Jo's Journey (2020)

Jo s Journey Jo Strauss was committed to two things in her life her family and her life as an acrobat high wire performer She takes both very seriously Her life was orderly in control and she was finally settlin
  • Title: Jo's Journey
  • Author: S.E. Smith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jo Strauss was committed to two things in her life her family and her life as an acrobat high wire performer She takes both very seriously Her life was orderly, in control, and she was finally settling down in one place so she could spend time with her parents instead of moving all over the world every few weeks To celebrate her and younger sister Star s one yearJo Strauss was committed to two things in her life her family and her life as an acrobat high wire performer She takes both very seriously Her life was orderly, in control, and she was finally settling down in one place so she could spend time with her parents instead of moving all over the world every few weeks To celebrate her and younger sister Star s one year anniversary away from the circus they had grown up with, she and Star were meeting River Knight, their childhood friend and sister of the heart, for a vacation in the mountains in North Carolina Everything goes as planned until she and her sisters are kidnapped Now, she finds herself transported to another world Aliens, warships, battles and a certain male were not in the carefully detailed plans she had mapped out for her life.Manota Ja Kel Coradon is the second son of the ruling House of Kassis He is known as the dark brother, a reputation that he lives up to He has fought hard to protect his family and the people of Kassis, at times sacrificing parts of his soul to do so His knowledge, skills and development of weaponry are legendary His skill as a warrior bring shivers of fear to his opponents who know he never gives mercy to any who stand in his way.Manota is in total control of his world until one slender, feisty alien female crashes through the shields he has placed around his heart She is fearless, determined and stubborn She absolutely refuses to cower before him, no matter how much he growls He is determined to protect her and claim her as his own but there is one little problem she will not agree to accept his claim unless he returns for her parents.Now, he has even bigger problems that come in all different shapes, sizes and species The return trip is fraught with enough dangers but Jo and Star s parents aren t the only ones coming back to Kassis so is the circus family who had gathered to help look for their missing family members.Traitors, pirates and Mimes are just the tip of the iceberg of trouble gliding through warp speed to his home world Manota is about to learn that the prophesy that was foretold centuries before is true His mate is just as much of a warrior as he is and she comes with backup when an old enemy attacks
    Jo s Journey Follow me on my journey throught life Sep , Welcome to Jo s Journey My name is Joanie and I m a journalist, photographer, designer and animal lover Follow along on my journey through life Follow My Blog Get new content delivered directly to your inbox. Jo s Journey Lords of Kassis, by S.E Smith Jo s Journey is book in the Lord of Kassis series by S.E Smith This story also has adult content This is also the last story of the three sisters Jo s well ordered life changes when she and her sisters are kidnapped Now her life is filled with Aliens, warships, and dangerous battles. Jo s Journey Science Fiction Romance Lords Jo s Journey takes her, and Manota her mate , back to Earth to let her parents know what happened to the women What a novel idea How often do we see women traipsing off across the galaxy to find love and never thinking about the people searching for them at home Jo Marie Ryu s Story is Growing Jo Marie The main character of book in the Adi Saga is about a young boy named Ryu Ryu means dragon He s Jo s Journey Home Facebook Jo s Journey January , Day at pmthought I was done posting, but Jordan hands the phone off and we are back at it Just had the second post operation follow up, months after the surgery and got a positive note that everything is still clear following an MRI this morning. Joseph s Journey What is Joseph s Journey Joseph s Journey is dedicated to providing wilderness experiences to children with terminal and life threatening illnesses Our adventures include hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, climbing, and it is up to the child. Jo s Journey Home Facebook Jo s Journey likes talking about this Thoughts, moments and observations while on my travels. Josh Journeys May , Josh Journeys Menu Start here Home Trips Mopeding the East Coast A moped adventure Pre Trip The good and the bad Day Highways and byways Day Appalachian highway Day and hours of driving Day Family and Friends Day The Coast Day An expensive day Day Hero s journey In narratology and comparative mythology, the monomyth, or the hero s journey, is the common template of a broad category of tales and lore that involves a hero who goes on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed. The Bible Journey Joseph is sold into slavery in Egypt Joseph is sold into slavery in Egypt Joseph becomes Vizier of Egypt Jacob s family joins Joseph in Egypt The Israelites journey from Egypt to Mt Sinai The Journey continues from Sinai to Moab The Israelites move into Canaan The Israelites face continuing opposition The Journeys of Ruth and Samuel .
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    1. I love the way that the beginning of this novel is written The main characters are involved in their current predicaments and they flash back to previous events to give context and an in depth backstory It s a fantastic feeling But Smith doesn t stop there Suspense, romance, and comic moments all vie for centre stage as we travel the galaxy with this unlikely crew of characters Vibrant descriptions are woven throughout the intensely captivating plot to create an epic whole that I couldn t put do [...]

