Der letzte Single fängt den Mann (2020)

Der letzte Single f ngt den Mann Single Ab in den Dating Dschungel Abigail ist von ihrem langj hrigen Freund gr ndlich gelangweilt und trennt sich von ihm um fortan von einem Kennlerndesaster ins n chste zu st rzen Bis Robert London
  • Title: Der letzte Single fängt den Mann
  • Author: Gemma Burgess
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Single Ab in den Dating Dschungel Abigail ist von ihrem langj hrigen Freund gr ndlich gelangweilt und trennt sich von ihm um fortan von einem Kennlerndesaster ins n chste zu st rzen Bis Robert, Londons sch rfster Junggeselle und ihr neuer Mitbewohner, entscheidet, dass ihre Verf hrungsk nste dringend eine Politur n tig haben Mit seiner Hilfe schifft sie nun gelassenSingle Ab in den Dating Dschungel Abigail ist von ihrem langj hrigen Freund gr ndlich gelangweilt und trennt sich von ihm um fortan von einem Kennlerndesaster ins n chste zu st rzen Bis Robert, Londons sch rfster Junggeselle und ihr neuer Mitbewohner, entscheidet, dass ihre Verf hrungsk nste dringend eine Politur n tig haben Mit seiner Hilfe schifft sie nun gelassen durch die gef hrlichen Wasser der Londoner Singleszene Doch wird die neue Abigail auch dann cool bleiben, wenn sie einem ebenso abgekl rten Mann begegnet
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    1. 1 Be cool2 Be detached3 Act brutal4 Stay in control5 Bulletproof6 Always leave them before they leave you.After being in a relationship for 7 years, Abigail is back on the market and completely lost She doesn t have a clue what she s doing and starts taking dating advice from her womanising flatmate Robert With these 6 tips in mind and a little help from her friends, she goes out into the dating world and acts like a dude Apparently, this is the key to success Everything is going very smoothly, [...]

    2. EDIT 7 5 2015 Lowered rating to 2 stars I ve been thinking it over and it doesn t deserve a three You know em, you love em, welcome to the stage Nice Natalie and Cynical Natalie Nice Natalie It s been a while since we ve been called upon to do a review.Cynical Natalie Because Ms Monroe was a lazy ass and didn t take notes So now we have to do her dirty work.Nice Natalie Oh, come now It s only because she doesn t know what to feel towards A Girl Like You.Cynical Natalie Well, I know exactly how I [...]

    3. Is thatIs that an angel singing out there Yep, I guess it is So, now I m gonna add a few gifs, just to let you know see how I felt troughout the book.Let s say, 15% done I was a little disappointed Confused I didn t like it 30% done And I was like mmmh, let s see what happens next 55% done I WANT MORE I WANT MORE.New Year s Eve s kiss THE Hong Kong Kiss andWell Robert s final wedding speech IT WAS SO PERFECT.

    4. I cried I don t wanna talk about it.I love this book I LOL d I rolled around the bed one week so obsessed by the book by the time I finished reading it small rodents had settled into my hair and were debating expanding the nest to a small condo and I had gained 5 pounds from nibbling on whatever I came across in the house which, as nibblers know, is never good Again, I cried I said I don t wanna talk about it, but it should be mentioned that they were happy tears I don t often get happy tears I [...]

    5. So I just finished reading this bookd after all the back pain,the countless hours of sleep deprivation,the dark circles under my eyes, I have finally finished itd I just have to say was sssssssssoooooooo worth it I simply fell in love with the book and its characters I loved the way the author wrote this book from the starting to the acknowledgements It was simply brilliant I loved,absolutely loved Robert A guy who cooks,takes care of breakfast when you are late for work, who nurses you back to [...]

    6. I m not a big rereader of books and especially not chick lits However there are certain authors and books for which I will make an exception This is one such case.How did it go second time around Bloody marvellous LOVE THIS BOOK Breaking up with him was the hardest thing I ve ever had to do There isn t much in books or music or films that helps you leave someone who is very, very nice but just not quite right He s not mean, you re not miserable, no one cheats It s just a sad, slow process of end [...]

