Il ventaglio di Lady Windermere (2020)

Il ventaglio di Lady Windermere Il ventaglio di Lady Windermere titolo originale Lady Windermere s Fan una commedia in quattro atti di Oscar Wilde rappresentata per la prima volta il febbraio al Saint James Theatre a Londra
  • Title: Il ventaglio di Lady Windermere
  • Author: Oscar Wilde Masolino d'Amico
  • ISBN: 9788821164354
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Il ventaglio di Lady Windermere titolo originale Lady Windermere s Fan una commedia in quattro atti di Oscar Wilde rappresentata per la prima volta il 22 febbraio 1892, al Saint James Theatre a Londra.Ambientata a Londra in epoca contemporanea, la vicenda presenta, come particolarit , di essere sviluppata nell arco di meno di ventiquattr ore, avendo inizio un marted aIl ventaglio di Lady Windermere titolo originale Lady Windermere s Fan una commedia in quattro atti di Oscar Wilde rappresentata per la prima volta il 22 febbraio 1892, al Saint James Theatre a Londra.Ambientata a Londra in epoca contemporanea, la vicenda presenta, come particolarit , di essere sviluppata nell arco di meno di ventiquattr ore, avendo inizio un marted alle 17 e terminando alle 13.30 del giorno dopo.Gi dal primo atto si vede in scena Lady Windermere, ed entrano lentamente gli altri protagonisti La trama narra di una donna sposata che, corteggiata da un altro uomo, tentenna pensando che il marito abbia un amante In realt il marito fedelissimo accudisce solamente questa donna che in realt madre di lady Windermere
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    1. Reading an Oscar Wilde play is sort of like life being perfect The structure of the work is faultless, the dialogue is uber clever and fantastic What s wrong with Wilde Nothing He s perfect I can t imagine any writer who wrote so beautifully in his native language There are some people who are born with it and Wilde is one of them Of course for someone so perfect he would have to get involved in some nasty social business via his decade But when you look back at Wilde, one realizes that he is so [...]

    2. Wilde s wit never bores me, which is why he is one of my favorite authors Below are a few quotations I particularly liked from Lady Windermere s fan scandal is gossip made tedious by morality In this world there are only two tragedies One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it What is a cynic A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing That is the worst of women They always want one to be good And if we are good, when they meet us, they don t love us at a [...]

    3. There is the same world for all of us, and good and evil, sin and innocence, go through it hand in hand To shut one s eyes to half of life that one may live securely is as though one blinded oneself that one might walk with safety in a land of pit and precipice.

    4. WOW Oscar Wilde is a genius This was so realistic, there was so much wisdom pouring out of it It was entertaining and short, straight forward, full of cherished quotes Loved it

    5. I think these classic plays are better enjoyed on stage than by reading That seems so obvious that it seems silly to say But the problem for most of us is, we haven t seen them on stage and probably won t There is enough going on in this play though to make it a fun read I use the word fun rather loosely because, even though it is a comedy, it doesn t seem like one to me Maybe that is one of the things lost in reading versus watching, I don t know I think it s a subtle style of humor that probab [...]

    6. Well, it seems that my liking of Wilde s works follows a graphic like this one I am not kidding you Every time I read another play, I think it s better than the one I read before Perhaps I m reading them in some particular order unknown to me, or my opinion is starting to get biased In any case, I enjoyed this immensely.This one involves drama and problems than the plays I read previous to this one It has a jealous wife, there s blackmailing, there are some misunderstood things that lead to pr [...]

    7. The Charming TripTruths , Dares and LiesSaviour Silences and Devastating Truths Ssssssshhhhhhh Don t Say It It is absurd to divide people into good and bad People are either charming or tedious I take the side of the charming Forget about Goodness Forget about Badness Take the Charming Boat All Aboard

    8. Lady Windermere s Fan is classified as a Comedy of Manners, and while there are certainly humorous elements present in the usual clever Wilde manner, I would contend that there is of drama here than comedy The story at the base of this play is quite serious The subject of the ease with which a person particularly a woman could be ruined and expelled from society something that Wilde, even as a man, knew something of is a serious topic for Wilde The instinctive love of a mother is a serious topi [...]

    9. Wilde s work hinges on paradoxical epigrams that are both sinister in their implications and deconstructionist in their content, we are disturbed by that the character who voices the epigrams doesn t seem to have an moral core of their being and see the absurdity of, for example, the distinction between Nature and Civilization Derrida, but satirical.

    10. Ciddi Olman n nemi, deal Koca ve Lady Windermere in Yelpazesi tema ve karakterler olarak birbirlerini an msatsalar da okuyucuya ok keyifli bir okuma sunuyor Lady Windermere in Yelpazesi ni de di er iki oyun gibi b y k bir keyifle okudum, ok e lendim Sahnede de izleyebilmeyi ok isterim.

    11. I highly recommend finding Wilde s plays on audio and listening to them while driving early in the morning Press play as you sit in your freezing car, spend the first scene in a shivering fit, then ease into the second scene all nice and warm and toasty, at ease enough now to chuckle or chortle or guffaw at the playwright s acerbic wit Pause in the middle of an argument between the Windermeres to roll your window down and request through a metal box a concoction of glutinous egg, english muffin, [...]

