За подмяна (2020)

  • Title: За подмяна
  • Author: Michael Marshall Smith Иван Златарски
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Paperback
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      143 Michael Marshall Smith Иван Златарски
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    1. 5.0 stars This was an incredible novel I would describe it as science ficiton noir in the family of Blade Runner or the Takeshi Kovacs novels by Richard Morgan Brilliantly written and peopled with superb characters, this one is highly recommended Nominee Britsh Fantasy Award for Best Novel

    2. This book was TERRIBLE.I had 2 chief complaints with the book 1 The writing is piss poor.2 The story has almost nothing to do with the Spares A fitting title would have been Crackhead Ex Cop.Let s just assume for a moment that Michael Marshall Smith actually wrote a book about the Spares Here s a rundown of the completely believable premise.In the near future, rich people pay lots of money to keep clones of themselves in farms Whenever injured, the rich people just carve a piece off the spares [...]

    3. Michael Marshall Smith totally blew me away with Only Forward, so Spares was going to be a tough act to follow Unfortunately, it wasn t quite as great as Only Forward few books are , but the quality of writing was right up to par I get the feeling that MMS stories are an outlet for him to get a few things off his chest His characters tend to wax philosophic during lulls in the action, and where this seems to annoy some readers, I found these lulls the best parts of the novel.Like Stephen King, M [...]

    4. The stars only go up to 5 and I want to give it I mean, I gave 5 to Only Forward but I like Spares even After I finished Only Forward I had to agree with some reviews saying that the book was not entirely polished Spares definitely has the finished polished feel Good read all around with an ending that is satisfying and not at all Hollywood view spoiler This book is not about a rescue, even though Spares play an important role This book is not about vengeance, although Jack has plenty of reaso [...]

    5. Creo que este es uno de los libros m s contradictorios e incalificables que he le do Hay multitud de elementos dentro de sus p ginas que me chirr an o que no acaban de cuadrar del todo Ni siquiera he logrado comprender por qu no funcionan completamente algunos de ellos Sin embargo, llegu a la conclusi n de que quedarme en que el libro me hab a parecido regular ser a estar haciendo un deshonesto ejercicio de simplificaci n, puesto que no le faltan aciertos.Aqu el enlace a la rese a completa en Se [...]

    6. Spares was written way back before Michael Marshall dropped the Smith from his name, was just starting out as an author and was single handily responsible for some of the best British sci fi that had been seen in years The third of his offerings after One Of Us and the ground breaking Only Forward, Spares was a novel that redefined the term Cyberpunk and gave us something entirely different from anything we had seen before Part comedy, part tragedy, part post modern satire, Spares takes us on a [...]

    7. A mixed bag of noir fiction, dystopian society, sci fi and philosophy, not terribly great at neither of those, but it has some interesting moments.

    8. This is an excellent and strange book It s a sci fi noir detective thriller with some serious excursions into surrealist territory, and liberal helpings of humour thrown in between all the drugs and violence Despite this confusion, the author has managed to pull off a cohesive story with fully fleshed out characters in a vividly described world return return A cop goes off the rails after a mob hit on his family takes away all he had left in life He wasn t exactly on the rails to begin with, so [...]

    9. The point of art is to create a reaction in people, good or bad, the stronger the better Michael Marshall Smith always accomplishes that with me, but unfortunately in this case it was a hate reaction I had previously read and loved One of Us and Only Forward , so dove into this book eagerly MMS always creates interesting, oddball worlds that are very full and developed around the characters I found the clone concept to be very upsetting in and of itself the entire way it was set up and they were [...]

    10. This is pretty similar to Only Forward, Smith s first novel, except that this one doesn t descend into tedious drivel halfway through Both feature a very interesting setting and a street smart but self depracating male protagonist who knows how to handle himself as a result of a somewhat shady past and who embarks mostly unwillingly on a mission that involves wise cracking, shooting and often jammily stumbling through a series of encounters with quirky people in odd locations Both hence have the [...]

    11. I found this book to be pretty dire if I m honest I am never interested in having a junkie as the so called hero in a book as I find nothing heroic in snorting crap up your nose or sticking needles in yourself I hate hearing these so called heroes whine about their tough life and expect to get my sympathy Instead the phrase get stuffed comes to my mind If this is the best, most reliable man for the job that they can find to guard the cloning investment of rich people, then there is something ser [...]

    12. So this book had great promise for me The book follows Jack an ex Police officer who looks after a clone farm The book starts as Jack breaks out a few clones after getting sick of the way that they are treated He takes them to his old town to get supplies and starts getting hunted The clones get stolen and Jack has to work out who stole them and how to get them back The book starts with a bang, straight into the action and the violence of a great action packed book Jack is a complex character wi [...]

