Les Misérables (2020)

Les Mis rables Sensational dramatic packed with rich excitement and filled with the sweep and violence of human passions LES MISERABLES is not only superb adventure but a powerful social document The story of how
  • Title: Les Misérables
  • Author: Victor Hugo Norman Denny
  • ISBN: 9780140622911
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sensational, dramatic, packed with rich excitement and filled with the sweep and violence of human passions, LES MISERABLES is not only superb adventure but a powerful social document The story of how the convict Jean Valjean struggled to escape his past and reaffirm his humanity, in a world brutalized by poverty and ignorance, became the gospel of the poor and the oppresSensational, dramatic, packed with rich excitement and filled with the sweep and violence of human passions, LES MISERABLES is not only superb adventure but a powerful social document The story of how the convict Jean Valjean struggled to escape his past and reaffirm his humanity, in a world brutalized by poverty and ignorance, became the gospel of the poor and the oppressed.
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    1. I ve always been intimidated by the length of Les Miserables, but it was worth getting into I have previously tried to read other translations without success, but the Norman Denny translation was exceptional The language was beautiful Victor Hugo created something pretty amazing Despite his occasional unnecessary elaboration, the plot flowed and drew me in Most of his characters felt real In particular, it was enjoyable to get inside Jean Valjean, Javert, and Monsieur Thenardier s heads Looking [...]

    2. There comes a point where the unfortunate and the infamous are grouped together, merged in a single, fateful word They are les miserables the outcasts, the underdogs and who is to blame Is it not the most fallen who have the most need of charity By far the most fascinating book I have read Victor Hugo creates astounding characters, each with their own distinctive personalities, showing their massive changes through the course of the book and how the unfortunate events have shaped them as they in [...]

    3. This is the abridged version of Victor Hugo s Les Miserables Many years ago I started reading the full version, was taken with the story of Jean Valjean the Bishop and then got a bit lost when the story suddenly switches to Fantine And that was as far as I got, which wasn t very far at all Then I experienced the musical and much later the movie and was entranced by the story The abridged version keeps the core of the story pretty much running parallel with the musical and the movie and is a lot [...]

    4. Victor Hugo once again excelled at summarizing the harshness of the world yet the inner beauty that lies deep within This story is a perfect example of how all great people started out as nobodies, and the most important lesson forgive but never forget This book is than just a story It is the all the good, the bad, and the ugly portrayed in different ways It is the sad truth of every society yet the spark of courage in every wronged man It is a message in a bottle that has sailed the bitter sea [...]

    5. Los Miserables es una historia la sociedad francesa durante la Revoluci n Francesa, lleno de miseria, pobreza y la vida de las personas de bajos recursos.De todos los personajes que aparecen en la novela el nico que me gusto y a la vez sent mucho lastima, el que m s quiso cambiar y ayudar a los dem s personas, a pesar que lo trataran como escoria y a la vez mentiroso, fue Jean Valjean Es el personaje que m s desgracias le suceden, pero a la vez es el m s fuerte y de buen coraz n que nunca se dio [...]

    6. Amazing story, who knows where circumstances could lead anyone and how each us would handle a life unexpected.

    7. Era da anni che lo volevo leggere, ma aspettavo sempre di riuscire a tornare in Francia per poterlo comprare in lingua originale Essendo madrelingua, odio leggere libri in francese nella traduzione italiana Quest estate, finalmente, ho avuto l occasione che tanto aspettavo Devo dire che mi aspettavo un libro pi narrativo, anche se solo verso la fine fatto un po fatica a seguire tutti i pensieri del buon Hugo sulla societ , la miseria, l a e tanto altro In ogni caso, rimane una bellissima e godib [...]

    8. i ve been longing to read this book since ages and finally got my hand on it, and can t really put it down it is a good book it s like i m there i m at Paris on 1823, during the revolution, the state of war, the desserted city it s a story of an ex convict, Valjean, who s trying to change, leave his criminal life behind and lead a new life but constantly haunted by the policeman Javert, who s trying with all his might to put Valjean into prison i admit this book is a big one it s not that thick [...]