    7. 3 STARS OR 6 10 This is chick lit I usually don t read chick lit And aside from the last few chapters of this book, I don t think I want to again any time soon.So why did I read it Well, for one, the premise sounded good and secondly, the reviews were stellar I should have clued in that most of these reviews were from regular chick lit readers there s nothing wrong with that, but it s not my preference So FOR A CHICK LIT BOOKis was good.I liked, no loved the ending The last chapter pretty much m [...]

    8. Read reviews at The Beautiful World of Books The Rules of Surviving SingledomBe coolBe detachedAct brutalStay in controlBulletproofAlways leave them before they leave youWARE You are about to enter a very happy, rambling episode of Inside Aly s Brain This review probably won t make sense, but bear with me.When reading this book, you may encounter the following symptoms Lack of oxygen The Giggles Dizziness swooning Hyperventilating Weight gain from overeating of ice cream, cookies and other suga [...]

    9. This was a ton of fun, with an incredibly satisfying emotional payoff The characters are well drawn enough to evoke Cecelia Ahern without the magical realism with maybe a touch of Bridget Jones s Diary though a very light touch.What makes the book work, for me, is that I just liked Abigail so much She has been in emotional stasis for a long time and seeing her emerge, and mature, was just a whole lot of fun Frankly, it s a bit brilliant to take an ignorant observer and thrust them into the datin [...]

    10. This book was so deliciously charming that I didn t want to put it down I was swept into London, and the quirky dating world of Abigail Wood and I enjoyed every minute of it First off I just have to say I m beginning to love overseas authors and I m especially loving novels set in London and surrounding areas, though I ve never been But the atmosphere just seems so divine and fun This book was no different.Abigail was a great leading lady After seven years in a blase relationship, Abigail fina [...]

    11. This was so much than I thought it was going to be I m so glad I picked it up.Be cool Be sillyBe detached Be directAct brutal Be kindStay in control Let yourself do whatever you wantBulletproof Have an open heartAlways leave them before they leave you Be true to yourself and everything will work out Loved it I could really relate to some things I was stuck for years with Dave situation not exactly the same, long story for another time and this year I finally got him out of my life and my head I [...]

    12. First I want to say this, when I got to about 98% of the book I started crying happy romantic silly tears Then I was devastated the book was over My husband hated me for a couple of days, as the book was getting all my attention What to say, the perfect romantic chick lit, with the perfect never once boring pace from the start till the end Loved loooveeed looooooveeeeeed it You get to know Abigay throughout the book, feeling her emotions and sharing her deepest thoughts, and you can t help liki [...]

    13. I ve discovered the secret to successful singledom I m acting like a man And it s working YES This book made me laugh out loud and proud to love to read chick lits Calling all single ladies, you need to read this book I feel us single ladies take our dating status as a mark of shame or punishment when we should be laughing than crying of lack of men or horrid dates Gemma Burgess makes dating life fun and laughable, which it is She makes us women feel powerful, beautiful, and sexy, which we are [...]

    14. 4.5 stars, let s be real I want to experience this book all over again The d nouement disappointed me because I wanted Abigail acted like such a priss at the end Her behavior took away from the unadulterated joy of the main relationship and added to the classic clich chick lit ending Just give me best friends with lazy weekends and easy evenings, cozy breakfasts with toasty warm porridge, and Sunday afternoon strolls on blustery and grey October days I would read an entire book of that beautif [...]

    15. A Girl Like You is classic, unapologetic chick lit and I love it Newly single Abigail is entering the dating world for the first time Now, having broken up with her boyfriend of far too many years, Abigail is determined to find the right guy Robert, her new flat mate and a classic player, is the perfect candidate to coach her on the Art of Dating From the beginning itself, Abigail s narration is honest, unassuming, and drop dead hilarious It s impossible not to become entirely embroiled in this [...]

