Bill in a China Shop (2020)

Bill in a China Shop A Child Magazine Best Book of the YearA Parents Choice Recommendation
  • Title: Bill in a China Shop
  • Author: Katie (formerly Weaver) McAllaster Tim Raglin
  • ISBN: 9781582349886
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Child Magazine Best Book of the YearA Parents Choice Recommendation
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      104 Katie (formerly Weaver) McAllaster Tim Raglin
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    1. I loved this book before I read it Bill in a China Shop Who can t love that title Such clever word play, and well, downright silliness I just hoped that the book lived up to the title, and happily it does Admirably Bill the Bull is barred from most China Shops He so wants to go in and buy some new china teacups But all the china shops have signs on the door Bulls Keep Out Until one happy day when he finds a china shop without a sign on the door Wonderful illustrations carry the wistful silliness [...]

    2. Without a doubt my favourite children s book ever A beautifully illustrates poem telling the story of a bull who loves fine china, but is barred from china shops It challenges gender norms and the twist at the end, subtly played out, highlights the dangers of judging others by their appearance And the language use The line his flailing tail flicked and whacked, a pile of platters neatly stacked is genuine poetry A perfect kids book.

    3. The rhyme schemes are delightful and the illustrations are gorgeous This is great for librarians and families, ANYONE actually

    4. This is a really cute book about kindness that plays off of the old saying, A Bull in a China Shop The book follows a bull who loves all kinds of delicate china He wants to go into a china shop to look at all the little tea cups but bulls are not allowed in china shops As the book progresses, it follows his misadventures in the china shop and those he meets there I loved this book and would include it in my personal and classroom library I highly recommend this book.

    5. Especially great for kids who feel clumsy or are told they are I would have loved to have read this as a child, because my family told me I was like a bull in a china shop.

    6. Bill In a China Shop tells the story of bull named Bill who is in love with china shops However, since bulls are so hefty and clumsy many shops display signs on their doors stating that bulls are not allowed in their shops One day, Bill stumbles upon a store that does not have such a sign and excitedly walks in He then notices a beautiful teacup that he would like to buy so he carefully begins to walk over As he is on his way, the owner of the shop walks up behind him and declares that bulls are [...]

    7. Gorgeous illustrations and a fun, rhyming narrative are the highlight of this silly story about a bull who adores china The pen and ink and watercolor illustrations are very nicely detailed and we love the expressions on the characters Overall, the kindness displayed by the three ladies and the ensuing tea party made for a fitting and happy ending to the tale We really enjoyed reading this book together.

    8. In fewer than thirty pages of snappy rhyme, this perfectly illustrated book lurches our hearts through bliss, terror, relief, yearning, horror, sorrow, pity, disdain, triumph, gratitude and finally the comfort of friendship.Listen to our chat about this book on our JustOneMoreBook Children s Book Podcast justonebook 2006 0

    9. Bill loves fine china teacups, trays, bowls, etc Unfortunately, he is a bull and no china shop wants him to come in He does go into one and wreaks much havoc though all quite unintentionally Some very nice old ladies befriend him after he is thrown out and together they all can share their love of china.Excellent illustrations.

    10. Bill the bull sees the perfect cup in the china shop He tries to be as delicate as possible, but breaks many items while trying to reach the cup The clerk makes Bill nervous until 3 ladies save the day for Bill It all ends with a tea party.Funny, silly book.

    11. The illustrations in this book are fabulously detailed, but they are not the best part of this book The best part of this book were the three older ladies who showed such kindness, and the message of courtesy which ran through it.

    12. My younger boy was passionate about this when he was younger, the older one didn t like it heathen It is quite simply a delight to read out loud the rhymes just roll off the tongue Why oh why do children have to be so unreasonable about growing out of things like this

    13. Based on the saying a bull in a china shop , Bill the bull wants a teacup Great book for rhyming, not too difficult for younger readers The 3 ladies show Bill kindness and respect and friendship when he is upset from breaking the china He thanks them properly with a tea party at his house.

    14. This book is GREAT for verbs wow it has such a wide variety of different verbs There is also great rhyming as well as repitition that occurs in the book The children would love this book because the bull named bill makes a mess

    15. We read this book several times a week and I LOVE IT Great illustrations and so much fun as Avery has been learning the words over these three years.

    16. Wonderful, intricate artwork, and a great, funny idea for a picture book Veg n parents note A large sign on a store front advertises fur hats.

    17. This is the best childrens book my children and I have ever read It s read daily and still enjoyed by my 3 year old right through to my 11 year old who has been reading it since he was 3

    18. Very funny story about a bull named bill that loves tea Cute to read one on one or to a group at a tea party I own it this is one I love to read at a tea party

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