Not My Father's Son (2020)

Not My Father s Son Dark painful memories can be put away to be forgotten Until one day they all flood back in horrible detail When television producers approached Alan Cumming to appear on a popular celebrity genealogy
  • Title: Not My Father's Son
  • Author: Alan Cumming
  • ISBN: 9780062225061
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dark, painful memories can be put away to be forgotten Until one day they all flood back in horrible detail.When television producers approached Alan Cumming to appear on a popular celebrity genealogy show, he hoped to solve the mystery of his maternal grandfather s disappearance that had long cast a shadow over his family But this was not the only mystery laid before AlDark, painful memories can be put away to be forgotten Until one day they all flood back in horrible detail.When television producers approached Alan Cumming to appear on a popular celebrity genealogy show, he hoped to solve the mystery of his maternal grandfather s disappearance that had long cast a shadow over his family But this was not the only mystery laid before Alan.Alan grew up in the grip of a man who held his family hostage, someone who meted out violence with a frightening ease, who waged a silent war with himself that sometimes spilled over onto everyone around him That man was Alex Cumming, Alan s father, whom Alan had not seen or spoken to for than a decade when he reconnected just before filming for Who Do You Think You Are began He had a secret he had to share, one that would shock his son to his very core and set into motion a journey that would change Alan s life forever.With ribald humor, wit, and incredible insight, Alan seamlessly moves back and forth in time, integrating stories from his childhood in Scotland and his experiences today as the celebrated actor of film, television, and stage At times suspenseful, at times deeply moving, but always incredibly brave and honest, Not My Father s Son is a powerful story of embracing the best aspects of the past and triumphantly pushing the darkness aside.
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    1. Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome Settle in for a story that is appalling and entertaining, hopeful and disappointing, reflective and sometimes ephemeral Life is disappointing Forget it It is a good thing that this advice was not followed Remembering seems the thing.We have no troubles here Here life is beautiful Ummm, not so much And now, Meine Damen und Herren, Mes Dames et Messieurs, Ladies and Gentlemen,Ich bin eur confrencier, je suis votre compere I am your host the star of our show Cumming i [...]

    2. This memoir blew me away I had no idea Alan Cumming had such a miserable childhood After finishing this I wanted to give the guy a hug.I knew little about the book when I downloaded it I chose it because I like Alan Cumming as an actor, and he has that charming Scottish accent, so I thought it would be a good audiobook.Alan was a wonderful narrator, but this memoir was quite dark It tells how Alan s father terrorized and abused him, and of Alan s search to learn about his grandfather, who died [...]

    3. AudiobookAlan Cumming, Scottish and American actor, singer performer, author, and activistrvived the most horrific childhood from brutal emotional and physical abuse His father who would inflict harm on him with no warning This is a very powerful audiobook hard to pull away from It s a suspenseful memoir Alan doesn t hold back He said that his difficult childhood taught him how to act by needing to suppress his own emotions and feelings around his father when he was a little boy He does have som [...]

    4. Dear Mr Cumming, I feel you deserve a big hug Since the chances of me ever giving you one are beyond nonexistent, I say this Grant, give him a hug for me, please.Sincerely,Wart.Full review to come Maybe.

    5. The puckishly charismatic actor Alan Cumming The Good Wife, Spy Kids, Cabaret delves into his horrific childhood and uncovers secrets from his family s history in this brave, beautifully written and honest memoir The book is anything but a typical celebrity tell all.Through a BBC genealogy reality TV show called Who Do You Think You Are , Cumming learns about his maternal grandfather who died under mysterious circumstances in his 30s at the same time that his physically and emotionally abusive f [...]

    6. The scars of an abusive childhood form the backdrop for Alan Cumming s Not My Father s Son I really enjoy memoirs, but I sometimes have to question why I enjoy them Scenes from Cumming s childhood were brutal in addition to outright violence, his father knew just what to do to make sure Cumming and his brother never received approval or validation for anything they did This is not a childhood we would wish on anyone Does Cumming rise above this childhood Does he redeem himself from the horror of [...]

