A Bowl of Olives: On Food and Memory (2020)

A Bowl of Olives On Food and Memory From the author of the international bestseller In and Out of the Garden and the wondrous sketchbook Sara Midda s South of France comes a long awaited treasure of a book Drawn from the artist s wealth
  • Title: A Bowl of Olives: On Food and Memory
  • Author: Sara Midda
  • ISBN: 9780761145264
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of the international bestseller In and Out of the Garden and the wondrous sketchbook Sara Midda s South of France comes a long awaited treasure of a book Drawn from the artist s wealth of impressions and memories, it is a book for lovers of food and art and fine gift books a book for anyone who, upon arriving in a new town, seeks first the local market, orFrom the author of the international bestseller In and Out of the Garden and the wondrous sketchbook Sara Midda s South of France comes a long awaited treasure of a book Drawn from the artist s wealth of impressions and memories, it is a book for lovers of food and art and fine gift books a book for anyone who, upon arriving in a new town, seeks first the local market, or who believes the best thing to do on a given night is to share a table with friends Sara Midda is a watercolorist whose delicate and beautiful paintings shine like jewels, evoking the sweet purple taste of a summer raspberry or the silvery greens and gnarled burnt umber of an olive grove And she is also a collagist, weaving together photographs, line drawings, her personal swatches all the hues of a spice cabinet, or the sensations of a picnic, the colors of the breeze, sunshine, laughter, the cooling grass And a poet, in love with words that sing, like podding and wicker, nettle and snug By turns reverent and playful, A Bowl of Olives is a work of pure enchantment, celebrating food of the seasons, of family, of travel and memory It is as richly layered as a favorite meal The book is cloth bound, jacketed, and printed on uncoated stock to convey the feeling of an artist s sketchbook.
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    1. To say I m obsessed with food is putting it mildly I read cookbooks like crazy I get atleast one or a week from the library and read it cover to cover If its a food related book, I read it A food movie, I m there So when I heard about A Bowl of Olives it sounded perfect However, I was shocked by this book First, the print is so small, its tiny I have reading glasses and still found myself squinting to make out the print The book has pictures and paintings, again, so small that I had a hard time [...]

    2. Food, art, memory these things are relevant to my interests However, I m having the same problem I encountered with In and Out of the Garden So Friggin Tiny.Perhaps the intent was to make the reader slow down and savor even if it was, that annoys me I will decide for myself how long to spend on your book, thanks but it was really impossible for me to enjoy I felt like I was going blind trying to make out her writing Maybe this is really the size Midda writes and draws at, but if so I wish she d [...]

    3. A Bowl of Olives A Bowl of Olives is one of those cute little books you pick up just for fun Full of delightful illustrations in each chapter, recipes scattered through the book that range from Onion Tart to Tarragon Chicken Lots of food memories and descriptions of how to do place settings and having a picnic I loved reading through this little book, the only complaint I had is the print is pretty tiny the wonderful illustrations make up for it though It is one of those little books you could k [...]

    4. A Bowl of Olives On Food and Memory is a total delight Sara Midda shares some of her food and experience memories with insight and joy that the reader can t help getting caught up in The recipes are layered throughout this lovely little book with the author s watercolors and collages As well as some perfectly chosen quotes.I can t imagine anyone not falling in love with it, and wanting to share with some special friends and family members.

    5. Part memories, part recipes, part reflections, part wishes Sara Midda s A Bowl of Olives is something of a love poem to the foods in her past, filled with tiny photographs and watercolor paintings It s a small volume, but enchanting and wistful.

    6. I am a huge fan of a variety of olives This is a sweet little book gift sized with lovely illustrations A nice addition to a food or cookbook collection.

    7. The author s own memories brought back the reader s memories of food experiences The unusual presentation of the material, a mix of pretty watercolors and phrases, lists, or poetic reflections, stimulates the reader s mind and brings back long forgotten experiences That is what I liked However I did not like the very small print and at times the almost illegible handwriting.

    8. This evocative little book lead me down a fragrant memory lane even as Midda shares her own journey of food induced memories What a pleasant stroll Each page a feast for the eye, A Bowl of Olives by Sara Midda is a cornucopia of lovely little watercolor illustrations, photos, quotes, prose, and recipes.Food, for many people, is the currency of relationships the thing around which we gather with family and friends to make memories, celebrate milestones, or dive deeply into the present moment Simp [...]

    9. Review originally published to my blog, The Leaning Tower of Tomes leaningtoweroftomes.wordpress.A Bowl of Olives is an enchanting little book brimming with watercolors and illustrations, quotes and recipes, and author Sara Midda s experiences and memories told in poetic prose The book is of lovely quality, printed on thick, sweet smelling pages I was overjoyed to find something as thoughtful as a merlot colored bookmark attached to the spine, and the naked book has a watercolor of a bowl of oli [...]

