Honey and Clover, Vol. 1 (2020)

Honey and Clover Vol Takemoto a sopho art student in Tokyo thinks his greatest worries in life are finding ways to eat meat and getting to class on time But with friends like his life is never going to be that unintere
  • Title: Honey and Clover, Vol. 1
  • Author: Chica Umino Chica Umino
  • ISBN: 9781421515045
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • Takemoto, a sopho art student in Tokyo, thinks his greatest worries in life are finding ways to eat meat and getting to class on time But with friends like his, life is never going to be that uninteresting.
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      162 Chica Umino Chica Umino
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    1. I have read all Hachimitsu to Clover volumes I just want to minimize it otherwise there s a lot on my read folder.All in all I could conclude that, this manga is about chasing your dreams, finding your inner self, love.Hagu is an extremely talented girl though she s petite Her talents makes us wonder how she saw world from her point of views This affect all those surround her.Morita is a hard working boy and will do whatever he can to get money He fell in love with Hagu when he first set his eye [...]

    2. I didn t really want to read this but for my challenge, I need a short manga, so I gave it a try.I ve seen episodes of this before and all that registered was that Hagu is a cute creative girl who lives with her uncle, the professor of the guys in the story.Well then, the first volume was quite entertaining, and I liked it, to be honest It s so close to reality I could maybe compare some of my friends to the characters, and I often found myself saying, this seems familiar, some person had told m [...]

    3. Some charming and some poignant scenes, especially when the hero, named Takamoto, explains why he doesn t like Christmas His mother was a nurse, and he spent Christmas in the pediatrics ward, where his mother s attention was given to the sick children there, not to him Takes place in art school, starving student life In their late teens and early twenties Takamoto falls in love immediately with Hagu, a new, elfin student who is an art prodigy Her genius makes her lonely and pressured, and she is [...]

    4. Hmmm I m not sure where to start with this review The book wasn t awful, but there are a few things that bothers me I m a bit lost about The main thing that bother me is Hagu chan she s supposed to be 18 but she looks and acts like an 8 year old and I m slightly a bit like yee at the fact that the boys have a thing for her come on Japan I know you love doing things like incest and pedophiliabut, sometimes it s a bit too much I m also slightly confused as to the point of this story series I know [...]

    5. Aaakkk Jadi inget nonton animenya pas awal awal masuk kuliah Aduh, itu lucu buanget animenya xDD Jadi pengen nonton ulang Manganya lucu v Suka banget sama karakter karakternya, terutama banget si Morita senpai xDD Orang aneh yang suka tiba tiba menghilang dari kosan, terus pulang pulang bawa timbunan kroket Oh iya lupa Latar manga ini ada di semacam IKJ gitu, jadi orangnya ajaib ajaib semua Kisahnya tentang mahasiswa yang ada di sana, yaitu Takemoto, Mayama, sama Morita yang tinggal di kosan yan [...]

    6. Notes below cover books 1 4, spoiler free no need to spam my booklist with each individual volume This seems like a bit of a marmite series people seem to either love it, or hate it Personally, I love it The series follows the lives of a group of art students their friendships, their loves, problems with projects, trying to get jobs, wondering what they want to do with their lives, and quite a lot of wistful nostalgic moments i.e wondering, will this be the last time that we re all together havi [...]

    7. This is a great romance shojo manga It follows the art college school life of sopho Yuta as he struggles to plan his future In school, he meets senior Takumi and 6th year senior Shinobu Later, the boys meet their teacher s cousin s daughter Hagumi Yuta instantly falls in love with her, but it rather shy and finds expressing his feelings difficult Shinobu also starts to like Hagumi, but directs his attention to her by having her model for him He also buys her really expensive shoes Takumi has a r [...]

    8. i give up trying to read this one i can only force myself so many times to try to read than a chapter or two i mean, i ve tried to read this times than i ve tried to read little women, and i know that one is a good one i m sure this book, and series are fine, but how can i rate higher when i m so disinterested that i can t make it through to the end the artwork is sketchy, there s this odd focus on meat, and somehow just because you are small it makes you a fairy i mean, it even takes place in [...]

    9. Almost passed this one up because I wasn t crazy about the art style, but I got used to it A bunch of kids in art school The guys are hilarious, with their endless quest to get meat in their diet I don t really understand Hagu yet She doesn t say much, everyone thinks she s cute and an artistic genius, and apparently she looks like a Koropokkur a fairy like creature to Morita, causing him to start snapping pics of her and acting quite wacky Two other girls do come into the picture, Yamada and R [...]

    10. In this volume Umino is only barely scratching the surface of what these characters can be It will be difficult to pull the chaotic gags together into a neatly drawn romantic comedy which I believe she is headed toward I get the feeling that she s just testing her material before she makes a gigantic decision about her plot which could really go anywhere at this point.It is my experience that leads me to believe that many of the problems I have with this title will disappear by the third volume [...]

    11. This manga is about art students in college in Japan It s mainly the story of the guys at least for now and their life in their tiny apartment with starvation wages.This wasn t bad At first I wasn t sure if I could get into this but I started getting interested in the characters as the story progressed It was weird seeing Haguchan portrayed as a little girl She s 18, she s in college, but she is very, very small and seems immature Some of the boys are crazy about her.I may read of this series. [...]

    12. I always forget how uneven this volume is compared to the rest of the series The beginning starts of kind of randomly and without a lot of weight to the story It s not until half way through that you start to see the shape of beautiful but bittersweet story the rest of the volumes are going to tell and, let s be honest, it doesn t really start firing on all cylinders until Volume Two So, basically, don t judge this fantastic series based on this volume alone.