    12. Todos estamos en el fondo de un pozo, pero algunos miramos las estrellas.No soy aficionado a las obras de teatro, pero tengo que admitir que esta me gust mucho Escrita como solo Oscar Wilde pod a hacerlo El autor retrata harto bien la sociedad victoriana, con sus estilos y sus objetos Muy bueno.Tiene un final que no vi venir de ninguna manera.

    13. I m a sucker for femme fatale versus puritanical women stories especially when these are accompanied by the wit of Mr Wilde

    14. I extremely enjoyed reading this play Oscar wilde is a shrewd writer and it is utterly noticeable in his works Hence his wisdom is depicted within the plot, the characters, the speech and so forth It is mighty interesting how he dealt with a daily problem in a penetrating way The play is all about human nature and how people are used to exaggerate things, especially women who are in love lol How they keep nagging.Moreover how people judge others before truly knowing them First the lady who thoug [...]

    15. I enjoyed reading this play, though the situations are so of their period that it can at times feel unrelatable to any modern person I have never seen a good performance of it In fact, it has produced several of the worst stage productions I have ever seen The play seems to lends itself to stilted acting and un motivated action Worse than that, is watching modern actresses who seem to confuse overt sexuality with flirtation, attempt to reproduce the witty and mannered seductions And if that isn [...]

    16. Here I mark my salutation again Oscar Wilde is a remarkably witty genius, a true observant and a sly story teller.How easily he read not only the lips of society but the rationale hidden in their words, the cause for the effect and how beautifully he reverberates in his witty words, the incomprehensible fillers we miss in the thoughts behind the mouthing of the gaudy characters to submerge their ostentation and bring out the real ugliness or the real goodness How sharpened his skills were as an [...]

    17. Read as part of the Complete Works of Oscar Wilde Like The Importance of Being Earnest, this play involves some dishonesties, some false pretenses, and so very little communication.In other words, it s great fun.I might have enjoyed this than The Importance of Being Earnest, only because I knew that story going into it, and this was entirely new for me While the situation is familiar and done to death by now in the 21st century , Wilde wrote with a freshness that is undeniable Maybe it s his wi [...]

    18. Reading Oscar Wilde s books is an amazing feeling because you never get dissapointed.This one is a magnificent play Margaret Are ALL men bad.Duchess of Berwick Oh, all of them, my dear, all of them, without any exception And they never grow any better Men become old, but they never become good Yes, I love you You are to me than anything in the whole world What does your husband give you Nothing Whatever is i him he gives to this wretched woman, whom he has thrust into your society, into your ho [...]

    19. I m afraid this wasn t the right book at the right time.I was hoping for something like The Importance of Being Earnest a comedy with lots of clever wordplay something to distract me for awhile.But while the witty wordplay is there, it s far from the comedy I was hoping for It s a great deal serious of a family drama than a farce.And it makes me rather sad that I may have ruined this play by listening reading to it when I wasn t in the mood instead of finding something better to distract mysel [...]

    20. I loved this play It dealt with serious matters with very funny and witty dialogue You can look below this review to see all the quotes I saved, there was too many for me to choose from I read this while finishing The Iliad and I couldn t help wanting now to dialogue about how we see the treatment of women in the two works In Homer s poem, women are objects to be won and breed like cattle, while in Wilde s play they are like show animals whose reputations can be wagered and used to measure socia [...]

    21. Con Wilde me pasa lo mismo que Jane Austen sus libros pueden ser del a o de la pera,but se leen r pido,no son densos ni se sienten arcaicos xD

    22. My phone s new e reader came preloaded with a handful of public domain texts, and this was one of them I was in this play my freshman year in high school, playing Lady Agatha Yes, mamma delivered in varying inflections so it s been a while since I read it.This time, it struck me as rather obvious in its morality Lady Windermere is strict in her moral code right up until she isn t, and then has to be saved by the woman whose morals she despises, thereby becoming a better, kinder, understanding p [...]

    23. Lady Windermere s Fan is a collection of catchy aphorisms loosely embroidering a fundamentally silly story Oscar Wilde understood that the best marketing in the theatre world is to have people quote you, and so he built an entire play around the smart set tossing out modish epigrams like baubles from a Mardi Gras float This was the earliest successful Wilde play and it does show some rough edges The main character, Lady Windermere, is an unappealing puritan, an unlikely target for her besotted h [...]

    24. A very quick read with nothing but splendidness I was sort of reluctant to begin this book simply because I am of a novel person rather than a play person Placing my trust on one of my favorite authors, however, I decided to read it.And of course, as usual after reading any of Wilde s works, I sit here dumbfounded as I wonder how this man managed to write things in such a way that no matter how terrible an opinion or point of view a character is expressing, it sounds convincing and enchanting H [...]

    25. Ya aviso que sta probablemente ser otra entrega de mi larga serie de opiniones impopulares No soy fan del teatro de Oscar Wilde El mayor problema creo que est en que Oscar Wilde es uno de los autores m s citados de la historia Has o do tantas veces citas suyas fuera de contexto que cuando las ves inseridas en su contexto original te suenan forzadas, falsas, metidas con calzador, la gente nunca ha hablado as , soltando aforismos dices Otro problema que me cuesta digerir es que sus altas comedias [...]

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