Cativa (2020)

Cativa Felicia sabia que haveria obst culos a superar quando concordou em ir sozinha ao Kuwait visitar os parentes de seu noivo Faisal Ela era uma garota inglesa comum enquanto ele era um rabe de uma fam l
  • Title: Cativa
  • Author: Penny Jordan
  • ISBN: 9788576879251
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • Felicia sabia que haveria obst culos a superar quando concordou em ir sozinha ao Kuwait visitar os parentes de seu noivo, Faisal Ela era uma garota inglesa comum, enquanto ele era um rabe de uma fam lia imensamente rica Mas havia um problema em particular para o qual Felicia n o estava preparada o tio de Faisal, o sheik Raschid Al Hamid al Sabah N o era apenas a err nFelicia sabia que haveria obst culos a superar quando concordou em ir sozinha ao Kuwait visitar os parentes de seu noivo, Faisal Ela era uma garota inglesa comum, enquanto ele era um rabe de uma fam lia imensamente rica Mas havia um problema em particular para o qual Felicia n o estava preparada o tio de Faisal, o sheik Raschid Al Hamid al Sabah N o era apenas a err nea convic o de Raschid de que ela era uma inescrupulosa ca adora de fortunas que a alarmava Era tamb m a lenta e relutante percep o de que podia ter se comprometido com o homem errado
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      252 Penny Jordan
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    1. Only in Romancelandia can the hero be a douche to the heroine for 96.808511% of the time, call it love and get away with it So while I enjoyed the well written prose and the magic sponging scene, I just didn t feel the love the hero supposedly felt for the heroine If Raschid wasn t slinging insults at Felicia, then he was subjecting her to punishing kisses or figuratively grabbing her by the pussy All because poor wittle Raschid couldn t handle unrequited wuv and the agony of loving a gold diggi [...]

    2. Aww this was Penny Jordan s first book and it was so well written The heroine is an English girl who falls in love with hero s nephew and makes a trip to Kuwait so as to win him over Hero thinks she is not good enough for his nephew being a Western woman and a woman of loose morals Felicia tries to make him see she is not the gold digger he thinks she is but she falls in love with the country and with Raschid even though he treats her with contempt This book is passionate, angsty and intense Her [...]

    3. The heroine Felicia has been seeing Faisal for a while and they both hope to marry, however Faisal comes from a traditional Arab family and fears that they will not approve Felicia travels to Kuwait to meet Faisal s family and hopefully gain their approval for marriage, especially the approval from Faisal s uncle Raschid, the hero, whom is the head of the family However when she meets Raschid it is clear that he has a very poor opinion of her As time passes, Felicia struggles to deal with the al [...]

    4. This this is Penny Jordan s first book It s awesome SPOILERS AHEAD It s about a girl going to meet her fianc s family in the Middle East She was treated horribly by the uncle whom she starts developing feelings for He calls her Miss Gordon through the whole thing which was a little creepy He only uses her first name Felicia at the end when they are married and he declares his love for her Also, he seems to have some kind of misconception about her that she s somehow sleeping around which is fals [...]

    5. I dont get what is so attractive about having an asshole for a hero it can make for a good story if the heroine is outspoken but this is not the case in this book hero is cruel, he mocks her, belittles her but she is too much of a simpering wuss to do anything save ur time, do not read.

    6. This author is hit or miss for me but I liked this one First off not a made up country yeah Second there was actual thought given to the cultural differences between east and west and whether a marriage would work Plenty of scenes between the hero and heroine Lots of OTT punishing kisses Satisfying HP.

    7. A wonderfully intense Penny Jordan classic.Felicia thought she was in love with Faisal, a Kuwaiti man that she met in London, and that he loved her When he proposed, she was willing to marry him but not without his family s blessing She traveled to Kuwait to meet his uncle Raschid, whose approval they needed and who was completely against their engagement The man she assumed was elderly and stern turned out to be tall, dark, handsome and cruel Raschid refused to approve the marriage between a wo [...]

    8. The heroine spends the past year falling in love the the nephew not realizing that is the way her treats her, charms her, respects her that she loves that the is no passion on her side Love all the details research that went into making her trip to Kuwait as real as possible She finds passion with the uncle who really is a jerk but he believes her to be a money grubbing whore not seeing her goodness innocent which leads to a lot of misunderstandings hurt feelings Once she almost dies they finall [...]

    9. Because you don t want to see it, Felicia said quietly You see in me only what you want to see I wish to God that were possible, Raschid said harshly, his eyes suddenly intent Now you are angry, he told her softly, and your eyes glint green fire as though they would consume me in their depths His own glittered like jet between the fringe of his lashes And yet when I kissed you the other day, they were pools of mysterious jade I just love the poetic dialogues in this booka sensual heart flutterin [...]

    10. Really ticked off right now Wrote a huge long review about why this book works for the time it was written in, and how it needs to be read in that context, etc, and when I hit save, it did NOT save I lost it all and I m so mad Should have copied it before saving, but has never done this to me before.Will try to recreate it later, maybe, as I m on deadline right now and can t spend another hour writing it

    11. Heroine was engaged to the heroes nephew The hero wasn t going allow the heroine to marry the nephew, so he took her for himself.Great read.

    12. Never realized baiting, mocking, saying cruel and mean things was what you do when you fall in love lol part and parcel of the whole Hero shtick lol This is an old book, you can tell by the lack of sex in it lol

    13. This is Jordan s first ever romance written for Mills Boon, and it s got all the elements which would make her a tremendously successful author for them and As her first, I thought I could detect that it was a really carefully written novel with a lot of polish, loads of research and a story which has all the essential parts for a really good romance Like all of Jordan s books, her real strength is in the portrayal of her heroine, Felicia, who is touchingly vulnerable and innocent, as well as e [...]

    14. Reread Apr 15,2017Reread Nov 26,2013 This is a re read of a book I remember reading for the first time when I was about 14 or so It s a lot different reading this again now I m 30 something, that s for sure The hero is a jerk, plain and simple Nothing says I love you like Hey, I think you re a money grubbing whore The heroine gets very defensive and they spend most of the book goading each other and willfully misunderstanding each other The bit toward the end where she finally surrenders to him [...]

    15. I was disappointed with the research done for this bookFor a person like me who been to three Muslim Gulf countries, description of such a rich heritage in this book was sadly lacking and plain wrong at some places could have made it better.

    16. Good book but a little tame I looked at the original publication date 1982 explains why it was tame It was one of my mother s books from when I was still living at home Enjoyed it but it is going in the yard sale box Not a keeper.

    17. Penny Jordan at her best The story was good No matter what your back ground, when there is love, love always prevails Make no mistake

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