    2. Well, the stories just keep getting better This was fun than a bunch of clowns in the middle of a war zone Oh waitThe only downside the story got in the way of the sex Yes there is great longing, and the guys are huge and muscular, and the gals are strong and sexy but can we please have some serious climb the walls scream to wake the neighbors sex

    3. Wow Circus magic plus hot alien men, dogs, cats and elephants.Subjectively, it feels as if I ve waited FOREVER for the third story of the prophesied female warriors Objectively, it s only been a bit over 2 years since River s Run and 9 months since Star s Storm FOREVER But, Jo s story is finally here and I celebrated its arrival by racing through it non stop Now I have the pleasure of going back and re reading slowly to catch details, interact with new and old characters and hope that the next [...]

    4. I think this book was the best of this series that I ve read so far Not as steamy as the first one, but was very entertaining and funny I like that the author put all the relationships at the end of the book I also can t wait for the next book with Ricki and Risteard Re read for the 3rd time Last read on 12 31 2014I m changing my rating from 4 stars to 5 stars Just because I really liked the whole circus getting on the ship and moving to another planet thing This was was the most entertaining of [...]

    5. 3 Stars for this book I love this author It s always a pleasure to read her books.It s Jo s turn now River and Star s books were great and I loved River s the most Jo is unhappy because she misses her parents in the end Manota and her travel back to get her parents to go back with them The whole circus ends up going which leads to characters being added to the series which obviously is ingenious idea But all that said the end was good with catching the bad guy but I still wasn t feeling this bo [...]

    6. Loved this series Definitely one of my favorites from this author so far I m so bummed that I have to wait for the next one to be released, I was really enjoying just being able to binge read them.

    7. Lions, Tigers and Alien Mimes Oh, My Lions, tigers and alien mimes Oh, my Add in space pirates, a universal conspiracy to overthrow the Alliance, clowns, aerial high jinx, elephants, alien warriors falling head over heels in love and you ll just be scratching the surface of all the fun awaiting you as you read this series I haven t read a entertaining space opera in a long time A colorful and eccentric cast of characters will have you laughing your a off as you turn the pages.

    8. Jo s Journey was not only about her and her journey towards acceptance of her new life It was of all that encompassed her life and the ones she loved Samantha Cook does a great job carrying on the world of Kassis I loved as Jo s Journey unfold Watching all the new characters and blooming new romances.

    9. Tai Tek is finally dead, Yeah About time but I wonder if his partners have also been killed since he wasn t working alone or do they escape capture to wreck havoc once again I hope there is a short story of the Ceremony that the girls are supposed to attend, the aftermath of the battle and scenes of Ricki Risteard before the next book.

    10. Another enjoyable addition to the series A little annoyed by CHick s reluctance to submit to her soulmate but other than that, no complaints.Overall SO all three sisters from Earth are finally recognized as the prophecy meant to save the planet or universe or whatever Jo is distraught about her parents back on Earth not knowing what happened to their daughters so her Dude Manota middle brother ruler of Kassis decides to take her back to Earth to bring her parents back to Kassis with them They ma [...]

    11. WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERSI may have to come back and edit this as I think I need a re read of this book But here we go.I really like SE Smith I love her writing and the fact that she writes some many books Any book she writes is guaranteed to entertain me they all have so far This one fell a little short for me I think the reason is that Star s Storm book 2 was so great Star recovers from a serious injury, gets her man, he gets taken and then she is key to the small group getting him back In Jo [...]

