Into This River I Drown (2020)

Into This River I Drown Five years ago Benji Green lost his beloved father Big Eddie when his truck crashed into a river Everyone called it an accident but Benji knows it was Even years later he s buried in his grief t
  • Title: Into This River I Drown
  • Author: T.J. Klune
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Five years ago, Benji Green lost his beloved father, Big Eddie, when his truck crashed into a river Everyone called it an accident, but Benji knows it was Even years later, he s buried in his grief, throwing himself into managing Big Eddie s convenience store in the small town of Roseland, Oregon Surrounded by his mother and three aunts, he lives day to day, struggFive years ago, Benji Green lost his beloved father, Big Eddie, when his truck crashed into a river Everyone called it an accident, but Benji knows it was Even years later, he s buried in his grief, throwing himself into managing Big Eddie s convenience store in the small town of Roseland, Oregon Surrounded by his mother and three aunts, he lives day to day, struggling to keep his head above water But Roseland is no ordinary place With ever frequent dreams of his father s death and waking visions of feathers on the river s surface, Benji finds his definition of reality bending He thinks himself haunted by ghosts or memories, he can no longer tell Not until a man falls from the sky, leaving the burning imprint of wings on the ground, does Benji begin to understand that the world is mysterious than he ever imagined and dangerous As uncontrollable forces descend on Roseland, they reveal long hidden truths about friends, family, and the stranger Calliel a man Benji can no longer live without.
    Into This River I Drown by T.J Klune Mar , Lambda Literary Award Winner for Best Gay Romance Five years ago, Benji Green lost his beloved father, Big Eddie, who drowned when his truck crashed into a river All called it an accident, but Benji thought it However, even years later, he is buried deep in his grief, throwing himself into taking over Big Eddie s convenience store in the small town of Roseland, In This River Black Label Society In This River Lyrics AZLyrics In this river all shall fade to black In this river ain t no coming back In this river all shall fade to black Ain t no coming back Withdrawn I step away Just to find myself The door is closed again The only one left This storm that s broken me My only friend Chorus x Solo Chorus x Black Label Society In This River Lyrics MetroLyrics In this river all shall fade to black In this river ain t no coming back In this river all shall fade to black In this river all shall fade to black In this river ain t no coming back In this river all shall fade to black Ain t no coming back You gotta check out Boy Band Slow Jams That Made You Believe In Love. In This River by Black Label Society Songfacts After the death of Dimebag Darrell, Zakk Wylde commissioned a video for this song in tribute to his fallen friend Directed by Eric Zimmerman, the video shows Dime and Zakk as children, with both of them going into a river, but only Wylde coming out Footage of Dimebag performing was also incorporated into Black Label Society In This River Lyrics Genius Lyrics In This River Lyrics I ve been around this world, yet I see no end All shall fade to black again and again This storm that s broken me, my only friend In this river, all shall fade to black Black Label Society In This River Doom Troopin Live Oct , videos Play all Mix Black Label Society In This River Doom Troopin Live YouTube Black Label Society Sold my Soul Unblackened Duration Eagle Rock ,, views Homepage Into the River What s Into the River A vibrant worship community worship radio Weekly Bible studies Monthly interactive classes Enjoy the peace and healing presence of God at home, in your car, or at work anytime, anywhere through our worship radio. JJ Grey This River Lyrics MetroLyrics Cause only this river Can bare me to safety Only this river Can bare me away Mmmhmmm See them all work and play There on the other bank Warm in their houses While I face My cold alone Guess I ve been drinking away To keep the wolves of my mind at bay But if you run You die I m just to tired to care Cause only this river Can bare me to safety
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    1. This book didn t made me cry, it made me weep Was this book sad Yes, the grief that Benji has over his father s death is overwhelming and perfectly articulated by the author However, that isn t what made me sob at work while reading this book on my lunch break What made me completely break down is the total and complete love that Benji has for his father and vice versa It is the heartbreaking magnitude of that love that ripped me to shreds Benji and his father are than relatives they are soul m [...]

    2. Dear T.J Klune, I hate you You ve completely sabotaged my reading year Here I am, not even a full month into 2014 and you just ran me over with a literary freight train I might as well read monster porn until 2015 because I doubt that anything I pick up will replace this as my favorite book of the year.Damn you, Litchick

    3. DNF 63%I know.I know What the hell I just could not deal with Benji s constant depression I desperately wanted to give him the number of a good psychologist, a large bottle of antidepressants and suggest he take up journaling At least I got to use a Big Lebowski gif The Dude makes everything better.

    4. Okay, this was one of the most emotional reads ever I m a girl who loves dark and depressing books, but it has to have a meaning for me I can t read something that makes no sense The cover drew me in originally I thought it was beautiful the first time I saw it Since then I have been nervous to read it But as you can see I did read it, and I can tell you hand on heart I loved it Benji lost his father when he was 16 He drowned in a river and it was deemed an accident Benji never believed this He [...]

