Soykırım (2020)

Soyk r m Bilimkurgu d nyas n n en nemli iki d l n birden alan Ender serisinin ikinci kitab olan l lerin S zc s n n arka kapa nda bir Soyk r m nlemenin bedelinin bir ba ka Soyk r m olmas n n yaratt paradoksta
  • Title: Soykırım
  • Author: Orson Scott Card Ümit Kayalıoğlu
  • ISBN: 9786055532192
  • Page: 306
  • Format: None
  • Bilimkurgu d nyas n n en nemli iki d l n birden alan, Ender serisinin ikinci kitab olan l lerin S zc s n n arka kapa nda, bir Soyk r m nlemenin bedelinin bir ba ka Soyk r m olmas n n yaratt paradokstan ve C neyt Ark ndan bahsetmi tik Bu arka kapakta ise z ms zl n yaratt kaostan ve kaosu anlaman n yolunun fraktal fonksiyonlardan ge ti inden bahsetmek zorBilimkurgu d nyas n n en nemli iki d l n birden alan, Ender serisinin ikinci kitab olan l lerin S zc s n n arka kapa nda, bir Soyk r m nlemenin bedelinin bir ba ka Soyk r m olmas n n yaratt paradokstan ve C neyt Ark ndan bahsetmi tik Bu arka kapakta ise z ms zl n yaratt kaostan ve kaosu anlaman n yolunun fraktal fonksiyonlardan ge ti inden bahsetmek zorunda kalabilirdik ama arka kapak yaz s i ini kaotik bir noktaya ta maktansa, sizi soluksuz bir okuman n daha bekledi ini haber vererek noktalamay tercih ettik.
    • [E-Book] ✓ Free Download ✓ Soykırım : by Orson Scott Card Ümit Kayalıoğlu æ
      306 Orson Scott Card Ümit Kayalıoğlu
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    1. This xkcd web comic makes for the best review of this book xkcd 304 I didn t hate it The philosophy and science annoyingly reminded me of Tom Clancy s later stuff where he rambles on and on over minutia no one but him and his 7 true fans really enjoy The rest of us start skimming hoping to find something to make continuing to read worth it Only to depressingly read the last sentence wondering why successful authors stop using editors.

    2. TOO LONG I grudgingly give this book a 3, based only on my affection for the characters and the creativity of the story Most of the book suffers from overkill in one sense or another, which leads to its main problem of length It s impossible to deny that Card is brilliant, but I can think of no writers other than Tolstoy and Dickens barely that can justifiably write 600 or pages of novel Yes I m aware I m including Dostoyevsky in this statement sorry Karamazov lovers Card could have brought thi [...]

    3. The war for the survival of the planet Lusitania will be fought in the heart of a child named gloriously bright.Says the cover Such a misleading thing to say This novel was 500 pages of bullshit, and 91 pages of slight enjoyment More or less 81.8% of useless shit Nominated for the Hugo award Thank heavens it didn t win.I loved Ender s Game and Speaker for the Dead, but Xenocide was just bullshit It even felt like Card didn t write this How could he create amazing characters, and manage to make t [...]

    4. This may be my favorite of the Ender series The dynamic with all of the different forms of alien life and the debate about when and whether it is OK to destroy such life is facsinating to me I think that part of the reason I enjoy science fiction so much is that, not only does it force me to use my brain, but it can address real life issues in a setting that, although comparable to real life, does not have quite the same affect on my while still making me think about real principles I am not sur [...]

    5. Had this been a stand alone novel, rather than a continuation of the Ender Wiggins series, it probably wouldn t have irritated me so much In the interview with the author at the end of the CD, he pretty much verifies what I thought throughout the whole novel The premises of this book is one that he had first thought of as an independent story line, but since Ender Wiggins was a ready made hit, rolled it into the trilogy instead With each subsequent book, Card looses a bit of the initial power o [...]

    6. Let me tell you the most beautiful story i know.a man was given a dog, which he loved very muche dog went with him everywhere,but the man could not teach it to do anything useful.ead it regarded him with the same inscrutable expression thats not a dog, its a wolf said the mans wife he alone is faithful to me said the manand his wife never discussed it with him again day, the man took his dog with him onto his private airplaneand as they flew over the winter mountainsthe engines failedand the air [...]

    7. This is one of the most profoundly philosophical science fiction books ever written.Humans have colonized the planet they call Lusitania, home to the piggies, intelligent mammal like animals with no technology Then Ender Wiggin arrives, with the Hive Queen, the last remaining member of her high tech species Now three intelligent species must cohabit one world for if they leave it, they will take with them the ultimate biological weapon, the descolada virus.Human contact with not one but two inte [...]