    7. Sometimes people do you a favour when they drop out of your life Truth.I m struggling with my words here, so I m just going to simplify them Alex Cumming Alan s dad was a raging, abusive asshole Astonishingly, Alan Cumming is not He really ought to be, growing up in Hell, instead he seems to have come through to the other side as a pretty fantastic fella I d love to tell him that in person and give him a hug.Growing up in a situation with a man who could and would blow his top at the slightest p [...]

    8. Review of the audio read by Alan Cumming Just a few thoughts I have to get down Audios read by the author are always among my favorites There is an honesty there that I connect with, and that was even true with Alan Cumming s reading of Not My Father s Son This was a deeply personal account of Alan s childhood, his harsh and violent father, his loving mother I loved her name Mary Darling , and his forgotten and misunderstood grandfather This is a solid, heartfelt memoir Well done.

    9. Happiness erasedClouded by fear, humiliation, painDarkens my mindIrrationality, rage, violenceAnxious, never relaxShutting down, never speakJoy suppressed, hurts lessTension, humiliationBecome nothingGive nothing awayDarkness, silence, fearNever safeNavigating a minefieldUnhealthyFailings, feeling guiltyWorthless, loath myself I m sorry Silent house, facadesVolatility Denial, never relyUnresolved pain, hurtMy own mind, my own opinionGates open, trickle, floodFill my head, explodeSadness, deep de [...]

    10. Alan Cumming is a Scottish actor who s probably best known in America for hosting Masterpiece Theater on PBS and playing Eli Gold on The Good Wife He s also a very successful stage and movie actor, now happily married to his husband Grant Alan s life wasn t always so bright though In this memoir Alan talks about growing up with a father, Alex Cumming, who was physically, psychologically, and emotionally abusive The book starts off with a bang as Alan describes a childhood scene where his vicious [...]

    11. After reading Will Byrne s review of this book and then watching Cumming s episode of Who Do You Think You Are on YouTube, I just had to settle in with the book for myself I ve enjoyed Alan Cumming in various performances for quite some time and it is now very interesting to learn of the whole person and his earlier life.The world really opened up for him as he grew up and, especially during the year when he was filming the genealogy show, he learned than he ever would have expected about his [...]

    12. Finally, the scariest thing about abuse of any shape or form, is, in my opinion, not the abuse itself, but that if it continues it can begin to feel commonplace and eventually acceptable Wow I think everyone is surprised by how hard and painful was Alan s childhood He grew up in a lair where fear was part of the routine, where one had to learn to read expressions like a book, so it was possible to be ready was it possible to ever be ready, though to what was coming Aggression and humiliation sha [...]

    13. Blargh This is another review that I just don t know how to start I ve typed and deleted about 6 different versions already, so I ve given up and now THIS is how I m starting it That s the way it goes sometimes It s after midnight and I m determined to finish this review so I don t have it hanging over my head any longer So Alan Cumming It might be surprising to some of you, but I ve seen very little that he s been in, yet for some reason, I have nothing but positive associations in my mind when [...]

    14. Re read via audio book finally got my hands on it Side note First timeI saw heard of Alan Cumming was as Nightcrawler in X2 I ve seen him in things on and off over time but never followed him like I did withc certain bands authors but he s been on my radar Just as compelling and heaetwrenching, and at times heartwarming as the first time around even so with Alan narrating itself His voice is so beautiful and soothing calming.Not to overuse the word but still amazed he put this whole story out f [...]

    15. I love Alan Cumming, so I was really looking forward to this However, I m generally suspicious of celebrity biographies, so I approached it with cautious optimism By the end of the book, I just loved him Not so much a biography but a memoir focusing on Cumming s reaction to being told that his father was not, in fact, his father An appearance on the UK s Who Do You Think You Are was meant to reveal the mystery behind what happened to Cumming s grandfather on his mother s side Instead, an admiss [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this memoir which I listened to via Overdrive Alan Cumming does not tell the story of his stardom but rather of his hard upbringing with a physically and mentally abusive father, bullying at school and the search for answers regarding his missing maternal grandfather Luckily he has a wonderful and supportive family including his mother Mary Darling you have to love the name , brother, grandmother and husband, etc I loved listening to his Scottish accent He seems to be a very dow [...]

    17. Picked this up on a whim when I was skimming the new books at the library, and read it in an evening Half the memoir is the same story told on Alan s episode of Who Do You Think You Are , about his maternal grandfather, a man who was a bit of a family mystery, never returning to England after World War II despite having a wife and children.The other half is about his abusive childhood with a violent father, and how that has effected him today He also talks about how he has worked on it therapy, [...]

