The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson (2020)

The Run of His Life The People v O J Simpson Called by The Wall Street Journal the pick of the litter among books on the O J Simpson criminal trial this is the definitive commentary on the most famous trial of this century
  • Title: The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson
  • Author: Jeffrey Toobin
  • ISBN: 9780307829160
  • Page: 495
  • Format: ebook
  • Called by The Wall Street Journal the pick of the litter among books on the O.J Simpson criminal trial, this is the definitive commentary on the most famous trial of this century.
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    1. O.J a murderer Oh this is just fake news O.J Simpson played in the NFL and is a stand up guy The whole killing his wife thing Fake news My theory as to what transpired behind closed doors in the grand jury proceedings At least that s how I imagine it.You ve gotta hand it to the members of the Jury They re too intelligent and blas to worry about little things like science, hard evidence and common sense O.J guilty Fake news Let s all go home It s California y all Ok, time to get serious I recentl [...]

    2. I was fifteen years old when the OJ Simpson verdict was handed down, on October 3, 1995 I watched his acquittal live on television, during homeroom I hadn t followed the trial at all, since like most teenagers, I had my head deep up my own ass I do recall, however, cheering the acquittal I think there was a part of me that wanted to see the bad guy get away Also, I loved OJ in The Towering Inferno, where his contribution to San Francisco s greatest fictional disaster is to save Jennifer Jones s [...]

    3. Good golly, is this a fantastic true crime book Jeffrey Toobin is one of those rare people who can take complex legal issues and explain them to laypeople, while also writing fantastic descriptions and crafting a good narrative I was in college during the O.J Simpson murder case and confess I wasn t paying much attention to it back then I was busy doing college stuff, plus I was never into football and had only a vague idea of why O.J Simpson was famous However, despite my lack of interest, I re [...]

    4. A woman and her male friend were brutally murdered just outside her home There was practically a trail of blood leading to her ex husband s house The ex had a history of domestic violence against her and no alibi A mountain of physical and circumstantial evidence including DNA, hairs, footprints, and a bloody glove found on his property all point at him as the killer.You didn t need Sherlock Holmes to solve this one, but I doubt that even an amazing lawyer like Perry Mason or Atticus Fitch could [...]

    5. This book was soo good After watching the FX show that was based off of this book I became completely obsessed with all things O.J since I was 8 yrs old when it was happening I had never really given it much thought I now completely understand why its called The Trial of the Century its almost too ridiculous to be true but it is The book like the trial itself was gossipy sordid I LOVE THIS BOOK Also O.J totally killed Nicole Ron.

    6. 3.5 stars The Run of His Life is interesting but feels dated Jeff Toobin provides a detailed account of the OJ Simpson criminal trial for the murders of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goodman He gives the back story on the investigators, Judge Ito and many of the lawyers involved He explores the jury dynamics And he delves into Simpson s life and the victims lives Toobin has a lot of criticism about how the case was handled by all involved, and he spreads it generously He explores what he sees as many [...]

    7. Toobin covered the OJ trial for the New Yorker, so he knows his ish he was there, watching the trial every day, and The Run of His Life is his comprehensive account of it I appreciate that Toobin doesn t hide behind a facade of objectivity he lays out his thesis in the introduction Toobin firmly believes that OJ was guilty, yet was acquitted because the 1 defense team succeeded in making the trial a referendum on the racism of the LAPD 2 the prosecution made some serious errors 3 the trial judge [...]

    8. There might not have been a better time in the past 20 years to read a book about the O.J Simpson trial than in 2016 Not only is there an acclaimed dramatization and and an acclaimed documentary, but the questions of race, class and celebrity highlighted by the trial remain as unresolved and relevant as ever.I was 13 and in eighth grade when our teacher wheeled in the school s shared TV set so we could watch the verdict given live I still remember being stunned as the words not guilty were repea [...]

    9. So like many I remember watching parts of OJ Simpsons murder trial, the case where it seems the majority of people believe he was guilty and got away with it I was interested therefore to read this and see the entire picture so to speak, hopefully told without too much legal speak and I went in with my mind open to see what was what.The book is excellent it looks at every layer of the trial, the people within, the ups and the downs, where it all went wrong for the prosecution and gives a huge am [...]

    10. Having enjoyed two of Toobin s other books, I had long wanted to read this one What prompted me finally to pick it up was John McCain s accusation that Barack Obama had played the race card by saying that Republicans would say that Obama didn t look like all of the other presidents on the dollar bills McCain s indignation was entirely hypocritical, since he d in fact run an ad in June that mocked Obama by putting his face on a 100 bill And as many commentators noted, McCain s accusation itself w [...]

    11. GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY ok, now that I ve gotten that off my chest , I ll share my thoughts Darden is a buffoon Ito is a media hungry fool Cochran could argue race discrimination in a trial of any crime ANY or really he doesn t need a crime, he just needs a soapbox or should I say needed I had such respect for Scheck because of his Innocence Project, but he just twisted tye DNA evidence here He knew that juries in the 1990s would never comprehend the science Makes me wonder what would [...]

    12. Read Harder Challenge 2016 Read a biography not memoir or autobiography Spoiler alert He totally did it With thirty pages left in this insider s account of the Brown Goldman murders and subsequent trials, I watched the criminal trial s verdict announcement on YouTube When I saw OJ Simpson, I experienced that involuntary rush of tears and sweat and adrenaline that communicates fear Yes, FEAR As I recoiled from Simpson s entitled smirk, Kim Goldman s hollow wail, and Marcia Clarke s emaciated fram [...]