    8. 5.0 stars I was amazed by how good this book is Speaker for the Dead is one of my all time favorite books and this book picks up right where Speaker left off Superb characters, amazingly orginal concepts of life and the universe and intense ethical debate Card s strong suit highlight this exceptional novel Highly recommended Nominee Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1992 Nominee Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel 1992

    9. I can t say that I enjoyed this as much as the other two.I found the characters bland There wasn t one that I could connect with among them, other than Jane, and perhaps Valentine The women were all ridiculously emotional, leading to foolish and irrational decisions that made me want to scream Quara, Gloriously Boring Bright, Novinha The only redeeming factor was a female computer and Valentine, as the other women just opened their mouths and made problems or spent the entire book talking about [...]

    10. Ender s series has long been one of my favorite in the sci fi genre and that is why I am slowly working through the series long after I have moved on from most of my childhood favorites There was something about Ender s world even for a reader who was most at home with the most elaborate of high fantasy and sci fi, the subdued world of Ender had a different sort of fascination It did not try to sell a fancy world or any fancy technology or an advanced race of humans none of the regular tropes It [...]

    11. How many stars do you give a book that starts off good, wanders around dully in the middle, and then becomes offensively horrible at the end Do you average 5, 3, and 1 star Do you give it 2 because of the overall picture Do you give it 1 because it s doubly bad to start out promising and then mislead the reader I m in the last category.I m 90% finished, and I think I m not going to make it much further I loved the first two books, but this one is sort of awful It started out with a good mystery [...]

    12. I keep taking away stars I am cruel The problem with this book is the use of stereotypes and isn t it sort of, I don t know, unsettling to people how monochromatic these worlds are A world where everyone is Chinese or Japanese or Brazilian Where would someone like me fit in Just because you re in a world full of people like you ethnically or religiously doesn t mean you will fit in This is sort of the same problem in Children of the Mind too, where you have whole worlds were most of the people a [...]

    13. Wow It took me so long to finish this book after racing through the previous portion of this series It s really too bad because Orson Scott Card s ideas are definitely worth exploring some of the most thought provoking and original of the ones that I have read in my limited science fiction repertoire Card is truly one of the most brilliant writers I have had the pleasure of reading.That said, certain portions of the book I just found to be tedious I finally finished this only after borrowing the [...]

    14. Three months ago I was introduced to Orson Scott Card through his book Ender s Game Seeing how awesome his envisioning of modern technology a lot of which have come true since the book was published and study of human nature was, I eagerly jumped into the second book of the series, Speaker for the Dead This book was even better True, it was not as action backed as Ender s Game but nonetheless it was an amazing book that dove deep into the human behavior How does one treat an alien race that is d [...]

    15. Xenocide picks up Ender s story on Lusitania With a starship on the way to destroy the planet, Ender and his family race to find a cure for the descolada, a virus integral to the life cycle of the pequeninos, but lethal to humans Jane, a sentient being who came to life as a result of the bugger s attempt to contact Ender through the fantasy computer game, may die as a result of her efforts to help Ender stop the destruction of Lusitania A faction of the pequeninos decides they want to bring the [...]

    16. This was on it way to being a middle of the road didnt love it or hate sci fi novel, when a sermon broke out I spent a number of hours getting preached at, and I didnt care for it.It didnt even feel like the well intentioned if ham fisted style of RAH trying to dole out advice his world view it was literally a sermon.Jesus save the aliens, and in the end, just wishing and a self aware super computer can make miracles It was a pretty bad excuse for fiction And the ending resolved very little but [...]

    17. Short off topic review I often wonder when someone does something legendary did they know what they were doing was going to be epic, or did they just fluke it After reading this, Enders game seems of a fluke to me, then something OSC knew would be legendary Even so when you hear his vile homophobic remarks and his wild conspiracies about Obama I don t know at what point OSC came to Jesus, but this level of Christianity in this book is overwhelming, and no real counter argument is ever made to [...]

    18. The short version review for this book comes in the form of an image I d like to plant in your head Imagine yourself standing in a large, densely populated area Think Grand Central Terminal, Times Square or the floor at Comic Con on a Saturday You re standing there, head tilted back, eyes squeezed shut, hands clenched into fists at your side as you scream out every ounce of anger, frustration, confusion, and disappointment that you ve ever experienced in your lifetime, from the depths of your ve [...]

