American Fairy Tales (2020)

American Fairy Tales This book contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure Fairy Tales from the author of the Wizard of Oz series of books Inspired by Lang and the Brothers Grimm
  • Title: American Fairy Tales
  • Author: L. Frank Baum
  • ISBN: 9781618834744
  • Page: 117
  • Format: ebook
  • This book contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure 12 Fairy Tales from the author of the Wizard of Oz series of books Inspired by Lang and the Brothers Grimm, Baum sought to create an American type of fairy tales, avoiding the usual violence and roman often found in these sort of stories.
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    1. Polar bears in drag Zombie birds Pink glass dogs Baum s politically incorrect fairy tales have them all Stereotypical Italian criminals aside, I enjoyed these stories of bargains gone wrong and villains reaping what they sow, with morals preaching against the seven deadly sins.I listened to the free Librivox version expertly narrated by Matthew Reece The Box of RobbersThink Pandora s Box with the demonisation of female curiosity Instead of plagues we have Italian robbers who once released, set a [...]

    2. They were cute, but I was expecting better from the creator of the Wizard of Oz Overall, the stories were pretty repetitive similar morals and rather boring.The Box of Robbers This wasn t really a fairy tale I mean, it was fantasy, but it was also rather boring It seemed that there was a lack of adventure and awfully bland to start a book.The Glass Dog beauty is only skin deep rather funny I think this was my second favorite in the book.The Queen of Quok I thought it was rather unbelievable even [...]

    3. I recently read an article about fairy tales by Marie Brennan in which she explains how fairy tales are physically distant yet psychologically close, and that idea gives me some framework for why I found these tales both dull and pointlessly silly And I tend to like silly, but not this kind While the absurd is kind of normalized and therefore psychologically close in American Fairy Tales, the protagonists in each tale undergo no psychological growth themselves, nor are the magical elements indic [...]

    4. I started reading this book because it was a free Kindle book It was interesting Some of the fairy tales are cute and some are strange and it was written a very long time ago Not many of these are actually stories I would read to my children at their current ages, however.

    5. First of all Baum is definitely not one of my favorite authors thus ranking down at the bottom along with Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl, which all I truly really dislike deeply And seeing that my sister had chosen out this particular book I was or less worried about the stories that I would find within, especially if they would end up mimicking those stories based on the Oz series, which was a total flop in my opinion And so it is with some surprise that although the book isn t one that I would retur [...]

    6. Original fairy tales that, from the pen of the writer who created The Wizard of Oz , and very amusing all twelve of them are too in an irreverent, genre jibing way The Box of Robbers is about a young girl whose curiosity leads to her having to outwit a trio of admittedly less than terrifying Italian bandits, then in The Glass Dog the ungrateful lover motif becomes a non shaggy dog story with a non fairy tale ending.In a good example of Baum s wit, The Queen of Quok starts with the line, A king o [...]

    7. Quite a different book than I had expected Each new story had a voice and tempo I had to change and become aquainted with Fun stories overall Nice to get in touch with what children and young people thought about during those times.

    8. I loved this book It was so funny very tongue in cheek Baum was an expert storyteller and it really shows in the variety and creativity in these tales especially the morals at the end of each story This is one that was enjoyable for me and my children.

    9. Dating from 1901 some of these are pretty old fashioned and a little racist, but it is a work of its time Each finishes with the moral of the story, just in case you missed it Except for the glass dog tale The dog barked and scared him away before he could ask the wizard what the moral was so it doesn t have one They are amusing and quite different from most other fairy tales I have read as they involve some modern things like buses, cars and shop mannequins.1 The box of robbersA small girl clev [...]

    10. A fun quick read, something for the inner child Twelve short fantasy stories by the author of The Wizard of Oz, most of them set in middle class American situations of the time, with delightful magical realism introduced The morals at the end are often wry, and the basic plotlines in a few situations, if not used before, have certainly been used since two of the story concepts were later reworked for classic themes of The Twilight Zone In one, a mannequin comes to life ah yes, this harkens back [...]

    11. This is a really charming set of tales L Frank Baum, of course, wrote The Wizard of Oz, and he takes his odd humor, and wondrous ideas and creates a set of fairy tales You meet a girl who discovers a box of robbers in her attic, a boy who captures Father Time, the King of the Polar Bears who looses his fur coat, a wax dummy who comes to life, townspeople who accidentally eat magic bon bons that make them sing and dance, a plummer who is in love with a princess, and many quirky characters My fav [...]

    12. I read these as bed time stories to my son He s too young to understand them, but he does like to be read to at bed time I m sure it s the soft, slow voice that works sort of like white noise , so I ve been taking this opportunity and vetting stories that I can add to his library for when he is older I think these are okay, for the most part, or at least some of them are okay I actually really like the story of the brave, clever girl and the thieves, and the other of the book that came to life T [...]

    13. A few somewhat sour notes thanks to the difficult to avoid proliferation of racially insensitive stories in older works this is otherwise a delightful collection of modern at the time fairy tales springing from the fertile imagination of an enviably inventive author I m on my way to compiling a complete set of Baum s works, and I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable these stories were Several made me laugh out loud Baum s trademark quirky, irreverent creativity mixes with rather dark moral [...]

