Stray Bullets: Uber Alles Edition (2020)

Stray Bullets Uber Alles Edition The original five story arcs of one of the all time greatest crime comic series are collected in this GIANT page volume The Innocence of Nihilism Somewhere Out West Other People Dark Days an
  • Title: Stray Bullets: Uber Alles Edition
  • Author: David Lapham
  • ISBN: 9781607069478
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • The original five story arcs of one of the all time greatest crime comic series are collected in this GIANT 1,200 page volume The Innocence of Nihilism, Somewhere Out West, Other People, Dark Days, and HiJinks and Derring Do appear in their entirety.Details Magazine called STRAY BULLETS a s visually distinct as it is gripping to read It s violent without beinThe original five story arcs of one of the all time greatest crime comic series are collected in this GIANT 1,200 page volume The Innocence of Nihilism, Somewhere Out West, Other People, Dark Days, and HiJinks and Derring Do appear in their entirety.Details Magazine called STRAY BULLETS a s visually distinct as it is gripping to read It s violent without being voyeuristic, bursting with heart and sadness STRAY BULLETS took the comic book industry by storm when it debuted in 1995 nineteen years ago this month and won multiple Eisner Awards Overnight, its harrowing portrayal of contemporary life became required reading and influenced a generation of cartoonists Too long out of print, STRAY BULLETS is finally back with this ultimate ber Alles edition, reprinting all that came before and setting the stage for STRAY BULLETS THE KILLERS, the first of many new story arcs to come DO NOT MISS THIS
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    1. Stray Bullets Uber Alles Edition the subtitle is German for above all collects the first 41 issues of this amazing series I ve reviewed 1 29 as four separate volumes Volume 1 Innocence of Nihilism,Volume 2 Somewhere Out West, Volume 3 Other People, and Volume 4 Dark Days so this review is for 30 41 aka the fifth story arc, Hi Jinks and Derring Do I want to get this out of the way at the top of the review because this is the only truly negative thing I will say about Stray Bullets and it s entire [...]

    2. I bought the first two Stray Bullets collections when they were reissued a few years ago but for some reason didn t complete the run, so when I saw this ber Alles Edition collating all 41 issues of the original comic into one enormous book I snapped it up At 55mm thick it s a behemoth of a book, and any thicker and you d have distinct trouble holding the thing open to read it, but it is manageable, well presented and so full of promise.Stray Bullets gives us a succession of interlocking, overlap [...]

    3. Stray Bullets is the definition of making it up as you go along With a name like ber Alles Edition and 1200 pages, you d think that you ve got the whole thing But a couple of chapters before the end, you realise that it s not going to wrap, and you look it up there was a nine year gap between chapters 40 and 41, and somewhere out there there are maybe 39 chapters under two different names that don t seem to have been collected yet.There are good moments in Stray Bullets, but Lapham s thesis is [...]

    4. For several years I ve been slightly pissed off at David Lapham In the late nineties, Stray Bullets along with Sin City, Eightball, Black Hole and a handful of other titles was largely responsible for introducing me to the world of alternative comics, reigniting my childhood enthusiasm for the medium It remains a masterpiece of hardboiled crime and sequential art in general, with some of the most unforgettable characters and shocking moments I ve encountered in over fifteen years of voracious ye [...]

    5. Holy shit I read Jimmy Corrigan right before I read this and I am THOROUGHLY devastated depressed Gonna have to read something light next, like the Frank Miller DAREDEVIL run staring me down from my nightstand That ll be nice and chipper

    6. For many years since the 90 s as a matter of fact , Stray Bullets has been one of those titles I ve always come across, but never really gave it a shot As I have gotten older, and my feelings for the cape genre have changed, stories like Stray Bullets is breath of fresh air and sort of a time capsule into what the independent film scene felt like in the mid 90 s with Miramax films like True Romance , Pulp Fiction , or the early 2000 s classic Crash to name a few Stray Bullets is a raw story Mean [...]

    7. It s a great story, but it s better to read it in separate volumes This collected edition is a little heavy

    8. Small time criminals in 80 s Balti in a cycle of destruction Gripping and devastating, and the black and white art feels perfectly sparse.Better review soon.

    9. The Innocence of Nihilism 1 7 This is an amazing first volume I love the structure of the book, with its kaleidoscope focus on some many characters in some many timeframes More than once I found myself flipping back and forth to make sure I understood the connections The storytelling is also very strong, with most of the issues ending with rather shocking moments of the sort that a traditional comic would be afraid to include, because they d create too much change.With that all said, it s the c [...]