    5. 5 Painfully So Cherry Stars Sometimes I float along the riverFor its surface I am boundAnd there are times stones done fill my pocketsAnd it s into this river I drown I m going to try to keep this review short because no matter what I say, it will not do this book justice I was completely blown away by this story T.J Klune is an amazing versatile author I truly believe that he can write it all Just fantastic.This story is about Benjamin Green and his love for two men One is his father, who has a [...]

    6. Once I heard the white peacock symbolizes the dispersion of souls throughout the world.The Dalai Lama was once asked what would he do if all his spiritual beliefs were scientifically disproven He said that if he read all the evidence, all the research, and it was irrefutable, he would have to change.ButWhat would you do if something spiritual disproved your scientific beliefs I have just seen that movie, spiritual and scientific thoughts in a cocktail shaker, which led me to similar movies and t [...]

    7. Okay I lied I didn t put this down, and read something lighter and fluffier I finished it while laying on the front porch swing ugly crying Like I m glad there was bamboo that shades the porch so no one can see me cry sort of crying I need to go home cuddle some stuffed animals, or better yet drive to my best friends house and cuddle their puppies sort of crying.I need a hug.I may write a real review someday.Maybe.I wouldn t hold your breath.This took a lot out of me.It was great, butYeah, puppi [...]

    8. I m truly of two minds about this book On the one hand, it was beautiful The premise, the story in and of itself, the characterizations and most of all, the message it conveys just gorgeous The concepts of angels and archangels were fascinating and rather unique Emotions were written to maximum impact And in parts, the writing was really, really good, almost poetic it gripped me, sucked me in and didn t let me go On the other hand, for the most part of the book the writing was chatty, long windi [...]

    9. Why do I love books I m taken into other worlds where I can control what goes on, and is often so much better than reality They make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud they make me cringe or are downright embarrassing they let my imagination run riot they make me really angry and think WTF or gasp with indignation sometimes I m breathless with anticipation and can t wait to find out what happens next they make me snigger and chuckle, and if I m especially lucky a little hot and bothered, wooh [...]

    10. God Yes Just, YES If I had to make a list of 10 books that you must read, this book would be on that list.Very enjoyable read Pretty long, not that I was bored and wanting it to end at all The story was really that of a love story between Benji and his father, Big Eddie No, get your minds out of the gutter, not that way The depth of their father and son love, then the loss of that love is guaranteed to fold your heart up like origami and make you sob a time or two Buy Kleenex.The book really pu [...]

    11. Divinely heartwrenching and so full of love.This book made me run the gamut of emotions from joy, to anger, to disbelief, to faith, to love, to grief Those and so many .Was this book a fantasy In a sense Magical realism would be a accurate moniker, specially the first half What do you call a book filled with dreams that are real, and a guardian angel come down from On High As always, the prose was absolutely lovely Lyrical and descriptive, TJK tells us this story through flashbacks, dreams, and [...]

    12. Oh, the power of faith The power of sacrifice and love.I m so happy I read this book It s one of those books that I will always remember The story is extraordinary Every single page is a work of art.This is the story of Benjamin and Calliel Nothing I say can describe how wonderful these two are, how beautiful their relationship is.The whole books feels surreal and dream like All the characters were unique There were many things that i didn t see coming and that makes this whole story special.I [...]

    13. I really don t think anything I write can do justice to just how great a book this is I was so sad when I finished because I wanted to read so I went back to find some of my favorite parts to read them again.I ve never had such an emotional reaction to any book before There were times when I was so deeply sad and upset and other times that I was literally laughing out loud Many times I didn t want to read further as I feared I wouldn t like the outcome, yet I read as fast as I could hoping that [...]

    14. 2017 was rich for me in terms of literary discoveries I was lucky to read a number of amazing books and to discover some new authors that have quickly become very dear to my heart Last, in order of time, is the wonderful T.J Klune His meditative novel Into This River I Drown possibly one of the most haunting titles and covers I ve ever come across touched me in some very deep and personal ways and it s a book I won t ever forget.Benji is twenty one and still profoundly grieving for the death of [...]

    15. Into this book I drowned and I wasn t so keen on being rescued I quite loved where I was, thank you very much But sigh it s over I guess it s time for me to do some grieving of my own, because boy will I miss these characters It s hard to write a review for this without giving away too much There are so many amazing twists and turns that it just has to be read But, to give you a feel of the story, here are my dedications to each main character ABE Such a warm, wonderful friend I loved the way y [...]