    14. Racist Nonsensical No morals.Story This is a collection of short stories Not fairy tales While many have magic or fantasy characteristics, that s about all they have in common with fairy tales Language This book is filled with racist stereotypes and illustrations The grammar in most of the dialogue is horrid Many of the themes or stories are inappropriate for children, yet too childish for adults.Characters Most of the stories feature small children, but also included are a Chinaman, a polar bea [...]

    15. Surprise, surprise Kindle offers classics for free Being that my analytical adult mind is painfully lacking in creativity and imagination as compared to my 3 year old daughter s, I gladly accepted this gift By reading fairy tales, I was hoping to cultivate my skills of weaving fantastical stories Indeed, these were exactly that These stories were far beyond my own imagination and included tall tales such as thieves jumping out of luggage chests, magic being used by butterflies, a water pump that [...]

    16. The biggest stand out in this children s short story collection is The Glass Dog quirky and completely Baum but not in some far distant fantastical world The best quotable comes from A Box of Robbers It is rather hard to get positions in the gas office, she said, but you might become politicians No cried Beni, with sudden fierceness we must not abandon our high calling Bandits we have always been, and bandits we must remain A couple of these are clearly products of their time and showcase some c [...]

    17. Written by L Frank Baum best known for his beloved Oz series of Fantasies , American Fairy Tales take a humorous tongue in cheek tone with 13 fairy tales than gently satire either the American culture of 1901, fairy tales and moral stories, or our human nature.Most ,but not all , have a moral clause at the end Ultimately I found the book highly amusing, and in line with Baum s Oz related fantasies People sensitive with politically correct issues won t enjoy some of the stereotypes of natives and [...]

    18. I was on an OZ bender at the time.___________Standard I read this, but damned if I can remember exactly when or why disclaimer My rating is based on my memory of how much or little I enjoyed the book at that time In some cases, at that time might mean before most users were born OTOH, it could mean a couple years ago Your mileage may vary Heck, given how all our tastes change over the years and the fickle nature of memory, my own mileage might vary if I re read it today.

    19. I would not call the stories in this book fairy tales, at least not in the classic sense If these were published today they might well be filed under fantasy While all have an element of magic, not all involve the little people, and all are set in contemporary to Baum America We meet, among others, a trio of Italian robbers who had been packed away in a trunk, a glass dog which savagely guards its master s door, and a little girl who is given a mysterious book from which the illustrations come t [...]

    20. Let s face it, the creator of Oz knows how to make magic seem real in early 20th century America This collection of stories focused on lessons that were sometimes silly don t open things that don t belong to you there might be pirates inside , but usually based in reality if you flaunt your wealth, it will be taken from you While there were some cultural stereotypes like the Chinese laundry , that was probably to be expected given when Baum was writing Overall, a fun, quick read.

    21. This is a cute collection of short fantasy stories, some of which have nice morals, and some of which are just entertaining Baum s writing style is light and amusing One word of caution there are some leftover racial and ethnic stereotypes which may be offensive to people who are sensitive to those things, so I would recommend parents read these stories before giving them to their children.Overall, however, this was a thoroughly enjoyable read.

    22. When I began this book I think I expected something very different and therefore was disappointed by it slighty It is a very silly book of very tales and that is mostly all it has for it, maybe for someone of a younger age it might be enjoyable I, however, just found myself waiting for it to be over.

    23. Delightful After reading many fairy tales, folklore and the like, Frank L Baum managed to put an interesting spin on the genre Minus one star for the antiquated view of other cultures He settled in a city of the middle west and of course started a laundry, since that seems to be the natural vocation of every Chinaman, be he coolie or mandarin.

    24. Compilation of nine short stories from the author of The Wizard of Oz they were published in a women s magazine in 1905 called The Delineator We read the first story last night and REALLY liked it because of L Frank Baum s gift of story telling and the principles that he taught about courage, strength, kindness, patience, etc

    25. Overall, these were cute stories with funny tongue in cheek morals , but a couple The Laughing Hippopotamus and The Mandarin and the Butterfly in particular definitely have the awkward racism aspects that bugged me in most of the non Oz Baum books The Glass Dog was probably my favorite.

    26. I am LOVING this so far My only issue, and I m not sure if it should be an issue REALLY, is that there is a story about hippopotomi and African people that shows the bias of the time If I was reading this book to a child, I would personally skip over this story I am really enjoying the other stories, though, and highly recommend reading it free, courtesy of dailylit

    27. Hm I am unsure whether these are old tales collected by Baum, or if he wrote them and is trying to pass them off as such The blurb was supremely unhelpful, touting this volume as being as diverse and influential as The Pilgrim s Progress and Othello Obviously I missed the point of these seemingly simple little stories.

    28. Most of these stories were great, but a couple were terribly racist The Mandarin and the Butterfly, and The Laughing Hippopotamus If I were reading this book to children, I would definitely skip those two stories.

    29. The stories had a very strange rhythm Some were kind of fun, but some were just annoying and condescending I think Baum may be one of the most over rated children s writers in American history then again, I m not a child and would like to consult with some.

    30. It s midterms week for me, so I was looking for a light hearted read I can do in multiple sprints This fit the bill and was free on my Kindle.It s just a collection of cute fairytales, and I loved it It was sweet, insightful, and a good study break or breaks, as it were.

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