    18. This was pretty disappointing Cumming clearly had a lousy childhood and I found him at his most articulate and interesting talking about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father, but the rest of it just made me dislike him It seems bizarre to criticize a memoir for being too self involved, but that s definitely what this felt like There was a focus on minute details here that felt self absorbed, like we were supposed to care about what happened at what time, and which episode preceded wh [...]

    19. I listened to the audiobook NOT MY FATHER S SON A Family Memoir written and read by Alan Cumming Alan Cumming s father Alex was a man who held his family hostage, who meted out violence with a frightening ease Alex was the dark, enigmatic heart of Cumming family life But he was not the only mystery Alan s maternal grandfather, Tommy Darling, had disappeared to the Far East after the Second World War Curious to explore this mystery, Alan committed to filming an episode of the BBC s WHO DO YOU THI [...]

    20. When you Google Alan Cumming the search leads to such descriptors as Scottish actor singer performer and headlines I act, I snap, I conquer and I ll drink to that Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs What you don t expect to find when you crack open Not My Father s Son is such sheer and utter honesty Imagine the courage it took to not only face emotional and physical abuse at the hands of his father but to expose himself to the masses in this way To say the least, this is not at all what you would exp [...]

    21. I went into this book without preconceived expectations I have never seen the actor author on TV or stage My sole contact with him is having heard his narration of A.J Hartley s Macbeth Both the narration and the retelling of Shakespeare s story were very good In Not My Father s Son the author reads his own book and tells about events in his own life I knew only that he was gay and that he had been physically abused by his father.We are given a view into a dysfunctional family However the person [...]

    22. Not only not his father s son, and not only a really interesting and appealing actor, but Alan Cumming is an openly bisexual celebrity Not too many openly bisexual men in the world of fame it seems, unless I ve missed something But I have to be honest I picked up this audiobook because the price was appealing and I like the guy s acting Coming across it like I did was a happy accident because I really enjoyed it What a treat that Mr Cumming read the book himself, and that he s darn good at it, a [...]

    23. That which does not kill you makes you stronger.but you will always carry those ghosts with you, no matter how soon or how late you make peace with your past, and acknowledge you are not to be blamed for what happened.Although i am not one to normally read books written by actors and actresses, this one caught my eye at the library and, given how much i like Allan Cummings work d accent ,i knew i would give it a try.My goodness, nothing could have prepared for the emotional roller coaster that i [...]

    24. I loved this What a well written and very unique memoir Alan Cumming s story of estrangement from his father is multi layered and so rife with his own, individual voice that I was completely engrossed in his story He approached a lifetime of paternal induced anguish with courage and honesty I felt for the little boy who was so confused by his abusive and violent father and I felt even for the man who had achieved all of the trappings of success but suffered from the effects of a horrific childh [...]

    25. So much of this book was based on Cumming s experiences in taking part in the British television genealogy programme Who Do You Think You Are , that I just ended up getting frustrated I saw the programme I knew all the surprises and his reactions to them already I did not need it dissected piecemeal throughout the book.It was saddening to read about his traumatic childhood of course it was And I am delighted that this lovely actor has managed to rise above such a tough start in life But his cont [...]

    26. A powerful story not only about the author, but about his family, and their painful history The author is a survivor, and has suffered, but this book didn t feel like a celebration of misery or a means of revenge Honest, and relatable and very readable memoir.

    27. This is one of the saddest Memoirs I ve ever listen to.For Alan Cumming to be so open and truthful about the happenings in his life is awe shockingly beautiful Finally, the scariest thing about abuse of any shape or form, is, in my opinion, not the abuse itself, but that if it continues it can begin to feel commonplace and eventually acceptable

    28. This story is absurdly beautiful It s captivating, heart rending, and hopeful I devoured the book whole like I would some fantasy novel I ve been waiting months to get my hands on Alan is a storyteller I would listen to by a fire, sipping coffee, snuggled up with a loved one.I so admire Alan Cumming For having the bravery to confront his father and the honesty to tell his story For relating sometimes brutal truths with tenderness and grace For forgiving and letting others witness it For embracin [...]

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