The Swineherd (2020)

The Swineherd The Swineherd is a Hans Christian Andersen tale with a moral A beautiful but idle princess rejects the presents sent to her by a handsome and sensitive prince Disguising himself he goes to work as a
  • Title: The Swineherd
  • Author: Hans Christian Andersen Marie-Michelle Joy Heinrich Lefler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Swineherd is a Hans Christian Andersen tale with a moral A beautiful but idle princess rejects the presents sent to her by a handsome and sensitive prince Disguising himself, he goes to work as a swineherd at the palace Now he plans his revenge on the foolish princess.
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      391 Hans Christian Andersen Marie-Michelle Joy Heinrich Lefler
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    1. The Swineherd is one of the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen s fairy tales, with a heavily moral and melancholy feel It is about about an arrogant princess, and the price she eventually pays for her pride The story was first published as Svinedrengen , in December 1841 Here is one of the first illustrations, by Vilhelm Pedersen,The story begins, There was once a prince who didn t have any money But he had a kingdom, and though it was small, it was enough for two The prince loved the Emperor [...]

    2. Project Gutenberg has a free ebook and audiobook of a Hans Christian Andersen book with 18 fairy tales in it These are the stories in the Project Gutenberg files The emperor s new clothes The swineherd The real princess The shoes of fortune The fir tree The snow queen The leap frog The elderbush The bell The old house The happy family The story of a mother The false collar The shadow The little match girl The dream of little Tuk The naughty boy The red shoes.

    3. It d be indeed difficult to make a child understand it May the ending be twisted to and then they lived happily ever after Stopgap eh

    4. A prince wants to marry a princess, and gives her a rose and a nightingale from his father s grave The rose is from a tree that only bloom every fifth year, and the nightingale can sing every song When the princess doesn t like the presents, he disguises himself as a swineherd.It is about appreciating what is real The rose and the nightingale were wonderful presents, and the princess was arrogant, but it is even arrogant to expect that a girl would want to marry you even though you don t know e [...]

    5. Book Title The Swineherd Book Author Hans Christian AndersenSource Free for Kindle on Rating 5 starsIt is free for download, beautiful illustrations by Heinrich Lefler.Sometimes, it s good to go back to the good old days of story telling, back to when things were less complicated and great authors roamed the land, adding life lessons into their works of art I have read this story in Russian long ago when I was a child so it was nice to read it again, in English I highly recommend for book lovers [...]

    6. This story is amazing Most of you may know that I love Hans Christian Andersen and I must admit that this story is at my top 5 favorites This beign number 4 The story centers around this spoiled princess and a humble prince who wants to marry her The princess rejects him because his presents are natural The prince actually pretends to be a swine herd so that he could be close to the princess Quite romantic don t you think But of course the ending itself was not predictable at all and that is the [...]

    7. I loved this fairy tale at first I though it was going to be one of those fairy tales that made a prince buy his love but the ending was just perfect and so different to other fairy tales.

    8. Beautiful, magical, moral and comical Superb Charmant , exclaimed the ladies, for they all used to chatter French, each one worse than her neighbor Lol

    9. It ended better than I thought it would It was moral, as fairytales should be, and I loved it thinking about it now, it is actually rather funny.

    10. A very funny story, and strange so few people know about it.It s ludicrous A swineherd going behind a tree to transform into a Prince It s like something you d expect in a comic book

    11. Setelah berbelas tahun, kayaknya baru baca lagi dongengnya HC Andersen Well, sebenarnya memang masih banyak banget buku HC Andersen yang belum saya baca Buku ini nemu di Indonesia Book Fair 2013, Rp8.000, saja harganya.Edisi bahasa Inggris buku ini sepertinya ada 2 versi The Pigkeeper dan The Swineherd Mirip sih Dialihbahasakan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia jadi Pangeran yang Berani Baca sinopsisnya saja saya sudah langsung tahu ceritanya Secara, spoiler banget sinopsisnya P Kenapa sih nggak pakai s [...]

    12. Talking about actantial models and narrative structures is pure wordiness and loss of time Mr Greimas, I absolutely loved your schemata when I had stumbled upon them, kudos for that Although verbalizing about the art of the storyteller is central to criticism, nonverbal culinary activities must also be considered Especially when one of Europe s finest authors is concocting sweet soup s d Suppe A trademark of a master p.s I m glad I didn t consider Suppe paa en P lsepind Soup on a Sausage Peg

    13. L s mit review her Eva Lucias blog Mere detaljeret version Anmeldt for Visit AndersenBlog Facebook Instagram Youtube Spotify

    14. This classic is thought provoking and has an interesting and thoughtful lesson that children should learn Without revealing it, suffice it to say that it begins with a prince who wants to marry the emperor s daughter He gives her a beautiful magical rose that has a smell that causes people to forget sorrow, a nightingale that sings sweet songs, a magic pot, and a magic rattle, but she rejects him He stays disguised working for the emperor as a swineherd The ending of the tale is a surprise.

    15. Lisbeth s illustrations deserve a five star rating but this is just such a dumb story that I couldn t make myself do it I loved the prince telling off the stupid princess at the end, but otherwise, Andersen memorialized a story about nothing, really Just look at the pictures and don t bother with the text.

    16. Que hist ria terr vel N o que a hist ria seja m , mas a moral dela terr vel.Vale este livrinho pelas lind ssimas ilustra es da artista Lisbeth Zwerger.Cada vez mais estou apaixonada pela obra desta artista.

    17. Beautiful illustrations accompany this delightful re telling of a very old fable.I miss the days of books that had a moral to the story.

    18. Not as intersting as some of his other fairy tales I had the feeling that this version edited the story and there was something missing.

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