A Taste Of Heaven (2020)

A Taste Of Heaven In a lonely land love came riding inLibby Ross came to Heavenly Montana hoping for a new start a family children and a good place to raise them What she found was terrible The cowboy who duped h
  • Title: A Taste Of Heaven
  • Author: Alexis Harrington
  • ISBN: 9780451406538
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a lonely land, love came riding inLibby Ross came to Heavenly, Montana, hoping for a new start, a family, children, and a good place to raise them What she found was terrible The cowboy who duped her into being his mail order bride had died, leaving her penniless with nowhere to go That s when she heard about Lodestar Ranch and its owner, Tyler Hollins.Ty had a prIn a lonely land, love came riding inLibby Ross came to Heavenly, Montana, hoping for a new start, a family, children, and a good place to raise them What she found was terrible The cowboy who duped her into being his mail order bride had died, leaving her penniless with nowhere to go That s when she heard about Lodestar Ranch and its owner, Tyler Hollins.Ty had a problem besides his painful memories His cowhands were ready to quit if he didn t find a cook, and Libby Ross was ready for hire She had never seen eyes so blue, a chest so broad, or a disposition so sour Yet she sensed the desire beneath Ty s wall of self control and a wanting so fierce it tore at her heart The battle had just begun, and they could fight each other or they could fight for their dreams together
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    1. 3.5 starsLibby Ross fled betrayal and heartbreak in Chicago when she headed to Montana expecting a new start, children, and a good place to raise them Instead she learned that she has been duped again by the cowboy who made her his mail order bride He died, leaving her with no money, nowhere to go, and no resources but her own ingenuity Then she learned about the Lodestar Ranch and its owner, Tyler Hollins.I enjoyed this one Libby has had a hard life After a betrayal in Chicago she left for Mont [...]

    2. 3 I want my own Tyler starsI am thinking about how to review this way too long, my reviewing muscles still atrofied Western is usually my choice when I need a break, even from my own line of reading, time to sort my thoughts out for a variety of reasons Sometimes it works like a charm In the best occasions it moves me deeply There is just something about the vastness of the lands and the extreme life conditions of both Indians and colonists that pulls something in me behind the visual imaginary [...]

    3. This is a story about forgiveness, acceptance, second chances at love and building a family and a happy life What I loved about this story 1 Good pacing.2 Dual POV.3 There was story after the couple became a couple.4 A little humor.5 I loved the whole cast of characters.6 Libby She had a backbone and wasn t a wimpy, weak heroine She had a good balance about her and was very likable 7 Tyler He was broody and standoffish for a bit but I really liked how he was written too 8 This book sucked me in [...]

    4. I had three reasons to pick this book many positive reviews, I was on my little western historical romance binge , and I read and liked couple of other books by the author Well, it turned out to be very predictable, run of the mill, sugary sweet story We have our destitute mail order bride coming from Chicago to the Montana frontier with one variation Turned out, her husband was a very old man, who lived on the small isolated ranch 15 miles from a nearest town and needed a nurse than a wife Our [...]

    5. Me est n gustando mucho las historias de esta autora Logra decir mucho en su forma de narrar las cosas.En esta oportunidad tenemos a Tyler y a Libby Ambos no son lo que el otro esperaba, pero se llenan de una forma que ninguna otra persona hubiera podido haber hecho Tyler al principio, se resiste tanto a tener a Libby cerca que resulta f cil ver el cambio que se da luego en l Su mente est llena de recuerdos y remordimientos del pasado y no quiere a ninguna mujer que le haga pensar en ello Es muy [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book Both the hero and heroine were very likeable I loved the fact that the heroine was strong, smart and hard working What I loved the most was the build up, wistful gazes across the room, glowering, fleeting brushes of hands, Sometimes, I find that hotter than the hottest sex scene P.S There is no rape or attempt of rape by anyone Cheating Decide for yourself whether this is cheating view spoiler Hero has been visiting the local brothel once a week to get his needs taken [...]

    7. The book starts out strong but sort of fizzles I would give this 3 1 2 stars if possible It was an entertaining read, the romance was good, characters well defined, good steamy scenes but there was just something missing in the middle of the book that fell flat for me.

    8. Liberty Ross has just buried her husband on the desolate Montana plains She d traveled out from Chicago as a mail order bride, and a mere four months later, her husband has succumbed to pneumonia Now she must drive the rickety wagon to the nearest town to catch a train back to Chicago But when she arrives, she discovers she hasn t enough money to buy a ticket.Her dilemma is solved when two ranch hands overhear the situation and ask her to come back to the ranch Seems their cook was fired and the [...]