    13. Decades ago, when he was reporting on the Simpson trial for The New Yorker, Toobin came across in his as it happens articles like an elitist, racist jerk In this book, his snotty, arrogant, dismissive, airily white supremacist worldview gets a much fuller airing I don t argue that Toobin is wrong about Simpson s guilt Rather, the obnoxiousness of his authorial voice and his clear presumption that the way he a wealthy, connected, white man saw the facts was the only way they could have been seen, [...]

    14. I m reading this because of the FX show The show was excellent and since I was born months after the verdict was read, it really showed me all sides of the story Not just what the people saw on the court room broadcast and various publicity stunts, but also the behind the scenes things people weren t so familiar with.All I can say is that the case got so much out of hand that it was hard to realize And, the prosecution played into the defense s hands so many times Not to mention Judge Ito was ve [...]

    15. Credo di avere ricordi autentici cio contemporanei agli eventi del famoso caso O.J Simpson il duplice omicidio dell ex moglie di Simpson, Nicole Brown, e di un amico di lei, Ron Goldman, il 12 6 1994 a Los Angeles, per cui O.J Simpson, ex campione di football americano e attore, fu accusato, processato e infine assolto con molte polemiche forse qualche immagine al telegiornale del celeberrimo inseguimento della polizia all auto bianca di Simpson in fuga per ore nei dintorni di Los Angeles Tuttav [...]

    16. I ve been wanting to read Jeffrey Tobin s take on the O.J Simpson trial for a long time With the miniseries being broadcast on FX, it seemed like the opportune moment to follow along with Toobin s commentary.I was a kid in grade school when the Simpson trial was the talk of the nation for over a year in 94 95 I remember the the Bronco chase and the magazine covers and nightly news analysis and late night jokes I remember adults seemingly every adult having an opinion on O.J s guilt or innocence [...]

    17. I read this book with equal parts fascination and revulsion it was an extremely good example of the power of the good legal representation and an example of turning the conversation from the murder of two innocent people to something much politically charged a classic case of diverting attention until you don t even remember what started the whole thing To see the evidence so clearly spelled out and yet have that evidence play such a small role in jury deliberations is so sad To hear some of th [...]

    18. An absolutely fantastic read and the definitive account of the OJ Simpson trial in my opinion Attorney Toobin does a brilliant job of delivering inside information and taking the reader through the case As someone who followed the both the criminal and civil trials closely and who has read as much as he could find about the case, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone interested in the case specifically or how a high profile case travels through the justice system.

    19. Everyone has a character flaw that is their undoing People are shamelessly exploitative and cynical The average person is easily duped and not very bright Lawyers are at best a necessary evil Cops are an unnecessary evil Systemic racism is real, and it s hard enough to get people to notice it without trying to pretend it s something and somewhere it s not It s extraordinarily easy to defame and slut shame dead women Celebrity and money will shield you from consequences.

    20. Reviewed on snazzybooks Everyone unless you never used to follow current affairs back in the 90 s or you ve very young remembers the trial in which O.J Simpson was accused, tried and ultimately adquitted of murdering his ex girlfiend Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman in 1994 All the evidence pointed to Simpson s guilt in fact, ridiculously so and so it was a shock to many when, in 1995, he was found not guilty I had heard about the case and knew a fair amount about itor so I thought.Turns [...]

    21. If I could, I would give this book a 3.5 I liked it, but I didn t consistently like it At first, I could not get enough I was so hungry for all the details this book provides And Toobin leaves no stone unturned The evidence quickly convinced me that OJ is actually guilty of those murders But by the end of the book, I felt like one of the jurors in the criminal case I just wanted it to be over I became so irritated by the same attention to detail that I initially loved Sometimes I was also bother [...]

    22. I DID IT I M DONE I read this book for a new book club I m in, and just in time I m not going to say that I enjoyed this book because that implies that it was pleasurable to go through this, and reading about the murders and this insane case isn t something that I would call a pleasure However, this book was a great read for me because I was pretty young when the murders and trial happened I knew certain parts of the trial and remember how divisive it felt in my 2nd grade ish mind, but I didn t [...]

    23. I read this book ahead of the mini series coming later this year based on it It s excellent If you ve ever wondered why that trial went the way it did this is the book that explains it.

    24. O.J did it.Marcia Clark didn t do a good job.I like Shapiro better than Cochran.Robert Kardashian was always a good friend to O.J.

    25. Lots of research with a slight sheen of gossip the perfect nonfiction book The hubris of literally everyone involved in this trial is astounding I know Marcia Clark was supposed to be redeemed in the public opinion in the miniseries which I didn t watch , but I really didn t like her in this book Prosecutors like Clark who see things so black and white are so irritating, and harmful to society, and, ultimately, wrong.

    26. A very well written and informative account of the O.J Trial in 1995 It describes the major court room arguments, the background and pertinent facts about the attorneys and other participants, what went on between the members of the two legal teams behind closed doors and events outside the courtroom connected with the trial and the people involved.The author, Jeffrey Tobin is considered a top legal correspondent for CNN and The New Yorker He writes clearly without confusing the reader with a lo [...]

    27. Like many my age, I have vivid, if not fully formed, memories of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman and the subsequent OJ Simpson trial I remember the Bronco chase I remember the trial being on TV forever I remember Marcia Clark and Johnny Cochran and Kato Kaelin I remember the verdict Reading this book was like shining a spotlight on those fuzzy memories of an endless childhood summer where seemingly every day I would come in from playing outside with friends to overhear int [...]

    28. I did not want FX s The People vs OJ Simpson to end because I knew there had to be so much back story they couldn t show, and oh, yes there was Marcia Clark screwed herself the day they finalized the jury What a waste of taxpayer time and money They could have just voted the first day and gotten the same result Now with time and distance and OJ in jail, it is a less bitter pill to swallow There is no denying that the defense team was brilliant, Johnny Cochran especially, for turning the LAPD in [...]

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