Angels' Dance (2020)

Angels Dance An angel finds passion and danger in the arms of an unexpected lover in Nalini Singh s New York Times bestselling series that may do for angels what Christine Feehan did for vampires Dear Author The g
  • Title: Angels' Dance
  • Author: Nalini Singh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An angel finds passion and danger in the arms of an unexpected lover in Nalini Singh s New York Times bestselling series that may do for angels what Christine Feehan did for vampires Dear Author The gentle teacher of angelic young, and the keeper of her people s histories, Jessamy is respected and admired by everyone who knows her Yet, born unable to soar into fligAn angel finds passion and danger in the arms of an unexpected lover in Nalini Singh s New York Times bestselling series that may do for angels what Christine Feehan did for vampires Dear Author The gentle teacher of angelic young, and the keeper of her people s histories, Jessamy is respected and admired by everyone who knows her Yet, born unable to soar into flight, she has spent thousands of years trapped in the mountain stronghold of the Refuge, her heart encased in painful loneliness until the arrival of Galen, warrior angel from a martial court Rough edged and blunt, Galen is a weapons master at home with violence, a stranger to the sweet words it takes to woo a woman but he is also a man determined to claim Jessamy for his own, to dance with her through the skies denied her for so very long even if their exhilarating passion proves as dangerous as the landscape of war and unrest that lies before them Angels Dance previously appeared in the anthology, Angels Flight.
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    1. 4.25 A beautiful, gentle story about the Angel who could not fly and the overpowering warrior who could see deep into her heart and see her as than just a crippled creature, buried in her books and surrounded by her small pupils as a shield When the new Weapon Master Galen first came to the Refuge, his powerful and memorable physicality stole Jessamy s breath She was the keeper of histories for a reason In her third millennium, she was one of the oldest angels around and still, because of her d [...]

    2. Romance, she said, turning to head back to the house, is a matter of interpretation Nothing from the man at her side, not until they were behind the closed doors of her suite No matter what the interpretation, he warned, his body held with a rigid control that told her he was on the finest of edges, it s not what I m going to give you tonight I think this is my favorite novella from this series, I actually loved it than some full length books from here DDNalini Singh is just 3

    3. I ll love you until my dying breath, give you anything and everything you want Galen is a weapons master, a warrior who understands violence He s rough around the edges, and blunt in his honesty And when he decided to join Raphael s ranks he never expected to fall for a gentle teacher, one who couldn t be different than him But Galen is determined to claim angel Jessamy, he just needs to convince her to give him a chance.Jessamy is a broken angel With her disfigured wing she will never have the [...]

    4. This was lovely I accidentally read 2.5, the 5 page novella about Jessamy and Galen before this 0.4 and I thought it was eh However, I m SO glad I finally read this one because this 128 page novella truly made me realize how amazing these two characters were This novella was perfectly paced and just incredibly soothing to read Galen and Jessamy cry They re so sweet and romantic.I am definitely excited to read the rest of the novellas about the other side characters now because this novella reall [...]

    5. A cute story, however that doesn t change the fact that I found it boring Galen and Jessamy is a adorable couple, but not that interesting Although, it was interesting to see how Galen became Raphael s weapons master Oh, and of course, we got some scenes with my man, Raphael.

    6. This was like a full length novel than a short and as a result the characters had time to mature and flesh out We first met Jessamy and Galen in Archangel s Kiss and the gentle teacher with the malformed wing instantly became one of the side characters I liked most As a member of Raphael s Seven Galen holds great interest for me as well In this story we see how those two unlikely partners became a couple Jessamy put one hell of a fight against Galen s seduction It was both fun and heartbreakin [...]

    7. 5 starsI read this story as part of the Angels Flight anthology which contains 4 Guild Hunter novellas.This was hands down my favourite novella in the Guild Hunter series and I absolutely loved Jessamy and Galen s story Jessamy was born with a deformed wing and in spite of the best efforts of the healers she has never been able to fly, she longs to feel the wind on her face and for the rush of flying but when someone takes her it just brings home the fact that she will never be free to fly whene [...]

    8. 5 Sweet StarsWhere the full novels in the series tend to be on the angsty and dark side, this novella is on the sweet and idealic one This makes it all the special.Jessamy has managed to keep some innosense and compassion despite the millenia that she s been alive and the cruelty she s witnessed from angels, vampires and humans I liked how despite the fact that she was hurt by her parents refusal to see that the condition of her wing wasn t all she was, she never resented or hated them.Galen w [...]

    9. Read as part of Angels Flight.Angels Dance is also published as a single title.If you have been reading the Guild Hunter series then you have caught glimpses of Galen and Jessamy, but in this novella, they shine.I have been wanting their backstory for sometime Galen is one of Raphael s Seven We get glimpses into him and what he does, but here we find out their is so much to him I loved Galen He s fierce, loyal, protective, and honorable Jessamy is the teacher of angelic young, a library, and th [...]

    10. 4.5 stars Paranormal Romance NovellaI read Angels Dance as part of the Angels Flight anthology and loved Jessamy and Galen s story It s a definite treat for Guild Hunter fans.