    10. A Bowl of Olives On Food and Memory is a lovely little book, beautifully illustrated with tiny watercolor paintings of olives and figs and rabbits and vegetables and wine bottles The emphasis is on the word little on some pages, the writing is so small that it is almost impossible to read The pages are full of tiny watercolors, small scale photographs, leaves and flowers and fruits in a wonderful color palette The paper is heavy and textured than an average book, and the font is chosen to mimic [...]

    11. As is very often always the case, I received this book free in exchange for a review Despite the kindness of receiving a free book I m absolutely candid about the book because I want everyone to know what they re getting as much as I hope to when I m shopping.Let me just say that I ve seen this sort of book before and I know its life cycle This is the sort of book that you find at the clearance bin at the used bookstore in a few months It all starts out when someone buying it for someone else as [...]

    12. Olives, Memoir, and InspirationA Bowl of Olives On Food and Memory, by Sara Midda, Workman , 128 pages, released October 7, 2014I ve just received a review copy of Sara Midda s A Bowl of Olives and must say that it s a sweet little thing This book defies easy categorization as it s a melange of memoir, cookbook, and art book The illustrations are all Midda s watercolors, reproduced in miniature and in vibrant colors The written passages are brief a memory, a list, a very unstructured recipe.Midd [...]

    13. This book had my attention just by the cover Darling plates with food on them, some hand drawn,while others are water colours They grace the entire cover and the pages of this delightful book It is a love story about food how it is eaten, how its presentation affects the eater The chapters in this book flow together and start us out in various markets around the world, into the packaging of the food, the history of certain food or dishes All of this is like a journal of sorts It is handwritten, [...]

    14. Copy received for review.I had the hardest time rating this one It s cute and quirky I love the art and the randomness is part of what makes it fun Quotes are interspersed with lists and recipes and snippets of this and that The page about trying to find a perfect mug was fabulous.On the other hand, it s really small and everything is handwritten Between the size, the sometimes illegible handwriting, and my really awful eyesight please please let all the kids get their father s eyes I struggled [...]

    15. I received a copy from the publisher for review It s lovely, but as some have pointed out, it s too small If you were planning to give it to anyone over 40 you need to make sure a magnifier goes with it I can only imagine that the entire editorial and production team was made up of teenagers The insights, illustrations and recipes are perfect for any foodie but as I said, it needed to be a regular size or ideally a cookbook size book If you are going to make a book the size of Beatrix Potter boo [...]

    16. A Bowl of Olives On Food and Memory by Sara Midda is a little gift book with charming artwork It is about the illustrations than the content no stories underlie the illustrations and brief descriptions The individual illustrations are lovely, but the small size of the artwork and the print makes it challenging to fully appreciate the art or the content Read my complete review at memoriesfrombooks 2014Reviewed based on a copy received through a publisher s giveaway

    17. A beautiful book I loved the authors illustrations Her book is why I want to take a drawing class this year so I can make little sketches in a notebook too My big complaint is the size of the book I am confused why they made it so small Her watercolors are so beautiful I would like them to be larger Her script is difficult to read and because it is so small, nearly impossible at times A foodie would enjoy her musings and recipes A nice book to flip through but the size keeps it from being someth [...]

    18. I was really excited to receive this book in exchange for an honest review While I was expecting great things from this it kind of fell flat The watercolor paintings might have been beautifulbut they were too small to really engross myself in The writing might have been inspiring but the font was really hard to read in a smaller book This type of book would have been gorgeous in a larger coffee table sizebut alas, it is not.

    19. Having received this book as an advanced copy, I quite liked it it wasn t, however, anything I would have bought on my own It s a nice book and has some beautiful pictures that couple with well written ideas about food At the same time, though, it doesn t really have anything that distinguishes it from books of its kind It s easily forgettable and bound to just end up on coffee tables or something.

    20. Like all Sara Midda s books this is beautiful Her gorgeous watercolours are accompanied by recipes, notes and occasional photographs recording her food related travels and memories and the whole package is a delightful read if you can read the tiny print If only Workman Publishing would commit to publishing larger editions of Midda s books so we could actually read them and enjoy her fabulous paintings without squinting

    21. A little book of water color pictures of all kinds of food with interesting comments beside the pictures I had a little trouble reading it because the comments are all in italics and my old eyes have problems with italics.

    22. an absolutely beautiful book for anyone that loves and appreciates food and the place it holds in out lives I received this in a Giveaway, but I am passing it on to someone who will love it as much as I do Thank you, Sara Midda

    23. This is a delightful little book and the illustrations are charming It lists food from several countries as well as picnics etc The only problem with it is the type used is very hard to read Did anyone else find it to be a problem

    24. I received this book free in exchange for a review and am happy to say that I really enjoyed it From the beautifully illustrated watercolors to the random quotes and recipes inside, the book is a treasure trove of information.

    25. I m sorry While this book may be beautiful, it is boring I feel like I am complaining about somebody s art project, and that may be the problem Also, as others have note, the very small watercolors and tiny hand lettered print make this difficult to read.

    26. This is a precious little gem My only problem with it is the size of the print and the font Most people I know would not be able to read it.

    27. Lovely little book More like a book of poetry than a narrative Font is very small and sometimes very difficult to read.

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