    9. This book could have been so much better, but it read as a very amateurish venture It s like the author was just trying to hit all the elements someone told her to, but didn t think about how those elements worked in her plot.Libby is an orphaned cook from Chicago who made the mistake of thinking the young master of the house loved her She got caught while he was in the process of sexually assaulting her and was kicked out of the house So she answers a fraudulent mail order bride ad from a 70 ye [...]

    10. Libby hasn t had an easy life and it doesn t look like it s going to get any easier Her husband is dead and no one to turn to, she makes the decision to return to Chicago but doesn t have the funds Working at the local brothel isn t something she wants to consider When the opportunity to work as a cook at a local ranch comes up she takes it Nice little romance between Libby and the ranch owner, Tyler Both Libby and Tyler have a few issues they must deal with There are a few heart wrenching momen [...]

    11. I loved A Taste of Heaven It was a wonderful weekend read I have had this book in my to be read pile for awhile now and just needed the escape of an historical western with a great story and that is just what I found Alexis Harrington is a new author for me and I loved her writing right away and all the way through This was a wonderful, nice and long over 350 pages story with a perfect cowboy feel hearing the sound of the spurs.loved that I love the hard working members of the Lodestar ranch and [...]

    12. Muy linda historia, del estilo de Lorraine Heath y Lavyrle Spencer Recomendable para quienes quieran leer una historia dulce con un leve toque sexy Tyler y Libbie son personajes con historias tristes pero que logran salir adelante gracias al amor y la amistad.

    13. I loved all 747 pages of this book The book starts with Libby describing how grueling burying her husband is at the end of the worst blizzard in Montana history 1887 From that scene on the book kept me engaged.Both Libby and Tyler have secrets from their pasts that are keeping them from opening their hearts to someone Great love story I own this book on my Nook.

    14. I really enjoyed this one We get a real good sense about living on a big ranch and the rough travels of a cattle drive I did feel that some parts moved a bit slow but I liked how the relationships took time to develop I look forward to reading by this author.3.5 Stars

    15. Una novela muy sencilla situada en el oeste americano, bien narrada, algunas veces apetece un libro as.

    16. Well wasn t that just as saccharine and perfect as can be This book is like cotton candy Insubstantial, fluffy, sugary, artificially flavored, and delicious if you re in the mood for something with absolutely no nutritional value and are willing to risk the possible sideffects Or somewhat unsatisfying if you want something richer Depends on what mood you re in.

    17. So good I cried, I laughed, and I worried This book starts out with a winter storm so bleak and cold and a woman digging a grave Both characters have heartbreaking back stories but both prove to be stronger than they appear.

    18. I m not usually a crier nor happy to cry on a book even when I do but this was a welcomed exception This book was sooo goood deeeep it went straight to my heart O M G jumping around in delirium p.s I ll write a better review when I recover and calm down which might be never, hehe.

    19. La historia es muy linda, los personajes tienen mucha fuerza y engancha desde el principio L stima la mala traducci n al espa ol y falta de edici n, le faltan palabras, algunos p rrafos parecen traducciones literales de Google Se hace dif cil de leer.

    20. A Taste of Heaven It was a joy to read this book about two lost souls both of them hurt to the bone and afraid to trust ,to love again.

    21. Great romance.This story was a real western romance It was exciting without being too unrealistic Loved the tortured hero Kept me up all night

    22. Weak hero and his relationship with madame Heroine kept referring to how handsome he waske almost on every page Superficial relationship and MC S

    23. I can safely say this novel accomplishes the best feature of romances a fantastic emotional journey I felt every tear, kiss, and event The connection between Libby and Tyler almost leaps off the page the reader is sucked into every scene between these two and feels every confrontation, heartache, and gorgeous romantic scene I also enjoyed how the author concentrated on actually building a relationship first, before the sexy times occur in force Yeah, there s enough UST to make my Kindle melt, bu [...]

    24. Eh I got this book because I was in the mood for a western historical romance I m STILL devastated that LaVyrle Spencer retired, and have never found a romance author that has the same magic as she had This one looked ok, and I was able to download a sample before buying the entire book Obviously, the sample was good enough that I bought the rest to finish it, but by the end, I wasn t all that impressed It was readable, but by the end, I felt like it incorporated all the typical romance tropes a [...]

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