    16. That s it That s it No, that can t be it I feel cheated It was all going sooo well, I even cried, and then suddenly they re confessing to each other, then boom, everything s fine Why I just feel like I feel like I feel like I should ve been there to witness everything as it went But Ms.Burgess skipped it How things come together, how they resolve it is important to me But there was no confrontation thing during the end They were just ddenly fine.For instance quote towards end, important scene, k [...]

    17. What a delightful read Loved every minuteAbigail is a riot of a character and I found myself giggling out loud at some of her musings Who can forget her little mountain goat dance oh I did enjoy her character so much.Robert was amazing and I just adored the interaction between the two as I did the interactions with her friends.Just a wonderful book throughout and I really did enjoy every minute of it.This is my first book by this author and it won t be my last.

    18. Loved it truly romantic awesome, funny, witty a Book With a Punch The perfect easy romantic you cry because it is that good chick lit it never gets boring, it always keeps you on your toes even if you have a pretty clear idea of where the story is going, or will go it doesn t matter I was so sad the book was over And this says it all

    19. re read November 2015 STILL MY FAVEoh my lord, this was so CHARMING I enjoyed it so much and finished it in just over a day The ship in this is pretty much my favorite type of ship.

    20. Oh my gosh I don t even have a word to describe how I m feeling right now.I m in this sort of happy bubble with lots of cute and adorable hearts all over it and deep down a feeling that I just learned something important.I read about this book yesterday and in that exact moment I felt a compelling need to read it Like, I had to read the damn book right that second in order to survive It was necessary for my existence, according to my reader senses So that s what I did.I downloaded it and didn t [...]

    21. 4.5 stars I read like three okay to bad romances in the last couple of days so I don t know how that affected how I felt about this, but I loved this I super enjoyed it The romance was my favourite kind of romance friends , kind of on a slow burn, but with a lot of affection, lots of clicking, the kind of easiness I look for when I m reading this sort of thing I spent a while just waiting for the two of them to realise it themselves, and I was totally cool with that There was a refreshing amount [...]

    22. This is a great example of what Jess called my candy genre, I think It s fun, but ultimately very predictable, and that makes it well, less fun than it could have been All of the roadblocks are obviously roadblocks, every conflict is neatly resolved by book s end This is of a good timewaster than a good book But I m not the best judge of books like this.

    23. Awful book , so boring Everybody acted so silly, very childish and immature, God , I wanted to smack them and yell GROW UP , they were all almost 30 and still acted like teenagers

    24. This is definitely my favourite contemporary novel of the year I stumbled upon it and it interested me so much that I started reading it right away I basically couldn t put it down after that I d definitely recommend it

    25. Abigail is a girl coming out of a nasty breakup of a 7 year relationship But luckily her flatmate Robert is there to help guide her along the way to enjoying her life as a single lady She goes through life and figures out relationships with men, how to date and be bulletproof, and of course finds love somehow, somewhere I actually really loved this book, despite my usual tendencies of rolling my eyes at sugar laden, fluffy romance books But something about this book is just fun The first person [...]

    26. Solid 4 StarsI was already a fan of Gemma Burgess and I m happy to say that I liked A Girl Like You even than her last book The Dating Detox.She writes chick lit just the way I like them, lot s of laugh out loud humour, quality writing, a fun premise ie the single girls to do list is this case and the romantic interest is very involved throughout the book.Abigail is a strong relatable protag who has the interesting distinction of perhaps becoming less likable as the book goes on Luckily that s [...]

    27. This book was super delightful and I love it so, so much One of the best executions of my favorite trope best friends falling in love I ve ever read Everyone in this was delightful, I really, really liked Abigail and Robert, and I adored all of their friends, and I adored Henry and Charlotte and Luke and Sophie and the shipping in this book was just all around excellent, even beyond the main couple view spoiler And Abigail and Robert being roommates who become best friends who become than that [...]

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