    10. Its easier to rate the collection than chase aimlessly after the individual TPBs as I read them This series started off promising but soon jumped the shark as only comics can do People seem to misunderstand the Comic and Graphic Novel medium Especially when it comes to crime and noir There are certain things, certain elements in your story that work and certain things that do not A good writer, any good writer, will tell the story he wants to tell without getting distracted, carried away and usi [...]

    11. I cannot say enough good things about this body of work Because these issues are so hard to get a hold of, I first read Stray Bullets by torrenting it I was very glad when this collected edition came out and I was able to own it When people talk about modern noir, I often hear some variation on the phrase, All the characters are terrible people you only root for the protagonist because they re the least terrible That s not something I ve been able to enjoy previously Though, I would posit that S [...]

    12. A brilliant set of interlocking stories, I am glad I got to read them in a volume because I would not much liked having to read them comic by comic.The characters are complex, incredibly flawed and even incredibly likable, incredibly because when you are reading about people who are violent, self centered train wrecks it feels quite incredible to emphasise with them as much as Stray Bullets manages to make you do.The artwork is of the black and white, standard square frame size that I am usuall [...]

    13. I can t say that I loved this collection of interconnected stories, but there is something oddly compelling about it The closer I got to the end, the it became apparent that the overarching story is about Virginia Amy Maybe I m slow for not picking up on that sooner I didn t get it until the last third or so of the book.As a comic, the art is simple and done on black and white Maybe simple isn t the right word old school, perhaps But it fits the story, and I d part of why I liked the book Overa [...]

    14. This took me a while not because of it s length but because I would consider this a difficult read for various reasons To put it into perspective I would compare it to Sandman 6 24 Hours or even Blood Meridian There s a level of nihilism here that can be hard to stomach at times It sets the bar high early on that this is a comic about bad things happening to broken people What little hope is presented is either dashed to bits or is a warped view of it based on the world it s set in Stray Bullets [...]

    15. What an amazing collection of comics Lapham is fearless in his jumps in time and narrative focus Virginia Applejack and Spanish Scott are two of the most remarkable characters that I ve encountered in comics in quite some time Lapham underscores all of these stories with an edge of nihilism that can become a bit tiring, but knows how to counterbalance it with the fabulist narratives written by Virginia Applejack i.e the adventures of Amy Racecar That Lapham can fold some many layers of story tog [...]

    16. I have been reading comics my entire life and Stray Bullets is the best comic I have ever read I first encountered it back in the 90s when it was a few issues in and I immediately loved it, but it s only after rereading with a few installments at the end that I hadn t read before it now that it has dislodged Lone Wolf and Cub from my all time favorite spot Somewhere out West, the second chapter in this book, is absolutely transcendent The work as a whole is a brutal, tragic, apocalyptic masterpi [...]

    17. You can t be a comic geek and not read this book I couldn t believe it that the initial graphic novels actually went out of print And that Lapham could not afford to write his own books for years He has had to make ends meet while writing for Marvel You don t need to know anything about it other that it is for adults, the stories are very well written and we should all look forward to of the same from Lapham.

    18. I wanted to make sure that I re read the entire original series leading up to the new series from Image Incredible And I m glad that Lapham finally finished up that last narrative arc, Hijinks and Derringer Do, that had been hanging since 2005 I very much look forward to this new revived series, and I hope it contains the promise and the narrative punch that the original series possessed This is the second recent revival we ve gotten from Image, Minimum Wage being the other.

    19. David Lapham has gotten a lot of praise for Stray Bullets and rightfully so I loved reading this mammoth volume containing the first 41 issues of this classic comic The bad I didn t like 2 Amy Racecar issues and in my opinion the last two comics feel a bit rushed The good everything else.

    20. This book is king in crime, deserves all the praise and hype that s been heaped on it over the decades The stories time line jumps aggressively and unapologetically The crafted characterization could teach George R Martin a thing or two about evil no good scum bags I absolutely loved this book Do yourself a favor and read it.

    21. I like the swirling cast of characters, I like that the background characters come into focus out of nowhere and the story begins rotating in whole new directions over and over again, but I don t like the morbid awful misanthropy, nor hundreds of pages worth of boring arcs with boring characters that trailer park stuff ugh Narratively inspiring.

    22. 3.5 starsUneven series that shows individual spikes of excellence but is often marred by too clever time jumps that disrupt the narrative rhythms must have been a nightmare to read during its initial serial run and a declining rushed quality to the artwork Didn t care for any of the Amy Racecar interludes and the violence loses its novelty rather quickly.

    23. I struggled at the beginning of this collection as figured out who the central character really was That aside, this is an amazing drama starting people cast out from society that go through the craziest things.

    24. Innocence of nihilism 8 10 Somewhere out west 6 10 Other People 9 10 Dark Days 10 10 Hi jinks and derring do 7 10

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