    16. No spoilers here, just feels A lot of feels There is a drowning Benjamin s daddy, Big Eddie, drowns in the river.Then there is the drowning that Benjamin is going through, the drowning in sorrow and pain This story then goes from normal How to handle Loss, into strict paranormal and religious And I hate the religious Only here It works It works so well, I am astonished I fell headlong into the story, and I fell headlong in love with Benjamin Cal took me a moment to warm up to, but feathers aside [...]

    17. I ll start off by saying that Into This River I Drown by TJ Klune is amazing I knew before I started that this was going to be an emotional book but I still wasn t prepared I ugly cried in this book than once This book hurt so good This story is not only about two men who fall in love, but also the love between father and son Benji lost his father, Big Eddie, five years ago and is haunted by the events that took place He is convinced that his father was murdered I don t want to explain beyond t [...]

    18. This might be the hardest review I ve ever tried to write Mostly because I don t want give anything away about this book I think it should be experienced with a completely blank slate Also, there s no way I could adequately express the beauty that I just read.Benji is drowning in the loss of his father He s lonely, lost and drowning Since his father s death five years ago he goes through the motions of life He feigns his happiness for his mother s sake but nothing about his life really gives him [...]

    19. Full review can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews A heartbreaking story of love, loss and sacrifice Not all is as it appears and it takes suspension of belief in order to truly appreciate this story I laughed I cried I ended it with a smile on my face.Another great read by one of my favorite authors.This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review My Favorite Books of 2013My Favorite Book Covers of 2013

    20. If we lived in an era where written works were still earmarked as classics, this book would definitely be a classic The prose is haunting, captivating, and engaging The imagery is powerfull and the emotions are intense I have likened it to a modern day To Kill A Mockingbird because Roseland just has the feel of that laid back Southern town that Atticus Finch called home All the townfolk are just a little quirky, a little offbeat, but that s okay because they have deep bonds that weave them toget [...]

    21. THIS WAS SO GOOD WTF or should i say,,, so cherry,,,, bc i hate myself it was heartachingly beautiful and so well written and captivating i barely could stop reading because it was full of suspense but also emotions and also fluff and it also broke my heart so many times oh god its so beautiful pls give it a try omg excuse me while i go cry in a corner for a few weeks

    22. 5 stars Okay I had to start with 5 stars, because I am still reeling from the emotional roller coaster that this book has put me through I started it last night, and it s not a short book, but I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN I just couldn t get away from this story TJ Klune is a writing god, I tell you He manages to capture so many emotions in such a simple, yet poetic way This whole thing was like one long poem Benji is lost So so lost He lost his daddy, the greatest man who ever walked the earth, trag [...]

    23. I m going to put this one down and not feel guilty Those of you who know me know I worship Klune, and if one of his books was a Meh for me, it only makes me love and admire him And it gives me courage for when a fan thinks my latest is Meh Let us embrace the beautiful human frailty that is meh

    24. All the awards All the awards for this book Go, buy it, read it, rejoice I still can t write a coherent review for this book I wish I could give it stars.This book This book It gutted me, gleefully ripped out and stomped on my heart, and then with a there, there pat on the head, gave me a wee bit of happiness at the end Wee meaning teeny tiny, barely enough to stop me from drowning in my own tears.That s all I have to say about that.

    25. Oh, oh, what a story.Evocative prose written with a quiet, lilting rhythm, so subtle Deeply graphic imagery, wildly imaginitve plot Beautiful, richly drawn characters A heartbreaking beginning A love affirming ending A gripping ride the whole way.Read it

    26. This is at once the end and the beginning This is the story of my love of two men One is my father The other is a man who fell from the sky Benji is a twenty something year old gay man who lives in a small town His father owned a gas station and he now runs it since his father passed away He has this recurring dream where he is drowning He is drowning and surrounded by blue He is drowning, surrounded by blue, and his father is there It s the site where his father had his accident He is constantl [...]

    27. 4 IMPOSSIBLE IMPROBABLE ABYYSS OF ANGST STARS into the river i drownI LOVE philosophical readsey just work for me, and add PNR and I m in HEAVEN The BIG treasures I found within this book The romance was ADORBS The PNR touch is awesome Angels I love The action was thrilling The Christian touches was fantastic.I have the e book and audiobook with Matt Baca, I found he is a gifted narrator , I love how he drew me in There were changing in the characters by voice, and GAWD Cal s voice be still my h [...]

    28. I don t think I can say much about this book without giving it away So I ll just say I m not an emotional person Of the hundreds of books I ve read I can count on one hand the books that made me cry This one now joins those books This book broke me into pieces from the first chapter and continued to break those pieces until I thought I couldn t take any I bawled like a baby, and I m not talking the pretty cry where you look like a work of art with one pretty teardrop sliding down your face I mea [...]

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