A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag (2020)

A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag When luckless Raymond Jardine becomes Sean Delancey s eleventh grade English project partner he persuades Sean s grandfather to pose as a long deceased obscure Canadian poet in an effort to pass th
  • Title: A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag
  • Author: Gordon Korman
  • ISBN: 9781443119504
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • When luckless Raymond Jardine becomes Sean Delancey s eleventh grade English project partner, he persuades Sean s grandfather to pose as a long deceased, obscure Canadian poet, in an effort to pass the course and win a vacation to a luxurious Greek island.
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      255 Gordon Korman
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    1. Another great book by Gordon Korman from the late 80s early 90s I learned so many things from this book talking about myself in the first person, writing poetry under pressure, the joy of watching the weather channel Many a night I spent watching stormfronts with Dana Levenson on the Weather Network I truly think that my comfort in writing my wife little love poems is a direct result of Gavin Gunhold s method of poetry writing take a random work from an encyclopedia and run with it I cannot reco [...]

    2. A high school favorite silly and out of print I no longer feel bad about not returning it to the WCHS library.

    3. This was another book that profoundly influenced me After I read this, I stopped wanting to be Rudy Miller, and started trying to be Raymond Jardine The book is about Sean Delancey, at least nominally, and how his new partner for the big semester project in English is ruining his life That would be Raymond Jardine, who always refers to himself in the third person as Jardine.Jardine is the unluckiest person in the world, but he has a plan to change that He needs to stand out from the rest of the [...]

    4. This is one of those books with genuinely funny humor, creative and likable characters, a brilliant plot, and it never lets up on any of it A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag is a great story and still timeless even today.

    5. I thought it was good I especially liked the cutting edge poetry It was a lot like Korman s other book the son of Interflux i

    6. I read this multiple times when I was a teenager and every time it made me laugh out loud so hard that my mother got annoyed some of us have housework to do and can t sit around reading funny books all day I have since realized, as a mother and head kitchen cleaner type of person myself, that housework is a lot bearable if you make time to read in between or occasionally instead of vacuuming and wiping down the counters.I only vaguely remember that this book involves some sort of madcap adventu [...]

    7. What I want is a Where Are They Now type cast reunion of this book I can only guess Raymond After his visit to Theamalops, his luck did, indeed, change for the better During the last years of the 20th Century, he made his first billion in the dot industryd then promptly lost the majority of it when said industry collapsed But not all was lost He is now a YouTube Sensation, capitalizing on goof epic fail videos He is commonly known as The Don t Try This At Home Guy He is currently filming his fi [...]

    8. A SEMESTER IN THE LIFE OF A GARBAGE BAG BY GORDON KORMANJardine and Delancey are on a mission.Get to Theamelpos by any means possible.This may include, but is by no means limited to kissing up to their Principal tolerating their stuck up student president Forging poetry for their English project Starting the only hockey team in the state keeping that one cute girl away from the school muscle head not necessarily in that order

    9. This book was so much fun The all around popular boy in high school gets put together with the self acclaimed unluckiest boy ever Hilarity ensues

    10. I love these characters the way Raymond speaks of himself in the third person Jardine wants Sean becoming less of a jock hero and of a free thinker The poetry they write under the guise of Gavin Gunhold is hysterical.

    11. I LOVE this book, and no one has ever heard of it.It s the story of Sean Delacey, high school junior, athlete, all around good student whose school is the test pilot for a new solar powered energy unit, that doesn t work One day he s partnered with Raymond Jardine for a poetry assignment in English class Jardine has absolutely zero luck, his goal is to win a school sponsered summer trip to the island of Theamopolos, where he can get some luck Jardine is genuinly convinced that a good English gra [...]

    12. This book was a very good book It had lots of details, bringing the story to life It was about a high school kid named Sean Delancey who was the star of the basketball team, and was paired up for a poetry project with Raymond Jardine Raymond Jardine had no luck, and would yell to the sky when something went wrong Their school had put in a 33 million doller energy saving power system called SACGEN But it doesnt work They come up with a dead poet named Gavin Gunhold who had only one poem, and said [...]

    13. Hilarious Reread this to my son The combination of Jardine s bad luck, Sean s irascible Gramp, the ill fated poetry assignment on Gavin Gunhold in which Jardine and Sean end up having to compose the poetry themselves and then analyze it, the argon neon laser and the windmill make for non stop fun I love the ending twist A little dated in some respects, but still hugely fun to read.On registration day, at taxidermy school, I distinctly saw the eyes of a stuffed mooseMove Gavin GunholdGavin Gunhol [...]

    14. I couldn t get through it kind of dry The cover was good, a kid on crutches shrugging his shoulders in a why me way, and there s a garbage bag and textbooks on the ground next to him I didn t realize that it was by Gordon Korman until after I bought it my older brother liked his series about a prep school Go Jump In The Pool A character s name is Jardine The only other person I ve ever heard of with the name Jardine is in the Beach Boys.

    15. This book features a protagonist who always speaks about himself in the third person and often appeals to some invisible beings somewhere in the atmosphere when he feels that life is dumping on him again Most of Korman s characters are in some way hopeless outcasts who somehow manage to find a place for themselves in teenage society anyway The main enemy in this novel is, amusingly, the principals useless solar generator, SACGEN.

    16. My most favoritest children and young adult book writer Korman started publishing at age 12 These earlier books, along with his Bruno Boots series, are his best stuff My brother makes fun of me because even though I ve graduated from college, I still make references to these books all the time.

    17. Sixth grade.Sean and Raymond, high school juniors, are trying to earn a vacation to an exotic Greek island To impress the judges, the boys create a poetry project filled with lie upon lie which will eventually lead to disaster.A hilarious book Some advanced humor and sarcasm A good book to read for strict entertainment value.

    18. Admittedly, it s not the most intellectual read, but I have always enjoyed this book since high school It has a swear word and several religious exclamations, but otherwise it is very clean Definitely an amusing read, and the funny poems are absolutely part of its appeal.

    19. I gave up about 20 pages in The story was boring None of the characters were likable And I was annoyed by Jardine s referring to himself in the third person.

    20. I grew up with this book front and center on my shelf It s nice to know that it s still just as relevant and popular today as ever.

    21. Old school YA at its very best Korman is a master of orchestrating plot and structuring hijinks for maximum comic effect So much fun.

    22. A work of comic genius Oh how I wish I could have gone to school with Sean and Delancey, and joined in on Howard s poker games

    23. And it s out of print I loved this author I used to steal my brother s copies of all his books and read them I don t think Sam ever caught me, but I feel better for sharing.

    24. I read this a bunch of times as a kid, and was happy to find it on so my kids could read it Still one of the funniest books I ve ever read.

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