Midnight (2020)

Midnight First in the Dark Promises series Washed up horror movie actress Amara Daniels is looking for a new career When she s kidnapped by a crazed fan who swears he s a vampire she thinks she s hit rock bot
  • Title: Midnight
  • Author: Elisa Adams
  • ISBN: 9781419950490
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • First in the Dark Promises series Washed up horror movie actress Amara Daniels is looking for a new career When she s kidnapped by a crazed fan who swears he s a vampire, she thinks she s hit rock bottom What she doesn t count on is the wild attraction between them that quickly surpasses the boiling point and the fact that he might not be delusional at all.
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      297 Elisa Adams
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    1. When a bubble blonde is kidnapped by a real vampire for playing a vampire in a series of movies that make her almost famous, she develops Stockholm Syndrome and they end up having a great time What an outrageous premise Fortunately, the author carries it off, particularly since the first half of the book is written with campy humor, whether intentional or not I enjoyed this book and will look out for the rest of the series.

    2. This is one of those books that I m torn on I never really got why Amara fell so hard for Marco after he kidnapped her and held her hostage Which is weird since some of my favorite books use that particular plot device and I m usually all WHOO HOO SEXY KIDNAPPING WITH HOT A HOT GUY WHO CAN T KEEP HIS HANDS TO HIMSELF but this time I was just kinda meh about it.Let s try to figure this out, shall we Amara wasn t overly annoying, so she wasn t the issue Sure, she lets herself get pushed around and [...]

    3. Es un libro que entretiene sabiendo el g nero, fantas a rom ntica Me gusto la forma en que aborda el tema vampiros de manera m s tradicional con unos toques que resultan interesantes dentro de este universo Le aplaudo el hecho que me hizo re r bastante en ciertos momentos haciendo la historia m s animada.

    4. I got MIDNIGHT free on my nook and after reading it.I m glad it was free I probably will not be buying any of the others in the series Was the story bad It certainly wasn t the worst thing I ve ever read, but it was certainly underdeveloped and had a simple plot 400 year old vampire Marco has become fixated Hollywood actress Amara Daniels, but not at first in a good way Amara plays a bubbly blood vampire on one of Hollywood s most famous movies and he s determined to teach her a lesson on real v [...]

    5. When a vampire makes a fool out of himself, it kind of makes the rest of us feel a little better about our own faults.Amara was really having a bad time of it No sooner than the Hollywood actress who plays a bimbo vampire finds out that her movie series is going hardcore which she refuses she finds out that her finacee co star has been cheating on her with men and women Oh can it get any worse Dispondant that she hasn t found another acting job yet, she is kidnapped by a vampire who has inexplic [...]

    6. Amara Daniels is a movie actress who portrays a ditzy blond vampire When she refuses to wear revealing outsits during shooting of the show she gets fired When she arrives at home she finds her boyfriend in bed with another guy To make matters worse she cannot find another job and the tabloids declare her dead.Marco goes to Amara s place because he cannot believe she is dead When he finds her at home he impulsively deceides to kidnap her Amara can t believe she got kidnapped by some lunatic who [...]

    7. Amara s a star from vampire movies when she in one day loses both her well payed job and her fianc e Trying to come back from this is harder than she thought when no one seems interested in giving her a new roll in any movie Not sure what step to take next, she starts to feel like someone is following her and one day there s a big hunk of a man at her door, trying to convince her that vampires do exist Abduction, a male who doesn t really know how to express himself without using his size or for [...]

    8. Thanfully short, but maybe the problem was, too short There were moments of promise, but there was little resolution to questions that came up throughout This is the first book in a series and this book serves as an introduction to characters that will come later, than a good novel that could stand on its own merits.2.5 stars.

    9. Cute So H kidnaps h on impulse, h falls in love with him, H returns her home, and figures out they can t live without each other That he s a vampire and she inadvertently turned herself is a minor detail or is it Since he seemed to be in de nile when he sent her home, she had no idea she was turning Bad move there.

    10. I had a really tough time with this one because I feel the two main characters could use some developing I was just indifferent to them The story was good and the writing was fine I was just missing that connection.

    11. I went in not expecting anything special It s a typical trashy fun read although I do think it s well written.

    12. She is kidnapped by a crazed fan who happens to be a vampire They find out that they have a wild attraction for each other This is a good read.

    13. Read the first few pages Hated the writing style Deleted it and the rest of the series off my Tablet.

    14. 3 stars when I normally would have given 4 but, the use if a certain word just makes my skin crawl way too much brought my rating down Good, quick read Nice for a kindle freebie.

    15. Did not pay anything for this and am glad Writing was just ok Story line has been done many times over and better.

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