One World United (2020)

One World United Nearly one hundred years after the devastation of World War III the world has merged into one United Government This central government has complete control over the lives of it s citizens Their care
  • Title: One World United
  • Author: Jean Marie Stanberry
  • ISBN: 9780615806457
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nearly one hundred years after the devastation of World War III, the world has merged into one United Government This central government has complete control over the lives of it s citizens Their careers, where they live, and who they marry is all controlled by the United Government.The citizens of the New World have no choice but to accept their fate, to question any deNearly one hundred years after the devastation of World War III, the world has merged into one United Government This central government has complete control over the lives of it s citizens Their careers, where they live, and who they marry is all controlled by the United Government.The citizens of the New World have no choice but to accept their fate, to question any decision made by the United Government would be considered treason, a crime punishable by death.When Sion graduates from the academy of Chemical Sciences, she receives orders to travel to the capital city of Nike and marry Athens, a Special Forces Officer Sion has her doubts that Athens is a suitable mate for her, but what can she do The UG s computer matching system is considered perfect She is resigned to live the life the UG has mapped out for her, till she meets Santiago, her mysterious and intriguing co worker, who is a widow who has been forced into a marriage with a woman he has no attraction to.Sion and Santiago have an immediate attraction to one another, but they can never be together There are no divorces or annulments in the New World Marriage is forever
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      305 Jean Marie Stanberry
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    1. The story had promise, but the writing is horrible.The books begins with Sion getting ready to marry her government assigned partner She is apprehensive about it and doesn t want to go through with it However, defying the United Government is unheard of and those that do are executed After her marriage to Athens, they are assigned to live and work in Zone 8, a grungy, and not so nice place to live there Sion sees the world as it really exists Her husband s ex lover was also assigned to Zone 8 af [...]

    2. This book is set in a time when the government controls everything as a dictatorship It became this way after the third World War where there were many casualties and much of the world was ruined The main character Sion, a young woman who has grown up sheltered and into what can be considered slavery in the new world There is no option to rebel against the government, and the very thought is unheard of Sion doesn t want to get married to her government assigned partner, however if she defies the [...]

    3. I didn t find this book poorly written at all Many people sometimes fail to realize that each writer has a unique voice and that it is the skill of the writer to awaken feelings in us and have us be transported to another world This world is set nearly 100 years after the end of the third World War Casualties of the war were high and much of the world remains devastated Sion has grown up in a sheltered world, born into a type of slavery, citizens of the New World, basically have no control over [...]

    4. Insightful and dynamic As humans we like to think of ourselves as the smartest beings on the planet, but why do we always allow ourselves to be herded about like cattle This story, set in the future after World War III destroys much of the planet and it s inhabitants Though humanity has recovered, the entire World is ruled by one, all powerful government.Years later, most people don t even realize the freedoms they have given up in their lives Their careers, where they will live, who they will m [...]

    5. Post apocalyptic fiction at it s best, when all those conspiracy theorists worst nightmares are finally realized The people of the earth have been brainwashed into submission by the earth s, all powerful, United Government Trapped in a form of slavery, every aspect of their lives is controlled and monitored by the United Government They can only comply Doing otherwise or speaking badly of the Government could be labeled treason a crime punishable by death.Sion is young and intelligent and well o [...]

    6. Jean Stanberry s novel One World you United is an amazing read about life living under total government rule after the third World War It follow for the most four main characters Sion, Santiago, Helena and Athens As the world tries to get better from the war, geniuses have brainwashed it s citizens into thinking the government knows best Sounds familiar, huh Stanberry takes us on a journey of how these four characters are brought up being trained by the government and only taking the liberty at [...]

    7. After the massive destruction of World War III, the government takes complete control of the lives of it s citizens, their careers their marriages, even the number and the sexes of their children are all controlled by the United Government When this is all you ve ever known in your life and this is how you were raised, you never question it, right Sion had never questioned the wisdom of the UG, but after her graduation from University has her married to a man she has very little in common with, [...]

    8. Unique and thought provoking If you aren t afraid that something like this is really going to happen, you must be hiding under a rock Jean Stanberry hit the nail on the head with this novel Over the past decade Americans have been watching their freedoms slip away at an alarming rate and they merely explain this away as necessary Wake up people Jean Stanberry has created a chilling illusion with an all powerful government The people of this One World United have been so brainwashed over their li [...]

    9. Loved it I love post apocalyptic fiction and this is one of the best I ve read The people of the earth are completely shell shocked after the Third World War, they have become fake and complacent The all powerful United Government controls every aspect of their lives, including who they will marry and how many children they will have When you ve been told since infancy that this was just how life is, you just go on Many dream of a life that is truly their own, but defying the government is treas [...]

