Sunshine, Idaho and this time our yummy hero is Dell, animal and woman whisperer and part owner of the vet clinic Bell Haven And we get Jade, the one who runs their life and office ever since she showed up eighteen month ago, without any references and a look in the eye, [...]

    3. I was sucked into the Hotness Vortex and I didn t want to swirl out Sunshine Idaho here I come This book and that life are just what I need Jill Shalvis writes a nice easy going romance It has you feeling all kinds of good while you re reading, and happy and content in the end Dell and Jade were such a fun couple I enjoyed their playful banter and sizzling romance Oh, there is the usual thought process going on, does she want me, am I good enough for her and vice versa There is a little bit of a [...]

    4. Yes I loved Peanut Peanut was definitely my favorite character in this book Wait was it good if I liked Peanut than the H h But Peanut was fun and so adorable I laughed everytime Peanut talked, although there are only about four to five lines in Peanut s head Peanut should have had appearance in the book sigh Why am I reviewing a parrot Jade Bennett lives in her escapism as a secretary in Bell Haven animal clinic where she met her bos Dell Conelly Jade is an independent and sassy woman with ob [...]

    5. This was nice and easy read, nothing earth shattering or intense, but a beautiful, caring love story I actually liked this book better than the first Jill Shalvis did a great job developing the Hh Dell was so fun loving, at least on the surface, and the women loved him You could feel the tension and jealousy rolling off of Jade every time she had to watch or schedule one of his dates He definitely had some commitment and abandonment issues and he fought the pull between Jade and himself to the b [...]

    6. Review posted Happily Ever After ReadsIt s no secret that I love a strong alpha man Who doesn t Take that alpha, make him a vet who will do anything to take care of any animal that comes his way, be it puppies, horses, kittens he helps them all and puts them at ease Jade, his receptionist, stands no chance against Dell, the man she s worked the past 18 months for and who she describes as a dog whisperer, cat whisperer, horse whisperer, and known woman whisperer Jade s incredibly private, which i [...]

    7. The second book in Jill Shalvis Animal Magnetism series A wonderful read Maybe not quite as good as the previous book in the series, Animal Magnetism but still good Both Jade and Dell have issues and neither really wants to talk them out That got to be a little irritating, along with the fact Jade has said she s leaving soon and Dell never asks her to stay Still a sweet emotional read with some great four legged secondary characters that really steal your heart.

    8. I loved it It was very well written and easy to read with great characters and loveable animals As well as having the romance it was also funny in parts that had me chuckling away.I am looking forward to the release of Adam s story which is 3 in the series.

    9. 4.00 Stars Contemporary RomanceThis was another of Jill Shalvis s beautiful lettering With the first scene we forecast exactly what was going to happen I feel that here begins yet another story portraying yet another Shalvis s irresistible hero who knows how to get the girl and steal the show like nobody s business You get to predict how might the story press on and what will happen in the end The guy gets the girl No surprise there But the way Shalvis tells the story Big surprise and yet no sur [...]

    10. As the first one, this book has a hot hero, nice, somewhat tortured heroine, and cute little animals I was all set to give this book five stars, not that it was exactly mind blowing, but just that it was so darn enjoyable to read In fact, it reminded me a lot of another Jill Shalvis five star, Simply Irresistible, except the hero had his own demons this time around which is better Until the last quarter, where it didn t fall apart exactly, but it definitely derailed view spoiler All through the [...]

    11. Read it in one day.Yup it was that good Couldn t put this story down okay only when I had to work, and feed my familyd sleep, but other than that all my free time was spent DEVOURING this story I found it better than the first, possibly because the characters were all introduced in the first book, and the second book just developed their characters further.The writing, story, and characters were amazing, and once again Ms Shalvis s storytelling had me laughing one minute, and all twisted up the [...]

    12. The first book in this series was my first Jill Shalvis read and I was blow away.It was refreshing and so romantic I wanted to go to bed early in the hopes that I would have sweet dreams.Animal Attraction was very similar not quite as romantic as the first in my opinion as it took a little longer to get down to the good stuff but very similar in the storyline In Animal Magnetism the hero is the one leaving in a certain amount of days so the casual fling that turns into love is ruined by him leav [...]

    13. Jill Shalvis can always put a smile on my face She just plots delightful circumstances for her characters to immerse themselves in and share a hot and sizzling romance, as well as zing each other with clever and hilarious dialogue I loved Dell and Jade thought they made a super match Of course, it was fun seeing Lilah and Brady again Looking forward to Adam s story to see if Jill can give him the HEA he so deserves Last but not least, all those adorable little animals stole my heart I love that [...]