    11. I m becoming greedy and curious I want to know about the Guild Hunter world and Raphael s Seven So this novella, although short, was a glimpse into the angel world, the Refuge and how Jessamy, keeper of angel histories, came to find her true love, Galen weapons master and one of Raphael s Seven Jessamy was ethereal, wise and almost fragile Galen was the perfect alpha male, all brute strength, stubborn and protective And now I want to know

    12. 3.5 stars Thought I d check out this series, beginning with the opening novella I like Singh, and I enjoyed this book, but I couldn t quite get into her world of angels, archangels who are far lethal than mere angels and vampires Maybe I m not in the right mood for this type of thing Those angels come in all colors, folks Blue wings, bronze wings, gray wings, white Diamond bright wings, monarch butterfly wings The brain boggles at the thought of a winged army of em Our heroine Jessamy is about [...]

    13. Galen puedo decir que me sorprendi y que era un poco de lo esperado en el sentido de que sab a que algo grande ten a que tener en su historia este barbaro pero tampoco me imagine que en su brutalidad y crudeza pod a ser el hombre rom ntico y tierno que una no se imagina pero que a la vez es con quien sue as de peque a.Jessamy por de mas la que mas mal me ha pegado Despu s de creerla una mujer inteligente, bondadosa y algunas otras cosas me decepciono con tanto trauma y adem s trabas tan tontas p [...]

    14. BEST NOVELLA EVER Do I have to say Nalini Singh, you are a goddess again Never stop writing woman, never I can t really wrap my mind over how this author can write about charaters with such precision Angel and vampire, whether hundreds or thousands of years old, or maybe mere mortals with such small lifetimes she manages to set the mood and the right environment and give them the right frame of mind and thinking I m constantly amazed by that Galen and Jessamy are both angels with deep knowledge [...]

    15. Ok I totally loved this novella It was so nice to be filled in on Jessamy, her busted wing, and how she and Galen met I loved the fact that she was so much older in angel years that she had been around and had taught both Raphael and Illium when they were little boys I thought the relationship she had with them was sweet since they were both respectively full grown angel archangel but they still showed her a great deal of respect and affection Mostly though, I just enjoyed watching the sparks fl [...]

    16. 4 starsIt wasn t until I read this novella that I realised how I missed Nalini Singh s Guild Hunter universe Seeing Raphael four hundred years before he met Elena, drowning in his apathy, made me want to read about them again.But the focus of this novella is another relationship, that of Galen and Jessamy She is a very old angel, born with a deformed left wing and therefore incapable of flight The keeper of angelic history The teacher for the angelic young A woman with a burning desire to touch [...]

    17. Jessamy is the teacher for all young angels She is the keeper of histories and makes it her job to understand all the politics that result in any type of political or military action Galen is a soldier who recently transferred to Raphael s territory He is a tough, battle scarred soldier who sees something he wants and goes after it full force He is absolutely amazing and so tender with Jess that it is wonderful to see He treasures her when most others handle her with care due to her damaged wing [...]

    18. DFI at 19%La verdad lo empece para sumar otro libro al reto pero paso el tiempo y no lo termine y estoy haciendo recortes si o s quiero terminar los libros que tengo en currently reading y le tengo que dar prioridad a los que m s me estaban gustando.

    19. Lu en VF dans l anthologie Le murmure des Anges , cette nouvelle vaut une rewiew elle seule.J ai ador , tout, leur histoire, le h ros, leur passion Les papillons ont vol Edit Relecture, toujours aussi bien que la 1 re fois D

    20. Nalini Singh s writing is as lush and elegant as the angels she writes about I loved this book, loved the passion between Jessamy and Galen, and the glimpses of Raphael when he was just establishing his territory and still gathering his Seven.

    21. Nos muestra la historia de Galen, uno de los Siete de Raphael, desde sus inicios para poder ser parte de este selecto grupo de vampiros y ngeles, y de Jessamy, la persona encargada de transcribir en libros todas las historias del mundo angelical.Su historia de amor, a pesar de ser insta love, me gust Tiene un buen avance para el corto n mero de p ginas, es agradable de leer, aunque no enamora Lo que s , me encant conocer m s a Galen, su personalidad que es bruta y juguetona a la vez, d nde fue c [...]

    22. A breathtaking novella introducing the world of angels and the passions that ignite between them In this introduction, we meet Jessamy, an earthbound angel with millennia of solitude, who gets caught in the powerful whirlwind of Galen, a warrior angel with a vulnerable heart Through this engaging courtship we witness a much younger Raphael and many of his cadre including Dmitri, Jason, Illium, and Trace as we are thrust into the world of angelic politics and immense power struggles Using a beaut [...]

    23. This was surprisingly longer than I expected for a short story Can t help but like Jess and Galen They are polar oposites, yet obviously understand each other better than most It is also interesting to get some back story on Raphael, Alexander, and Michaela though I still don t like Michaela or expect that to change soon.

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