    10. A intellectual mix of political satire and futuristic romance I love science fiction and the political undertones of this book were very thought provoking The main characters have been essentially brainwashed by their government from birth, though I noticed that several reviewers of this book failed to pick this up They are essentially naive to the concept of freedom.When Sion meets the jaded scientist Santiago, who will be her partner in research, see soon begins to see that her life is not as [...]

    11. When I read the synopsis I was drawn in by the premise I have to admit I loved it The people of post apocalyptic earth have no idea how brainwashed they ve been by their own government, so they carry on as normal , never questioning anything, never making a major life decision on their own They live life exactly as they are directed, everything is perfector is it When heroine Sion becomes pregnant with an unauthorized baby, Sion is frightened, her actions would be considered treason by the Unite [...]

    12. Science fiction, futuristic romance and not so thinly veiled political satire, it just doesn t get any better than this In this post apocalyptic world, the United Government has taken full control of it s citizen s lives The government determines their careers, who they marry and when and how many children they will have As a result, they have led very sheltered lives, having no knowledge of many of the things that most of us take for granted Some of the reviewers obviously didn t get a few if t [...]

    13. Wow I m not the biggest fan of Sci Fi, but I love political satire Not worried that our government and others are getting stronger and the citizens of the world are losing their basic freedoms Well you should be This novel illustrates how easily the public is brainwashed into complacency When World War III decimates most of the world a central government takes over and the citizens of the Earth lose their basic freedoms, their rights and their privacy If you thought the Hunger Games was mind blo [...]

    14. I love post apocalyptic tales like The Hunger Games but I think this book is even better Though many have hinted towards an all powerful government, nobody drives home the fear, like Jean Stanberry The world as a whole has become very complacent about all our freedoms, this book will make you take a second look I can see this being made into a movie, I would definitely pay to see this on the big screen

    15. Loved it If you want your reading to transport you to another world, this is the book for you I literally felt heroine Sion s pain as she attempted to navigate through a life that was completely controlled by the government I felt her fear when she realized the baby she was carrying would ultimately be her undoing A very powerful read that makes you think about how much should the government really know about it s citizens, where do we draw the line This would make a fabulous movie

    16. Love Jean and all the quirky characters that seem to just leap out of the pages at you They are smart, multi dimensional and wholeheartedly believable The key to a great story, not to mention the scary future premise of this book, partnered with thinly veiled political satire.This novel presents our future to us on a platter, yet we are too lazy or stupid it see it coming This is your warning, strong government is not the answer, why Read this bookyou ll finally understand.

    17. I was completely blown away This book was so much than I expected I would compare it to the Hunger Games, but I feel this story is even compelling, in fact it would make a fabulous movie I literally could t put it down I joke with my husband that the people of the world are using their own minds less and letting outside influences guide their lives, watch out all you mindless sheep, it could happen

    18. I really loved Laying Low in Hollywood but this new book is even better I m not ready into science fiction and futuristic romance, but the political undertones of this book drew me in and had me living in a world, I m pretty sure I could never survive in If you are looking for an intelligent read that engages your mind, this is definitely for you I see this one on the best seller liston

    19. I love post apocalyptic fiction, add to this, the not so thinly veiled political satire and you have a real winner I noticed some of the reviewers didn t quite get the irony or the general premise I would recommend highly for all readers with an IQ of greater than 100, others may just not get it.

    20. Attention lovers of Science Fiction This post apocalyptic tale of government control gone horrifically wrong is a real eye opener This book is a sobering reality check to remind us to think with our own minds and not allow ourselves to blindly be herded about like mindless cattle Science fiction and political satire at it s best, a must read

    21. When I read the synopsis for this book, I couldn t wait to read it I love post apocalyptic fiction and the premise of one, all powerful government was quite intriguing I wasn t disappointed, I couldn t put the book down I would recommend it to everyone, especially my liberal friends who are so keen on government

    22. All I can say is wow I loved The Hunger Games but I think this is even better Romance and a government that s brainwashed it s citizens into complete submission, an intelligent read for everyone

    23. I could t put it down Storyline and characters were insightful and believable Sometimes we are brainwashed into believing something is right, when that couldn t be further from the truth You have to read this book

    24. Wow I was completely blown away Hold tight to your freedoms, think with your own mind, love with your heart That is all.

    25. I couldn t put it down I loved the characters the political undertones, I was on the edge of my seat

    26. I couldn t put it down It drew me in from the very beginning with the premise of the all powerful government Probably the best post apocalyptic fiction I ve read

    27. Loved it You will not be disappointed This post apocalyptic adventure has something for everyone A perfect poolside read that transports you to another world

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