Yesterday Road (2020)

Yesterday Road In this coming of old age tale Jack Peckham finds himself on a journey into his distant past helped along the way by Joe Easterday a young man with Down syndrome and Ida Pevely a middle aged wait
  • Title: Yesterday Road
  • Author: KevinBrennan
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  • Page: 234
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In this coming of old age tale, Jack Peckham finds himself on a journey into his distant past, helped along the way by Joe Easterday, a young man with Down syndrome, and Ida Pevely, a middle aged waitress with her own mountain of regrets Jack has a hundred grand in cash that he can t explain, since he can t remember yesterday much less forty years ago Setting out fromIn this coming of old age tale, Jack Peckham finds himself on a journey into his distant past, helped along the way by Joe Easterday, a young man with Down syndrome, and Ida Pevely, a middle aged waitress with her own mountain of regrets Jack has a hundred grand in cash that he can t explain, since he can t remember yesterday much less forty years ago Setting out from Northern California for points east, he gets lost, carjacked, abandoned, and arrested, but he s always homing in on the one object of his inner drive home With humor and plenty of unexpected turns, Kevin Brennan s second novel is a lyrical and poignant story of memory and identity, of how it is the whole of experience pain and regret along with love and pleasure that gives life its fullness We all tow our histories behind us as we make our way down Yesterday Road.
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    1. I d rather have all of it back, bad and good, if that s what it takes to get the good So says Jack Peckham to Ida Peevey as she races Jack to, what she hopes, is his home and family, his longed for destination Memory is a major theme in this new novel by Kevin Brennan Some people, like Ida, feel cursed by the bad things they remember On the other extreme is Jack, whose memory seems to wipe clean every time he sleeps In the middle is Joe Easterday, a young man with Down s Syndrome, who tends to r [...]

    2. This was a masterfully crafted story of a guy Jack whose brain has decided to protect him from a horrific memory Jack could not remember one day to the next and so we follow him on a journey with a number of sweet characters to that point where Jacks memory and reality come face to face Wonderfully written.

    3. So I stopped reading Look Homeward, Angel to read Yesterday Road And, I am so glad I did Kevin Brennan weaves a powerful story about looking for home, about loss, about connection It turns pages with sympathetic, believable characters and tension that sings This book is worth your money and your time Buy it Read it Help a talented author succeed.

    4. Yesterday Road tells the tale of Jack, an old man looking for something but unsure exactly what that something is Jack has trouble with his memory He can t remember what happened the day before, and those images he can remember have little meaning He has also lost his wallet and his ID all he has is a cutout picture of a handsome young man in his pocket Yet with the help of others some kind, some less so Jack undertakes a journey that not only helps him find what he is looking for, but also find [...]

    5. I once read that all memory is fiction What remains rather than specific details is the perception and the ghost of emotions garnered from that memory.Yesterday Road by Kevin Brennan shows the fiction of the memory is the most important.Jack in Yesterday Road finds himself on the road a few hours from San Francisco one day with no memory of who he is or where he s been He hooks up with a Down syndrome young man named Joe, and the two travel in an innocent cocoon until adopted by Ida who doesn t [...]

    6. Having heard such a lot about this book, I was very excited to be asked by the author to review it I have to say, I was not disappointed I enjoyed this book immensely I thought that it was exceptionally well written, with a thought provoking, intelligent, and original plot It was well paced and a real page turner.I felt that this was the classic journey of discovery, but with one important difference The character on the journey, to regain his memory of the past, was the one character that ultim [...]

    7. Self publishing has a problem A sticky, smelly problem that s hard to wash off because the stain of poor writing is so embedded, like the smell of garlic in a French chef s pores That s unfortunate because in many cases, there s no stain at all In fact, in its place, one can sometimes find a manila envelope full of cash that could even serve as a comfy pillow.Yesterday Road is a prime example of all of the good things about self publishing It showcases an author who treats his work like his baby [...]

    8. Joe apparently found it easy to go with the flow, as someone he knew used to say Just go with the flow, but what did that really mean What if the flow is going the wrong way 38.An elderly man named Jack at least he thinks his name is Jack, as his memory is fleeting is found wandering along a country road outside of San Francisco He s certain of two things he has a daughter named Linda, who he s desperately searching for, and in order to return home, he must travel east Along his journey, he meet [...]