    13. I ve come to count on Michael Smith for imaginative, quite bizarre stories that are well written with an interesting main character This story is set in the future and is about Jack Randall, an ex soldier in the war in The Gap You don t actually find out what this means until the last quarter of the book After his wife and daughter were murdered, Jack was quietly sent out of New Richmond to a Spares farm, where important people keep their genetic clones handy in case of accidents You never know [...]

    14. Questo romanzo l ho letto nel 1999 e ricordo che non mi era piaciuto per nulla Mi tornato in mente solo perch ho visto il film Non lasciarmi, tratto dall omonimo romanzo di Kazuo Ishiguro, che mi sono affrettata a mettere in wish list Il tema affrontato lo stesso, ovvero la clonazione umana al solo scopo di fornire, in caso di necessit , organi da trapiantare senza che causino problemi di rigetto Ma il tenore ad essere completamente diverso Sono proprio curiosa di leggerlo, perch Kazuo Ishiguro [...]

    15. This was very dark and miserable, yet compelling, not sure I want to read another from him for a while, not much light in here.

    16. I m giving Spares three stars because its batshittery was on par with the crazy I tend to enjoy in urban fantasy, and I did indeed inhale this book the main character is not admirable, though he does admirable things the story is fascinating yet mad, the characters are pretty expertly layered assholes who spend a lot of time under the influence of something or another the setting is futuristic enough to almost be dystopian but not really Honestly, well played Smith s use of language is by turns [...]

    17. _Spares_ is like _The Island_ No, not that one Or that one I mean this one, the one where Michael Bay directs a rip off of The Penultimate Truth and Tom Cruise kills himself, though sadly he also survives Anyway, yes, they re both high octane sci fi thriller things involving human beings being grown for parts by the rich The main distinction between the two is that in Smith s version it s a hell of a lot horrible, and also that in Smith s version the main character is incidentally a mentally sc [...]

    18. I love Michael Marshall smith, he is a great imaginative writer This is a 90s sci fi, with twists and turns and you won t guess where it s taking you The story has some really imaginitive concepts, the City New Richmond is like a floating cloud city for the rich come crashing down to earth so the real people moved in And the Gap is this weird space leaking into our world, of all the gaps, all the things never perceived, and we went to war with it, like a really bad trip gone really wrong And the [...]

    19. Il faut reconna tre que ce type de science fiction ne s adresse pas tout le monde C est parfois assez ardu lire et je pense que la traduction n aide pas Certaines phrases n avaient tout simplement pas de sensMais ce serait bouder son plaisir que de passer c t de ce livre Il m a par ailleurs voqu plusieurs reprises le film The Island , qui exploitait la m me th matique utilisation de clones pour avoir des pi ces de rechange spares, le titre anglais, est beaucoup plus parlant quand maladie ou acci [...]

    20. Some extremely unpleasant passages and the obscure nature of the Gap are nicely balanced by the unlikely team formed by ex policeman Jack, his archnemesis mobster Johnny, the prostitute Nearly, the clone Suej, the droid Ratchet and the bar owner Howie with his odd plans to make money paying for home delievered aggression Really and his equally odd minions all with a dose of surprising humanity, loyalty and honor completely unknown to the rich people of New Richmond In the end we get to see the b [...]

    21. A fanastic book with great characters in an intriguing story full of humour set in a fascinating Sci fi setting I only hope he writes stories in this setting The only critique I have is Spares could of woven some of the lore and Jack s back story better into the plot as a trickle of information rather than their being nothing about the topic and then everything at once.

    22. Some good ideas, but I didn t like the secret cat dimension, and I thought the main character was an arse.

    23. This book is a long slow kick in the nuts but it is worth the pain Humanity is awful, the rich are worse and yet we strivea must read

    24. Very very silly and doesn t stand up to much scrutiny, but this was a hoot apart from two v nastily graphic scenes I m doing my best to forget

    25. Le Clones hace 11 a os y ten a pendiente releerlo Me imaginaba que lo iba a entender disfrutar m s ahora, y efectivamente as fue.Por si no queda claro con el nombre del libro, es una distop a de ciencia ficci n, y por momentos, una de las m s crudas que he que he le do hasta ahora r anse de Los Juegos del Hambre.Mientras lo le a pensaba que si uno hiciera una l nea de tiempo de los hechos, lo que ocurre en tiempo presente es la mitad de la historia o menos Hay una enorme cantidad de flashbacks a [...]

    26. Read at Fragments of a hologram dystopia.tumblrVote 8 Jack Randall is an ex police detective with a lot of problems Forced to abandon the city of New Richmond, he gets a job at a Farm He vaguely knew of the Farms existence, but he never visited one until he got his job His drug addicted mind doesn t take the experience well, especially when he finds out about the spares human beings who are kept healthy and well fed because they are clones of the richest people s sons and daughters When an orig [...]

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