    14. Another great contemporary romance from Jill Shalvis Funny, romantic, with deep emotional impact, with two deeply scarred characters who find each other and break through their barriers to fall in love Jill just gets better with every book I loved this one And it has dogs and cats and parrots and if you re an animal lover, you can t go wrong with with this book the hot guys don t hurt either g

    15. I loved this book and the first one in the series too I love how she builds the characters and the relationship between them and the secondary characters I hope this series continues for a while I m sure Adam s story is next These books are my idea of a perfect blend of romance, steam, and humor.

    16. His voice can melt the panties off females from five paces And all he has to do is smile and this chicks nipples harden Even though they been working together a long time and she knows he s a complete womanizing whore This book has the same time line as the first book In book one he was leaving in a month and couldn t be bagged down Now this one the female is leaving in a month And having the exact same thoughts about not getting involved cause only there for a month It feels really lazy like I [...]

    17. This review might be a little bit spoilery Read at your own risk.I struggled to decide what star rating to give this book Parts of it frustrated me so much that I started screaming at the characters, so I finally decided to give it two stars instead of three I just couldn t sympathize with Dell s thoughtlessness and self centerness He made a habit of using women like objects, and never did he stop to think of how many women he might have hurt in the past We never saw him apologize to any of the [...]

    18. More like two and a half stars The story started similar as the prequel, putting an expiration date on the romance between the hero and heroine doesn t end there with the similarities And while I like stories like that, for most of the time Animal Attraction was only readable The story was turning in circles with the characters usually taking one step forward and two steps back, with both of them expecting the other to have mind reading powers Their issues, actually it s just one issue, was drag [...]

    19. Dell Jade are a blast in this novel The banter between them was so much fun while their hidden vulnerabilities made them so real and loveable The many facets to Jade s character contrast with Dell s caring, uber alpha personality in an intriguing manner Jade s past makes her even memorable than even her outstandingly unforgettable personality does Not only does Shalvis create characters that you want to see find love, she also brings this small town to life in a vivid and endlessly enjoyable ma [...]

    20. ADDITIONAL POSTING INFORMATION COMING SOON Overall Rating 3.7 Book Cover Book Blurb 3 3 total of 3Writer s Voice 4Character Development 4Story Appreciation 4.5Worth the Chili 3 7.99 on and BN I love this author and had this series on my TBR file for forever I really enjoyed Dell s story I think Jade was just the right mix of sexy, touch and vulnerable And, you add animals or children and you have a great recipe for me.Three things I liked about this book 1 Dell and Jade Separately these characte [...]

    21. Jill Shalvis delivers another witty romance that was than enjoyable to read I couldn t get enough of this amazing story Not only do the characters capture you, but the animals do as well.Jade Bennett has a past that she has left behind and came to Sunshine to start over, but family is important to her and they need her Jade s time at the vet clinic is coming to an end She has given them her notice but what she doesn t realize is that leaving the life she has grown to love just might be a mistak [...]

    22. 3 30 12 Revisiting the book in audio, narrated by Karen White.4 atars Grade B Enjoyed the story as much the second time around The manipulative family issues didn t bother me as much this time because I already knew they aren t a big part of the story.Oct 17, 2011 Rating for print edition 4 stars Review below.Animal Attraction started off, not slow exactly, but without grabbing my attention That changed partway through the book as the story moved to a serious tone Once my emotions were engaged, [...]

    23. Welcome back to Sunshine Idaho where this time around we get Dell and Jade s story in Animal Attraction, the 2nd book in the series by Jill Shalvis We briefly met Dell and Jade in book 1 and got a little taste of what was to come between these two Jade s the epitome of Ms Organization, is a tad OCD and runs Dell s vet clinic with the efficiency of a drill sergeant She escaped to Sunshine eighteen months ago after an attack at gunpoint shook her to the core in her hometown of Chicago But now she [...]

    24. Jill Shalvis is one of the hottest contemporary romance writers around at this moment and it seems she can do no wrong and Animal Attraction is no exception.I ve been looking forward to this having enjoyed Animal Magnetism so much and wasn t disappointed with Dell and Jade s story.Jade has suffered a traumatic experience back in the city which is revealed to us slowly during the story and is in Sunshine, Idaho working a job way below her paygrade in an attempt to escape her PTSD She s working as [...]

    25. Posted on Under the CoversJill Shalvis is known for her small town romances where she is able to infuses such heart and heat into one of her books ANIMAL ATTRACTION is no exception Jade Bennett escapes her past when she comes to Sunshine, Idaho but instead her problems are of another matter when her boss, Dell Connelly snags her attention As a veterinarian, Dell has that soft hearted thing going on along with this roughened exterior Put that together and it makes for a very appealing hero But ad [...]

    26. Had a super stressful week and then was without a car for my two days off , so the hubby said I should buy myself a book so I would feel better This was a really cute and fun book I just love Jill Shalvis s voice She has such wonderful sense of humor totally read her blog and facebook posts and it really comes across in her books and in her characters.We met Dell and Jade in book one They are both terrific characters I loved seeing Lilah and Brady and getting to know Adam a little better too.My [...]

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