    9. Have you ever read a book where you became so close to the characters that the end of the book felt like a sad parting of ways This happened to me with Yesterday road Often, I find that one of the things that sets a decent author apart from a truly gifted one, is how many characters they are working with True, it takes talent to have a huge cast of characters and be able to make them all work, but having just a few means that they all must be independent of one another and extremely important Ke [...]

    10. I am often after different sorts of things from different sorts of books but I always, always crave character, emotion and integrity Yesterday Road abounded with all three of these things.The premise is relatively simple, as all the best premises are Jack, an eighty something man, finds himself stood at the side of a road and with nothing except a name Linda and a destination east Everything between him and these things is a series of yesterdays that will drift away like smoke from his fingers B [...]

    11. There are so many good things about Yesterday Road that I don t know where to begin.The characters are wonderfully flawed, real and endearing Even the carjacker shows his vulnerable side.But it is Jack who carries the book, Jack with his faulty memory, his daydreams, his loose grasp on reality, his almost comical ability to wake up each morning with no knowledge of the day before.Yet it s difficult to pick a favorite character, difficult to pinpoint which one truly carries the story since they a [...]

    12. A fantastical road trip with a memorable group of characters this book will not disappointYesterday Road is a highly readable and engaging novel From the cover art, to the title and everything in between, Brennan takes the reader on a fantastical road trip as he masterfully drops crumbs of information along the way By the final pages, the reader will want to know but at the same time feel satisfied with the things the author chose to leave out Jack, the main character, is an elderly man who can [...]

    13. I recently read The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared, but stopped after a few chapters as I was bored This novel has a similar premise the adventures of an elderly man but by contrast, I read this novel in two sittings and adored it Our protagonist, Jack, is in his eighties, has memory problems and is lost He knows that he is looking for someone called Linda, but his other memories fly away on a daily basis, including the fact that he has an envelope containing a hu [...]

    14. I picked up this e book after wandering over to Kevin s blog An older gentleman, Jack, no known last name, wanders the country meeting people along the way, some helpful, some not so much, but all important on his journey to find and claim his yesterday The main character, Jack the Deuce , an old man with severe dementia is enchanting You can t help but love him, want to protect him, and wonder just how he s going to end up But this book became about the waitress who champions his cause, Ida, w [...]

    15. It s rare that I read a book all in one sitting, but I couldn t put this down Within two chapters you are so concerned and invested in Jack, an elderly man who seems lost and has trouble remembering why he is so lost or where he is supposed to be going He only has one name in his mind Linda and knows that he has to get to her, though where she is exactly isn t clear Jack s journey is that of a paper boat, tossed about by capricious waves, and it s his vulnerability that makes him a tragic charac [...]

    16. Yesterday Road by Kevin Brennan is a great road trip novel about an old man, Jack, who makes his way across the US in an attempt to find his daughter Linda Suffering from memory loss his journey is filled with some great and very odd events that make this book never dull and very enjoyable Jack makes some wonderful new friends on the way.A sweet feel good novel with a low key upbeat message about humanity and good people Highly recommended.

    17. Excellent and PoignantKevin Brennan has created characters with such depth that I could not help but feel love and compassion for them in reading this novel I stayed up late tonight to finish the book, so I will keep this review brief Highly recommended read My father has memory loss His circumstances differ from Jack s, yet I came away with a renewed respect for those who, like Jack and my father, struggle daily to make sense of what they can no longer recall.

    18. This was an exceptionally good book well written, interesting characters who you want to hang out with, humour which is not always easy to pull off successfully, but Brennan does it , and an adventure filled road trip I read this quickly, but want to go back and reread in order to savour Kevin Brennan s writing This is one author who I will be watching as his career unfolds Brennan s style can be compared to two of my favourite authors Ivan Doig and Kent Haruf.

    19. What a charming book, in a sad sort of way My heart broke for this man who obviously had some memory problems The writing was great, the descriptive passages were well done, and the story was charming If you are looking for an all around good tale, this would be a great choice I didn t want the book to end, but it did end in just the right way I highly recommend this book.

    20. This is such a well written book I fell in love with the story and couldn t put it down Great characters, and wonderful premise And the ending, no I won t give anything away, but it s worth it to read this book, just for the amazing ending.I spent 2 days engrossed in this book, and at the end, I said, I wish I could write like that Kudos to Kevin Brennan for putting this out there.

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