    19. So let me tell you what I think about gods I think a real god is not going to be so scared or angry that he tries to keep other people down A real god doesn t care about control A real god already has control of everything that needs controlling Real gods would want to teach you how to be just like them The third part of the Ender Quartet, the sequel to Ender s Game and Speaker for the Dead, which takes place on the Brazilian colony of Lusitania the habitat of all three known species in the uni [...]

    20. The fleet is coming to destroy planet Lusitania The piggies may counter by releasing the Descolada virus to destroy all humanity No matter what Ender decides, an intelligent life form may be annihilated Holy ethical dilemma, Batman Let s talk freshman philosophy.Speaker for the Dead was about what it is to be human This one raises the stakes, and it s mostly about what it is to be a god And here, Card basically goes a bit heavy handed on the Mormon theology A true god would want to make people j [...]

    21. I loved the plot, I just hate how much it was hijacked for hysterical women Novinha is horrible to everyone about everything, and this book just served to highlight how every single bad thing in her life had to be turned into a huge thing that everyone in Milagre had to stop the world and pay attention to Her marriage was her own personal exhibitionist self torture porn She did obvious and irreparable damage to her children, but she never felt like divorcing him for their sake Not while she had [...]

    22. I was throughly enjoying enders story, until i got to this book I was really into the story and the characters and all that but then i came to the end of this story Spoiler alert all of a sudden, its like the writer hit a wall and just thought, oh i know, i will just make up this completely ridiculous outside place to literally create new characters for me so i can keep writing And thats what he did I know this book is fiction and set in the future but that is far too unbelievable for me, you ne [...]

    23. I adore the Ender series This is really part one of a two book set in the series On to the Children of the Mind next which will finish what was started in Xenocide There are a lot of ideas in the story as everything related to the psychology and philosophy of prejudice is explored in a dramatic speculative fiction setting Religion and politics, as well as basic species survival imperatives come into play throughout the complete Ender series Generally the book is very realistic and true to human [...]

    24. When I first started this series I was afraid that the first book would be good and then the quality would slowly start to dip, because the rating did so and you have to trust user ratings, right I was so wrong Not only was Speaker for the Dead so much better than Ender s Game, but now, Xenocide is EVEN BETTER than Speaker for the Dead The character of Han Qing jao was probably the best thing in this book, and probably the best storyline this series had to offer I reserve the right to change my [...]

    25. A weak 4 but deserves than 3 There were several disappointments in this book, but the main one is that so much of the book was spent on detailing the OCD actions of the godspoken , that the author decided to write a part 2 Children of the Mind rather than dealing now with resolving the problems of Jane s survival and the splintering of Ender s adopted family in fact, those problems just kept getting bigger And I m not sure i m optimistic enough to want to read the 4th book of what should have b [...]

    26. Great book Lots of interesting ideas about how everything in the universe works and how it came to happen

    27. Originally published at Fantasy Literature.Xenocide is the third book in Orson Scott Card s award winning ENDER WIGGEN saga In the first book, Ender s Game, the child Ender Wiggen was trained to wipe out the alien buggers who were planning to destroy the earth The second novel, Speaker for the Dead, takes place years later when Ender visits the planet Lusitania where Xenologists are studying two non human species the pequininos, who have an unusual life cycle, and the descolada virus, which is f [...]

    28. What if a whole new species was found living on a completely different planet In the book Xenocide by Orson Scott Card, there is a planet called Lusitania that holds a human colony, but humans aren t the only creatures that live on this planet There is a native species, known as pequininos that thrive there as well They are highly intelligent, and learn human languages very quickly A virus that is fatal to the humans happens to be the virus that the pequininos need to survive The numbers of huma [...]

    29. After thirty years, Valentine and her family arrived in Lusitania But instead of expecting a happy reunion with her long time no see brother, she gets a depressing reunion with a problem she once set aside The Lusitania hasn t yet resolved the problem of killing descolada It s still undecided if it s a raman or a varelse.At the same time, the Lusitania fleet is coming and every species in Lusitania is preparing for it A planet has dwelled by people who are genetically altered by Starways Congres [...]

    30. September 2009Previously Speaker for the DeadAlmost thirty years have passed since Ender first came to the planet Lusitania although for his sister Valentine and his stepson Miro, thanks to relativity brought on by near lightspeed travel, only a week has passed and events are coming to a head The descolada virus, fatal to humans but essential to the development of Lusitania s native life, is resisting all efforts to contain it and the ships sent by Starways Congress to destroy the planet and pre [...]

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