    12. The circus is in town and the galaxy will never be the same againJo never thought that her life would end up like this Living in a galaxy so far away from her home and family She s homesick and being away from her family makes her die a little inside Manota has loved Jo from the moment he saw her Her happiness is his main concern He decides to go to earth and bring her parents back with him Jo is ecstatic but Manota is nervous wreck, wondering if her parents will like him or not He s afraid that [...]

    13. Read this book you will not be disappointed You will be rushing to get the others in this series.Three women who can kick butt and laugh about it have just made my day Loved their upbringing.So much happens I cannot tell you in a review as it goes in so many directions.Whilst this book focuses on Jo and Manota we have the others all weaving through it.We have these books all working and weaving together at the same time but in different directions This whole series is brilliantly done.If you lik [...]

    14. Really loved this book Loved all the circus characters that were introduced and made this a fun read My only disappointment with this book was there wasn t much of River or Star Jo and Star are sisters and they claim River is a surrogate sister The circus is a family and River says Jo and Star s parents were always like second parents and even so when her own parents died tragically and she lived with them When Jo goes to get her parent s they ask about Star but not River and when ever they tal [...]

    15. Once i started i didn t want to put this down, we have a few fight scenes, steamy sex scense plus scenes to make you laugh and lots of new interesting characters to meet.How the scenes were written made you believe you were right there with the characters and the reactions from people who have never seen a circus preform was real and great.Then the humans show just because they are a circus doesn t mean they don t know how to handle themselves.Then there is also the relationship devleoping betwe [...]

    16. Bad Alien Dead This story was as action packed as going to see the circus Jo Manota are perfect for each other even though it took Jo awhile to admit her feelings for Manota Jo Manota go to Earth to get her parents but get a whole bunch of other people too This book contains lots of alien males finding their mate but not necessarily getting to mate them the bad alien dies after being lured into a trap, lots of sex scenes, lots of fight scenes hot sexy Aliens along with elephants, tigers This was [...]

    17. good book but i m looking forward to book 4 Ajaska Jo, Star and River gasped at the same time What He grinned again before he finished off his drink I think I need another drink What about my daughter Walter growled out What are you going to do Ajaska shrugged his shoulders Kidnap her back, he said with a mischievous grin Right from under his royal blue nose To be continued

    18. Manota is waiting somewhat impatiently for Jo to come to terms with being his mate However, she has a serious case of the guilts over the original kidnapping and leaving her parents back on Earth.So Manota s dad suggests he goes back and grab them too Thus the whole Circus, including the animals, go on tour to the stars.Lots of fun.

    19. Loved the story, specially how hilarious the circus family turned out to be, on Earth, in space and on Kassis However, I didn t feel much regarding Manota and Jo Nothing special, no real courting or fighting It was a bit blend compared to the 2 previous books But I am very much looking forward to reading about Ricki s story.

    20. A 5 star readA fine follow up to River and Star s stories Jo and her mate Manota return from Earth with some trouble along the way , with her parents and the whole circus of family and friends The final confrontation with Tai Tek awaits To fully enjoy this book, read books 1 and 2 first Sci fi romance extraordinaire

    21. I really love this series it has a perfect mix of romance, action and humour that keeps you captivated from beginning to end.I can t wait to read the next instalment, just to be witness to all these amazing men fall at the feet of their warrior women.

    22. I love how the heroine in this is so fun and goes after what she wants Her family I love the circus people we meet in this one What an awesome way to bring some closure to the story I cannot wait for book four

    23. What a delight This one has it all Love, passion, action, and laughs It just doesn t get much better I grin every time I think of those big bad Kassian warriors trying to figure out clowns Keep up the good work, Ms Smith.

    24. CircusThis book was an adventure Continuing with the circus sisters and a trip back to earth Enjoyed Tony and the Frenchmen Enjoyed the circus family and the robots found who they were programmed to find Plenty of tender romance and leads for potential books.

    25. I like everything about this book but the hero and the heroine Jo was soooo boring But i loved the circus and all that came with it.

    26. dastardly foe strikes again a trap is set earth people come to Kassis mates are found the trap is sprung who triumphs alien romance and suspense looking forward to Jane Doe s story.

    27. Does not DisappointThe third in this series keeps going with the antics of John, Star and River These books are a joy to read.

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