    13. I simply love, love, love Honey and Clover It never fails to make me laugh out loud and I love and care about all of these characters Nothing is easy for any of them as they all seem to want and love impossible things, but they still remain true friends and good people throughout, and sometimes in the most amusing and touching ways.

    14. Honey and Clover has established itself as my favorite manga The characters are awesome, and Chica Umino has such a great sense of humor I laughed through the whole thing Love the art, love the story, love everything

    15. I thinkkkk this is kinda over my head I had a hard time keeping track of characters and Japanese culture references If I knew I think I d probably like it.

    16. I have never read any manga before so I have no idea if this was good or not From what my novice perspective can tell it was a fun and fast paced manga I did get a little lost about which character was which, but by the end I had them all figured out.One thing I found a bit strange was that everyone was in love with Hagu because she was small Maybe that s normal in manga, but I found it a little strange Apart from that I loved this fun, fast read and I can t wait to read manga

    17. Pt 1 of 2 towards my challenge for Contemporary a thon Read a Contemporary ish graphic novel This was one of my favorite series from high school and one that I love revisiting from time to time It s full of different characters who all feel real in their own way and when it dips you into their drama it does it in such a subtle way.

    18. 2.5 starsMelihat cover nya ini awalnya kukira ini shoujo manga, tapi setelah kucek di Mangaupdates Baka Updates, ternyata ini josei Yg artinya ditujukan utk wanita usia 18 thn ke atas Baca review org, josei manga yg dpt award ini katanya sangat bagus tema slice of life nya, ditambah dgn character development yg mantap Soal romance nah, tdk terlalu Bisa dibilang, saking diupayakan mangaka supaya bnr2 realistis itu, cuma satu yg jadian pada akhirnyasanya patah ati dan pada akhirnya move on Just li [...]

    19. Overall Rating ASummary A Comedy Drama Romance sh jo manga series created by Chika Umino, which follows three students at a fictional art college in Tokyo The students, Y ta Takemoto, Takumi Mayama and Shinobu Morita, all live in the same apartment complex Takemoto is the youngest, and is the shy artist type one would expect to find at an art school Mayama is the most reasonable of the three, and is a stark contrast to Morita, who is still in college because he can t wake up in time to go to cla [...]

    20. AZ EG SZ SPOILERB L LL Nagyon szeretem ezt a t rt netet, s r l k,hogy v gre manga form j ban olvashatom A story 5 bar tr l sz l,akik az let fontos dolgait lik meg Szeretet,szerelem,bar ts g, nfel ldoz s s minden,ami a val letben is szerepel B rom Takemoto bevezet j t s a monol gjait egyar nt Tetszik ,hogy egy b rh zban laknak t bben, s hogy mennyire j ban vannak Hanamoto tan r rral A kezdet kezdet n megismerked nk a h rom fi val,Takemotoval,Mayam val s Morit val Morita kiss fura szerzet,id nk nt [...]

    21. I will say this is only the 2nd Manga book I have read so I do not have a lot to compare it to, but I could not say I liked it Of course, the other one I read was a hair better if I had to compare them.It is a book about 2 boys and one girl prodigy who is an artist or something like that They were all at an art school, but she was the only one that seemed to do anything with art Morita s name got yelled out a lot and he was a bit odd He disappears for days and comes back with lots of money He ma [...]

    22. Many years ago I saw the first couple of episodes of the Honey and Clover anime I don t remember much from them except that I enjoyed it I haven t gotten around to watching , but decided to take an opportunity to check out the source material Honey and Clover focuses on a group of male art school students scraping by and an artistic genius named Hagumi that stumbles into their lives Hagu is eighteen but looks and often acts much younger She s a shy girl who is both blessed and cursed by her tale [...]

    23. Marry me is for Mayama, particulary.Or not I simply do not want him with Rika Harada She seems nice but I am shipping Mayama Ayumi way too much I want them together so bad I do The chemistry is splendid and it feels understanding.There are so many stories in real life like Honey and Clover Maybe not 5 friends that each one has got a story, but certainly there has been a love triangle such a Takemoto Hagu Morita or a square like Mayama Rika Ayumi Nomiya or a simple unrequite love romance like Ayu [...]

    24. Rese a Global 10 10 Honey Clover es un manga lleno de sentimientos, que trata temas desde la amistad hasta el desamor, y que transmite tantas sensaciones que cuando uno lo termina se queda mirando el techo una hora con mirada nost lgica y perdida lo digo por experiencia propia Qui n sabe Tiene su dosis justa de drama y comedia y sus 10 tomos son los necesarios para desarrollar la trama aunque m s de uno pensar que se dejan muchas historias en pleno desarrollo, pero yo no lo veo as.No puedo recom [...]

    25. If I could rate the guys only, it would have been a 3 stars probably They are funny, the art helps with their funny expressions and I love how they interact with each other Many situations are ridiculous, which made me laugh several times It was like this in the first chapters then it turns dramatic.But alas, there is that girl, Hagu chan She is a college girl just like them, but she looks, behaves and dresses like a little girl of 6 It wouldn t be so bad if it wasn t for 2 of the 3 friends fal [...]

    26. Honey and Clover is not as much about romance as it is about dealing with rejection, and the fear of rejection The cast have real personalities, affected and often hindered by real emotions To keep this show from being an angst filled melodrama, the series keeps the raging emotions suppressed and maintains a cheerful atmosphere lightly layered with melancholic brooding Despite strenuous circumstances, the characters maintain their sense of humor and refuse to relinquish their bright smiles The m [...]

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