    9. I d only ever seen the musical of Les Miserables and, although I knew the basic storyline, I had no idea what a delight the novel would turn out to be It also happens to be set during one of my favourite periods of European history What a story so many twists excellent characters despair hope couragelvation where do you start Jean Valjean has just been awarded the honorary position of My favourite character from a novel recentlty read I do not bestow the award frequently previous recipients have [...]

    10. A great parable of grace Using an encounter between an ex convict and a bishop, Victor Hugo demonstrates what can happen when a man receives undeserved forgiveness In sharp contrast to the ex convict who is liberary sharing the grace he has received is a policeman whose mind is so fixed on the idea of justice that he finds it easier to commit suicide than to accept the magnanimity and mercy of the innocent man he has mistaken for a criminal and ruthlessly harassed The latter part of the story is [...]

    11. This was one of the best books I ve ever read My heart bled for Jean Valjean He became a criminal out of necessity, in order to feed his sister s hungry children Over stealing a loaf of bread he was deemed a convict Once he got out of jail, and after he had been saved by kindness, he decided to change Why did he need to change Because prison hardened him and his heart So this story is about his redemption and how little of a chance he had at it Some of my friends told me that it s a story about [...]

    12. I think it is a bit like Candide in a way how the story keeps the characters running into each other every now and then Though the title gives sad impression, I notice that the thing that capture my attention is how powerful a good deed can be In the story, it turned an ex convict to be a noble man It s so powerful that even through sorrow, he remained faithful not without struggling, of course and resisted the temptation to be such bad guy he was I like that.

    13. Wowwow Victor is a genius, so charitable and compassionate with his tragic characters and I find myself relating to all of them to a certain degree, even though I m not French, live on the streets, or sell my teeth to feed my daughter He totally understands the human condition, in all its conditions Makes me want to be a better person, its sort of like a secular version of the Bible I hope that s not sacrilegious.

    14. I think this is a great story but I m not sure whether I read the best translation of it The first half pulled me in and then I just got so tired and it wore me out by the end.So much melodrama, suspense, historical relevance and long description in such a big book can feel like indigestion.If you like historical novels and 19th gloomy reality this one s for you.

    15. very good and from what i hear the unabridged version is well worth reading too one flaw with the abridged version is that the dramatic coincidences come a bit too frequent when the book is pared back by over a 1000 pages the book is very strong on characters and page turning in its story line harsh but romantic too for it.

    16. this is an amazing book that everyone should read at least oncee amount of feeling and emotions were so touchinge lives that lived in the book make you think twicee translation was really goode beggining of the book was quite boring, but THEN when Marius came alonge it became so great.

    17. Astonishingly good Although its a classic I had not expected it to be as good as it is There are few superlatives to do it justice The themes of grace, hope and love throughout the narrative awakened and refreshed my soul at virtually every turn of a page Breathtaking.

    18. It was interesting to see how much of the book was taken out of the musical I loved learning about the main characters in the book and the other scenes that make this story the amazing book that it is with life lessons for all of us.

    19. Extremely long I would probably recommend the play , unless you are one of those people unlike me who actually stick with a book A very good plot nonetheless, and fairly interesting.

    20. The abridged version, if not replaceable, definitely made Hugo s text accessible than the original Thoroughly enjoyable.

    21. I absolutely loved this book I would definitely recommend reading the abridged version Others have told me that the unabridged version contains far too many unnecessary details.

    22. Had no idea what this would be like but got totally absorbed in the story and loved it, well worth the effort

    23. There s a shortened version which most people read, but if you can make it through the original, I recommend it The character details are incredible

    24. Wonderfully written in third person It was quite clear that the main driving forces in all the events were love and greed.

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